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COMIC CON Panel Season 9 News...Welling was there.
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yeah baby

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COMIC CON Panel Season 9 News...Welling was there.

from Twitter

Looks like the Smallville season finale speculation that Clark is The Eradicator was correct

Erica Durance's episode count for #Smallville Season 9 is 18, announced at Comic-Con

Tom is directing two episodes this year!

Allison Mack will be directing again this season

Geoff Johns will be back - writing a Justice Society episode

From E!
Q: What new characters from the DC universe this year? Metallo for the first two episodes, return Toyman and Roulette, says Brian.

Natalie Abrams: Sneak peek at season nine: "The world's greatest hero has risen" with the Superman logo on screen.

Natalie Abrams: Sneak peek: Montage of Clark turning into the red/blue blur and his path to becoming a hero. "And he is not alone" Justice League is there with him! Aquaman, Black Canary, Impulse, Cyborg, Zatanna, Martian Manhunter, Supergirl and Green Arrow, plus the Legion. Don't forget Watch tower.

Natalie Abrams: Zod returns: "Kneel before Zod!" Callum shown fighting with Tess. Lois is fighting in the future. Chloe with the gun. Oliver and Lois seem to be getting closer. Brian Austin Green looks freaky. Love scene between Lois and Clark. Showing a version of Clark in the future. Was that Lex on screen? Clark in a black cape with the S on his chest.

Natalie Abrams: Justin says Jimmy is dead. Kelly loves Aaron Ashmore and says he was a great actor, but the show has been trying to line of with the mythology. However, it's Smallville "and strange days happen," so we never know. (But don't hold your breath).

Natalie Abrams: Man dressed as Superman asks about the new suit Clark wears this season, and mentions that spandex is comfy. Says Kelly: This show is about the origins. They know there is a long arc to become really who Superman becomes. It's a bumpy road. he's not going straight to a tailor and figure it out the first time, hence the all black suit.

Natalie Abrams: Q: Is there a chance for love for Clark and Chloe? Allison says that's "dead in the water" and Clark is a little occupied with other women. Chloe will be dealing with the loss of Jimmy and stepping into more of a powerful position, so she won't have time for a love interest. "Chloe and Oliver?" Justin wants it!

Geoff Johns' episode will be called Society

Natalie Abrams: Brian says they are thinking of doing a Green Arrow sidekick story as we speak.
Natalie Abrams: Brian: "Just as Clark falls for Lois, she's falling for someone else." (Superman, perhaps?)

Natalie Abrams: Chloe and Clark's friendship now? "They have a little bit of a rocky start," so tune in, says Kelly.


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JSA? Done right, t'would be awesome. Alan Scott teaching clark about willpower would be sweet.

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yeah baby

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OK some dingledots managed to grab the trailer........sorta. Anyway you can see it here. Try and ignore the silly fangirls squealing.


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yeah baby

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Comic-Con 2009: Interview With Smallville Executive Producers Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders
Interview By Craig Byrne - KryptonSite Webmaster
Following the Smallville panel at the Comic-Con International in San Diego, several cast members and producers from the show participated in roundtable interviews with various outlets including From KryptonSite.

Here, we speak with Executive Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders about what to expect from the new season.

"BP" listed below is Brian Peterson; "KS" is Kelly Souders.

What can the fans look forward to the most in Season 9?

BP: The Lois/Clark/Blur love triangle, and the training that Clark is going to start toward being Superman. No spandex but we're definitely one step closer.

There has been some concern from fans of the Chloe character that she is very rarely offered happy moments anymore. Will she see any happiness this year?

BP: Oh yes.

KS: Yeah. This season, Chloe has a real goal and she's really dedicated toward that goal. For her it's a season of a lot of self-satisfaction, and we'll see the Chloe that was at the Torch with the computers, and where that has taken her over these years, and how incredibly powerful she becomes.

BP: It's her maturation into the DC Universe.

Was her evolution into "Watchtower" something that was always in the plan for her character?

BP: We keep going back to the pilot for the seeds of where we go. We always go back to the roots. I don't know that it's where they envisioned, but it seems a natural progression of who she is.

How do you balance the physically strong males with the mentally strong females on the show?

