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The Judgment of Celestial
Started by: Sin Harvest

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ESB -1138
Welcome to the Cult

Gender: Male
Location: Somewhere over there

The Judgment of Celestial

Chapter I
The Land of Gravince

If you go just south of the grand nation of Gandriar pass Silence Woods you will arrive at a small nation with vast hills as far as the eye can see. Everyday here is peacefully and calm for this land has no wars for it is protected on all sides by the greatest nations and their allies. Some can say this nation is a heaven on earth but that is far from the truth.
Much of the land is used to farm and raise cattle for food for the people of this nation and other nations. This is Gravince. On the northern border of Gravince is Silence Woods where the catlons and kiltons roam. On the western border is the Getian River the widest river in the world of Igros and east of the river is the powerful nation of Hyland. On the southern border of Gravince is the Licit Woods where legend says a witch dwells there.
Gravince has only three small villages. Mayton is located just west of the Getian River and just a little north of Licit Woods. Mayton grows the most crops out of all three villages producing enough crops for all of Gravince to have and then some. Not too many people ever go to Mayton for it has nothing special about it and no one wants to go such a journey for nothing.
Located just south of Silence Woods is Merrierton. The cattle village as many call it for Merrierton has more cattle then the other two villages combined. Merrierton gets a lot more visitors then Mayton but only because most of the visitors are the catlons wanting to keep in touch with the race of man.
Located on the eastern border of Gravince is Marton the largest village in Gravince with the most population. Marton holds every year the Festival of the Moon to celebrate the independence of Gravince from Uplia. Marton also has the strongest militia and is home to Mayor John Quiin who has been in office now of Gravince for over a decade.

South of Mayton an old man wonders towards the large hill of Elisha. The old man is wrapped in a blue robe which is fastened at the waist by a brown belt. The sun is bright but a large brown pointy hat shades his face. All you could see of his faces features is the tip of his nose and his grey beard. He pushed most of his weight on his staff as he walked. The staff was long and reached his chin. He circled the hill and came to the stairs that led up to the house in the northeast. A small wooden fence surrounded the house and a small stream circled the western part of the hill.
From the porch of the house you could see most of Mayton. A vast village that is far and wide with farmlands here and their. Children ran freely in the village playing games and singing songs of old. The old man reached the large green door and two windows sat on both sides of the door. Their curtains were drawn so you could no see inside. Three chairs sat on the porch with a small footstool. The old man used his staff and softly hit the door three times.

Who is it? a voice shouted from inside. The voice was soft but deep with a sort of parrot sound. The old man smiled for he knew the voice well. The voice came out again, I said who is it?
Tis an old friend the old man said. A noise came from behind the door like someone unlocking it.
Galatians a man said. White hair covered his head but he had smooth and fair skin with bushy eyebrows. He was wearing a blue jacket and blue pants with a red shirt. He smiled and continued, come in, come in.
Elisha we meet again Galatians said steeping in. A round table was in front of him with a fireplace behind it. Four chairs circled the table with maps and books on it. A bookshelf sat on the wall next to an open pathway. Candles were lit and you could see the kitchen behind the pathway next to the fireplace.
Is it the fourth already? Elisha questioned heading into the kitchen. A teapot sat over a fire with a small line of smoke coming out of the stout. A long table sat in front of the fire with some cheese sitting on it. Galatians removed his hat and placed it on a rack in the kitchen and then laid his staff along the wall. He sat down on the closes chair too him.
It is but the third Galatians said, but I made great timing this year and you dont think I would miss the Festival of the Moon now would you?
You love the festival Elisha said pouring two cups of tea and handing one to Galatians. Pots were everywhere and so were plates and cups. Elisha sat down in front of the table, come now. Tell me of your adventures.
Not now Galatians said, for once I tell you I will also have to tell your son and Marths daughter. Lets wait for them to come and then I will be more then happy to tail you everything.
Very well Elisha said, I wonder where those two are. I havent seen them since morning and it is almost dinner time.
Those kids have too much of their fathers in them Galatians spoke merrily, they will be fine. I can tell that they will do something someday worth tailing about for years to come just like the young lads Elisha and Marth who traveled east over many perils.
Elisha sat silently for a moment in deep thought and then said, you will look after them? I shall not return to see them or look after them.
I will Galatians said, as often as I can. If that will be days, weeks, months, or years I will look after them.
Good Elisha said, I shall leave everything in Brittanys name and leave behind my greatest treasures to Elijah. Everything will go to them expect a few items I will carry with me in the east or maybe west. I havent decided if I want to see places I havent seen in awhile or never been.
Your maps and your book will go along with you as well as some gold and of course cloths? Galatians asked.
Of course. And my pendent Elisha said with a finger in his pocket.
Pendent? Galatians asked, through all my long years of knowing you I have never seen you with a pendent. When did you get it?
A long time ago Elisha said, a very long time ago. I cant remember exactly where I got it but I remember it was nearly fifty years ago I got the pendentor found it. I cant remember.

'Strange,' Galatians said, 'you remember the littlest details of are adventures but you can't remember where you got a pendent. Maybe a good night rest will refresh your memory. You shall stay for the festival won't you?'
'Of course,' Elisha said, I wouldnt miss it for the world. For I shall miss the festival and all of its lights but I shall not miss it as much as my Elijah and Brittany.
Then we wouldnt mind showing me this pendent of yours? Galatians asked.
I dont mind at all Elisha said pulling out a blue sphere with a yellow metal outline with strange writing that spilt and formed a cross. In the middle of the cross sat a red sphere. Galatians gazed on it and say the writing:

znكnك ۃn݃Ճnۃ߃ك׃؃nՃzn݃ރn҃
݃nՃڃn܃݃ ۃ݃ރzn݃ރn҃؃݃n݃ރ݃nփ
nփك؃n ܃݃уكn

And Galatians looked upon the eyes of Elisha and said, do you know what these markings mean?
Nay Elisha responded.
It would be best to leave the amulet here with Elijah as an heirloom Galatians said, a family treasure even to pass down to the next child.
An heirloom? Elisha said to himself, wonderful idea Galatians. I will leave it for Elijah to give to his son some day.

The door opened and a fair lady and young lad entered. The boy had long hair that passed his eyes but it curled a little to stay above his brows. His eyes were blue and we like gazing into the ocean at sunset and over his left eye was a burnt mark in the shape of a cross. The lady had long light brown hair that reached down into her backs middle. Her eyes were brown like brake off an oak tree. Elisha stood and walked to them.
My boy Elijah he said, and Brittany. About time you returned for Galatians the Wise is here a little earlier then usual.
Galatians! the two shouted as he appeared in the doorway.
You have come early Brittany said hugging the old man. Galatians smiled and gave a hug to Elijah that stood a little above his waist.
My lad, youre grown Galatians said to Elijah then turned to Brittany, and you have too grown like a flower. The men of the village must be after you this way and that.
No Brittany said, they are busy with work and choirs and I find no time to have free time with helping at the church and watching Elijah. But I am only but sixteen and I have an entire life ahead of me to do as I please.
That you do Galatians said.
Now Elisha said, now will you tale us your tale of your adventures over the year. I know that you have done nothing of boredom and will keep us entertain for a good long while but come. Let us go back into the kitchen for tea and cheese. Everyone loves cheese. I have a most excellent cheese today. Swiss Cheese and it is the best Swiss you have ever tasted if I do say so myself.
You never say anything of boredom Brittany said, and I do hope that your adventure is good and long for I have time to spare before heading out for Marton for the Festival of the Moon tomorrow.


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Welcome to the Cult

Gender: Male
Location: Somewhere over there

Gather around Galatians said sitting back down in the same chair. Brittany sat next to him and Elijah sat down next to Elisha, when I left you a year ago I traveled east heading along the borders of Uplia the fair kingdom of vast forests. I traveled directly east for forty days. I met Philemon the Strong along those forty days who was in Uplia to settle a debate in the kingdom so the people could live happily once again. Philemon asked me to go with him so I did.
Philemon wears what I wear but he has red instead of blue. We came to the kingdom of Uplia, a strong kingdom but no where near the strength of Gandriar and Hyland. The king welcomed us and the debate begun. The king argued and yelled we came to these lands to assist Gandriar from foes and keep them safe in the eastern border and another manthe steward yelled but Gandriar has done nothing for us. Why should we hold the alliance in longer? and I could easily see the problem here.
Philemon spoke in a loud clear voice to break the alliance with Gandriar will give them an excuse to declare war on Uplia and will lay siege to your villages and castle and I thought that would do it. But the steward had other issues and I could tell it would be a long debate. For five days we argued until finally we came to an agreement.
We decided to hold the treaty for Gandriar is a grand ally to have and I bid Philemon farewell and I continued heading east. My quest was delayed but I cared not. Alas I came to the River of Basra in the eastern border of Uplia. Out of the waters rose the mighty beast, Salamandrian. A huge snake like monster with four large tentacles. It guarded the bridge and would not let me pass without slaying the beast.
I held my staff out and waited for it to strike. It attacked first with its tentacles but I drained them of their strength and forced it to surface out of the sea. It tried to strike me but I released a mighty wave of lighting on the beast and it was slain like I knew it would be. The corpse fell into the river and I crossed the bridge.
I headed northeast after crossing the bridge and came to the Fiery Mountains where the Dragons dwell. Shun, the Dragon King greeted me for we were old friends and even Elisha met them fifty years ago. The dragons are now too few but they are still a powerful foe and they have the greatest caves you ever seen. We feasted and cheered and talked about adventures both new and old and after three days I departed and continued east.
After traveling for a long time at this point four months I knew that something was troubling. I headed south and entered the Wery Swamps and their it was. Dressed in a black hood and red glowing eyes and cried out. With a long piercing sword it approached me. I released a force of energy and pushed it back into the swamp for I sensed nothing but shadow and despair emitting out of this creature.
I have never seen anything like this creature for it stood up without a mark. I hit it directly with lighting but it barely phased it. Finally it charged after me but I summoned for an aura of light which drove it away. The creature fled south fearing for its life and I havent seen it since. By that time nearly six months have passed so I returned to Mayton and here I am.

You encountered a Salamandrian Galatians? Brittany asked in amazement.
Aye Galatians said, and killed it.
Cool Elijah said, I wish I could have seen it. You must have been really strong to defeat a Salamandrian. But what of this black creature your drove out?
I know nothing of it Galatians replied, but that is the last I will see of it, hopefully. Now come now, it is dinner time and I am very hungry.
Oh yeah Brittany said walking over to the stove and pulled off a pot. She grabbed four bowls and poured into them stew. Brittany handed everyone a bowl with one for herself. Elisha blessed the food and they ate. Bread and cheese was also on the table for them to eat. Elisha poured them more tea and kept the teapot on the table. Brittany finally said, how long are you here for Galatians?
Until the festival is over Galatians said, and then I must travel south and continue my research of the lands.

Everyone finished eating and went outside to the porch and sat. Elijah sat on Brittanys lap to give Galatians a seat. The sun was setting in the west but they were looking in the east. Elisha said, so Brittany, were where you two today?
Out in the town Brittany said rocking back and forth, doing errands for the church and making sure Elijah wasnt in trouble. I dont know why the kids dont like him. He has a few friends.
They are jealous Elisha said, jealous because their fathers havent done anything great throughout their fifty years of living and I done something great in my fist decade. You need not worry about them Elijah.
I wont Elijah said. Elijah sat silent on Brittanys lap and fell asleep. His head was leaned against her breast and Brittany placed the side of her head on the top of his. Brittany muttered a soft song where only Elijah could hear it.
Galatians looked at the village as people went to and fro heading home to rest at last. The village fell silent as the children stopped playing for the day became night. Elisha enjoyed these peaceful moments very much and smiled with his eyes closed enjoying the silent air. Brittany stood up holding Elijah in her arms.
Were off to bed Brittany said, good-night Elisha and Mr. Galatians. May the night bring peaceful and lovely dreams.
Same to you Galatians said. Brittany took Elijah into their room. Their room was to the right as you entered. One large bed sat on the corner wall and Brittany laid Elijah on the side closest to the wall. She took off her green dress and slipped into a blue night gown. With that she laid down next to Elijah and fell asleep.
Galatians and Elisha sat outside for an hour or two before turning in for the night. Galatians rested in the guess room in the northern part of the house located next to Elishas. Morning came over the land of Gravince. No shop was opened and none were planned to be opened. Many people left their homes at the first sign of the sun and headed off for Marton in the east.

