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Fallen Angels (Smallville/Season 4/General) write reviews
Started by: SalemKent

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Fallen Angels (Smallville/Season 4/General) write reviews

This is my take on Chloe’s absence in the Superman cannon.

Warning Spoilers: Events after Covenant and some spoilers for Season 4 with Lois Lane.

Summery: Future Fic. Clark was destined to be Superman, Lex his enemy. But one major tragedy nine years ago changed the destiny of another friend one Clark thought was dead.


He was walking through Metropolis, blowing off some steam from a meeting that didn’t go as planned. They’ll see things my way he thought as he almost bumped into someone.

“Lex” said a dark haired man with glasses

“Clark” Lex said

“Uh how are you?” asked Clark pretending to be polite

“Fine and yourself?”

“Fine” Clark answered quickly.

“Clark I just found the cutest...” Said a woman as she grabbed Clark’s hand. Clark glared at Lex as he looked her up and down.

“Lois Lane, how are you?” asked Lex

“Lex Luthor, Oh my God” exclaimed Lois excitedly

“You two know each other?” Clark asked with looking at both of them.

“Yeah, we met about nine years ago when she was in Smallville”

“I was investigating my cousins death” she replied

“Your cousin, who was your cousin?” asked Clark

“Chloe Sullivan”

Lex looked at shocked face of his once best friend.

“Ch..Ch..Chloe was your cousin?” he barely stuttered out.

“Yes, I forgot you’re from Smallville too. Did you know her?” Lois asked

Clark was still trying to grasp the fact that Chloe was her cousin, so he just stared at her trying to see if he could see Chloe in her.

“Chloe was one of Clark’s good friends” Lex replied for Clark One that he never treated very well Lex thought angrily.

“Oh, right I think Chloe may have mentioned you before”

Is that why I’m attracted to her, because she reminds of Chloe. thought Clark

“So whatever happened to your investigation, ever find anything?” Lex asked

“No, I’ll never be as good as Chloe was at finding out things.” She sighed “And some FBI guy practically threatened to hurt my family if I dug any further into her death.”

“Everything is alright though,” Lex asked

“Yeah, because I dropped it, I knew she got herself involved into something dangerous, I just didn’t know how.”

“Well I’m glad that nothing happened to you or your family” said Lex

Clark was watching his girlfriend stare into Lex’s blue eyes. Having no idea who the man really was, and how dangerous. “We have somewhere to be Lois” Clark said tugging her arm.

They walked away but Lex could still hear Lois talking to Clark.

“Chloe had such potential for greatness,” She said with sadness in her voice

Oh if you only knew thought Lex walking back to his car.

"Hello Lex” said a female voice as he let himself into his Penthouse.



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Home » Misc » General Fiction Area » Multi-Author Fiction Area » Fallen Angels (Smallville/Season 4/General) write reviews

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