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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - follwing all references we have so far
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Harry Potter and the Daathly Hallows - follwing all references we have so far

I have decided to write my own version of the seventh book. Seeing as (in my opinion) we only have a year or less until Book 7 entitled ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” comes out, I will put my best effort to get this finished. If I do not, however, my readers will decide for me if they want me to finish. The events in this book take place after the HBP. I intend on posting two to three times a week, but may change. I would enjoy any and all comments on this thread. Thank you.So without further hesitation, I submit for your entertainment and consideration:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Chapter 1: Draco’s Test
The town of Great Hangleton had always been more revered than its sister town, Little Hangleton. Great Hangleton had more revenue, through more shops, more expensive and prosperous land, and it had more respectable citizens. In the past ten years they had five successful and wealthy citizens who each became very popular in all the neighboring cities. Little Hangleton had none of these things.

But there was one thing that Little Hangleton did have that Great Hangleton didn’t. Little Hangleton had a mystery. Or so the citizens thought.

The people of Little Hangleton thought that they knew what was going on. They could not have guessed in a million years.

The citizens in the town were suddenly realizing that they had bruises on their body. They did not realize where these bruises were coming from. They would go to sleep one evening and when they woke up, they would be covered in bruises as if they had been rolling on a hard wooden floor. They also recalled some sort of painful experience, but it was as if they only thought they had been in pain. None of the townsfolk could remember being in a situation that would give them unexplainable bruises.

There was also a weird phenomenon that took place roughly around once a month. Someone would suddenly stopped being human. They actually seemed to not interact with anything around them, but it sounded better as a story at the local bar to say they weren’t human.

This caused quite a commotion in Little Hangleton as they speculated on what was happening. They liked the chance to receive some attention and the opportunity to talk about a new person every week.

While all of this happened, a certain dark wizard was laughing at the ignorance of the muggles.

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sry title actually HP and the Deathly Hallows - following all references we have so far

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On the second floor of a very large, and once respected, house stood a man of such power that most wizards would not even speak his name. But calling him a man would be a stretch of the truth. The only part of him that resembled a man was his overall figure. He was tall and thin with large pale spiders for hands. His face was whiter than a skull’s, and he also had a nose that was as flat as a snake’s. But the strangest thing about this wizard was the fact he had gleaming eyes whose pupils were slits like a cats and were scarlet. He stood in a dark room with a black floor and a small grate which could be used to contain fire.

His face showed every expression that revealed that he was deep in thought. When he finally spoke, it was high and shrill like a blast of icy cold wind.

“Where are the dementors?” Lord Voldemort inquired sharply.
“They are dispersed. I believe two of them are attacking this town tonight,” replied a second man in the room. He had an upturned nose with long, black, greasy hair. When replied, his voice was not that of a superior person, but that of a person expecting to be tortured.
“You realize what you have done?” Voldemort questioned further, with only the faintest hint of malice in his voice.
“Yes, my Lord. I only ask you spare the boy. He was only too willing to take care of the task. However, my Lord, his mother was not sure and I had made the Unbreakable Vow to satisfy her. If anyone should be punished, it should be me for not having faith in your choice for the boy to do the job,” Severus Snape concluded without fear.
“Fetch the boy,” Snape’s master commanded in a tone that that told him that the conversation was over.


Snape did as he was commanded. He Apparated out of the house to the shack in which an old man had once lived who had taken care of the gardening at the house. Snape opened the half broken, wooden door and stepped through the magical barrier that he had put up himself. He called through the house, “Draco! Your master wishes to speak with you. Come now, Draco, do not be childish enough to ignore me. So be it.” He made to walk out of the shack but then,
“Wait! I am coming. What does he want?”
“I do not know,” Snape lied. The truth was he did not want Draco to run away. That would be disastrous to his immediate future.

“I have brought him,” Snape announced ten minutes later after walking quietly back to the house. Lord Voldemort was in a squashy arm chair which was facing the opposite direction of the door.
“Leave us,” the Dark Lord commanded. “I have a few questions for you Draco, followed by a simple test,” Voldemort continued, once he was sure Snape had left the vicinity. “The first question is rather easy to answer. Are you still faithful to me?”
“Y-Yes, my Lord,” Draco stammered. He could not take this pressure, this feeling of regret and self-loathing.
“You do not sound sure. Remember Draco, I am the most accomplished Legillimens. Second question: Why did you not complete the task as soon as you had the chance? From what I can gather, you had ample time as well as opportunity.”
“I w-was scared.”
“Scared? A Death Eater under my employ scared of anyone? Why?”
“I d-did not know w-what would happen if I had f-failed.”
“Yes. Just like a few other Death Eaters, always failing,” the malice in the Dark Lord’s voice was unmistakable. He apparently thought that Draco was not useful. “Now, Draco, your test will have to wait. It will prove whether or not you are truly faithful to me. But first I must procure a certain, unworthy person for you to complete this test.”
He left it that. Draco was happy to be able to leave. He could not believe his luck. He would be able to prove himself. Anyone after who he had been targeting before would prove much easier.

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Harry was miserable. There were no two ways about it. He had spent his first few weeks after school had ended lying in his bed. He found himself refusing more and more meals. At this point in his life, he had no meaning to live. He could not be with his friends. He could not go to Godric’s Hollow. He could not go after the horcruxes. He couldn’t do anything.

The only thing he could do was wait, which was the one exception. Wait to turn seventeen.

The Dursley’s had stayed out of his life for the summer. In fact, besides when he first arrived, the only time he saw the Dursley’s was when his bony, Aunt Petunia came in with a small sandwich for his dinner. Harry realized that he would have to face reality. He could not seclude himself. He did have things to do.

Why wouldn’t the clock change? Harry wanted it to be midnight. As soon as he was seventeen he could leave. As soon as I’m seventeen I’ll be unprotected, he thought.

The clock read 11:59. Harry was already packed. He planned to take the Knight Bus to the Burrow. He felt that it was the place that he belonged. Harry had already sent his snowy owl, Hedwig, to the Burrow telling them when he was arriving. They hadn’t written back telling him it was a bad idea so he was ready to leave.