Elijah was the last to wake up and found that Brittany, as usual, picked up his outfit for the festival. Galatians was outside on the porch watching the sunrise that he loves so much. Elisha joined him a little after breakfast and the two talked with one another. Elijah dressed in the white shirt and brown pants Brittany laid out for him and she wore a white shirt with a red dress. It came to her ankles and she wore brown boots.
Elijah! Brittany shouted putting up the plates, are you ready to go?
Elijah emerged out of his room and said, I guess so. Then the two left the house and joined Elisha and Galatians. Galatians stood and smiled at the two. Elisha was fixed looking to the north for a faint sound like a horn echoed over the hills.
Elisha came too and stood up. Elisha wasnt a tall fellow only coming to the chest of Galatians and to Brittanys eyes. Elijah stood up to his fathers chest. Elisha flung unto his back a bag with food and clothes. Galatians grabbed his hat from the chair and put it on and grabbed his staff.
Come Galatians said, we have to make are way to find a good inn. And with that they traveled onward heading east to Marton. Galatians led the group down the hill and through the town. People were still getting up and some were doing a bit of work in the house and in the garden.

The road curved to the left and then to the right as the marched through the hills. The roads were made as to never go up a hill expect for leading to a house. A dog was asleep under a bench the group passed. A golden retriever with a reddish look in his fur. Birds flew overhead as the sun crept higher and higher into the sky.
A sweet aroma rose of pleasant smells like those found in roses. Brittany had a rose in her hair just above her left ear. She had to hold Elijahs hand every now and again for he tried to run off. Up ahead in a small but nice house, a rather large man walked out with his son that looked a bit older then Elijah but looked very much like him with the expectation of the hair.
David Wellow Elisha said, my dear cousin. How goes the harvest this year? I hope for only plentiful amounts of your famous carrots that I do love so much. Tell me when you put a fresh batch on sell for I have the need to buy some.
Elisha Diadem David said, my dear cousin. The harvest is well and I will sell my most famous carrots as you put it on sell next week on Wednesday perhaps. I see Galatians the Wise has returned. I cant wait to here your tales for they always keep my son and I entertained.
As they do everyone Galatians said, but my tales are no where near as good as tales that Solomon the Wise will tale you.
Solomon? David asked, youll say more in Marton I guess. Brittany, I see that you have had a nice time yesterday with the church and watching my boy and Elijah. I hope he wasnt too much of a handful.
Nay Brittany said, boys will be boys. I find that Elijah is more of a handful then Sheldon for Elijah is more outgoing while Sheldon thinks ahead and decides the best action of play.

Sounds like their fathers Galatians said.
Come Elisha said, we should get going. With that they continued leaving the village. A group of children ran in front of them chanting and shouting Galatians! Galatians! and finally the sage sat down on a bench.
Children he said, what is the meaning of this? I am heading for Marton for the Festival of the Moon I so enjoy and yet you cant wait until tonight to here some tales of far away adventures?
But Galatians a child said.


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Gender: Male
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But nothing Galatians responded, you will have to wait until tonight like good children. Now run back to your parents. The kids lower their heads and begin to walk off, alright. You get one story for we have along time to spare.
The kids cheer and sit down in front of Galatians. Elijah and Sheldon join the kids on the ground and Brittany, Elisha, and David sit down on the bench with Galatians.
Now then Galatians said. Which story shall I taleI know. The tale of Mark and the Golden Jewel. Long ago in the far south lived a terrible king. This king ruled Fargo with a terrible and cruel leadership that made the people suffer well. Finally a young man named Mark opposed the king and ran from the kingdom and searched the land for freedom. Finally after many months of searching, Mark came across a Golden Jewel that would grant his deepest wish. He thought long and hard on what the wish should be and then finally it hit him. Mark wished that Fargos king died and someone worthy of the crown was throne. The people celebrated and do you know who they crowned? They crowned Mark for it was his doing that the wicked king died.
Now go back to your parents Galatians said and with that the kids ran off. Galatians sat silent for a moment in deep thought and finally he stood and said, come, we have a long ways to go till Marton.
With that Galatians and the rest stood to their feet and continued to head off to Marton. Elisha looked far north again for he swore that he heard faint horns over the hills but no one else could. Brittany, after a moment or two, heard the horns approaching them and then everyone heard the sound of horns and horses.

Up ahead another road joins the road Galatians and the group are traveling down. A stone road with a road sign that says: Kambo. Twelve men mounted on horses came down the road and stopped a little in front of Galatians. These were tall and strong men equipped in blue and silver chain. They had shields on their backs with a white eagle on it. The horses were bigger and stronger then the horses found in Gravince.
We seek Galatians the lead knight said. The one to his left bore a blue banner with a white eagle on it. The lead knight had long hair that curled a little with a rough beard. He looked at Brittany and then to Elijah and then to Elisha, where is the sage?
I am he Galatians said. What business do you have with me for I am on my way to Marton to enjoy merriment and peace with the good people of Gravince. I ask you, what business do you have with me?
We traveled far from the kingdom of Gandrair the same man said dismounting his horse. He was a bit smaller then Galatians and a bit taller then David but towered over the rest, I have news for you from Ethian, home of Solomon the Wise.
Solomon? Galatians asked, what news could possibly be that needs some knights of Gandriar to deliver this news. Come what is your name and what is this news?
I am Joran son of Delphi the man said, I come with bearings of ill news for when I left Ethian a few weeks ago strange activity was in the decaying land of Darkice. He sent me to tell the other five sages and have them ready to be called upon anytime.
Then so Joran son of Delphi, Galatians said, I will heed your warning and await for Solomon to call upon me and the five sages. But now we have to travel across Gravince to Marton.
Of course Joran said placing his right hand on his breast and bowing. He mounted his horse, hopefully we may meet again Galatians the Wise. For rumor says that you are wiser then Solomon.
I hope we meet to Galatians said and the knights rode down the road Galatians just walked down. Galatians turned to everyone and waved his hand to and fro telling them to come on. They finally reached the borders of Mayton at high noon. Vast hills covered the lands as far as the eye could see. Large hills and small hills and sometimes hills going into the ground.
Brittany had to, of course, grab Elijahs hand because the boy always wanted to stop and try to run off somewhere else. Brittany bent over to be eye level with Elijah and said, stop trying to run off. We go through this every time we head someplace.
But I just want to have an adventure like Galatians Elijah argued. Brittany rose back up and continued walking. They got a little behind from everyone else but she caught up pretty quickly. They walked for three hours straight and finally Galatians halted on top of a rather large hill.
We shall rest up here for lunch Galatians said. Brittany was carrying a brown basket and sat it down and allowed Elijah and Sheldon to roam around. Brittany sat up an area for the food and drinks.
Galatians sat down on a tree stomp with his staff with him. He looked deep into Elishas pocket which he noticed carried the pendent he found.
David helped Brittany with the food. Such wonderful things to eat like salted pork, sliced ham, crescent rolls Brittany made in the morning, carrots from Davids farm, apples, oranges, bananas, roasted turkey, and for drink was of course tea and water. Galatians ate only ham and carrots and drank tea. Brittany had a little of everything, mostly just one bite of each. David and Elisha feasted on anything that came to close them. Elijah and Sheldon ate only pork, turkey, oranges, and apples. Elijah drank tea and Sheldon had water.

After lunch everyone sat or laid in the sun and rested for a moment and then at last Galatians stood and said, come now. We have awhile to we reach Marton and so we must hurry if we are to find a good inn at the Moonshine Inn.
But of course Elisha said and with that they cleaned up and headed off. The day was still bright and shinning and a few birds flew overhead heading north. Elijah loved birds and wished he could someday fly with them. Hour after hour of walking, well two hours and they were at Marton. Banners flew in the sky and the streets were filled in every corner with people of all shapes and sizes.
Brittany Galatians said, why not take the boys out for a bit of sightseeing why we go get the rooms at Moonshine Inn. We will meet in the towns square at sunset for thats when the festival will begin.
Okay Brittany said. As usually, she grabbed Elijahs head and didnt bother doing the same with Sheldon for he never wonders off. Elijah was always turning his head this way and that. Finally Brittany let go of his hand as they came to a diner that wasnt too crowded, well have dinner here so we wont be hungry at the festival.
Brittany sat down at the counter with Elijah on one end of her and Sheldon on the other. The waiter was a lively fellow with a round belly. A strange mustache that curved up and around his head and he was bold but had a big round red nose.
What can I get you three? the waiter asked, are special for today is Baked Chicken. A lovely chicken breast with a leg that is juicy and steamy with some vegetables and a drink of your choice.
Ill have that and a tea Brittany said. Elijah and Sheldon got the same but Sheldon wanted water. The waiter gave their orders and came back over to the counter.
Did you hear that Jaromor is suppose to come to the festival? the waiter asked.
Aye Brittany said, but it is just a rumor and rumor shouldnt be trusted all the time for sometimes they will disappoint. I will be glade to see Jaromor for it will be the first time I ever seen a ranger and the count of Merrierton. But alas I really dont expect him to show.
Why Brittany was talking, Elijah and Sheldon ran off and into the city. She didnt realize they were gone till the waiter had their food, oh no! Those little idiots! Wait till I get my hands on Elijah!
Brittany ran off and searched around the diner for any trace of them. The sun was already starting to set and Brittany wondered the village to find them. Elijah and Sheldon were already on the other side of Marton looking at all the animals and people that entered the village.
We shouldnt have left Brittany Sheldon said to Elijah as they walked around town.
Dont worry Sheldon. Whats the worse that could happen? Elijah said with his usually comeback. Before they could take another step a hand grabbed each of them by the collar and pulled them towards a rather large fellow. He looked sort of like the waiter from before but had more hair and the mustache was short and he looked older.
Mayor John Quiin Sheldon said in fear.
Why is it that the Diadem boy and Wellow boy are out wondering the village with Brittany? the mayor asked, or Galatians? or Elisha? or David?
Elijah nor Sheldon could respond as he took them to his house on the far eastern side of town. The sun was now setting and was about to vanish from site. The mayor stopped and said, I have to go to the festival so you two are coming along.
Elijah and Sheldon walked in fear and shame behind the mayor as he approached the towns square. By the time the mayor arrived the night was dark and lit by a full moon. The people gathered and filled the towns square with tents and banners and all the sorts that is needed in a festival. In the center of the square sat a large wooden stage in the shape of a circle


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Welcome to the Cult

Gender: Male
Location: Somewhere over there

Chapter II
Festival of the Moon

Fireworks lit up the night sky in an aura of colors from blue to yellow. The mayor got on the stage with Elijah and Sheldon waiting by it. The people cheered and clapped and the mayor stood in the middle looking at the people and waited for them to get quiet.
My fellow Gravincers! the mayor shouted and the people cheered for a second and then fell quiet, toady is Gravinces one hundred and twenty fifth birthday! Alas, are fair land may not be as old as Gandrair to the north or Uplia in the east but its people are just as good and even better none the less!
The people clapped and shouted. Brittany looked through the crowd and finally found Elijah and Sheldon sitting by the stage and said in an angry voice, where have you two been!? I told you not to wonder off. I was worried sick! You should know better Elijah. I should send you home at this moment if it werent far away.
And now we move on to a new age! The mayor yelled over everything, and with this age we will see that are lives are just as meaningful as the great kings of old who fought and died in battles for their freedom! None the less, we fought for are freedom those many years ago and now we are free to make rules and laws that seem best for are people!!

