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Character Ruling & Guideline Thread
Started by: -Pr-

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Character Ruling Thread

Character Ruling Thread:

All information subject to change. Please see the discussion thread here for more information.




Prep: Unless otherwise stated, there is no prep involved in the matches. The CB vs forum rules state as much.

What-Ifs and crossovers are generally invalid, though in the case of What-Ifs, the point of divergence does have to be considered.




Marvel comics and Canonicity:

Because Marvel has never had a "true" reboot, all feats from a characters history can generally be considered usable. Obviously, some discretion is advised to eliminate OOC and outlying feats so that they aren't considered the standard.


Individual Character Rulings:

Beta Ray Bill: While at a basic level he should be able to do all of the things that Thor does, that does not mean that Thor's higher, more exotic feats with Mjolnir are directly applicable to Bill also. This also works the other way around.

Genis: Like the Sentry ruling made by Badabing, it's probably best for now that Genis and Insane Genis be kept separately, unless otherwise stated in threads.

Gladiator: It is assumed that, unless the thread-starter says otherwise (though I don't know why they would), that Gladiator starts off each match at full confidence, and this is where his average comes from. As someone put it, he doesn't wake up in the morning and get depressed looking in the mirror thinking he looks fat in those tights.

Hulk: "Calm Hulk" is a misnomer. In the case of almost any Hulk, he starts off VS battles at (like most characters) his average level. So, say... Savage Hulk doesn't start off class 85, and people can't argue things like "Maybe if they knock him out before he can get too strong, they can win". As far as his limit goes, yes, while there's the whole "madder = stronger" aspect of the character, that doesn't mean you get to apply a no-limits fallacy to it. His feats are more than enough ammunition to use to win debates.

Hulk's incarnations: If a Hulk is stated as amped, then he's amped. WWH-arc Hulk can, more often than not, accomplish something Savage did, WBH can accomplish something WWH-arc Hulk did, and so on. From now on, people using "WWH" as a term to describe Hulk, will have the Hulk in their thread restricted to using feats from the arc. WWH is not the character description. Green Scar, WBH, or HOTM would be more fitting.

Sentry (See Badabing's ruling):

There have been arguments about Sentry, Void, Siege and Molecule Man. This has been an on again, off again discussion among mods and a few posters.

We think the best way to handle the disagreement is as follows:

  • Siege Sentry/Void should be a self contained character within the arc for thread purposes. And not applied to anything before Siege.

  • Sentry and Void feats are not interchangeable, at all.

  • Siege feats by Sentry and Void should not be applied to anything preceding the arc.

  • The Molecule Man vs Sentry/Void fight shouldn't be considered a typical or average showing since the power displayed happened only once and therefore isn't verifiable. Also, Owen's erratic past regarding his own mental state should be considered.

It's apparent that Sentry/Void was evolving during Siege by the feats and dialogue. It's also shown that Sentry was "voiding" out even when he still looked like regular Sentry. Given the ambiguity regarding Sentry/Void, we think it's for the best that the character be separated by the Siege arc.

So, to avoid excess flaming and bashing, we would like threads to show either the Siege Sentry/Void or regular Sentry/Void to avoid any problems.

Silver Surfer: Surfer is a character, not a powerset. Like Flash in DC, far too many people try to argue the potential of his abilities and how THEY would use them, rather than how Surfer would use them. That kind of attitude isn't going to cut it anymore. Use scans to back up arguments, or at the very least issue numbers.

Thor: He's not human speed. Seriously, get over yourselves. More seriously, though, the man has shown more than enough in his history to indicate that he has at the very least, superhuman reactions when required.




DC comics and Canonicity:

From this point forward, all DC characters in threads are assumed to be the "DCNU" versions of the characters. I imagine that means we're going to get a lot of unintentional spite threads, but I'm sure people will learn in time to make better opening posts.

Pre-Crisis: Everything fom the first appearance of the character up until, and including, Crisis On Infinite Earths (COIE) in 1986.

Post-Crisis: This is defined as being everything a character goes through (bar some sort of massive continuity retcon) from the start of a new series after COIE, up until Flashpoint in 2011. All feats within this period, for the most part, are valid.

DCNU: Everything that happened after DC's (almost) company wide reboot that came after Flashpoint.


Canonicity and how it pertains to certain characters:

Unless a character is specifically named, a good rule of thumb is to assume they are restricted by one of the three categories above.


If Grant Morrison wrote it, it's somewhat canon. Otherwise, assume a blank slate for the most part.

Green Lanterns:

Pre-Crisis: Anything up until (and during) COIE.

Post-Crisis: Anything from the inception of the character up until Flashpoint, due to the lack of a proper reboot post COIE.

DCNU: This includes everything from the new universe, and anything that took place after the start of Green Lantern: Rebirth. So basically whatever happened after Geoff Johns came on board.


Individual Character Rulings:

Flash: Like mentioned about the Surfer above, Flash is a person, not a powerset. He needs to be argued as what he is and has done, rather than what someone would do in his place. As far as Flash's average goes, he is in general too fast for someone like Wolverine, but does not tend to just launch Infinite Mass Punches at the start of fights. It's about the average.

Green Lanterns: When it comes to feat sharing, the rings, while all capable of the same actions, are still dependant on the user. While Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner might be able to perform a feat that a random, no-name Lantern can, it doesn't work the opposite way.

Superman: Superman's speed is a viable tactic in fights. It's in character for him to use his speed, even if it's not lightspeed blitzing.





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