The only reason that he hadn’t left yet, was because he wanted to fulfill Dumbledore’s wishes to stay at the Dursley’s until he turned seventeen.

Dumbledore…Snape… this just angered Harry. His fists were clenched and he was biting his lip…


That was it. He could leave. But just as he turned to pick up his things, he heard a crack. Not the kind of crack that you make when you Apparate, but the kind of crack that you hear when an owl peck’s a window a little to hard.

Hedwig was there with a letter attached to her leg. Harry opened the window to let his owl in. She fluttered easily onto his arm, where he took off the letter and began to read it.

Do NOT leave your aunt and uncle’s house. We are coming to get you. We have some things to share with you. Kindly wake your aunt and uncle.Do NOT proceed to the Burrow.

Harry sighed. He could not believe his luck. Just when he was about to leave the Dursley’s forever, he had to spend time with them and talk.

Harry sat down in his small chair. At least he was going to leave, even if it was later. Harry wondered how he was going to wake his uncle and aunt up. Well, I better start on it, he thought. Harry got up and left his room. He walked down the hall and knocked on his uncle and aunt’s door. He could hear his short, fat, no-neck uncle grinding his teeth. He knocked a little harder. His aunt shifted in her sleep.

Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack.

There were four short Apparating cracks in quick succession. These woke the Dursley’s up. Harry quickly pulled out his wand and turned around. Quietly he said, “Lumos,” to light his wand tip up. He couldn’t take the chance that it wasn’t Lupin and his friends.

Whack. “Put it away,” Harry’s Uncle Vernon growled. Then, he realized what Harry was doing. “You’re doing…. You’re doing…. Put it away!” Harry however merely stared at his uncle and pointed his still lit wand tip in his uncle’s face. This shut his uncle up straight away.

“I am allowed to do magic now. I am seventeen. I am leaving soon, and you two are coming down stairs.” His Aunt Petunia had appeared at her husband’s side and gasped at the scene that she saw.
“What are you-,“ she started but Harry cut her off as he turned around.
“Be quiet,” he whispered. Harry was listening for anything weird. He heard knock on the front door. Harry almost tripped. Surely Death Eater’s would not knock? Harry made his way downstairs, slowly followed by his aunt and uncle. When Harry had made his way to the front door, he looked out the window and saw his friend Ron looking puzzled. Harry unlatched the front door and let his guests inside.

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here is rest of chapter two (which started with 'Harry was miserable')


“Hello Harry,” said four of the five people who walked in. The last voiced out, “Wotcher, Harry.” But he had only heard four cracks? Ron had to use Side-Along Apparition. He stared at them for a moment. They were all smiling at him. There was tall red-headed Ron Weasley, the Metamorphmagus Tonks with her heart-shaped head, Hermione Granger with her brown bushy hair, Ron’s dad, Arthur Weasley, and his former Defense against the Dark Arts teacher Remus Lupin. Lupin looked the most worn out of the bunch. It must be hard living with werewolves, Harry thought.

“Now, Harry, we don’t have much time. Where are your aunt and uncle?” But Harry was saved from answering him, because his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon had just walked in. Lupin immediately gestured everyone to the sitting room and looked very anxious to start his speech.

Once everyone was comfortable (except for the Dursley’s who seemed
terrified at the witches and wizards in their house) Lupin began.

“I am sure you are wondering why we stopped you from going to the Burrow, Harry, and I will come back to that. But first we need to inform your aunt and uncle.” He directed his gaze at the Dursleys. “Harry here has come of age not too long ago. Now that he has the ability to do magic (the Dursleys flinched) outside of school, he will not need to stay here or call this place his home. It is also very likely that you will never see each other again.” After listening to the rest of the sentence, however, both Harry’s uncle and his aunt had something to say.

‘Finally,” said Uncle Vernon.

“No,” said Aunt Petunia. Everyone in the room was shocked to hear this. Uncle Vernon looked petrified. “He cannot leave. I do not want him to,” she said in a scared voice. Harry was staring at her. Why would the woman who grimaced when she looked at him for seventeen years now want nothing more than to live with him? “If he leaves than… than I… I will not be able to live with myself.” She now seemed on the brink of tears even though no one was contradicting her.

“Why are you saying this?” said a confused and dazed Harry. Everyone was thinking the same thing so they all stared at Aunt Petunia raptly.

“If you leave, I will… I will… I will die,” she burst into tears as soon as she had finished. At the mention of this Uncle Vernon fainted.

“What do you mean? Surely, you would not die? That is a ridiculous thing to say,” Tonks said dismissively, although sounding not too sure. Lupin however looked perfectly ready to accept the fact that it was a possibility. Nobody noticed this, however.

“Please explain yourself,” Lupin said calmly.

Aunt Petunia took a moment to collect herself, but when she started speaking she did not look like she wanted to be in the position she was currently in.

“Alright. When we first took him in,” She stole a glance at Harry, and then continued, her voice shaky, “we did it rather reluctantly. In fact we considered taking him to the orphanage. But the thing was we knew we could not because of the letter we received from the man that left him at our doorstep. The note had told us what he was. We didn’t want him if he was going to turn out like my sister.”

Here she stopped. It looked as if she were trying to decide on revealing something. After a few moments she started talking again, her voice growing steadily shakier, “But the truth was I did want him. My husband was new to this sort of thing and he wanted nothing to do with him,” she stole another furtive glance at Harry. “I, on the opposite hand, knew about the kind of people he would be associating with. My husband was determined to ‘stamp that nonsense out of him’. I could not reveal it at the time, but I wanted Harry to be a wizard.”

At this, Harry’s jaw dropped. Lupin, however, merely gestured for Aunt Petunia to continue, and she did so. “I pretended to side with my husband and told him of all the things I could remember about my sister and her friend, but in a bad perspective. The truth was I secretly was jealous of my sister. I realized that she would accomplish things that I would only ever dream of doing. Life would be so much easier for her, because she could do magic.”