Elisha did not look at the stage at all and looked far east with unblinking eyes. Galatians noticed it and asked him. Does something trouble you my dear friend? You seemed worried and you pay no attention to the merriment.
Elisha broke off his gaze and looked upon the sage and said, nothing. I just feel down. Thats all. Nothing more and nothing less. I feel a little sick and should get some rest early tonight but threat not for I shall be alright.
Are you sure? the sage asked. You dont seem to be your normal self. Normally this festival will give you joy and great pleasure but all I seen in you is sorrow and your face tells me that you are worried. I have not spent one thousand one hundred and thirty two years on Igros and havent learned a thing or two.
Aye Elisha said, my heart is filled with sorrow. I shall retire to my room early. Good-night Galatians the Wise. With that Elisha stood and walked off. Galatians now sat silent in deep thought but the children came and he told them stories of Bill and the Giant of Sole Mountain, Jack of Jewels, and the great King of Hyland. Elijah and Sheldon sat with the kids and Brittany sat with Galatians for she loved his tales.
Galatians ended his third tale and said, that is enough for one night. You will get more tomorrow. I dont want to tell all my tales before the second night comes now do I? Besides I would like to check on a friend that is feeling a little down. If you would.
Galatians pardoned himself and headed for Moonshine Inn which was empty expect one candle lit room in the end of the hallway in the third door on the left. Galatians looked at the counter for the foolish innkeeper left some gold on it again and so he put it up in his secret keeping. Galatians wondered down the hall and slowly opened the door and found Elisha sitting in his desk looking at the pendent. He saw Galatians and threw it in his pocket.
Galatians? Elisha said. How long have you been there?
For a few seconds Galatians said, what is the meaning of this pendent? Are we not friends and can you not tell me? We are old friends that been through a lot. Come tell me where you found this pendent.
Very well Elisha said. He took a deep breath and started, in are adventures fifty years ago we came to the Temple of Celestial. I wondered in first and saw this pendent in the alter and it drawn me to it and I threw it in my pocket before you and Marth and David came.
I say Galatians said, you found it in the temple? I think you should leave it on the desk and head north now. Your chapter here has ended I fear for now you can no longer continue living normally and living here for now you and David must head north to Port Town and tell Obadiah the Brave everything of your adventures with me fifty years ago. Make haste for if I should go many enemies will strike but if you go your journey will be safe. Your things are pack and so are Davids. Go silently like a thief with your cousin and go. I will look after your son and his son and Brittany.
Galatians Elisha said with a tear in his eye and he placed the pendent on the desk and grabbed his bag and flung it on his bag. He walked over to Galatians and the two hugged and he said, I expect you to visit me in Port Town some time you here?
I do Galatians said. And with that Elisha left the room of Moonshine Inn and left. Galatians last saw him as he traveled down the hall for he turned and bowed and Galatians did the same. Galatians folded his arms and smiled and looked on the desk and saw the pendent. His smile went away and a look of confusion came to him.

Elijah started to look far for Galatians but could not find him and David went missing. Elijah decided to go see Elisha at Moonshine Inn and wondered off but Brittany saw him from a far heading that way and she said to herself, now where is that boy heading off too?
Brittany weaved through the crowd and got stuck once or twice. Elijah opened the door that was lit in Moonshine Inn and found Galatians sitting in front of a lit fireplace in deep thought. Elijah saw the pendent and noticed the missing bags and said, Where is Elisha and David?
Galatians turned and smiled, they have gone to Port Town to see Obadiah the Brave to discuss matters of old days but he will return. He noticed Elijah had the pendent in his hands and the strange markings started to glow blue:

znكnك ۃn݃Ճnۃ߃ك׃؃nՃzn݃ރn҃
݃nՃڃn܃݃ ۃ݃ރzn݃ރn҃؃݃n݃ރ݃nփ
nփك؃n ܃݃уك

What are these markings? Elijah asked looking deep into them, I saw my father have this pendent before but I never noticed the markings if they were on it before they must have been hard to see. Galatians, do you know anything of this?
I believe I do Elijah Galatians said, that is the language of the Catlons which they took from Angelic beings that gave them their bodies of grace and beauty. That is something strange and I have never seen the markings glow before but then I found this book: Serrago and the War of Igros.'
Serrago? Elijah said aloud to himself, wasnt he just a story?
Nay Galatians said, for he was realhe is real. He was sealed away by the five remaining sages but he placed a curse on them and they lost all forms of their humans selves and are now creatures of darkness.
The same thing you encountered before?
Aye Galatians said, Serrago used this very pendent which has an unlimited source of power and cannot be destroyed. Serrago used it to conquer the western lands pass the Getian River but Gandriar and Hyland defeated Serragos forces.
Then this pendent was placed in a temple in the far east where your father found it. Now the dark creatures know it is here for the blue light is a beacon and that means that Serrago has begun to break the seal in which he was casted away in. The markings read:

Three Angelic Powers in the night sky,
Five Demonic Auras in the burning flames,
Six Sages strength in the land doomed to die,
A Tower built by mortals to house the light.
A Pendent of endless power, A Pendent of strength,
A Pendent that cant be stopped and it is called Celestial.

This is that pendent that Serrago took from the heart of Llunna and turned corrupt and made it his.
Then why do we have it? Elijah panicked. He paced back and forth, if it is a beacon then it shouldnt stay here. You should take it!
No! Galatians screamed, I would be corrupt for the power of the pendent is too strong for me to handle but you have the innocent nature of a child and you desire no power where even I desire greater power. It is only safe for you to hold it. I must make haste to Ethian but I will return as soon as possible.
What should I do?
Stay and wait Galatians said heading down the hallway, stay with Brittany for she is like an elder sister to you. If I am not back in a month head north to Irony and seek for the ranger Striker and he shall lead you to Port Town and you shall be safe their.

Galatians ran out the door and called forth his horse, Thunder. He mounted and looked at Elijah and then to the north and rode off. Elijah looked at Galatians until he vanished then he placed the pendent in his pocket and headed back for the festival.
The festival hasnt died down any and Brittany was waiting for him, where have you been Elijah?
I was with Elisha and Galatians in Moonshine Inn Elijah told her.
Oh Brittany said, I guess thats alright. Hurry along for you couldnt wait for the festival to come and you wouldnt let me sleep for you were to eager and couldnt wait for it to come.
Elijah nodded and ran off. Four large fireworks exploded in the air each a different color; red, blue, green, and yellow and that ended the first night of the festival. Brittany soon found herself with only Elijah and Sheldon but Galatians left a note on the fire mantle explaining everything. Brittany looked hard at the note and she smiled a little but it was a sad smile.


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Gender: Male
Location: Somewhere over there

Elisha, David, and myself (Galatians) have parted from you. We entrust the boys in your hands but be more watchful on Elijah. We have traveled to Port Town and will return in one month. If we do not travel north to Irony and find Striker who will lead you to Port Town. Many partings happen with me each year but none so sad as parting for you and Elijah and Sheldon.
Galatians the Wise
Galatians the Wise

Brittany folded the note and placed it back on the mantle and said, looks like it is just us three for awhile. I guess when we return to Mayton Sheldon will stay with us for I shall not have him stay at home alone.
Alright Sheldon said. Elijah had already crawled into bed and was sound asleep. Brittany took the empty bed for herself and allowed Elijah and Sheldon to share one. Brittany found some trouble sleeping for it worried her to watch Elijah and Sheldon and be their guardian.
Brittany finally fell asleep but had an odd dream that she could recall very clearly. She stood at the foot of a terrible and dark and large mountain with black clouds circling its peak. Anywhere she looked the land was dead and black and grey and cracking. In front of her stood a huge creature, a minotaur like monster completely black with red piercing eyes and two large demon wings on its back. Fire spread through its feet and to its head followed by lighting, then shadow, then water, and the fire again.
At the feet of the creature laid Elijah pierced through the gut by its large claws. Elijahs eyes were closed and blood covered his torso and came out of his mouth. Brittany screamed, Elijah! and found that she had waken up. Her scream woke up Elijah and Sheldon.
Whats wrong? Elijah said for it was his name she screamed, is something wrong Brittany?
Nothing Elijah Brittany said with sorrow in her voice. Elijah and Sheldon went back to sleep and for half an hour or so Brittany looked upon Elijah before finally falling to sleep. Brittany was awaken by Elijah jumping on top of her. Brittany smiled as Elijah sat with one leg on each side of her ribs.
Brittany grabbed Elijah by his arms and threw him unto the bed and rolled on top of him and tickled him. Elijah laughed and tried to get free and Brittany smiled and said, wake me up like that again and youll get more.
She stopped and gave a soft kiss to Elijahs forehead and stood up. She was in her green nightgown and Elijah was already dressed. Sheldon entered after a moment or two and said, can we go eat now?
In a moment Sheldon Brittany said, I still have to change out of my nightgowns. You boys would go eat naked if you were hungry enough.
So true Elijah said.
Go look around but dont go to far for Ill be ready in a second Brittany said. The two left and she closed the door behind them. Brittany placed her back on the door for a second then walked over to her clothes. She looked through them and grabbed a green and white shirt and a brown dress with white markings going down the sides of it. Brittany removed her nightgown and she dressed herself in the fashion she picked out and of course she wore the brown boots from before which gives her an inch or two in height.
Brittany walked outside and found Elijah and Sheldon playing sword fighting with some sticks they found. Brittany grabbed the sticks and said, lets go eat. Im hungry and Im pretty sure that you two are also hungry.
Elijah and Sheldon smiled and followed her into town. People were going to and fro many came from Mayton and Merrierton in the west and north. They came to a place called :Big Joes Cabin and they stopped to eat here. Tables were filled with people already and so was the counter. A rather large fellow that towers over everyone saw them walked in and shouted, Brittany! Little Brittany!!
Big Joe! Brittany shouted back. The large man walked over to her.
I see you finally settled down and had children Joe said, or is this Elishas boy you said so much about?
This is Elijah son of Elisha and Sheldon son of David Brittany said, neither of them are mine, Im just watching them for their fathers have gone to Port Town for a months time. We came here to get some food for we are hungry.
Then sit down, sit down Joe said leading them to a table, Ill be right with you for I must attend these other people. Business really sky rockets when the Festival of the Moon comes to Marton.
Joe walked off. Brittany stroked her fingers down her hair to straighten it a bit. Elijah lent back and forth in his chair but Brittany had him stop. Sheldon started to count all the people that were in the place. Brittany remembered last night and looked deep into Elijah for fear that she may lose him.
Joe returned and said, alright what can I get you good folks?
Well just have the special Brittany said. Joe nodded and walked off. The people were loud and singing a merry old song used as Gravinces national theme song:

High hoe, we showed, we showed are valor,
You know, we took the high road and won are valor!
We showed them who was best!
We were greater then all the rest!
Through hills and trees and merry old songs,
We sing this victory song!!

