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Read Me!
Started by: mechmoggy

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Northern Monkey

Registered: Mar 2001
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Read Me!

Here are some rules for this forum so take the time to READ & UNDERSTAND them.

No bashing.
Don't attack your fellow posters, it won't be tolerated.

No vulgar language.
DON'T DO IT. Your posts will be deleted without notice if they break this rule.

No duplicate posting.
Before opening a thread please use the SEARCH feature to ensure that a thread on your subject does not already exist.

Report button
USE IT to report any inappropriate posts. Your reports will be seen by other moderators online and action will be taken immediately.

About the matches...

Keep them Star Wars related.
Matches between non-SW characters will be closed. Both characters must be from Star Wars.

Just post battles here.
This is a "versus" forum. A forum dedicated to Star Wars character matches. Any thread about anything but a match, will get closed.

Maximum number of contenders
Let's keep it maximum 3 versus 3, with the exception of teams. More than 2 characters in a match is hard to discuss, threads like that often dissappear in 2 days, imagine 8 or 10 characters involved...

(Now, in some cases, an exception or two might be made with some threads. It's usually a judgement call on the moderator's part. But, of course, if a thread has like 25+ characters, it WILL be closed. NO exceptions)

That's it people. This is your forum, love it, take care of it, make it shine, make it the BEST versus forum on earth..... but don't ruin it by breaking any of the rules above, or KMC general rules:

Whenever you've got a question, suggestion, complaint, anything about this forum, PM me. I may take my time to reply or be grumpy, but that's just me. stick out tongue


(Thanks to Paola for the words)


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Old Post Jul 31st, 2005 11:43 AM
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    I place an emphasis on the 'No bashing' rule. If you try to win a debate by calling your opponent anything that needs to be hidden with asteriks, I'm going to kill you/give you a warning. Trolling and flaming are the same exact thing as bashing.

    Branching off from that, I do not tolerate people saying 'You're a fanboy' as if that automatically renders everything obsolete and ends the argument. Earth to Debators, it DOESN'T. I will take it as a form of bashing and deal out warnings.

    I place an emphasis on the 'Team limits' rule. Please do not place more than THREE people per team (i.e. Windu, Kenobi, Skywalker vs. Sidious, Dooku, Bane). I will close it.

    I place an emphasis on the 'Star Wars-related' rule. Do not make threads such as 'The Giant Squid vs. Darth Platypus.' I need no explanation here. I will just close it, and if you do it too often, you will be warned.

    No ridiculous fights. Darth Bane vs. The Death Star is a ridiculous fight. A Jawa Sandcrawler vs. The Death Star is equally ridiculous. Please leave this fights somewhere in logic.

    No fights using Unknowns. Unknowns are characters that we have had too little or no evidence of their powers, abilities, or skills. This applies to characters that have not had screen-time, or characters who only show their powers in gameplay. Unknowns include Darth Plagueis and Marka Ragnos, most notably.

    And please, do not drag out debates that you are not going to win. I will end up closing those threads.


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