Harry could not believe it. Merely moments ago, his aunt had flinched at the word “magic”, but now she was using it in a conversation. Regardless of her nephew’s gaping face, Aunt Petunia continued, “The other secret I held with me was the fact that I liked her friend. Harry is the exact replica of him when I saw him at our parents’ house long ago. He was handsome, smart, courteous, and when I overheard them talking, he seemed to know a lot about magic. I was very jealous of Lily.”

Harry was feeling faint know. That was the first time he had heard his aunt say his mother’s name. Harry could not believe this was real. This had to be a dream…. But she continued, “That is why I sought out the man who gave us Harry. I knew what he was going to be and I wanted to save him. In the letter, Dubbleday, or something like that, said that a madman had tried to kill Harry. He said he had given Harry protection as long as he lived here, until he was seventeen, that is.”

Nobody corrected her for saying Dumbledore’s name wrong. They were all too eager for her to continue. But when she did it was in the faintest whisper so that everyone had to lean forward to hear her. “I did not want his protection to stop when he turned seventeen so I wrote back to him, without telling my husband. I wrote to ask if there was any other protection I could invoke. He told me that the protection he applied would be enough but I insisted. He told me I could make a promise. I think he called it an ‘Unbreakable Promise’.”

Harry, and the rest of the people in the room, knew she was talking about the Unbreakable Vow, but they let her continue. “He came here when I suggested Vernon take the boys to the zoo. There was a doubt in my mind that Vernon would protest but he did not. He obviously let Harry stay in the car and took Dudley into the zoo.” At the mention of this, Harry remembered the blazing heat of the inside of the car as he was denied another pleasant experience.

“When he came he brought another. This other man was tall and thin. He also had a grey beard and hair to match Dubbleday’s. He instructed me to grasp his hand and the other man, I think his name was Abe, put his wand on our clasped hands. The man, Dubbleday, asked me a few questions. I said ‘I do’ to all of them, and snake-like fire wound around our hands. I had agreed to protect Harry with everything in my heart. Dubbleday said that if I did not keep my promise, I would die. He also said something about older magic coming into play.”

Aunt Petunia could not go any further. Lupin seemed satisfied and did not request for her to continue.

“Do not worry. Harry here will always consider this place to be his rightful home. In fact, he will come to visit once a year from now on, won’t you Harry?” Lupin asked knowing what Harry would say.

“Me? I…. Yes of course I will,” Harry said without knowing why, but he felt that he owed it to his aunt to agree. He might not have truly realized it, but he was in awe at the amount of love Aunt Petunia had for him. Everyone in the room was watching Aunt Petunia who was crying into her nightgown.

Tonks was the first to realize that they had a schedule to keep. She notified everyone in the room by coughing loudly.

“Oh, yes. Well we must be going, but I am sure Harry will see you before his next Birthday,” Lupin announced. He then gestured everyone out of the room and towards the door. Once everyone was outside of the house he shut the door and turned towards the group.

“Well, we must be off, so Ron, Harry, please grab someone’s arm.” They did so. Harry grabbed Lupin’s and Ron grabbed Hermione’s.

“Wait. Where are we going?” Harry questioned curiously.

“Not now. We need to leave here immediately. We have already wasted too much time. Alright, leave on three. One, two, three!”

Harry felt himself lose the air in his lungs. Once again he felt the
uncomfortable feeling of being squeezed through a tube. When he was finally able to breathe again, he looked around at where he was. When he recognized the location, he lost his breath again.

Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place.


Boy that was kinda long

well now i don't have anything in word to paste so the next post will be much later

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I feel as if i left some loose ends and, seeing as they won't affect the plot i will let you know.

1) The people in Little Hangleton were being tortured by the trainee Death Eaters ; that is how they had bruises (this was kind of trickier to guess; if you got it good job; if not then it is my fault not yours

2) The people that were not reacting to the environment anymore were kissed by the Dementors (this was kind of obvious but ithought i should say it)

3) The barrrier that Snape made was indeed the one in which you need a Dark Mark tattoo to pass (another kind of obvious one)

4)the unbreakable vow strengthens the and lengthens the charm Dumbledore made - you know how Lily's love protected Harry? well since Aunt Petunia could not die for Harry, she did the next best thing, she protected him in the face of dying if she failed.

I debated on whether to have the Death Eaters Show up so she could die for Harry but she isn't as courageous as Lily so i could not have her die for Harry. the only thing to do was the Unbreakable Vow.

well thanks for reading and the third chapter is already written. i am going to edit and post it on Jan 9 2007

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Running Mascara
Keeping My Distance

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eek! That's tommorrow. You're doing a good job, keep it up! thumb up


Thnx Disturbed Angel!! love

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kinda short but lays outline for important future plotlines


Chapter 3: Dreams, Defeats, Messages, and More Defeats

Harry quickly looked away. He did not want to be here. This had to be the last place on earth he wanted to be. After what he had just learned, he would even rather be at Number 4, Privet Drive.

Harry quickly controlled his rising temper at Lupin for springing this upon him. The rest of the group walked up worn stone steps and Tonks tapped her wand on the silver snake-shaped knocker. Harry could hear the shabby-painted black door unlock even from the edge of the street which was where he was standing. Harry knew this old dirty place very well. It was once his godfather’s. But since he had died it was his, Harry’s.

“Get in here Harry!” urged Hermione. Harry noticed that the rest of his friends were already inside the grimy house. Harry hesitated. He did not want to go into the house. Hermione seemed to know what he was thinking and gave him a look that said, “If you don’t get in here I will hex you until you are just a pile of ooze”. Harry walked slowly up to the door and into the house. Well, he thought, at least I conquered one of my fears. He did not smile at this.


“Now I can tell you why we are not at the Burrow,” began Lupin once Tonks and Mr. Weasley said good night and left the room. “It is late so I will have to keep this short.”

The only other people in the room were Ron and Hermione, because everyone else had gone to bed to get rest for the following day’s activities. Ron and Hermione had already heard of this but they wanted to wait for Harry. “The dementors attacked the Burrow.”

“What? You’re joking, right?” Harry could not be grumpy any longer. Formerly, he considered the Burrow his second home behind Hogwarts. But now that Dumbledore was dead, the Burrow was his first home.