And so they repeated it five times and fell silent. Then a man stood and walked over to Elijah and Sheldon and said to them, sing for us young lads and the people cheered. Sheldon and Elijah got on a table and song and danced:

Through the trees, through the mountains,
Over the hills, pass the roaring ocean,
I would travel far and wide all for my homeland of Gravince,
No place is fairer then Gravince,
So I will take up my steed, I will get down to see,

Because no place is fairer then Gravince,
Even though I cant fly, even though I am not strong,
I would risk it all for the fair land of Gravince
Now ride with me and you too can see
The fair land of Gravince

Elijah and Sheldon took a bow and everyone cheered and clapped. Such merriment can only be found here in Marton during the Festival of the Moon. Brittany smiled at the two and laughed a little. They spent the rest of the day either walking around in the village or resting at the inn but when night came the fireworks lit up the sky.
Merriment could be found even under a rock. The people were happy and cheerful and gay and amused with the fireworks and they sang the song Elijah and Sheldon sang that morning. Even ten miles away you could here the joy in their hearts for nothing was so wonderful to the people of Gravince then the Festival of the Moon.
The third day Brittany, Elijah, and Sheldon enjoyed the day with either wondering the village or resting at the inn but when night came, so did the entertainment. Too some people the festival hasnt stopped since day one and to others they never want it too stop. Elijah got to perform again to the people along with his trusted friend Sheldon and the people couldnt get enough of it.
The fourth day was dark and cloudy in the morning and people hoped it would clear but by mid afternoon it did clear and the sun pierce through and when it sat there wasnt a cloud in the sky. Stars and a full moon lit up the night sky and so did a wave after wave of fireworks.
The finally day Brittany was awakened by Elijah jumping on her like the second day and he shouted, come on Brittany. You dont want to miss anything. Come on! Wake up and hurry. Hurry, hurry. Not much time to spare.
Really? Brittany said grabbed Elijah under his arms and picking him up as she stood up. She held Elijah with one hand wrapped around his torso and the other on the back of his head. Brittany sat Elijah on a chair, Sheldon was no where to be seen, where is Sheldon?
With Mayor Kerry Elijah said, the mayor came over and wanted to enjoy the company of someone that would cheer him up and so Sheldon went with him back to his house in the far east.
Brittany got ready and the two wondered outside. Some people have already left and returned to their homes in Mayton and Merrierton but a crowd still remained. The morning came and gone swiftly and the moon rose and the final night of the Festival of the Moon begun. Cheering and dancing and drinking and laughing and signing and merriment to be seen everywhere.
The last rocket that ends the festival was about to launch and the mayor stood on the stage and said, my fellow Gravincers! Today is the end of the Festival of the Moon but what a festival it was!! I guess I must say that I cannot wait till next years festival so we may have just as much merriment again.


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Gender: Male
Location: Somewhere over there

With that the rocket soared off into the pitch black night sky and in a flash it seemed that it was dawn for the night was thrown aside and it appeared to be mid noon for a few moments then it returned to the darkness. With that the people cheered their final cheer and returned to the inn or to their homes.
Early the next morning, Brittany had to wake up Elijah and Sheldon. The three ate breakfast at Big Joes Cabin and after that they headed off to Mayton. The people of Marton stood along the borders of town and waved farewell to the people of Gravince as they returned home. The trip back was peaceful enough and life returned to normal the next morning.
Elijah almost forgot about the pendent and he hid it away in Elishas secret spot. Three days passed since the festival ended and all is calm and peaceful throughout Gravince again. Mayton hasnt changed any for people are still farming and children are still at play.

The fifth day and many days onward were peaceful like this. Never changing and no surprise to be seen. The thirteenth day was the same and so was the twentieth. One night Elijah returned to his house on the hill which had but a single candle lit and no one else was home.
Elijah opened the door and stepped in looking carefully around and entering. A hand grabbed him from behind out of the shadows. Elijah turned and saw Galatians and he said, Galatians, you returned.
We havent got time Galatians said looking out the window, you must go now, go to Port Town. Travel through the Silence Woods to avoid the six.
The six? Elijah questioned.
There is no time! Gather your things and pack food and clothes for this will be a long journey and I cannot travel along with you.
Then Im suppose to go alone? Elijah asked.
Nay Galatians said, for I have already brought you a traveling partner, Sheldon Wellow your good friend and cousin. Sheldon stepped forward with a bag on his back, go through the Silence Woods and do not get caught. Do no tell Brittany you are leaving and hurry now.
The three ran out of the house after Elijah gathered some supplies. He ran out the door ready to go and Galatians said, do you have the pendent?
Elijah ran back into the house. Sheldon stood behind Galatians and said, how long will we be gone Mr. Galatians?
I cannot say the sage replied, it may be weeks, months, or even years but you must not worry on how long it takes. You must get to Irony and find Striker as quickly as possible then reach Port Town.
Elijah came out with Celestial in his pocket. Galatians smiled and the three headed north. It was mid day and the sky was bright and cloudy. They walked and did not stop or talk to each other or anyone. Finally they came to the border of Mayton where Thunder, the horse of Galatians waited. He mounted.
Travel only by day and do not take the road. You two remind me greatly of your fathers. Ready to go on ahead with no questions but here Galatians gives them a blanket rolled up with something in it. Elijah opens it up and four short swords are in it. They were shinning in the light and Elijah gave Sheldon two and kept two, use these to make it to Irony but hopefully you will not need them.
Thank you Galatians Elijah said. Galatians patted Elijah on the head and rode off like an arrow being released. The grey horse rode onward with great speed and strength. Elijah and Sheldon watched him ride off and finally they headed off north each with a bag on their back.

Sheldon was ahead of Elijah a little but both starts to hear noise coming from behind. Elijah turns around and gets pushed down to the ground by two kids that look very much alike.
Christian! Cameron! Sheldon yelled, crazy twins. What are you doing here and why did you knock down Elijah?
Sheldon helped Elijah stand. Christian started, we followed you and Galatians and why are you leaving? Brittany is going to get mad.
We have to leave Elijah said, we must for the good of Igros.
In that case Cameron said, were going with you. You need someone as smart as me on the team or else you will have to start back here again.
Alright Elijah said, here. Elijah gives Cameron one of his swords and Sheldon gives Christian one of his, the more the merrier for now we are greater in number and in strength.
You hear that Cameron? Christian said holding the sword upward, they say they need my strength.
There is strength in numbers you sad excuse of a twin Cameron said fastening the sword to his belt and Christian did the same. Elijah and Sheldon carried their swords on their bags. Christian started off first but Cameron stopped him, where are we going Elijah?
Irony he said, to find Striker and then to Port Town where my dad and his should be at.
Alright Christian said.
Then lets go Sheldon said and the four made way to the woods which was a long way north. Sunset came and the four boys stopped at the foot of a large hill they found and started to cook something to eat for Sheldon was a master chief.
Stew Sheldon said, we are going to have rabbit stew for that sounds good tonight. We have nothing to drink but water but I can boil some tea if you liked.
Please do Christian and Cameron said at the same time. Sheldon started to boil tea when the stew was ready. Elijah was lying down on the hill in the middle wrapped in a cloak he found in his bag. Sheldon walked up with a bowl of stew and gave it to him.
Thank you Sheldon Elijah said.
You need to keep your strength up Elijah Sheldon replied as Elijah ate a sthingyful of the stew. Elijah loved the taste of the rabbit stew and all the vegetables in it. Sheldon stood back up and headed down the hill. Elijah looked into the stew with unblinking eyes and could not think of anything.
So will we be at Silence Woods before sunset tomorrow? Cameron asked, I really dont like sleeping the open considering someone might be out here looking for us and I dont know whether that be for a good reason or bad reason.
I really dont know Cameron Sheldon said, I never been this far north before and all but hopefully it will be tomorrow before sunset.
Christian fell fast asleep rolled up into a little ball next to the small fire. Sheldon slept on the other side of the fire and Cameron slept next to Christian. Elijah fell fast asleep in thought trying to figure out the cause of the pendent.

Sheldon woken everyone up early the next morning saying, come now. We have further to go before we get to Silence Woods so hurry now.
They packed their stuffs this time Christian carried Elijahs bag and Sheldon continued on with his. They were traveling long before stopping for lunch five hours later.
Elijah and Cameron practiced with their swords together. They all gave their sword a name. Sheldon named his Stab, Christian named his Shinning Soul, Cameron named his Blade of Mayton, and Elijah named his Swift. Sheldon and Christian talked to one another while enjoying a meal and Elijah and Cameron continued goofing off.
After lunch they packed up and headed off. Two hours have passed and they reached the borders of Silence Woods.
Is this a good idea? Christian asked.
Galatians told us to go through here Elijah responded. The trees were tall and twisted this way and that. The leaves were falling off and turning color for fall was here. The leaves were orange and red and yellow and some still green. The forest floor was covered in leaves. Elijah stepped in followed by his companions


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Gender: Male
Location: Somewhere over there

Chapter III
Silence Woods

The forest made no sound at all expect for the sound Elijah, Sheldon, Christian, and Cameron made while traveling. A squirrel sat on top of a tree not moving expect for its head that kept an eye on Cameron. Elijah made no sudden movements and tried to keep everyone quiet. Sheldon sneezed a loud sneeze that echoed back and forth across the woods.
After the sneeze has faded the forest echoed in laughter like hundreds of little children laughing. Cameron and Christian drew their swords Shinning Soul and Blade of Mayton. Sheldon and Elijah didnt stop like they didnt hear anything.
Elijah Cameron said.
Sheldon Christian said. Elijah and Sheldon halted and turned.
Didnt you hear the laughing? Cameron asked the two. Elijah did not answer, the laughing like they are children in these woods besides us.
I did not hear anything Cameron Sheldon said, isnt that right Elijah. The only sound we heard was the sound of us moving and my sneeze. I think you two are getting a bit worried about the entire thing and that being this far from home is making you hear things that you normally hear.
Elijah looked around and he thought he saw something move in the west heading south at great speeds. Elijah drew Swift and Sheldon looked at his face which seemed determined that someone or something is preparing to attack. Sheldon drew Stab and the four gathered close together and continued onward.
Silently they moved not trying to make a single sound that may disturb the silence of the forest. The forest grew darker as the trees above blocked off the sun. They traveled deeper and deeper and came to a river that was wide and long for miles. None of the boys could tell if they were traveling north or east or south or west.
Why didnt Galatians come with us? Sheldon asked silently to Elijah making hardly any sound.
I dont know Sheldon Elijah responded just as quiet. They traveled up the river or down for they do not know anymore. They traveled as far as they could for the river went pass many thick thorn bushes and they decided to continue onward traveling to their left. It became too dark to see after hours of wondering.
Sheldon found a small meadow in the forest where you could see the night sky clearly. The boys ate salted pork and drank water for now they think it would be best to save most of their supplies for they do not know how long it would take for them to get out of the woods. Elijah decided that for an hour or so one of them would stay up to watch the others. Cameron was first followed by Sheldon then Christian and then Elijah and then they would repeat.

