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The official rules for the unofficial All Versus Forum-PLEASE READ!!!
Started by: Impediment

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The official rules for the unofficial All Versus Forum

Okay, people. It's finally happened. After talking to Ushgarak, the senior moderator when Raz is MIA, he told me that my idea to use one of my dead sub-forums for an unofficial All Versus Forum, until an actual one is created, seemed like a good idea. So, what that means is............

The All Versus Forum can finally happen!

What is an All Versus Forum? It's a place unrestricted by genre specific forums. You can pit comic book, movie, anime/manga, television, books/novels, Star Wars, and video games all into one match.

The Foreign Cinema Forum will be the AVF grounds for now

I have decided to use the Foreign Cinema Forum as the site for the temp AVF due to it's incredible lack of activity. I mean, I can start at the top of the page and go from 2012 to 2010. That, my friends, is proof enough.

I have come up with a rudimentary set of rules that will be adhered to by everyone, lest a moderator, most likely me, will intervene. A more revised set of rules will soon follow.



We already have forums for comic book, movie, anime/manga, video game, book/novel, and Star Wars specific fights. Any thread made in the AVF that doesn't specifically cross genres (movie vs game/comic vs anime, etc) will be deleted!! Period.

However, if you want to have, say, comic book Magneto and movie Hulk versus comic book Thor, then this is acceptable.
As long as one member of the opposing team is from a cross genre medium.

Any questions can be sent to me by PM and I will help clarify any confusion.

Rule 2) ALL KMC rules and regulations still apply in the AVF. Violators will be dealt with in a proper manner by the moderator.

Rule 3) When the thread starter makes a new thread, it is very important to cement the conditions of the scenario in the first few posts. This is to avoid confusion and frustration among the other posters. It will not be acceptable for the thread starter to randomly change the conditions of the thread at random intervals. Once the settings/weapons/gear/handicaps/abilities/etc have been cemented in the first few posts of the thread, that is how they will stay. Therefore, be very sure and for certain of how you want your thread to be constructed.

Rule 4) As a common courtesy to others, it would be nice for all opening posts to contain a brief description about the characters being used in case others aren't familiar with who they are. Remember that some people don't know as much about comics/movies/anime/etc as much as others do.

Rule 5) If someone makes a thread and merely posts:

"I'm bored. Pick one." or "Who would win?",

The thread. Gets. Closed. Period.

Be elaborate, guys! Present scenarios! Give them weapons, vehicles, and/or handicaps! Present material that will make for a flourishing thread!

If you want to know the correct way to make a Vs. Thread that will survive, then here it is:

Say, for example, you want to pit Victor Crowley from the Hatchet movie series against Cassidy from the Preacher comic book series, you would do something like:

Victor Crowley vs. Cassidy. One is a deformed swamp behemoth, while the other is an alcoholic, Irish vampire.

Victor can [insert info here].

Cassidy can [insert info here].

Both of them can have weapons/abilities such as: [etc etc].

The setting is in [choose your setting].

So, who's gonna win?

Now, I'm not asking you guys to do this for every single Vs. thread made here. All I did was give a reasonable example of how it ought to, in my opinion, be done.

Bottom line: Don't just merely post "Who would win" or some other monosyllabic opening phrase.

Remember, kiddies, that Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia are your friends. Use them wisely to find all sorts of neat material for your threads.

Have fun, people! I want this to happen for all of us so we can breathe some much needed life back into the boards. Spread the word!

Remember to use the Foreign Cinema Forum and make some good threads.

We are Beta Testing this All Versus Forum, also, people. If this thing is a success, then Raz will have to make a permanent AVF.

Let me know via PM if there is anything I can do tho better the place be it rules or regs or whatever!



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Home » Movie Genres » Foreign Cinema » The official rules for the unofficial All Versus Forum-PLEASE READ!!!

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