“I am afraid not. There must have been a leak of information. We were going to hold our next meeting at the Burrow because that was where you were headed, but when members of the Order arrived yesterday afternoon, dementors attacked. It must have been every single one of the dementors that left Azkaban. There was no way we could have fought them off so we fled. Moody instructed all of us to head for here because Dumbledore had told us it was safe last year.” Here he stopped to let it soak in. There was mingled look of confusion and hatred on Harry’s face.

“The postponed meeting is going to be held tomorrow evening, and we are letting you come to that meeting only. We feel you should know some of the things we are going to be discussing. You are not allowed to join but remember these things: the whole Order is behind you and we will help you with anything you feel you cannot complete.” There was a rather knowing look in his eye but he said no more. Harry took this to mean he was to be sent to bed.


Harry was swelling with anger as he, Ron, and Hermione climbed the stairs to their rooms. So it was his fault the Burrow was attacked? Well he would have to make Voldemort pay for that. This was just another thing to add to the list of why he needs to get revenge.

“Well, this is mine and Ginny’s room. So, er, ‘night,” Hermione said lamely. Ron looked disappointed at the fact that she did not personalize a goodnight to him.

“We are on the next floor up,” Ron stated quietly.
Harry thought he knew why his two best friends were acting conservative around him. The last time they were in this house together, he had yelled at them so loud he almost alerted Voldemort of his whereabouts. (Author’s note – I realize this is not true; it is a joke.)
When they reached their room, Harry changed quickly, jumped into his bed, and turned to face the wall. Harry thought he could hear Ron trying to start a conversation. After a moment, though, Ron turned around and submitted to sleep. Harry was grateful for that, because he did not feel like talking.


Harry was in a small room.

It was dark and heated. There was a giant boiler in the middle of this small room. Harry got down on his belly and looked around although he did not know what he was looking for. To the right there was only an inch of dust rising to some low-hanging pipes. To the left there was an odd assortment of knick-knacks and rags. There was a familiar feeling about this place to Harry. All of a sudden, the debris had flown up, except for a rather large locket. Harry had a hunch about what it was.
He reached out his hand to grab it, but it was too far away. He swiveled his body closer to the locket and once again reached under the pipes towards the locket. Harry knew he was going to reach it this time….



Harry woke up. He was slightly sweating but he was calm all the same. Before, if he almost reached the end of an important dream he would have been angry. Now, however, he just knew the dream was taking him somewhere he would end up eventually. He groped for his glasses and reached for his wand, which was under his pillow.

“What happened?” Harry asked calmly. Ron was sitting up and breathing hard.

“Kreacher. We must have forgot to lock the door. I woke up and he was staring at you. He must have noticed I was awake because he
Disapparated.” Ron replied hastily, who was caught a little off guard because Harry was not mad.

“Wait. Why did you scream?” Harry questioned as he relaxed. There was nothing to worry about. Harry put his wand down and sat up.

“I didn’t, mate. That was you,” Ron said confusedly.

“That can’t be right. I don’t remember screaming.”

“I had already seen Kreacher. Why would I scream?”

“I guess it was me.” Harry resumed his previous mood of nonchalance. He didn’t want to talk so he just admitted to the act.

Ron got dressed and hesitated at the door. Harry wasn’t moving, so Ron decided not to wait for him.

Harry wondered when he should go downstairs.

Well, I might be able to get some information from the others.
You are going to get information from the Order tonight.
I might enjoy my friends’ company.
In this place?
I could talk to Ginny.
Too much temptation there.
I could eat breakfast.
You aren’t really hungry, not after what you learned last night.
Well, what can I do?
Talk to Ginny?
Too much temptation there.

Harry decided on going down anyway (Could I find out any more bad news?). He got dressed and grabbed his wand.

Just before he left the room, however, his eye caught the painting in the back of the room. Normally it was empty because its occupant was in Dumbledore’s office. No, no it wasn’t. It was actually in McGonagall’s office, Harry corrected himself. But today its occupant, Phineas Nigellus, was present. He had a smug grin on his face.

“I have message for you,” he said. The usual snobbish attitude was present and accounted for when he spoke.

“I do not want it,” Harry replied in a dismissive manor. He was sure that the message was from McGonagall, and it was going to ask him where he was on the night when Dumbledore died. He made to walk out of the room.

Phineas, however, seemed to read his mind and quickly said, “The message is from Dumbledore.”

“You’re lying,” Harry said after the shock had worn off. But Harry did not sound so sure. He let himself walk back into the room.

“Actually, I have quite a few messages for you, but this one is the one I was instructed to give first. Ahem.” The former Hogwarts Headmaster cleared his throat. “‘In my following messages to you, Harry you are to tell to nobody except Harry or Hermione. This includes anyone. Even if they are pretending to know all that you do, do not believe them. Remember, Albus Dumbledore.’ Well, there you go. I must be off. The Headmistress needs me and I am afraid she does not know that I have left.”

“Wait. What else did he say?” But it was too late. Harry conceited defeat and went downstairs, thoroughly mad that Dumbledore had given him insufficient information twice in this house.


wat do u think?

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quote: (post)
Originally posted by howdugetsougly
“‘In my following messages to you, Harry you are to tell to nobody except Harry or Hermione.

I meant to say

"except Ron or Hermione" not Harry and Hermione.

sorry i dropped the ball on that one. It is just that i have been buried in paperwork for the past 72 hours. ill try harder


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Chapter 4: The Order’s Modus Operandi

Harry spent the day in a daze. He neither participated nor cared about the happenings at the beaten house. Hermione talked all day of her new plans for spew and showed Ron and Harry some detailed diagrams of their percentage of help (Ron blushed and buried his face in The Daily Prophet; Harry merely grunted). Ron was constantly asking Harry if he wanted to go and play wizard’s chess or Exploding Snap (Harry dismissed all of these with “I dunno” or “Maybe later”.) Finally, they left him at the kitchen table. Harry barely noticed that they were gone.

“Hermione and Ron are worried about you, you know,” said Ginny Weasley as she walked into the room, being open and honest, just like she had been the previous year when they were boyfriend and girlfriend. This, above all, was the thing that woke Harry up. He had secretly wanted to talk to Ginny but he knew he shouldn’t go looking for her.

