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The Adventures of Cielo
Started by: Arbiter

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ESB -1138
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The Adventures of Cielo

Chapter 1: The Falcon, the Princess, and the Temple

In the world of Igros their is only 1 conteniant and 4 Islands. The conteniant is called the mainland or Igros and the 4 Islands are called North Island, South Island, East Isle, and West Isle.
Meeting of the Elders:
The 4 elders are meeting to decide what shall be done with Leo the Lion. From each of the 4 Islands comes their elder, the wisest of their tribes. The Feline Elder, the Canine Elder, the Bird Elder, and the Primape Elder.

Feline Elder: What should we do with Leo the Lion?
Primape Elder: We need to send a team to stop him.
Canine Elder: But whom? Who is strong enough to stop Leo?
Bird Elder: First we must learn everything we can about Leo.
Primape Elder: He was born on North Island where the Canine Tribes live. Leo was casted out due to his beliefs. Now he is trying to collect the 12 Zodiac Crystals of legend and take them to the Tower of Zodiac to release the best.
Canine Elder: Everyone will be affected by this.
Bird Elder: Then we will send 1 race from each Island to defeat Leo.
Feline Elder: But whom? We must have a contest!
Primape Elder: There is no time! We must decide through the acts of each from the past. Then we will have are team.
Feline Elder: Then in that case I chose Roll the Panther.
Canine Elder: I pick Angel the Coyote.
Primape Elder: I will choose the great Kong the Ape.
Bird Elder: My warrior shall be Cielo the Falcon.
Feline Elder: So it is decided. The Council of Elders is over.

The elders leave the isle and return to their own island to find their warriors. At this time the Princess of humans is at South Island, Destinie Igros who comes from the mainland or Igros.

Destinie: What an odd place. The tribes here use high-tech weapons but yet the way they live is so ancient.
Falcon Chief: We carry on the ways of are ancestors. For not for them we would have never found paradise.
Destinie: How many tribes are on this island?
Falcon Chief: Every isle has 3 tribes each that represent 1 of the 4 species of Canine, Feline, Bird, and Primape.
Destinie: So who is your best warrior?
Falcon Chief: I wish to say me but it is Cielo. Cielo!! Come over here.
Cielo: Yes chief?
Falcon Chief: This is Princess Destinie Igros from the mainland. She has come to South Island to learn of are ways.
Cielo: Milady.
Destinie: Pleasure to meet you Cielo. How old are you?
Cielo: Milady I am 17.
Destinie: And you’re the best warrior on the isle?
Cielo: How old is 1 who is so fare?
Destinie: I am 16.
Bird Elder: Cielo I’m glade I found you.
Cielo: What’s wrong Bird Elder?
Bird Elder: Leo the Lion is trying to collect the 12 Zodiac Crystals. You must stop him.
Cielo: By myself?
Bird Elder: No. The other 3 islands are sending their best warrior. You must go to the 12 Zodiac Temples and collect the crystals. You can start at Falcon Village’s Zodiac Temple at the top of the mountain.
Destinie: What is going on?
Bird Elder: The end of the world if Leo is successful at his task.
Cielo: How long till they come?
Bird Elder: Tomorrow around dinner.
Cielo: That is too long! I can handle 1 temple myself that way Leo can’t collect them all.
Bird Elder: He won’t collect the 3 from his island tonight.
Cielo: I can’t wait.
Destinie: I’m going with you!
Falcon Chief, Cielo, and Bird Elder: WHAT!?
Destinie: I have healing powers. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?
Bird Elder: Your powers will come in handy.
Cielo: No way! I can’t protect her and fight.
Destinie: Please? (Kisses Cielo)
Cielo: …Sure why not!?

-After reaching the Zodiac Temple of Aries-
Destinie: Looks dangerous.
Cielo: You can go back if you want.
Destinie: No way!
Cielo: Then let’s go. (Wondering around a bit) Great. A puzzle.
Destinie: We just have to think about how to get to the door up their. (Cielo uses the wind coming out of the tunnel to reach a level and pulls it and a bridge reaches over to the doorway)
Cielo: (After entering a strange room and enemies jump down) Great! We’re surrounded! Time to see how good you do Destinie.
Destinie: I’ll let you do the fighting. (Cielo activates his electro staff and attacks the Stone Soldiers and destroys all 3 with a few hits)
Cielo: Of course. (After reaching the room with the alter) The Zodiac Crystal Aries!!
Destinie: I sense something powerful coming!!
Aries: Who dares enter the chamber of the Ram from Beyond!?
Cielo: Here it comes!!
-Boss Battle-
Aries, Ram from Beyond
Life: 10
Destinie: I can see its weak spot!! On its back!
Cielo: Got it!
Aries: (After fight) AAAAGGGGHHHH!!
Cielo: We got a Zodiac Cry… (The temple begins to cave in)
Destinie: We have to get out of here. (Gets hurt by when a column fell) Ehh! CIELO!
Cielo: Hang on!! (Cielo cuts the column and frees Destinie)
Destinie: (The temple explodes as Cielo and Destonie run out) Thank you Cielo.
Cielo: It was nothing. And we managed to get a Zodiac Crystal.
Destinie: I owe you 1. (Kisses Cielo)
Falcon Chief: Thank goodness you 2 are alright.
Cielo: Y-yeah…w-we’re f-f-f-fine.
Destinie: The moon sure is pretty.
Falcon Chief: Come milady. We must treat that wound. Cielo see you bright and early.
-Pass midnight in the village-
Cielo: (Late at night Cielo hears someone outside) huh? Is someone their? Must be the wind. (Hears someone again and Cielo reaches for his energy staff) Show yourself!
Destinie: Hey Cielo. (Destinie enters his hut)
Cielo: Princess Destinie!? Was that you…outside?
Destinie: Yes.
Cielo: You should be sleeping.
Destinie: How can I sleep? (Sits down on the bed) Tomorrow I shall be returning home and you’ll be on a quest. I may not see you again for a long time.
Cielo: Princess? (Cielo sits down beside her)
Destinie: This was the greatest day of my life. Thank you Cielo.
Cielo: No problem. So…what will happen to you?
Destinie: Well…my 17th birthday is in 2 months which means I only have like a year left till I must wed. Problem is that daddy thinks I’m too good for anyone and you been the first…boy I ever hanged out with besides daddy.
Cielo: Princess…
Destinie: Well I better go back to bed. (Stands up) Goodnight hero. (Kisses Cielo) Sleep tight. (She leaves)
-The next day-
Falcon: Chief: Good, Cielo you're here. Meet your partners. Roll the Panther, Angel the Coyote, and Kong the Ape. They will help you to collect the remaining 11 Zodiac Stones.
Cielo: Ok.
Roll: A pleasure to meet you.
Angel: Let's go.
Kong: Me hungry.
Roll: We will be of great help.
Cielo: What happened to the princess?
Falcon Chief: She returned to the mainland.

-End of Chapter 1-

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