KS: I think in the writer's room we don't look at it quite that way. I think the women on the show have their moments where they really kick ass and we love that, but I think that it's very fun to write for these very driven women, who can handle people dying left and right, with monsters coming after them, and they just get back up. I think the guys on the show are developing emotionally to balance out their physical strength.

How long will it be before we see some more characters from the DC Universe, beyond Metallo and Major Zod?

BP: In Episode 4, you see the return of a DC villain. Episode 5 has two that we can't announce right now because they're not cast yet. Episode 6 has Roulette from the DC Universe. We're bringing in a bunch.

Are you concerned with the break-up of the Thursday Smallville/Supernatural block?

KS: It wasn't our decision, but you know what? We're actually really excited about it. We loved our block with Supernatural. Eric Kripke and the whole gang over there are fantastic, and we're actually in the same building. But our move to Friday - I think it's a challenge, and everybody's up for it and excited. Friday used to be a night that a lot of people thought was a show being put out to pasture, but Dollhouse is on Friday nights, as is Ghost Whisperer. It's not the same as it used to be, and [hopefully] we can launch a Friday night for The CW.

Now that Tom Welling is a producer for the show, will he ever be writing for the series?

KS: I don't know when he has time to breathe, to be honest.

BP: His joining is really organic. He's helped shape his character from the very start, and the last couple of years he's gotten a lot more involved with directing. So there's not a huge shift; he's just getting the credit that he's actually earned in the last couple of years.

KS: He's a really great link between the writing staff, the producers, and the set, and he's been keeping an eye on things also, since he's had so much experience directing. He's really a valuable source, along with being the lead of the show.

Are there any guest stars that you're looking forward to seeing?

KS: Brian Austin Green. We've been watching all of his dailies coming in, and I think fans are going to be very thrilled with them. He makes an amazing Metallo.

BP: And Callum [Blue] as Zod, although we have him for most of the season. Just in the dailies we've seen already, he's fantastic. We really see how he becomes Terence Stamp.

KS: And he brings a lot of depth. Smallville is really interested in the origin stories of characters, so to explore why he's going to become a villain, nurture vs. nature and all of those aspects... it's a lot of fun to watch.

Is there any chance Kristin Kreuk will be returning as Lana?

BP: We love Kristin. I would never say never, but it is not in the plan right now.

Will we see Martha Kent?

KS: We talk about her all the time, because Annette's just fantastic, and brought so much to the show. It's always just about timing and what's going on with the characters.

BP: And with both Kristin and Annette, we really try to bring characters into the show that are integral into Clark's development. They both played massive roles in his high school; but their role in his trajectory is kind of over at this point. We've love to bring them in, but I think he's got new lessons that he's learning.

KS: It's kind of lining up more with the comics.

What inspired you to put Clark in a costume of some sort this season?

BP: It came out of the character and the story that we had in the finale. For the first time really, there was a big question about whether Clark did the right thing or not, and that has propelled him in one direction, and giving up being Clark Kent, just embracing being a hero so he doesn't get emotinonally attached; and Oliver Queen has been propelled in the opposite direction. They're both making opposite choices.

Was this done because of the viewers who complained that he wasn't yet in costume?

KS: Well, obviously the fans are our #1 concern, always. Like Brian said, we go back to the pilot constantly. It's really our mantra, and the pilot is really about how does he get from being this freshman dorky kid in high school to becoming the world's greatest superhero. It's really about that journey. That moment has been covered many times very successfully, so we're really just trying to fill in and give a three dimensionality to that arc before he puts on the tights and he's fully embraced who he is.

Can you talk about Erica Durance having more episodes this season?

BP: We had all intentions last year, and it just didn't end up happening, and we're excited this year, because she plays a little more pivotal role in the show.

KS: One thing that's different about her character this season is that Lois actually is part of the mythology. She plays an interesting role, which sends Clark and Lois on this trajectory where they just have to crash into each other in order for him to be who he needs to be by the end of the season. We're excited about that.

What does he need to do by the end of the season?

BP: You will have tiny flashes in the premiere. Lois will start having visions as to what the future holds after she comes back with the Legion ring, and [she sees] what the world will be if Clark doesn't fix things.

Is Clark going to deal with more of his responsibilities?