Morning came and the boys only drank a mouthful of bread and drank only a mouthful of water and then headed off. Elijah swore he saw two more black shadows dart by traveling at fast speeds like something was following their every move and gathering more to attack them.
They traveled this way and that unaware of which way to go for they may be traveling back to Gravince. Sheldon stopped and the others turned to him. Sheldon had a look of anger.
I give up! Sheldon shouted, we dont know where we are! For someone who is suppose to be wise, Galatians sure enough failed to see us getting lost. Now we will run out of food and water and starve out here in the darkness of this blasted forest! Not a single animal to be seen as far as we walked! I cant take it!
Sheldon the other three said.
Not now! Sheldon continued, I tried no to say anything but this is the stupidest thing we ever done! Why are we going to Port Town!? Because Galatians told us to? How can we actually trust him? He only comes to Gravince for the festival and if you havent noticed people keep vanishing when he comes! Elisha and my father vanished this ti
Elijah placed his hand over his mouth and turned him around. A huge creature stood behind him with piercing black beady eyes. Fangs filled its mouth as its tongue licked its upper lit. Dark brown hair covered the creature from head to toe and it was spiked out to make it seem larger. A fuzzy tail wagged back and forth and it sniffed Sheldon and pulled its head back.
Its head went forward like an arrow but Elijah pushed Sheldon out of the way. The boys drew their swords and separated each running in a different direction. The creature chased after Sheldon and the three boys ran after the beast after seeing it chase Sheldon. Sheldon tripped and fell to the ground but before the creature could reach him Elijah jumped on its back and stabbed the beast in its left shoulder. Dark red blue dripped down its left leg.
The beast howled and threw Elijah off but Christian and Cameron slashed at its two back legs causing the beast to fall to the ground. Sheldon stood up and stabbed the beast in its throat which caused it to howl and fall to the ground motionless.
What was that? Sheldon asked still in a panic.
I believe it was a belf Cameron said, the size of a bear but looks more like a wolf. Belves travel in pack usually making up a dozen but this one was alone.
Lets go before more come Elijah said. They all looked at the belf for a moment and then ran off. They traveled pass more trees that curved over to make a tunnel. The boys went in. Leaves surrounded them with all sorts of colors.
Elijah explored in first followed by the twins and then Sheldon. Move carefully over the leaves trying not to make a sound they crossed the tunnel. Elijahs skin became cold like an icy wind was hitting him in the middle of a snowy wasteland. He wrapped his cloak around him trying to stay warm and placed the hood over his head.
Elijah? Christian wondered, is something wrong?
I am very cold Elijah said not turning around. They continued onward and finally made it out of the tunnel but a loud howl came behind them. They all looked back in fear and turned and ran as fast as they could. Sheldon was behind them all hearing faint footsteps of many foes. He drew Stab and paced himself trying not to pass out.
Christian and Cameron drew their swords but Elijah could not find the strength to continue and fell to the ground. Christian and Cameron tried to help him to his feet and Sheldon stood looking back. Elijah could hardly move and out of the tunnel came nearly a dozen belves.
They charged at the boys with great speeds. They claws caused leaves upon leaves to get flung behind them as they charged. Elijah laid face down on the forest floor and Sheldon, Christian, and Cameron formed a wall with swords ready.
The belves were now twenty feet behind but before they could take another step, shadows emerged through the gaps in the trees and ambushed the belves. These were creatures half the size of belves but there fur was flat and shinny and gold. They had a fluffed up tail with a white tip. These creatures had long noses with blue fair eyes. There ears were folded back to give them more speed.
About twenty two stood in front of the belves but two belves were slain on the forest floor. The other belves turned and fled away. The fair creatures turned and one larger then the rest stepped forward.
What say you young traveler? the beast asked.
Who and what are you? Sheldon asked with his heart beating fast.
I am Cloudspeed and we are the kiltons he said with a great voice, I am the leader kilton here and we have been keeping the belves from breaking into Gravince.
So can you lead us to the northern borders of Silence Woods? Cameron asked lowering his sword.
Aye Cloudspeed said, but first we will need to refresh ourselves at the river. You may ride on back to keep up and then we shall go see the catlons.
The catlons! Christian yelled with joy, I heard about them. A tribe of cat people and they are all women. They never have any males born.
Correct Cloudspeed said. Four kiltons walked forward. Christian and Cameron helped Elijah onto a kilton. The rest mounted up and the kiltons ran off. They ran fast and smooth for none felt themselves going up and down.
Sheldon was next to Elijah and he kept him from falling off. It seemed that Elijah was turning white and had trouble breathing and gasped for air every now and then. The kiltons stopped at the river and the boys jumped to the ground.
We shall sleep here tonight Cloudspeed said. Most of the kiltons lowered their heads to drink from the river. Elijah stayed curled up unable to move. Sheldon walked over to Elijah.
Are you alright Elijah? he asked. Elijah turned his head slowly to look at Sheldon.
Nay Elijah said, I feel cold and weak and stiff. It seems like a voice is chanting in my head saying: Small child, I know what you are doing. You cannot reach Irony so give in. I know all and I am watching you even as I speak. You can hear me and I you. Give up and I will allow you to return home safely to Mayton. But I say to him I mustnt give up for Galatians is continuing on me but he says: Galatians the Wise is a fool compared to me and I dont know what to do Sheldon. It is like he is casting a spell on me.
Fight it Sheldon said, say to him Be gone for I shall never give up and if he doesnt go then say I will never give in and you show him just how strong you are Elijah. You will not fail with me at your side.
Sheldon Elijah said smiling now. He felt warm again and stood up. Elijah brushed himself off and said, we been through a lot together cousin. This one takes the cake. When all of this is over, we shall return home to Mayton and see everyone again. Mr. Barkan, Mrs. Smith, and Brittany. But first we need to get to Irony and find this Striker character. We dont know why we are going for sure but Galatians kept my father on the right path and hell do it for us.


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Gender: Male
Location: Somewhere over there

For a second Elijah thought he saw a glimmering light that illuminated the forest with an enchanting glow. The light faded and Elijah smiled as he looked at Sheldon. Cloudspeed walked over and saw Elijah standing.
Are you Elijah Diadem? he asked.
Aye Elijah said not even realizing what he said.
Good, Galatians the Wise told us of your coming Cloudspeed said, and he told us to make sure nothing bad happens and to take you to the Village of the Catlons. We will travel to the village in the morning but for tonight you must rest.
Best thing I heard all day Cameron said walking up eating an apple. Cameron through the apple down when he noticed a half eaten worm in the core and Cameron looked like he was about to throw up. Elijah and Sheldon laughed at Cameron as he took a long drink of water from the river.
The kiltons slept near the boys that night. Elijah had a queer dream that he was standing in front of a tall tower. Out stormed Galatians making way to his horse but someone dressed in a white robe forbidden him to leave and he casted a spell on the sage and dai-orks took him away. Elijah woke up in a sudden leap and found himself standing alone in the darkness of the forest.
He looked around but could not see Sheldon or Cameron or Christian or the catlons. He shouted in fear, Sheldon! Cameron! Christian! Anybody! but no word came back. He has been sleepwalking and had no clue where he was. Elijah sat down next to a large tree and wrapped his cloak around him and placed his head over his head and lowered it between his knees.

Elijah woke up the next morning still alone. He had no food or water. All he had was the pendent and his sword, Swift. Elijah wondered off hoping to find anyone that could help him. The young lad stopped still at a lovely voice singing a soft melody. Elijah followed the voice and came to a hot spring with a small cliff at the foot of it making a small waterfall. At the top sat a woman with long blonde hair. She was dressed in gold and white and had green eyes like that of an oak leaf.
She stopped singing and saw Elijah at the bottom of the spring. Elijah rubbed his eyes and when he looked back up she was gone. Elijah climbed the small cliff and pulled himself to the grassy top and could not see her. He turned around and there she was right behind him. Elijah came only to her stomach.
What is a young lad doing this far in the forest alone? she asked.
I am Elijah Diadem, son of Elisha. I was separated from my group last night and got lost. I heard your singing so I came here Elijah said. She got on her knees to be eye level with him.
I am called Rose she said, you may follow me to my home for every night or so I get a visit from my kilton friend Cloudspeed, lord of kiltons. He may know where your friends are.
I was traveling with Cloudspeed he replied.
Then you may want to follow she stood back up and headed off. Elijah followed close behind her. Elijah noticed that the forest here was still full of green leaves and everywhere were red roses. Rose stopped and ahead sat a house. The house looked much like Elishas house back home expect no porch. Rose opened the door and allowed Elijah to step in.
I have a spare bed Rose said, and if Cloudspeed doesnt come tonight you may sleep in it but it is a small bed. Rose sat down at the table and Elijah sat down in front of her, young Elijah. I have sensed something about you. Why do you travel through Silence Woods?
Galatians the Wise has sent me on a quest to Irony and told me to go through the woods.
I see Rose said, I know Galatians the Wise for we met three hundred years ago here in the woods.
Three hundred years!? Elijah said shocked.
Aye. I am half-angel. My mother was human and my father an angel. I have long life that is said to be a thousand years and I am but four hundred and twenty Rose said and Elijah did not blink for awhile, I hide my wings under my dress for they are small wings when kept at bay but if I chose they would be large and enchanting.
Why not keep them out? Elijah asked.
Because I have no need to fly she said, if you want to you may see them at full extent.
I would like to see your wings Elijah said. Rose smiled and stood up and walked over behind Elijah. Rose placed her hands on his shoulders.
Not now weary traveler. You may have had sleep last night but you havent rested. You shall eat and drink and rest and when you are fully rested I shall show you my wings. Galatians told me of your travels that you hold Celestial. Do not ask me anything about it for I made a comment not to say anything about it that may give you doubt and fear Rose said walking into another room. Elijah sat silent for a moment.
Rose walked back out with two plates in her hands. Both carried roasted chicken with her own seasoning that boosted the flavor to make it the best thing Elijah ever tasted. Corn and rice were on the plate and before Rose sat down she went back into the room and came out with two cups filled with tea better then all of Gravince.
Thank you milady Elijah said. Rose sat down. The two ate in peace, what have you done with your long life?
I lived here for three hundred years doing nothing of the world Rose responded, and for the first hundred and twenty years of my life I traveled the world but was thrown and neglected by the world for it is evil and I am pure. I came here to escape the evils of man.
Elijah finished the meal and helped Rose clean up a little. She enjoyed the company of a child that seemed to be a brave man trapped in a young body. Rose showed Elijah to her room so he may rest.
Sleep now young child Rose said. Elijah crawled into bed and Rose left the room closing the door behind her. Elijah felt very sleepy and at once fell into slumber. He woke up two hours later full of energy. Elijah ran outside and saw Rose on her knees smelling the many flowers.
Elijah walked to her side and Rose smiled. She grabbed Elijahs right hand and placed her other on his back and lowered him to the ground. The aroma of the flowers gave Elijah peace and made him forget about everything around him. Rose stood up with Elijah and she looked down at the boy. Elijah at first looked deeply into the flowers and then he looked upon Roses face that was smiling a smile that you see after you give a gift to someone you care for.
Now I believe you are rested Rose said. She took a step back from Elijah and placed her hands on her back and untied her dress. She pulled it apart and two small wings were on her back. The top of Roses dress fell to her waist for a white belt kept it from falling. The wings grew large and white. Elijah looked in amazement at the wings.
Elijah walked forward and Roses wings lowered themselves close to the floor. Elijah finally said, can you fly?
Sadly I cant for I have never learned Rose said. She wore nothing under her dress and she allowed Elijah to feel the wings. When Elijah got done she withdrew her wings and placed her dress back over her chest. Rose tied it up and said, now you can say you met a half-angel.

Rose and Elijah played together like small children all day long. They enjoyed each others company very much. Finally the sun begun to set and the two returned to Roses house. They ate what they had in the morning and afterwards Rose started a fire and they two sat down in front of it. Rose sat on a wooden chair and Elijah sat on her lap.
Elijah had his head under her chin and begun to drift off to sleep. Rose whispered to Elijah, come. It is pass nine and Cloudspeed never comes pass eight so we will sleep. You are sleepy and so am I.
Elijah jumped off her and Rose stood up. Elijah slept in what he wore since last night with the cloak and sat on the bed. Rose took off her dress and Elijah noticed the wings would not extend so he thought it only grew if Rose wanted it too. She got into a white gown and the two crawled into bed together. Rose laid down on Elijahs back and wrapped her arm around him and they fell asleep.
When Elijah woke up Rose was gone. He wondered through the house and then went outside and saw Rose spreading her wings. Rose turned and looked at Elijah and said to him, sleep well last night young Elijah?
Very well Elijah responded merrily. Rose withdrew her wings and tied her dress up. Today she wore a green and blue dress. Rose walked over to Elijah and got on her knees and hugged him. Elijah felt warm and happy like the moment he first saw the fireworks during the Festival of the Moon.
If Cloudspeed does not come in two nights I shall take you to the Catlon Village but I wish not to see the catlons for they are gearing up for war Rose said.
War? Against what? Elijah questioned.
War against the belves and dai-orks that have taken the ruined fortress in the north and are using it as an outpost Rose said returning to her feet. She took Elijah by the hand and Rose took Elijah to a strange tree. It spiraled up like a staircase and the two climbed to the top. They were on the tallest tree and far off in the north Elijah could see black smoke rising pass the forest, that is where they are at but I shall not worry.
The two returned to the forest floor. Elijah and Rose enjoyed the day like yesterday and they went to and fro finding something to do. Rose taught Elijah how to swim a little bit and Elijah enjoyed her help. When night came there was still no sign of Cloudspeed or any kiltons.