“Really? I didn’t even notice that they left,” Harry said as he looked around the kitchen.

“Yeah, they were in my room discussing it. When they were done they kept looking at me so I left. I think they are snogging (Author’s note – I have always wanted to use that word – yay) as we speak,” Ginny said in a calm voice that gave no impression of humor. Still, Harry snorted and quickly grabbed a napkin to clear his nose.

“So they are officially together?” Harry said with forced interest to keep the conversation going.

“Oh, yeah. I think this is the second time they have snogged (Author’s note – yay again). So… oh, happy birthday,” she said in a cheery voice. Harry registered that it was, indeed, his birthday and grunted softly. Moving the conversation away from him, Harry said what was on his mind since he started talking to Ginny.

“Hey, are you allowed into the meeting tonight also?” Harry said as he was thinking that the meeting would not be so bad if Ginny was there. Next to him. Holding his hand.

“No. Mom won’t let me in. I am not of age so I have to try and use Extendable Ears all by myself. Ron and Hermione don’t, because they ask Fred and George, but I know that they don’t tell them all of it,” Ginny said in a know-it-all voice that Harry thought would have rivaled Hermione’s.

“So Fred and George were allowed to join?” Harry was happy that the conversation was still proceeding even though he was asking very obvious questions. Ginny didn’t think it was that stupid because she then replied,

“Yeah. They and my dad argued with my mom about how they were of age, out of school, and making a pretty reasonable living in the joke shop. In the end she relented and they joined.” Talking about the Weasleys fighting brought another question to his mind.

“So, what about Percy?” Harry said with a voice that showed that he had no opinion on the subject in case the older Weasley brother had changed his colors.

“He is still a git,” said Ron as he walked into the room. His hair was a little unkempt at the top and Harry thought he knew why. Hermione came down a little after Ron, and when she entered the room she quickly stopped licking her lips.

Now that Ron and Hermione were there he realized he did want to talk with them and that he had about one hundred questions to ask them.

“Hey, so what have-” but he was cut off by two loud sounds. The first was the front door being opened and shut rather loudly as someone entered. The second was the yells of Sirius’ mother’s portrait.

“BACK AGAIN, YOU FILTHY HALF-BREEDS AND FILTH? NOT SINCE I WAS A GIRL HAVE I EVER SEEN SUCH DISGRACES AS YOU -” but she was stopped suddenly as someone had obviously shut the curtains covering her portrait.

“So, do you think she ever was a girl?” said a comical voice Harry knew all too well.

“Nah. Someone like that had to be a thing worse than Kreacher,” replied the second voice that was usually heard along with the first. The Weasley twins, Fred and George emerged from the hall, as they had been the two people that entered the house noisily.

“Who caused that entire ruckus? Oh. It’s just you two,” said Mrs. Weasley, a short plump woman whom Harry had begun to associate as a mother figure, in a tone that seemed she should have known it was Fred and George. “Oh, Harry, when did you get here?”

Harry had almost forgotten that he hadn’t seen Mrs. Weasley the previous night. Harry was going to reply, but the air in his lungs was squeezed out of him as Mrs. Weasley hugged him as tight as he could ever remember.

“Yeah. I got here at like one in the morning,” Harry spurted out now that he had been let go of by Mrs. Weasley. “I’m really sorry about your house, Mrs. Weasley,” Harry said with sincerity. At this, Mrs. Weasley blushed but she didn’t say anything. Harry knew she would never blame him for what happened, but he felt that he should have said it anyway.

“Yes, well, it isn’t your fault, Harry. Being in the Order means putting everything at risk. But we can stop to have some fun, can’t we?” Mrs. Weasley said noticing the looks some of the people in the room gave her in regard to her previous comments.

She then continued to say, “Moving on, I bet you would like to know the new place and time of Fleur and Bill’s wedding. Well they have decided on next weekend on, Saturday, dear, and it will take place on top of Erminefoot Rise. Don’t worry, dear, it is a few miles south of Stoatshead Hill, which was where they were going to have it until…. Well, you know the story. But do not worry there will be many Ministry members there so any dementors will be taken care of. On to more fun events, I thought I would give you your birthday present now Harry, so if you will excuse me so I may fetch it.” Mrs. Weasley walked out of the room and went to get Harry’s present.

“I think I will too,” said everyone else in some fashion or another. When they had all bustled out of the room it was just Harry, Fred, and George.

“So what have you two been up to?” Harry said knowing the answers he would get.

“The same old thing. Inventing stuff,” said Fred in a dull tone.

“Going to Order meetings,” said George right after Fred finished.

“Oh, and getting you your birthday presents.” With those words Fred waved his wand and many wrapped packages appeared. Harry was amazed at the amount of gifts he had just from the twins. There was a couple of medium-sized square packages that Harry was sure contained joke supplies from their joke store, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. Then there were quite a few smaller rectangular boxes that Harry thought had Honeyduke’s candy in them.

But last of all, there was a really small gift that, when Harry picked it up, weighed no more than a couple of feathers. Harry was still wondering what could have been in the package when the others walked into the room with their gifts.

“Oi! What’s all this then?” Ron said accusingly at the Fred and George. The twins did not blush nor did they feel that they had to answer this question. Ron grumbled and gave his gift to Harry who began to open it. Harry felt he owed it to Ron to open his gift first because Fred and George had gotten him so many. Harry was very touched about the gift that Ron had given him. It was a framed newspaper article that the Ministry of Magic had printed less than a year ago announcing Sirius’ innocence.

“Ron… thanks,” Harry said quietly. Ron knew that those two words spoke volumes about how Harry was feeling then.

Harry quickly bewitched his presents from Fred, George, and Ron (excluding the very lightweight one Fred and George had given him) to float upstairs and into his room.

“If we did that we would get yelled at for making Ginny almost break her neck,” said George reminiscently. Ron laughed at this, Harry, however, grinned half-heartedly.