KS: I think it's part of his training. We're going to bring Jor-El and the Fortress back. Last year was all about becoming human and having these two identities, but "how do I create a human disguise?" This season, it's much more about embracing the fact that he is an alien, that he was sent here for a reason, and he is supposed to save the world. He has that much greater destiny, and for the first time he's really whole-heartedly embraced that side of him.

BP: We've pitched that this year is Clark's darkest hour as he's struggling with that, but the show is not really going to be dark. We have a lot of fun with Lois and Clark in the Daily Planet. We have a couple of really fun episodes coming up. We're not plunging through darkness; just that he has a deep, dark decision that he has to make with balancing his Kryptonian side.


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good stuff JP


Balance. Perfect Balance. Thanks Steve

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yeah baby

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Highlights from the "Smallville" press room:

By Brian Ford Sullivan

Justin Hartley on if we'll see the redemption of Ollie this season: "I hope so because right now he's doing a lot of downward spiraling. So hopefully there's some payoff, like a redemption or something, yeah. I think that's where they're going. What I was kind of hoping is this last year they did that with him and these things that keep coming up with him are lingering, right? And so they went there last year but then I didn't do too much work on the show, I wasn't on the show that much, they had to kind of leap out of it quickly. So I kind of want him to go down there and like marinate a little bit. And then that way when he comes out of it, he actually has time to be there and see what's going on and go oh, this is not where I want to be. And the reward will be a lot better I think."

Justin Hartley on what Ollie's relationship will be with Clark this season: "I think what makes them friends and respect each other is the very same thing that makes them butt heads. Because they both want the same thing, it's just the process of how is completely different. And we all have people like that in our lives too, right? So you know that, well, he has good intentions but why does he have to be so aggressive? And the other guy's going, yeah, he's got good intentions but why doesn't he just go do it, why does he have to be so soft all the time? So it's one of those things, you know? I think also just the fact that Clark has all these abilities that Oliver couldn't even imagine having and that he's not using them. Not only not using them, but not using them it the way that Oliver would use them. So they both see things one way. So I think they probably won't be best friends maybe ever, you know what I mean? But they'll always have that respect for each other."

Justin Hartley on what's ahead in season nine: "[Clark] comes into town and he's saving everybody. And when he's doing it he's leaving these symbols, making sure everybody knows who saved who. And I think that rubs Oliver the wrong way, like, why can't you just go save somebody? Why do you have to do your job and leave your business card? Why can't you just [do it] anonymously? He'll never admit it, but I think there's a huge jealousy thing with him as well. It's you got to show everybody who you are all the time? You can't just go do stuff and move on? But at the same time Oliver's not doing anything. He's got too many things going on, he's got too much on his plate personally to be able to [do] anything that has to do with the Green Arrow. I think it's almost a relief for him when he's able to have any sort of excuse to hang it out, you know? I think he looks at all the things that being the Green Arrow has done to his life and personally it's not good for him anymore, you know? I think he's seeing it that way. So hopefully he'll change."

Erica Durance on her status this season: "This year because I'm doing 18 [episodes] now - yay, I'm so excited about that! - I'm going to be more a part of the actual main A story arc. And so Lois comes back from the future and she starts getting flashes and she thinks she has amnesia, she thinks something's wrong with her. So I know that they're going to develop all sorts of scenarios for her to try and piece all of those things together like a big puzzle to figure out what's going on. And then maybe kind of be the lynchpin key answer to some of Clark's questions which is [a] different kind of place for her to be. And then of course going into the actual mythos of it and her slow, kind of infatuation with the Blur and this undeniable kind of chemistry that she has with Clark Kent. And trying to figure out the balance between that. I always like to think on some level a woman always knows."

Erica Durance on if Lois will be back at the Daily Planet this year: "Nobody fires Lois. Her main thing is the Daily Planet, it is being this journalist. That side of her, that career driven side of her it fulfills her in some many ways. She for sure finds her way back there and will be investigating things and getting into trouble and getting rescued. She wouldn't be Lois Lane if she wouldn't, it keeps life interesting."

Erica Durance on if she'd stick around for a 10th season: "Oh yeah, it's my first love. It's my first job and, you know, I'd like to see it through to the end."

