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Man of Tomorrow
Started by: dynamix

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Gender: Male
Location: Boston

Man of Tomorrow

This is more of a "rap" than a poem. I'm a frequent visitor of the comic forum and this is dedicated to that community. It's an old piece i wrote for a writing competition at another site.

"A man cannot free himself from the past more easily than he can from his own body." ~André Maurois

Man of Tomorrow

Metropolis 3011 A.D.

Its been years since violence was vanquished
a time where truth and justice constitute a pious position
now a recluse...i drift in quiet conviction
hoping and praying somewhere...
somehow...crime still exist. Then...

I suit up, not for power prestige...but in hours of need
as others cower and the power and plead
a thousand defeats. in past they would shout for the League
as eyes of profusive tears drew a sigh of relief
smiles would cease. father time working his splendor
friends, apprehended; blessing? well, now they’re in peace
i’m showered in grief; the world is empty and vacant
image parade in makeshifts lace with sentiments. maybe..
i was made to rule this baby blue orb through the ages
arctic wind whispers silent cries, harboring hatred
walking aimlessly...gone...all is gone or is taken
i would ponder the days when Bruce and Robin were chasing
lunatics through the roof then split; Gotham was crazy
Flash was a character, lol, king of quips; that little shit!
sure his foot-speed was fast...but not as quick as his wits

...a sudden twitch in the distance
my attention was fixed
super sense detecting movement
through a blanket of mist..

Miss was an understatement, she was a product of legend
neither Gogs nor Guardians would dare this Goddess descendant
And its hard to imagine - in all her fiery Wonder
Diana long for all the simple charms that life had to offer
To call her “Wife”...i am honored...”Despite my iron facade...
i solemnly swear to hold highest regards..”

A surge of energy cleared the cob,
complacency spun
as i peered into the dark,
prospect of chase has begun...

We were more than just Avengers, but a League of our own!
breathing adversity and even as a team we would grow!
Adrenaline pumping! cause we’re fighting for something!!
IGNITING....collective fire as we fight the injustice!!
Don’t give a f**k if its Darkseid or some pyro-kinetic!!
we would rise against the vilest type, applying our gifts, but..

i knew it was nothing; its all just pretend
as loneliness grabs a hold of us
enthralled by the “when”
appalled in the least
moonwalking to past glories
for some solace and sense
of self-worth...
cause i’m honestly spent
but throughout the
i would find

“faster than speeding bullets
leaping the tallest buildings...” its leap of faith; a strand of hope i’d foolishly tugged..
heavy hearts are burden; much for super strength, huh?
tonight i rest my cape in peace and though my part isn’t certain
just understand even a Superman needs to walk with a purpose

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Gender: Male
Location: Boston

Hulk vs Doomsday

(please log in to view the image)

Chapter 1: Enter Doomsday

Dr Banner walked into the tavern; His head was pounding
he came out for a night in town after constant hounding
by The Avengers. He remembered their cold accusations
Even the good Captain made a snap at him; alone, he's weighing
the pros and cons "Should i go from harm?" he doses off
cold and alone, he would play the role of scapegoat 'cause
he couldn't control his anger....and the madder he gets
the sadder the days; he'd often pray for half the respect
of his peers, but they laughed and sneered grabbing his neck
even amongst freaks, he felt like he was cast as a pest
"Another glass here, Janette"
"what's the matter there, Bruce?
You're looking sad; wait did Betty finally had it with you?"
she laughed as the tune changed to coverage "Late breaking news!"
"Janette, my booze..."
"Later, Bruce" as she gazed at the tube
An asian woman grace the screen.."I'm here reporting live...
from Central Park in New York City this is Bonnie Thai...
Earlier this morning, an unidentified creature had paved
a path of destruction leaving Manhattan deep in dismay
he was described as a 'hulking beast', judging by movements
similar to Hulk but...uhhh...with some rather large......bony protrusion??
But a speech has been made....and the mayor intend ta..
contact the super group - known as Mighty Avengers
Also on call for support are the Fantastic Four,
Spiderman, X-Men as well as members of X-Force"
"GOOD LORD!" cried Janette. "Bruce, aren't you going to help?"
"Let'em handle it, those snobby b!tches can go fck themselves!"

Chapter 2: The Origin

Dr. Bertron observed his specimen in quiet solitude
His Kryptonian knowledge allowed him to harness a new…
Starting with newborns he moved upon a notion of 'new life'
'Evolution…' he viewed '...what if I sped up its true might?'
Those fools fight to the death with very minimal means….
But why choose to die?? Why not create a killing machine”
And his will would be….yes, the deadliest weapon of all!”
and with that...Dr. Bertron went and gathered his thoughts
and over the years it was clear that he's witnessed it all
triumphs and falls; sights of vile deformed bodies would sprawl
but today….a smiles would form despite the trials and flaws
he’s been watching this new specimen of wild conformity
only a child, but eyes are one of utmost hatred…
it’s face chipped by pains; drifting through barren wastelands
genetic… at its finest, just pacing.
It's design to evolve beyond previous weaknesses,
it made short work of the most dangerous creatures.
“Yesss…this is it, this is my life; my prime creation!!
and after countless death and cloning...i've finally made him!!"
But sometimes….it just isn’t wise to try and play God…
In one violent act of defiance, Bertron’s life was made short
But he smiled triumphantly…happy with what has become
“You’re a killer, boy!! And now the era of Doomsday begin!!”

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