When the rest of the members had given Harry his gifts (Hermione, a book on Advanced Defensive Magic for the Witches and Wizards of our Era, Hagrid, a picture of himself and Grawp, the giant half-brother that Hagrid was civilizing; Lupin, an Advanced Wand Servicing Kit; Tonks, a new wristwatch; and Ginny, a card, in which had contents that Harry felt like not sharing) he only had two gifts left.

One was from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and the other was the lightweight present from Fred and George. Harry decided to open the latter first. Harry was just as touched as when he opened up Ron’s gift.

Somehow the twins had managed to merge a photograph of Harry with a photo of his parents. Harry could feel his eyes burning as he examined the picture more closely. It looked as if the picture was taken with a back-in-time sixteen year old Harry with his twenty-one year old parents.

Everyone in the room realized that this was a personal moment for Harry and they gave him some time to let it soak in. Harry opened his last gift after a quiet “Thanks” to Fred and George. After Harry opened it, he wondered at why Mrs. Weasley would give it to him.

“That is a replica, my dear,” seeing the look on Harry’s face and interpreting it correctly.

“Oh, thanks a lot. This means a lot to me,” Harry said genuinely as he looked at a clock with many hands, one titled ‘Harry’. Harry could now look at his own clock of the Weasley’s and consider himself part of their family (even if all of the hands, which showed locations and conditions, were on ‘mortal peril’).

Again he floated his gifts up to his room as Mrs. Weasley started making lunch. As Harry wafted in the delicious smells of Mrs. Weasley’s cooking, he could not think of more suitable gifts for his coming-of-age birthday than what he had received.


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few things

1) Erminefoot Rise? well 'Ermine' is a type of weasel, as is stoat in "Stoatshead", and 'foot' is opposite of 'head' and a 'hill' is a 'rise' of land. (I thought i would compliment myself on that for my efforts

2) I enjoy Fred and George a lot in jk's work. i really wanted to show their humorous behavior in these dangerous times. i thought jk rowling did that with the whole 'You-No-Poo' thing so i extended it (i just hope i lived up to their characters)

3) well i had one more thing to say, but i will see if any of you will get it (my bet is on vee_riddle b/c she does the chapter analysis thing). if any1 does get it and posts their ideas on the feedback thread i will confirm it there

so... did u like it?

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here is part 2 of my now *changed to* three part chap 4


When Harry, Ron, Hermione, had finished lunch, they went up to Harry and Ron’s room. Ginny was told to stay and help with the dishes, much to her displeasure. Harry thought that this was a very beneficial time to tell his two best friends what Phineas Nigellus had told him.

“I have something important to tell you,” Harry began said quietly. He quickly walked out into the hall and looked up and down it. He then shut the door and asked Hermione to put an Imperturbable Charm on it so they would not be eaves-dropped on by certain people with Extendable Ears. He then shared with them the small amount of information he had gained with Phineas that morning.

When he relayed this information he did not have a look of anxiousness on his face. It was like he had to do this, which I do, he thought.

“Well, I suppose Dumbledore isn’t finished with you yet, mate,” said Ron sagely.

“I wouldn’t put it past him,” Hermione said in a convinced tone.

“But… Dumbledore is dead, remember?” Harry said trying to conceal the pain he was having by talking about the subject.

“Harry, don’t you think that Dumbledore could have had these messages before he died? I, mean, what if he ordered Phineas to, in the case of his death, relay messages to you?” Hermione questioned back in a calm and quiet voice which showed how much she knew of how Harry was feeling towards this subject.

“I guess….” Harry said with a tone that suggested ‘I am starting to believe….’

“Well, the Order meeting starts in a couple of hours, so I think I’ll go do a quick clean of the drawing room…. Maybe I can get Kreacher to help….” Hermione said to herself rather than anyone else.

“So, do you want to play some Exploding Snap?” said Ron who was still watching the doorway that Hermione had so recently occupied.

“Yeah. I’ll go get a deck from downstairs,” Harry said. He thought he would take a longer route so he could think about what Hermione had just said. But as soon as Harry had stepped on to the landing of the ground floor, he was confronted by Lupin.

“So Dumbledore has been leaving you messages, Harry?” asked Lupin without even greeting Harry first.

Harry who had not been expecting this quickly replied with “How did you find that one out?” Harry realized he had just let out his secret and was already kicking himself for it. Harry felt that, on top of everything else, he had let Dumbledore down.

“These half-wolf ears of mine don’t need Extendable ears to eaves-drop. I didn’t intend on doing it, but when I passed your room I couldn’t help thinking that it was interesting,” here Lupin stopped with an apologetic, but amused, look on his face. Then he continued with a more serious expression.

“Do not worry, I will keep your secret and I promise not to eaves-drop on you in the future.” To conclude it all he said, “Next time, put a Sound-Sealing Spell on the room.” He walked away briskly and left Harry to think about what had just transpired.

“Where is the deck of cards?” Ron said confusedly a few minutes later back in their room. Ron looked at Harry like he had them hidden them somewhere on his person.

“Oh…. Oh, that, it’s okay. I probably have a brand new deck in this package Fred and George got me.”


message to long so have to do it in two posts

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“Time to come down. The meeting is about to begin,” Hermione said as she poked her head in the doorway an hour and a half later. They were in the middle of a rather good Exploding Snap. Or rather they were in a good Exploding Snap game, because it had just exploded.

Hermione looked at them as though they were a bunch of kids. They had, after all, looked particularly sullen when they realized their entertaining game was over. After a second or so she left the room and Ron and Harry could hear her making her way downstairs.

Ron and Harry got up and stretched. Harry looked at Ron who seemed a little upset that Hermione did not wait for them. He quickly recovered, however, and put on an unconvincing smile as he gestured to walk out of the room.

“What do you think the meeting is going to be about?” Ron questioned as they reached the landing, but he did not sound too curious.
“Probably about Voldemort’s plans. It can’t be anything too big because they don’t want us to hear anything real important, do they?” Harry wasn’t to concerned either, because he would be hearing the meeting’s contents in a few minutes anyway.

“Yeah,” Ron replied weakly. They walked further down into the basement kitchen and they sat down at the kitchen table.
After a few minutes Harry wondered where everyone was.
“Isn’t this supposed to be a real meeting? Not the one I had on my first night here, but a meeting with the entire Order?” Harry questioned Ron.
Ron looked confused also and his reply confirmed it.