Allison Mack on what's on tap for Chloe this year: "I get a name! I get a like proper alias [Watchtower], it's the coolest! I'm so excited about that. I think it's a real honor to be invited into the DC family in the way that I've been invited in. I think it says a lot about our writers that they'd create a character that is so long-lasting and has been able to be incorporated into the DC comic legend in the way that I have. I'm just really excited about it. I'm excited about having a storyline that's very much about the direction that Chloe wants to go in, not so much about Clark Kent. I mean it's always about Clark but not so obviously about Clark. [Laughs.]"

Allison Mack on Chloe's romantic life going forward: "I think she's focused on what she's trying to do in the world and less involved with sort of what she wants to do personally. I think that Chloe has decided to callus herself in a way that she hasn't before so that she can get the job done that she needs to get done which is rescue humanity from themselves. So I think love interests are not the first priority for her at this point in her career."

Allison Mack on directing an episode of the show again: "I don't know what number it is but I know that it's the end of January so it's pretty far into the future."

Allison Mack on if Clark and Chloe will ever get together: "I think it wouldn't work. I think that the relationship dynamic that they have right now is so beautiful that I would not want that to get screwed up. They're not right for each other."

Callum Blue on playing Zod: "We want to do a different take on him anyway but basically I'm going to rip Terence Stamp off.... People say that we've got similar voices, yeah, and we've actually got the same manager as well so I had a little message from him wishing me luck."

Callum Blue on what sets this version of Zod apart: "First of all, he's Major Zod at the moment. He hasn't actually grown into General Zod, so he's a younger version. What I want to do is make him a big more manic. The Terence Stamp version is very cool, calm and collected, there's a level there. There's definitely a certain amount of that with me but I think he hasn't grown into that yet. In my take, he has to calm down a bit because he wants it right now... he's very aristocratic but he hasn't really calmed down into it yet, you know what I mean? I think that's definitely a journey for me to take with that character."

Callum Blue on how we meet Zod: "He's got kind of like this fascist party, he's the leader of it. I've been watching a lot of Hitler speeches because he's very charismatic, I want [Zod] to be very charismatic... He has a fascist army, the interesting thing is that they turn against him in the first couple of episodes, he has to work to get them back on his side. He has to manipulate and kill a couple of people for that to happen. So he's not as confident as the character is going to be in the future."

Callum Blue on Zod's relationship with Clark: "First of all I'm not aware of Clark's existence yet. I am aware, I've just discovered that Jor-El has survived and we're exploring our history, we're exploring Jor-El's and Zod's history. And I think they were friends and there was something that went down. So I don't know about Clark yet. I don't know how I'm going to react to the fact that he exists."

Brian Peterson on if the much-ballyhooed kiss between Clark and Lois shown during the panel is going to be real or a dream: "It is one reality that we explore on the show."

Brian Peterson on the theme for season nine: "We're pitching it as his darkest hour, and there are a lot of dark decisions he has to make, [but the hook] of the year is his burgeoning love for Lois Lane and the fun love triangle between that everybody knows from Clark loves Lois, Lois loves Superman, although he's obviously not Superman yet but he's getting there."

Brian Peterson on bringing in Zod: "Zod is really going to bring a new dynamic to the show because we're introducing him as Major Zod, before he ever turns into General Zod. And so we get to his trajectory into becoming the villain that he becomes... We've never had a Kryptonian living on Earth with Clark for an entire season and how that affects Clark's journey."

Kelly Souders on if we'll see Jor-El in the flesh this season: "You might have to just tune in for that one." Brian adds: "[Regardless] we do have Terence Stamp back as the voice of Jor-El, that's fantastic. And you'll learn pretty quickly - episode two - what happens."

Kelly Souders on Clark wearing a costume this year: "Well, for us this is a step closer. I think that that he isn't a guy right now who's probably going to put the tights and boots [on] and get, you know, something like made. He hasn't quite gone as far as Green Arrow or Black Canary. I think he's still on his path to becoming that man. But he's definitely recognizing that this second identity, as much as he knows right now what Clark Kent looks like, he needs to kind of figure out what the Superman part of him looks like. Even though it's not quite the costume everybody's used to seeing, it's one step closer."


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I really am at a loss to understand why now, after 8 years, they've decided to try and line up with the comics. they're too far gone for that. they should just continue their little tangent universe and be happy with that, imo.

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