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about the strongest fighter in dbz........
Started by: ominousgr

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about the strongest fighter in dbz........

i dont want to get an answer in my writings before the ppl who will reply have read all the thread first.about this topic,85% of the dbz fans would say ofc goku is the best since he is able to put up a fight with kid buu.well think that when supreme kai said evil kil buu was his original form and he would be at his maximum strength,he took into account that the kais absorbed would weaken him,since kais are pure good while buu was pure evil.though it s not the same about any other fighter absorbed by when buu absorbed gotenks was as powerfull as ever since he had the power of a ssj3 fused warrior,and that s why neither gohan nor goku could ever land a simple blow on him.without gotenks,evil kid buu is the most powerfull of the bad guys but....
1)elder kai had unlocked gohan s full potencial
2)gohan at full potencial cant be weaker than a ssj3 goku,since goku with much more training might be able to surpass ssj3 lvl,if we take into account that the ultimate sayian transformation is the oozaru
3)we cant be sure about gohan s lvl of power when he was born,if it was higher than goku s,since gohan wasnt born in the planet of the sayians,but he s half-earthling
on the other hand..
1)goku s power was x10 the common sayian power
2)goku was born a fighter,while gohan fought only when it was absolutely needed
3)goku fights evil kid buu along vegeta,because when the fight starts,the earth is already destroyed and all the series stars are dead,until porunga is summoned in the namek planet.i dont think there s an idiot believing gohan would be alive and wouldnt try to kill buu.after all, he wouldnt die if he wasnt unconscious after his exit from buu s body

as u can see,there s a big blank page about who s the strongest,though after the buu saga,gohan wont ever fight again,since in the db story i dont want to take into account the events of db gt,because it s a fan-made product completely irrelevant with the db original series.we can suppose though,that he s either in the 1st place or in the 2nd but if goku underwent the training of elder kai,then again we wouldnt be able to judge who s the strongest,since we cant know if gohan s original power was higher than goku s,as i reported above
in conclusion,it s up to everyone s mind who is the best,but it s not the point of the db my opinion,gohan is stronger though

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Home » Movie Genres » Animations / CGI » about the strongest fighter in dbz........

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