“Yeah, but I don’t know where they are. They always had their meetings here,” Ron finished with a look that made himself and Harry realize the answer at once.

“We’re in the wrong place!” they said loudly.

“Did anyone mention a different location for the meeting?” Harry said to Ron as they hurried back up to the main hall.

“No, but I think I might know where they are. There is only one other place that would be fit to hold a meeting,” Ron said as he took the lead to the location he was speaking of. Harry remembered no other place that could be used so he decided to trust Ron.

Ron led them up one floor and across the walkway. He then led Harry down a staircase Harry had no recollection of seeing. Ron paused at the end of the stairs. There was a hallway that led to the left and right of the pair. Harry looked at Ron for the next direction. Ron seemed to be muttering something to himself that Harry could not understand.

After a moment Ron had made up his mind and took the part of the hallway that led to the right.

“Alright, we are here,” Ron said as he stopped abruptly next to a blank wall opposite a picture of a giant dangling a tall wizard whose head was scraping the ground.

“What are you talking about? There is nothing here,” said Harry who looked at Ron as if he was seeing delusions.

Ron had not heard him obviously because he took out his wand and said an inaudible spell. Once Ron took his wand off the mundanely blank wall however, it shone with color. Harry gasped as he had to shield his eyes from the vibrant yellow that emanated from the wall, which now resembled a rather large door. No sooner had the light lessened in intensity than a doorknob appeared on the right side of the now clearly defined wide door. Ron quickly grabbed the handle and twisted it as he pulled it open.

Again Harry gasped at the room he now saw. It was a large room with dark red and gold walls. There were many candles around the room. They were all lit with the brightest fire Harry thought he had ever seen. There were many benches that were long and had cushions on them.

Needless to say, all of the occupants in the room were seated comfortably as if the cushions had been bewitched to cause immense comfort. The cushions were filled with people that Harry knew and people that Harry did not know.

There was Dedalus Diggle, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Mad-Eye Moody, Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, a wizard Harry thought he recognized as Elphias Doge, a witch named Hestia Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Fred and George and Hagrid. There was about a dozen Harry did not recognize but he did not look too closely at them because Hermione, who Harry had just noticed was sitting next to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley motioned for them to come sit with her.

Ron quickly walked over to her and sat down on her right. Harry followed suit on Ron’s right. Harry was about to ask Mr. Weasley a question pertaining to what he had missed, but he gestured for Harry to keep quiet for just now.

“Ah, yes, as I was saying. Professor Dumbledore’s will has not been found but I am making my best effort to search his former office for it,” said Harry’s Transfiguration teacher, as well as new Headmistress, who was at the front of the room and seemed to be making a report. Harry blocked out the rest of her speech as best he could. She was reporting all of the places she had searched in his office and Harry did not want to be reminded of that place just yet. When she finished she took a seat on one of the first benches.

Harry looked around to see who would be speaking next as Mr. Weasley stood up and walked to the front of the room. Harry watched intently at the father of the Weasley children started to make his report, shaking slightly.

“Arthur Weasley, the Burrow, now reporting,” He began and Harry thought this was foolish until he saw the witch named Hestia Jones taking notes. Harry realized that meeting’s must be recorded so he understood Mr. Weasley’s statement.

“The Burrow, after the attack on July thirtieth, is now being watched by the dementors at regular intervals. The whole group that originally attacked is not there, but there is enough that it would be foolish to attack them without our entire force. Even if we did, the one’s that are absent would arrive there and we would be greatly outnumbered. I think it best that we abandon the attempt to rescue it and consider it a small loss,” Mr. Weasley finished.

Harry could tell that it pained him to say these things. Mr. Weasley seemed to recover when a handsome wizard with small ears asked,

“How come the dementors attacked in the first place?”

“Good question, Anderson. We believe that the enemy attacked the Burrow for two reasons. First, we were supposed to have this meeting there but information must have been leaked so You-Know-Who planned to rid his opposition. Second, Harry Potter was supposed to be there that night, and we all know that You-Know-Who does not take too kindly to Harry. He was obviously trying to kill two birds with one stone,” Mr. Weasley said to conclude his explanation. There was a general murmur at Harry Potter’s name. There was also a general movement of heads as everyone looked around for him.

Harry quickly shifted lower in his seat as everyone gave up on the attempt and refocused their attention on Mr. Weasley. He started to walk away but Bill said, “What about my wedding? Will we be safe on Erminefoot Rise?”

“I believe so. It is quite far from the Burrow so their ability to suck the happiness out of people will not be in effect. Even if they move in, we will have all of the Order members and Ministry employees.” Mr. Weasley said this and comforted himself at he same time. He looked like his light-hearted self when he walked back to his seat next to Mrs. Weasley.

Harry started to wonder when the information that he should really hear was going to reveal itself. No sooner had he finished this thought than Lupin stood up along with Moody. They walked to the front of the room and looked at the members of the Order. They said their introduction and then they began.

“As you all are aware, there was a serious crime at the Hogwarts’ School last June. Our leader, Albus Dumbledore, has been murdered by Severus Snape. Snape has fled to be in true company of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Everyone has been on their greatest guard to find and bring in Snape.” Moody said all of this more to Harry than anyone else. Harry knew he could not block any of this and he paid painful attention to Moody and Lupin.

“We have received no information on his whereabouts. Obviously, when we find Snape we will find You-Know-Who. In the meantime, we now have a former Order member who has probably leaked many secrets to our enemy. Also, we do not have a spy in our enemy’s ranks. We feel that we have solved that particular problem. Please step forward,” Lupin said this very slowly, and when he finished everyone murmured confusedly.

Apparently Harry was not the only one that this was news to. Harry gasped, along with everyone in the room, when Lucius Malfoy walked forth.


hahahahhahahhahahahahahahaha hehehehehehehehehehhe hohohohohohohohohohohoh *stops and realizes embarrassment*

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Good job. I like it. smile


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i have read many fanfics on HP (mostly DarkC's and hotsauces) and i have always seen your posts admiring their work and to be associated with them is a big honor

thank you

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here is the last part of Chap 4: The Order's Modus Operandi (can't wait to see look on your faces )


Harry stood up. He could not believe it. This could not be the same Lucius Malfoy who had just been under guard in Azkaban. How could he be here? Lucius had always loathed Harry almost as much as Snape.