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Rose and Elijah went to sleep around ten that night. Elijah woke in the middle of the night about two. Roses arms were wrapped around him tight. Elijah wondered if Sheldon and Christian and Cameron were alright. He wondered about Galatians and his travel. Elijah could not sleep and he rolled over and Roses eyes were wide awake.
Cant sleep? she asked. Elijah shook his head a bit. Rose sung a soft tone that she learned in Uplia and with that Elijah fell asleep. Morning came and Rose was outside like yesterday morning spreading her wings out.
Rose walked over to Elijah with her wings still out and she gave him a golden ring and she said, this is one of the three rings of the Angels. The Angels gave their rings to someone they hold dear in their heart and now Im giving it to you Elijah Diadem son of Elisha.
Thank you malady Elijah said. Rose took his left hand and placed the ring on his ring finger. It was too big for him but somehow it changed size to fit him perfectly, how did that happen?
When all light has been taken from you and you are only in the dark Rose said, this ring shall be your light and cast away the shadows Rose withdrew her wings and tied her dress back up. Out of the trees Cloudspeed came followed behind him were Sheldon, Christian, Cameron, and four kiltons.
Lady Rose Cloudspeed said. Sheldon and the twins ran over to Elijah, I should have guessed that the lad came to you.
Cloudspeed, its good to see you again Rose said.
Come now son of Elisha. We had north Cloudspeed told him. Rose got on her knees and hugged Elijah and kissed him on his forehead. With that Elijah bowed and headed off. Cloudspeed led the group into the woods and Elijah turned after taking forty steps and looked at Rose. One last time she showed him her wings and Elijah smiled, turned, and ran to catch up with the group.

Dai-orks and belves a kilton said, have been spotted at the old fortress. A scout reported that three nights ago by a catlon. The catlons have mobilized their forces but they are too many and they wish for are aid in the upcoming battle.
Then are aid they shall get Cloudspeed said, gather up your forces. I want every kilton ready for battle. With that the four kiltons ran off and Cloudspeed stayed with the group


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Chapter IV
Attack of the Belves

Cloudspeed slowly led the lads through Silence Woods keeping down and moving slow. Elijah, Sheldon, and the twins followed closely behind Cloudspeed followed by a couple of kiltons. A kilton emerged in front of the group and Cloudspeed came to a stop.
Airborne what say you? Cloudspeed as the newly emerged kilton, Airborne.
Cloudspeed we estimate that the dai-orks and belves combined equal about a thousand soldiers, Airborne told Cloudspeed. We have gathered as many kiltons as possible but we do not even add up to half their numbers yet.
What of the catlons? Cloudspeed questioned Airborne.
I just went to their village. No one is therenot a single catlon, Airborne answered. I believe that they have gone to the Lake of Ages to perform their ancient ritual to Lunias the Avalon of the Heart and Soul. I have sent a kilton down to the Lake of Ages in hopes of gathering their soldiers for this battle.
If we do not flank them now we will not get a second chance, Cloudspeed replied. Tell all forces to prepare for battle. We cannot let this forest burn down without a fight for this is a sacred place where the Temple of the Avalon dwells.
Yes sir, right away sir, Airborne said and ran off. Cloudspeed lowered himself close to the ground and advanced onward.

They came alas to the northern edge of the woods close to the ruined fortress. A one hundred foot tower was in the center of the fortress with three figures standing at the top. A wall once surrounded the fortress but no only debris remains. Hundreds of dai-orks and belves surrounded the tower all in complete silence. One of the figures was a belf but white and stood on its rear legs and was twice the size of a normal belf. Another one appeared to be a man but more massive and dark green in color with red piercing eyes and yellow dagger like teeth. He wore little armor and had a sword and bow strapped on his back.
The last figure was a woman. She had long flowing white hair and wore a white gown. Her eyes were as green as the forest and yet her ears resembled like that of a cats and she had a tail like you would see from a cat.
The time has come! the woman shouted. Long now we have been exiled from Silence Woods because we were superior then that of the lower ranks of the catlons and the kiltons. We have been outcastthrown asidebut now we take are revenge and show the world the true horror of the unison of the two races. Who know has the strength to stand against the armies of the dai-orks? And belves?

Cloudspeed gazed at the woman for a moment then his eyes widen and silently he said, that is Epelwyn. The witch of the woods thought to have dwelt in Licit Woods but I guess not.
Old columns that once held up the roof were scattered around the area as the dai-orks and belves gave terrible war cries. The kiltons all lined up in a single row and the lads drew their short sword. Cloudspeed got himself in position to get the best possible attack on the opposing forces. They waited for the noise level to rise again and it did. No other sound could be heard and with that the kiltons all emerged from Silence Woods charging the combined forces of the belves and dai-orks.
By the time the dai-orks and belves learned of the kiltons they have already trampled through their lines overwhelming their forces. The white belf from the top of the tower gave a loud howl and soon all the dai-orks and belves engaged the kiltons in a terrible battle.
Elijah, Sheldon, and the twins stayed together fighting mostly dai-orks by fighting in unison with one another. Epelwyn watched the battle from high on the top of the tower as she turned to the dai-ork at the top with her.
Captain Kenya it appears that we will not have to hunt down the kiltons, Epelwyn said to the dai-ork.
They have saved us a lot of time Queen Epelwynand no catlons to be seen for miles, Kenya replied. Kenya took hold of his bow and fired arrow after arrow into the crowd. Some dai-orks pulled back all with bows and arrows and fired into the garrison of kiltons. Kenya looked over to the white belf and asked, Atari, you are not going to have your revenge on the kiltons?
Nahno need for me to worry about these pathetic beings, Atari answered. Soon they shall regret ever attacking me and they shall regret not leaving the woods themselves.

Despite the efforts of the kiltons they were outnumbered and outflanked. Finally Cloudspeed gave in and howled the retreat. Dai-orks mounted on belves and chased the fleeing kiltons. The four lads all mounted on kiltons for they could not outrun a belf. Dozens of belves and dai-orks blocked the kiltons retreat into the woods.
From the silence of the forest a volley of arrows emerged out slaying dozens of dai-orks and belves. Women ran out of the woods all with cat like ears and cat like tails equipped with spears and bows and arrows. A few kiltons also came with them.
Reform the lines and attack! Cloudspeed shouted. A catlon walked up to Cloudspeed with long black hair and wore a gold crown. Cloudspeed gazed upon her and said, Princess Escwyn I am glade that the catlons have come alas to aid us.
We were gathering all our forces so we were a little late, Escwyn replied and mounted Cloudspeed. With the reinforcements of the catlons the kiltons reengaged the dai-orks and the belves. The battle was now equal in terms of number and Epelwyn grew uneasy at the top of the tower. Elijah stayed mounted on a kilton slicing at dai-orks and belves as he rode pass them.
With the aide of the catlons the forces of Silence Woods were beginning to push back the forces of the witch. Atari grew enraged from the top of the tower and leapt off it. Atari landed below making a small crater and with rage he charged at the catlons and kiltons. The massive white belf knocked the catlons and kiltons left and right.
Escwyn saw Atari whipping out many soldiers and at once charged at the white belf still mounted on Cloudspeed. Atari spotted the princess come at him and in a swift motion he grabbed Escwyn and kicked Cloudspeed into a crowd of dai-orks. Escwyn struggled to free herself but the grip of Atari was power and could not be easily pierced.
Cameron ran behind Atari and sliced at his leg. Atari released Escwyn and fell to his knee. Cameron tried again to slice Atari but the white belf grabbed Cameron and threw him across the battlefield. Atari turned to face Escwyn but Christian ran up and stabbed the belf in his waist. Atari howled and pushed Christian off him but Cloudspeed pounced on Atari knocking him down.
Atari threw Cloudspeed off him and stood to his feet. Cloudspeed again rushed at Atari but the white belf grabbed the lead kilton and sank his claws into the torso of Cloudspeed. Atari raised Cloudspeed in the air and drove his head into the ground three times. Elijah and Christian jumped on the back of Atari and pierced the belfs back. Atari dropped Cloudspeed and fell to his back.
Christian jumped off and rolled out of the way before Atari crashed into the ground but Elijah was crushed under the weight of the belf. Atari stood up and grabbed the legs of Christian as he tried to crawl away but Sheldon jumped up and stabbed the white belf in the center of his chest. Atari fell to his knees and tried to pull Stab from his chest when Escwyn walked in front of Atari with her sword clinched in her fists.
Escwyn beheaded Atari in a swift and powerful strike. Cloudspeed tried to stand but failed he gave one last howl before passing from this world. Sheldon helped Elijah stand to his feet while Christian ran through the crowd trying to find his brother. Escwyn rejoined the battle.

Atari is no more, Escwyn said still on the tower.
He was foolish and thought too highly of his abilities, Kenya replied and drew his long gruesome sword. Leave the princess of the catlons to me. HaAtari did one thing right and that was slaying Cloudspeed.
Kenya jumped off the tower and landed on the ground below. Slowly he approached the raging battle with his deadly sword in his hands. Kenya walked straight through the fight beheading both catlons and kiltons as he passed by. Escwyn saw Kenya approaching her and at once she attacked. Kenya easily blocked all Escwyns attacks that she threw at Kenya.
Kenya then forced Escwyn back and the two fought uninterrupted by anyone. They entered Silence Woods still clashing blades with one another. Escwyn was clearly losing the battle as she struggled to keep up with the speed of Kenya but completely failed in matching his strength. Dai-orks were made to be far stronger then man and catlons for their body is made up mostly of muscle.
Escwyn could not get aide for they where no longer in sight. Kenya drove Escwyn further and deeper into Silence Woods. Escwyn wasnt paying attention to where she was backing up and tripped on a root and rolled down a very steep hill. She scrambled to her feet as Kenya made his way down the hill.
You disappoint me princess, Kenya said. I thought you would be more of a challenge.
You havent seen anything yet, Escwyn replied. Escwyn charged at Kenya but the dai-ork grabbed Escwyn by her arms and spun her around and tossed her into a tree. Escwyn fell to the ground and struggled to stand. Kenya came down on Escwyn with powerful attacks as well as speed assaults. Escwyn was on complete defense and could not find an opening.

Elijah found himself separated from Sheldon by dozens of belves. Elijah using Swift fought his way through the crowd the best of his abilities but the dai-orks kept him back. If not for Airborne Elijah would have been killed. Airborne jumped over a horde of belves and slew the dai-orks about to kill Elijah.


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Are you alright young one? Airborne asked as Elijah stood back to his feet.
Yes thank you, Elijah answered. Elijah rejoined the fight now seeing that head on attacks would get him killed. Elijah ran up behind dai-orks and belves and stabbed them from behind. The forces of the witch were beginning to get pushed back as Epelwyn raised her hands in the air. Ten ravens swooped down each the size of a horse.
The ravens flew into the battlefield and picked up catlons and kiltons and raised them high into the sky before dropping them below. Catlon archers took aim and released wave after wave of arrows before all the ravens were no more. Epelwyn became more enraged seeing now that the fight was in favor of the forces of Silence Woods.
The last raven flew to the top of the tower and Epelwyn mounted it and flew off heading north. The dai-orks and belves saw this and fled north. The catlons and kiltons did not give chase but instead rounded up the wounded and celebrated their victory against the forces of the witch.

