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Home » Movie Genres » Foreign Cinema » Raiden and Vamp vs Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi

Raiden and Vamp vs Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi
Started by: Solid47

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Raiden and Vamp vs Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi

Raiden and Vamp from MGS4


Daniel and Miyagi from Karate Kid quadrilogy


.Raiden and Vamp gets their blades

.Win by death

The fight takes place inside of a Roman colosseum.

Who wins and why?

Old Post Mar 30th, 2017 08:34 AM
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raiden and vamp isnt even a bullettimer. if they cannot even bullettime subsonic bullets then anyone who reacts to subsonic projectiles would curbstomp them

raiden is slow as fuck in comparison to yoda whos slow as shit in comparison to dre. dre and co where demonstrating superhuman wire fu agility that raiden cannot even acomplish with his cyborg body while dre isnt even enhanced how sad laughing out loud

considering Corvo_Attano from moviecodec said that vamp cannot beat ezio then any mediocre action movie characters like james bond, john mcclane, frank martin, lee christmas would punk his ass effortlessly(since vamp cannot bullettime and is slower than ezio whos slow as phuck in comparison to yoda and these four). and i wouldnt put these guys above dre or bourne who was doing superhuman wirefu flips that makes yoda look like lame as phuck. and dre is nowhere near close to miyagi who effortlessly catched an arrow and break a tree. since darkstorm zero said that vamp isnt stronger than matias nilson them vamp isnt stronger than miyagi either

raiden and vamp already fights slow as phuck in comparison to dre, yoda, bourne, mcclane or any other hollywood character and snake/big pussy is even slower than pussiden and vampussy which brings tzeentchs quote of snake having the most BASIC and TELEGRAPHED moves EVER true

raiden cannot even beat a overweight taekondo instructor called kyle given he got wtfpwned by sam. martial arts takes long time to master because you need to develop your motor function, many fighters starts training since their childhood did raiden and vamp started training at a age of 5? no raiden used guns since he is a very poor fighter and guns doesnt requires skills to use. daniel and dre was pwning several fighters who has training since childhood depside them having only a month of training at max which indicates their fighting skills.a single cobra kai student would bee too much for raiden their fighting style are too versatile/rounded for raiden

snake was too slow to dodge a bullet here (2:53) laughing out loud

mr miyagi casually catched a arrow and arrows moves faster than 250mph

considering snake and vamp cannot dodge bullets either them they cannot dodge or react to arrows either

daniel and dre knocks/caves their skulls. superb motor coordinations and arrow catching reflexes are too much for non bullettimers

come back when snake, big pussy and raiden doesnt get their asses manhandled by non peakhumans laughing

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DexxStar,dvampire and Enemybird are the greatest deabtors evah

Old Post Jun 17th, 2017 03:55 AM
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Home » Movie Genres » Foreign Cinema » Raiden and Vamp vs Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi

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