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Episode 9/5 "ROULETTE"
Started by: ~JP~

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yeah baby

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Episode 9/5 "ROULETTE"

Everything from K-site:

Two guests from the DC Universe will appear in this episode.

A possible hint on the guest characters in this episode: It's very likely they may have the ability to turn into a bird and a bucket of water, respectively. Purple monkey optional. We'll see if that pans out. (Keep in mind this entry is just speculation and nothing is confirmed)

Eww The Wonder twins. sick
casting sides



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oh my good lord...

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yeah baby

Gender: Unspecified

HUGE amount of spoilers from K-Site. Sounds like this episode is pretty Clois centric.

UPDATED 8/17/09: Lois meets her psychatrist, "Dr. Evans," and tells her there are things she wants to talk about off the record.
- Dr. Evans asks Lois to describe these dreams, and Lois tells her that they start off with "serious NC-17 violence" and then there's a recurring event - involving clothes coming off. "Lots of... naked... skin. Skin on skin."
- Dr. Evans asks if these dreams are about Clark and Lois gets defensive and says that yes, she's doing the "virtual kama sutra" with Clark Kent, and refers to her desk as "soft-core central."
- Dr. Evans suggests that Lois's dream may have something to do with wanting to uncover something that's hidden within Clark. Lois admits she does feel like he is hiding something, and that the closer she gets to him, the more she feels like Clark is going to disappear.
- "The Red-Blue Blur" calls while Lois is talking with Dr. Evans. The ring tone is "Holding Out For A Hero" (though of course this could change). Lois sends him to voice mail. Apparently the last time Lois opened up to the RBB, he vanished into thin air. The doctor suggests she still has feelings for this "mysterious caller," but Lois insists that he's history like "eight-track tapes" and "rotary phones."
- Chloe by this point knows that Clark has been calling Lois as "The Blur." She is there with him on the other side of the line. There is a reference made to "what happened with Corbin" from "Metallo."
- Chloe tells Clark he's going to need a better disguise.
- Something happens at one point that makes Lois think Clark is the Blur. The Blur does eventually reach her by the phone, however.
- Also in this episode it is Clark, not the Blur, who saves Lois from danger out on a ledge. There's a scene (possibly around the same moment?) where Lois wants to confess her feelings for him, and Clark looks deeply into her eyes, though it's unknown if they actually say anything.
- Dr. Evans tells Lois that there will be a time when she will have to choose between the Blur and Clark.
- Zan and Jayna may be transforming themselves into a black panther... and a sheet of ice.
- The Metropolis D.A., Ray Sacks, holds a televised press conference urging the Blur to "step out of the shadows." He invites Clark to show himself and take responsibility for his actions" at a public press conference and derides his work as "vigilante behavior."
- Later at the press conference, the Blur doesn't show... but Lois does... announcing that she knows the Blur. She then has a monologue about how and why the Blur can't come out and make his presence known, and that he needs to be what we all need - a symbol to believe in, and a light in the darkness.
- This episode will have a very "V For Vendetta" moment within.


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FistOfThe North
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any pictures?

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