Kenya raised Escwyn off the ground by her throat. She struggled to breathe but failed. Kenya smiled and said, it is over Princess Escwyn.
Escwyn kneed Kenya in his chin and jumped back grabbing her fallen sword and going in a downward attack on Kenya but the dai-ork captain blocked her attack and again begun to push her back. Escwyn came to a small cliff and at the bottom was the raging Getian River. Kenya continued with his onslaught that Escwyn struggled to hold back.
Finally the ground beneath Escwyn collapsed and the princess grabbed Kenya and the two fell into the Getian River. Escwyn could not fight the rapids and Kenya made his way slowly to Escwyn. Escwyn could see the large waterfall approaching and knew she had but one hope now. Kenya begun to close the small gap between the two.
Escwyn went over the falls followed by Kenya. Escwyn managed to grab hold of a vine and saved herself but Kenya plummeted down to the daggered rocks below. Escwyn climbed down and stood near the river and said, You disappoint me captain.
Kenya emerged from the water in a huge slash bleeding and injured but enraged. He made his way across the river approaching Escwyn. Before Kenya came to shore he froze and coughed up blood before falling to the ground. Kenya struggled to stand back up and Escwyn took her sword and stabbed Kenya in the back of his head. Escwyn withdrew her sword and ran into the thickness of the woods to rejoin the catlons and kiltons.

Catlons and kiltons wondered around the battle field separating the dead bodies from the four races. They burned the dai-orks and belves in a giant pile and buried their fallen comrades. Night begun to fall over the land and the catlons created a large bomb fire so that they may celebrate the victory over the witch.
Finally out of Silence Woods emerged Escwyn tired. A catlon with short blonde hair ran to greet her. The catlon was Calwen and she was great friends with Escwyn. Escwyn told of her fierce battle against Captain Kenya and many of the catlons were amazed that Escwyn had survived. Christian found Cameron under a dead corpse of a dai-ork.
Elijah, Christian, and Cameron got on some large stone blocks that was once part of the roof of the fortress and begun to sign with the catlons and kiltons cheering them on:

Many have I loved
Many times been bitten
Many times Ive gazed
Along the open road

Many times Ive lied
Many times Ive listened
Many times Ive wondered
How much there is to know

Many dreams come true
And some have silver linings
I live for my dream
And a pocketful of gold

Mellow is the man
Who knows that hes been missing
Many, many men
Cant see the open road

Many is a word
That only leaves you guessing
Guessing about a thing
You really ought to know
You really ought to know

The three lads bowed and jumped off the platforms. Sheldon did not join his companions for he never cared to sign nor dance but he would every now and then. He did enjoy the merriment that was going about the battlefield. The moon rose high into the night sky as Elijah looked up something caught his eye. A bird flew pass the full moon but it wasnt a bird. It had a beak but a long neck with twin thin tails. Its wings were as long as its body and it circled the battlefield three times before heading west.
Elijah paid little attention to what the creature was for he thought it was harmless. Silent Elijah fell as he held the pendant in his hands as though he was drawn to it. His eyes gazed down as the markings shinned blue. Elijahs finger went around the edges of the pendant and a voice came over Elijah:

You want it, you are drawn to it like all others that have crossed your path. You cannot resist my voice.

The voice faded when Escwyn sat down next to Elijah and the princess said to him, you seem troubled by that which you hold so dear. Is it possible that you have come out this far from your home because of that jewel? Or perhaps you have no knowledge on the jewel and you are doing what was told of thee? Is one of these on which I said correct or am I far from the truth young one?
Both are correct, Elijah answered.
I am Princess Escwyn of the catlons, Escwyn said.
Elijah Diadem son of Elisha, Elijah replied. I have come this far because of this pendant that I hold. It calls to me all the time and tries to bring me to my knees despite the fact I wear the ring of the angel.
So you met Rose, Escwyn responded. If that is the pendant of legend then the ring of the angels is basically useless. Is the pendant called Celestial?
Aye, Elijah said.
So it is the one Serrago took from the heart of Llunna, Escwyn replied. How did it come to your hands?
I do not know, Elijah answered. It was left to me by Elisha and Galatians told me to travel to Irony at once. So here I am along with my cousin and the twins. We been traveling for a week or so now I believe and already we witnesses a battle.
You were also in the battle. Escwyn replied. Escwyn stood up and walked off. Elijah lowered his head to gaze at the grass below.

The catlons and kiltons were all gathered around the graves of their fallen comrades and they begun to sign a soft soothing song:



Elijah felt a strange feeling during the song as though someone was calling him from afar. A few moments passed and Escwyn came over and stood in front of Elijah. Elijah looked up at her eyes and Escwyn reached out her hand. Elijah took it and Escwyn helped him to his feet.
It is dangerous to head north now. The dai-orks and belves will regroup with others and try to attack again, Escwyn told Elijah. It would be best to come to the Catlon Village for now until Epelwyn is no more.
Very well. Elijah replied. Elijah, Sheldon, and the twins mounted on kiltons and rode into the forest with the catlons and kiltons. They sped pass the trees and fallen logs passing through the woods at quick speeds. Cameron turned to look behind him when he spotted dozens of catlons and kiltons staying behind.
Alas they traveled quickly through the trees before coming to a stop. The lads dismounted their kiltons and followed the catlons through a lag gap in between two trees. Pass the trees was the Catlon Village. High in the treetops were platforms of wood that were connected to one another by a few wooden bridges here and their. A wooden house was built around the tree trunk on the top of the platforms. Rope fell down from the platforms and came down a little before the floor and the lads saw catlons climbing the ropes up and down.
Escwyn stopped and turned to them and said with great delight, welcome to the Village of the Catlons and the boys walked pass her and looked in amazement. Hundreds of catlons roamed the village some on the ground, some on the ropes, and some on the wooden platforms high in the trees


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Chapter V

Many catlons climbed the ropes to the tops of the platforms and entered their homes. Elijah, Sheldon, and the twins looked about the village with delight as Escwyn looked at them and shouted, Calwen!
Calwen stepped forward from the catlons. Escwyn looked at Calwen and the two turned to face the village. Calwen then asked Escwyn, what can I do for thee Princess Escwyn?
Take these four here to a humble home that they may stay for a few days, Escwyn answered. Tis a dark time for the woods but we still must have our guests relaxed and well fed for they carry a burden greater then any other and if they fail so does the world of Igros.
I shall show them to a place that will make then feel at home my highness, Calwen replied. Escwyn smiled and walked off. Calwen looked at the four lads and said to them, follow me young ones and do not fall behind.
The village was filled with catlons and even some kiltons wondered through the village. The lads followed Calwen but still looked about the village with great delight and interest. Calwen came to a small house located at the bottom of a large tree. The house wasnt any different then any of the other houses in the village.
Calwen opened the door and went inside followed by the lads. Directly across the room was a small desk with a candle on it. On all four corners of the room were small one person beds. Two windows sat on the left and right walls directly across from one another.
This is where you shall be staying young ones, Calwen said. If you need anything at all please call me.
Okay, Elijah replied and with that Calwen left the room. Sheldon and Cameron threw down their bags near the desk and looked about the room. It was dark outside and so the four lads went straight to sleep.

Elijah woke up in a small round room. In front of him was a large throne with a glowing figure sitting in it. On both sides of Elijah were tall doors that were barricaded. Mist covered the floor on which Elijah stood on and it was very dark in the room despite the glow from the strange figure.
Who are you? Elijah asked
I am he that shall liberate you from blast!ation and shall lead you to your destiny, the figure answered.
What do you mean by my destiny? Elijah questioned.
Is it a hard concept to understand son of Elisha? I am he that shall help you fulfill the prophecy, the figure replied.
Prophecy? What prophecy?
The prophecy of the Chosen of Celestial. You felt it havent you Elijah Diadem. That mark over your left eye that symbolizes the Cross of Men. You are the Chosen of Celestial destined to bring peace to Igros and I shall be the one that shall save thee from your blast!ation and liberate you from those that wish to do harm, the figure said. Elijah raised his hand slowly to make his fingers eye level and Elijah felt around his left eyes. Do you not understand the purpose of something so important? You are the Chosen One born from an Avalos. Just as the prophecy stated:

That is what prophecy says. I shall now translate it for you:

One shall be born from an Avalos
He shall have a cross over his left eye
And with three pendants he shall take hold
Of the sacred sword the Celestial Sword
And shall bring peace to Igros

You cannot deny your destiny Elijah Diadem. You are destined to bring peace to Igros, the figure said.
How can I believe you? Elijah asked now having doubts.
Look inside your heart you know it is true. You have no bloodline with Elisha Diadem and the Avalos, Lunias, gave birth to you and brought you to Mayton to be raised by Elisha, the figure answered. Elijah lowered his head and then looked back up at the figure. Everything was now fading away then all went dark.

Elijah woke up in the bed he fell asleep in. It was morning now and Sheldon and the twins were no where to be seen. The young lad sat up and had a worried look in his face as he softly said to himself, am I? Am I the Chosen of Celestial?
Elijah did not know the answer himself but he did know that if anyone could give him an answer it would be Galatians the Wise but sadly Elijah hasnt seen nor heard from Galatians since before he entered Silence Woods. Elijah climbed out of bed and got dressed before heading outside. The air was cool and many catlons have already left the village in pursuit of a group of dai-orks.
Elijah wondered through the village looking for his cousin and the twins but no matter where he went they were not there. Elijah came close to the edge of the forest and a deep voice came to him saying, Are ye Elijah Diadem?
Elijah looked about and then looked up to see an eagle looking at him from the top of a tree branch. Elijah looked at the eagle for a moment then it opened its beaks and asked, Are ye Elijah Diadem?
Aye, Elijah replied.
I am Cloud, master of the eagles. Galatians has sent me to find thee to give thee a message. Cloud said.
Galatians, what did he say? Elijah asked.
He said Elijah, take heed quickly. Do not stop no in one place for longer then a day. I have tried to hold them back but failed and now the six that once was have eluded me and are heading south towards Gravince. I beg of thee to make haste and thats all he said, Cloud answered.
The six that once was? What is that? Elijah asked.
No idea, Cloud replied. Im surprised you made it this far Elijah. I guess you have the strength to change the fate of thousands after all. If you have much strength and determination then I say to thee to continue onward.
I shall, Elijah responded. Cloud nodded then spread his wings out before going airborne. Cloud flew away heading northwest and Elijah watched him fly until Cloud was out of sight.

Quietly Elijah roamed through the Catlon Village wondering where his comrades were when Calwen crossed his path. She stopped in front of Elijah and said, there you are young one. If ye are searching for thou friends ye need to seek no further for they are at the Lake of Ages where ye must be.
Lake of Ages, what is that? Elijah asked.
Tis a lake thats been here since the Golden Ages, Calwen answered. Tonight is the night of the Ritual of the Ages. Come, come.
Elijah followed Calwen as she turned to go. Most of the village was empty and now Elijah believes that the reason was because of this ritual Calwen spoke of. Into the forest the two did go traveling down a small path that led them deep into the woods that very few humans ever traveled.
They came alas to a large lake that sparkled in the morning sun. In the center of the lake was a small island with a large stone block on it. Hundreds of catlons have gathered around the Lake of Ages and Elijah spotted his cousin and the twins not to far away sitting down next to the forest.
Elijah hastened to them leaving Calwen behind. Upon seeing Elijah Sheldon and the twins stood up and Sheldon asked his cousin, what took you so long Elijah?
When I woke you all were gone and so I wondered to and fro trying to find thee when Calwen came and brought me here. Elijah replied. Elijah turned to see the island with the sun rising behind it. Something caught Elijahs attention. It was the creature he saw after the battle flying pass the sun heading south. Elijah now wondered what that thing was and thought that it may have something to do with the six that Galatians spoke of.
The Ritual of the Ages is an ancient catlon ritual that started out in the Forest of Eve. Cameron informed his comrades on the information he gathered. According to legend they are giving thanks to Forrtu the Avalon of the Forest in hopes that Silence Woods may continue to be peaceful and safe. They believe that Forrtu planted the seeds of the Forest of Eve and every forest on Igros.
I guess Forrtu isnt doing her job, Sheldon replied, from what I seen these pass few days it seems that the dai-orks and belves are causing chaos throughout the boundaries of Silence Woods. It could have something to do with that witch Escwyn wants slain.
Maybe but then again it could have to do with the imbalance of Igros. Cameron responded. According to a prophecy that Escwyn said was engraved on that stone known as the Stone of the Avalonwhen the shift of celestial energy changes dramatically the power the Avalon Order has on Igros will vanish and nothing they can do can bring them back until the Chosen of Celestial comes and restores the shift of celestial energy back so that the Avalon can save them.


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Welcome to the Cult

Gender: Male
Location: Somewhere over there

Chosen of CelestialKwhat else do you know about the Chosen of Celestial? Elijah asked.
I do not know for Escwyn refused to tell me for some reason. Cameron answered. But all she said was that the chosen one was in fact born already and thats it. Sometimes I wonder if they leave out the big details to keep the suspense up.
Elijah looked into the lake and gazed at the Stone of the Avalon. Elijah left his friends sitting at the forest edge to find Escwyn. Through the crowds of catlons and still Elijah could not find Escwyn but he bumped into Calwen.
Young one, why are you in a hurry? Calwen asked.
My name is Elijah Diadem son of ElishaKnot young one and I wish to speak with Escwyn. Elijah answered.
Well, Elijah Diadem son of Elisha, Princess Escwyn cannot be disturbed, Calwen answered. Elijah lowered his head and hastened back to his comrades still at their previous location. It became clear to Elijah that the information he needed to gather was out of his reach until the ritual was completed.
All the catlons including the lads stayed around the perimeter of the Lake of Ages until the sun begun to set. The catlons all gathered in a line surrounding the lake and the four lads watched from the edge of the forest. The sun vanished over the horizon and out came the envious moon. The moon was full and orange this night. The catlons all started to chant:



The catlons all got on their hands and knees and lowered their faces to where they were almost touching the ground with their noses. The lads watched as the Stone of the Avalon started emanate a blue light that shrouded the darkness around it. The four lads watched with eyes glued to the stone never before seeing such a wonder. Out of the woods emerged the princess of the catlons Escwyn.
Escwyn was clothed in a white gown and wore a gold crown. She held in her hands a staff as she approached the lake slowly. Escwyn stopped at the edge of the lake and using her staff she struck the water and stepped onto the lake. Right before the eyes of the lads Escwyn walked on water and stopped halfway to the island. She begun to dance in motions that would be impossible to that of a human woman while she was signing and soft soothing melody:

߃ՃӃnÃك ܃ՃރӃՃnǃ߃߃ԃ



And aura of light surrounded the Lake of Ages now. All four lads were speechless to the event that was in front of them. Escwyn ceased her dance and slowly backed up to the shore. The Stone of the Avalon faded in the darkness and the bright aura of colors passed away. The catlons looked at the lake all with look of fright in their eyes.
The ritual has failed! Escwyn shouted in sorrow. Nevermore will the angels of Avalon bring us aide for it appears that the darkness has engulfed the light. I can no longer endure that which is cannot be denied. I have done all I can with the power blessed unto me by those that dwell in the kingdom of heaven. Surely this is a dark day for Silence Woods now that the imbalance of Igros has shifted.
The catlons all stood to their feet and lowered their heads in sorrow before returning to the forest from whence they came. Escwyn alone stood next to the Lake of Ages and slowly and cautiously Elijah approached the princess.
Escwyncan you tell me about the prophecy? Elijah asked.
Prophecy? Escwyn questioned.
The prophecy of the Chosen of Celestial said to bring peace to Igros, Elijah answered.
I shall tell you all that I know. Escwyn replied:

Before time began Igros was a lifeless planet filled with the dark demons that made it into a barren wasteland. From the heavens above Igros God himself looked down and said to the Order of the Avalon behold! Igros in a state of chaos and destruction. Do thou not see it? Tis ruled by those that cause nothing but sorrow and the head of the Avalon Llunna replied then we shall go to Igros and liberate it from that which keeps it from prospering.
So Llunna went down to Igros along with his brothers Qullkin the Avalon of the Forge, Thundra the Avalon of the Heavens, Oceania the Avalon of Water, and Firagan the Avalon of the Fire also with Llunna came his sisters Lunias the Avalon of the Heart and Soul, Forrtu the Avalon of the Forest, and Venius the Avalon of the Earth. These eight came down to save that which has not yet existed. Llunna looked upon Igros and saw the demons roaming and said look my brethren. Can ye not see that which we must banish from this realm? Thou must not forsake your task at hand for ye must stop this vile scum before all hope is lost.
And Forrtu planted a single seed in the center of Igros and that seed grew into the Forest of Eve. The angels of Avalon came to dwell in Eve where they lived and grew in grand numbers. Oceania gave great springs to the Forest and Eve and Lunias gave the tree voices. But one sought destruction on Eve and he was the dark Lord named Serrago who held a grudge on the Order of the Avalon.
Serrago organized the demons into a grand army before the land of Darkice and at once ten thousand demons marched towards the Forest of Eve. Qullkin learned of this coming and told Llunna and at once an army of angels was created to fight back the demons that approached. The angels flanked the demons on the plains of Igrian beginning the Angelic-Demonic War.
The Golden Age would be faced with this war that lasted one thousand years. Qullkin longed to create something of beauty and so he took from the center of the planet the celestial energy that kept Igros alive and through that he forged three pendants and named them Enfer, Cielo, and Celestial. Qullkin kept Enfer for himself but he gave Cielo to Lunias and Celestial to Llunna. Celestial was the mightiest of the three pendants.
When Serrago learned of what just occurred he was furious and with his rage came hurricanes and floods and earthquakes and acid rain. Serrago wanted the pendants for himself and so he drew Llunna away from the Forest of Eve by kidnapping Venius and using her for bait.
Qullkin pleaded for Llunna not to go yet for Qullkin was forging a weapon that could slay Serrago. And behold the sacred sword was forged which Qullkin named the Celestial Sword. When Qullkin finished the sword Llunna was already gone. Displeased at this Qullkin headed east and placed the sacred sword in a pedestal and built the Temple of the Avalon around it and closed the doors. The only way into the temple is by using the three pendants to unlock it but only the chosen one may pull the sword from the pedestal.
Llunna came before Darkice and Serrago came before him and the two strongest beings of Igros collided. Their fight was so fierce that the land around them was pushed back making the Dark Mountains that surround Darkice. Serrago threw down Llunna and pulled from his heart the pendant Celestial. Now Serrago was stronger then the entire Order of the Avalon combined.
Lunias then foretold of a prophecy and said:


Now with the prophecy told Serrago was now determined to take the pendants Cielo and Enfer and become invincible. By that time the ancient catlons came to the Forest of Eve made in the image of Lunias herself. Venius was never seen again. Serrago came years later and laid siege to the Forest of Eve and forced all to retreat at his very will that was unmatched.


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Gender: Male
Location: Somewhere over there

One hope did remain and that was what Serrago was protecting in his fortress in Darkice that laid hidden in Mount Vovlian. The Black Hole that would banish Serrago till the ends of time. The Avalon gathered all the forces and battled the army of demons in the land of Darkice making it the last battle of the Angelic-Demonic War.
Serrago knew of their plan but he wanted them to have the fate they wanted him to have so Serrago allowed them entry to Mount Vovlian. The six Avalos faced down Serrago in a terrible struggle that ended Thundra and Firagan for they were thrown into the Black Hole. Serrago took from the heart of Qullkin the pendant Enfer and became even greater but at that moment the remaining three Avalos attacked the overconfident dark Lord.
Serrago was knocked into the Black Hole and left behind Celestial and Enfer and with their powers Llunna and Qullkin returned to Igros. Lunias returned Cielo to Qullkin and the Avalon of the Forge hid the pendants in areas throughout Igros but Llunna knew that Serrago would break free of the Black Hole one day and rage a second war with the Order of the Avalon and that would end this Igros and begin a new Igros.

So was the chosen one born? Elijah asked.
That I do not know but I do know is that your left eye has a mark on it that resembles a cross. Escwyn answered. And for all I know you may be the Chosen of Celestial destined to bring peace to Igros.
Elijah nodded and walked into the forest following the many catlons back to their village. Elijah quickened his pace in order not to be left behind. The village was now quiet because of the failed ritual. Those that did not take part in it were informed of the tragedy by other catlons.
Elijah opened the door and entered the room that he was staying in. Sheldon and Cameron were fast asleep but Christian was sitting at the desk with the candle lit and burning softly. Christians sword, Shinning Soul, was on the desk and Christian was cleaning it.
What did you hear from Escwyn? Christian asked silently so he wouldnt wake his comrades.
Nothing important just some useless information. Elijah lied. Elijah did not want to inform his allies of what he has just discovered until he was certain that he was the Chosen of Celestial destined to be peace to Igros. Elijah crawled into bed and fell into deep slumber.

The four lads were awakened by a loud noise that sounded like something blew up. They all four got their gear together and grabbed their swords and ran outside to see a fallen tree in flames. Dai-orks waved their swords over their heads as belves mauled down any catlon that crossed their path.
Escwyn led many catlons into a hopeless battle against the dai-orks who now overwhelmed the forces of the forest. Epelwyn came soaring down on the raven she mounted on during the previous battle. Kiltons near the village came to the aide of the catlons.
Some dai-orks held torches and tossed them into the homes and buildings all around the village. Terrible the sight was for hundreds of catlons were slain before the sun rose. Still the catlons fought on with more and more kiltons coming to assist them in this battle. Escwyn fought with valor beyond any other catlon and this enraged Epelwyn as she approached her.
Escwyn turned to face Epelwyn as the witch said, you have slain Captain Kenya and Atari and now I shall slay thee.
When the sunsets this day you shall be no more, Escwyn replied. Escwyn charged at Epelwyn who raised her hands up. Escwyn fell to the ground for it felt like her arms and legs weighed five hundred pounds each. The princess struggled to move as Epelwyn bent over and picked up her sword.
How sad that you would be beheaded by your own blade. Epelwyn said as she raised her sword. Escwyn couldnt budge an inch when Epelwyn brought the sword down on her but Christian managed to block the attack with Shinning Soul. Epelwyn became furious and with her powers Christian was sent flying back fifty yards.
Epelwyn laughed as she turned to face Escwyn but a terrible pain over took her. All went dark as she fell to her knees. Epelwyn turned around as she fell onto her back to see what happened and there stood Elijah with blood dripping off Swift. Epelwyn coughed up blood and she never again was a threat to Silence Woods.
Escwyn stood up and reclaimed her sword and kissed Elijah on his forehead for saving her. Hundreds of kiltons now entered the battle and surrounded the dai-orks and belves. They were now being slaughtered as it appeared that victory for the orks was now slipping away.
Go now Elijah. Escwyn said. Elijah nodded and ran off heading north. The twins and Sheldon noticed him running away and so they followed. The four ran through the trees heading for the northern border of Silence Woods finally able to head north.

The last dai-ork and belf was slain and so ended the reign of the witch. The catlons rejoiced their victory that did not last for the fire was now consuming half of the village. They saved Silence Woods but lost the Catlon Village and so the catlons and kiltons departed from the village heading different directions.

Alas the four boys came to the northern border of Silence Woods. They gazed at the plains ahead of them and softly the twins sung:

Mellow is the man
Who knows that hes been missing
Many, many men
Cant see the open road

Many is a word
That only leaves you guessing
Guessing about a thing
You really ought to know
You really ought to know

Wellwe came this far so we should go all the way to Irony. Elijah said.
We traveled with you Elijah since the beginning so there is no point in leaving you now, Sheldon replied.
My friendsI wouldnt have made it this far without you. Elijah responded and the four headed north. Elijah stopped and turned to look at Silence Woods because he thought he heard someone then the voice of Rose came to him:

When you forsake your fiends you shall fail

Elijah turned to face the plains and headed onward to head north towards Irony


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Welcome to the Cult

Gender: Male
Location: Somewhere over there

Chapter VI
Journey North

(Well the story is written, the adventure is known. So now I shall allow the rest to write and finish the Judgment of Celestial)


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