Harry moved forward to walk up to the front of the room, with every intention of yelling at Lupin and jinxing Malfoy. However, when he started to actually walk he was grabbed by Hermione and told to sit down. Harry did so very reluctantly thinking to himself that he would curse Malfoy once he saw
that familiar sneer.

“Could you be serious for once?” said Lupin in a not-to-serious voice while suppressing a grin.

“I am being serious. Didn’t you know that I broke out of prison? I fancied a new bit of scenery and gave them my notice of absence,” Malfoy said with, what Harry thought, an unusually frivolous voice.

Harry knew that couldn’t be right. Malfoy had always talked in a condescending manner. Harry had resolved to wait this out just a bit longer…

“We need to proceed with this meeting,” Moody snarled at Lucius, who showed a small bit of fear, and gave a small blush. Harry thought he was dreaming. There was never a time when he had seen Lucius Malfoy, the Death Eater who was always a sickly pale color, blush.

“Okay, okay. Hold your brooms,” Lucius said. But it wasn’t Lucius Malfoy any more. There was something about him that was changing. First the feet became smaller. Then, the legs got shorter and the waist, wider. Harry knew what was going on. As he saw the pale face pop into a heart-shaped head with bubblegum pink hair, Harry took a deep breath.

It was not Lucius, just Tonks transformed as Lucius. Harry should have known it could not be Lucius, Dumbledore was the Secret-Keeper, and since he was…. Gone, he could not have told Lucius the way into Grimmauld Place.

“Now that our spy has stopped fooling around…” Lupin said looking at Tonks, who was smiling at her shoes.

“We must vote on it. Tonks has agreed to act as a spy for the Order. Moody and I have been teaching her Occlumency to prevent the enemy from realizing who she is, and we must say that she has made tremendous progress. In fact, if it were not for our dire need for a spy right now, she could practice further and might become a very accomplished Occlumens. She would not be able to resist a full-powered Legilimency, perhaps, from You-Know-Who, but we highly doubt that she will rise in the ranks enough to actually be in the presence of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named,” Lupin said clearly.

The room seemed to be very attentive. At first, Harry thought that the room would be entirely against or entirely for the act. However, when Harry looked around the shimmering room he could tell from the look on peoples’ faces that they were changing their mind with every new statement from Lupin.

“Tonks wishes to be appointed the task, and we have put the proposal before you. Are there any questions before we vote?”

Nobody asked a question, but Harry thought the room would burst in sound if this had not been a very serious issue. Harry had never thought that Tonks would have been popular enough to cause this much concern from people she did not know until a few years ago.

“All in favor of Nymphadora Tonks as the new spy in the enemy’s ranks,, please raise your right hand,” Moody said quickly in a deep growl.
Harry did not even attempt to count the hands. He merely looked at Moody as he wove his wand as if passing over the occupants head. When he finished his sweep, a giant silver twenty-eight appeared on his right.

“All opposed?” Lupin said. Harry knew what he was thinking. Lupin must have known the exact number in the Order, and twenty-eight must have been more than half.

Again, people raised their right hands and Moody did the sweeping motion until a giant silver twenty-two appeared.

This news did not appease either side of the voters. Harry thought this was because either way, they were sending an Order member to her possible death. Tonks herself did not seem happy or said but had a determined look on her face that he had never seen before.

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had to post in two differnet posts b/c of 10000 character limit miffed


“Many of you have realized that we are now leaderless. For some of you, this is the only reason you decided to come to this meeting,” Lupin said as he looked a little disapprovingly at certain members of the Order. One of the members he looked at was the man who asked about the dementors, Anderson. In general, however, it was only a small amount who Lupin stared at.

“Yes, well, keeping to the topic of this part of the meeting,” Moody growled lowly after he felt that the accused had been given their retribution. “With Dumbledore gone, we are greatly weakened. It is true that no one else may find out about the order’s resumed headquarters, but that means new members must be told of our meetings separately. This will result in increased efforts to remain secret and conservative of information when not at headquarters. Also, without any type leader we are far weaker than our enemy. Replacing Dumbledore with a competent leader is a hard task, maybe even an impossible one.” After Moody growled this to the room he stopped to collect himself. Harry thought Moody was already regretting what he was about to do.

“I, as well as Remus Lupin here and Minerva McGonagall, have decided not to accept any proposals for the lead,” Moody continued resignedly, “All three of us have too much going on in the Order to become this group’s leader. Lupin has his spying on the werewolves, McGonagall being a headmistress, and I have an Order from Dumbledore before he died.”

“But you here are the only ones fit for the lead!” yelled Dedalus Diggle.
“No! I think Hagrid should take the role of our leader. He was always trusted by Dumbledore as much as anyone,” yelled a witch Harry did not know the name of.

“What about Kingsley?”

“I think it should be you Diggle, you have the head and nerves for the job (note in feedback on this).”

“Definitely Anderson. Only one for the job.”

Harry could tell that the room was on the verge of a heated debate. It could only be a matter of time before someone suggested that someone else heartily disagreed with. Then it would be complete chaos, unlike now where there was only loud yells every second.


Harry looked up from his lap, which he had been staring at to try and block out the yells. The command had emanated from his row. As he looked down the bench he realized that Fred and George had stood up.
“Listen up, because we have a few things to say,” said the twins loudly as they strode up to the front of the room.

“We have been wondering what this Order is really about,” began Fred.
“And why you all joined up in the first place,” continued George. The room was silent and staring at Fred and George in awe.

Lupin was looking at them with a confident gaze, Hermione with a look as though they were committing a crime, Ron with a look that gave away his embarrassment, and Harry merely watching them with a grin.

“Wasn’t the whole reason for the Order to protect innocent and vanquish Voldemort?” Fred said. Nobody in the room flinched at the name. Harry wondered why the twins said “Voldemort” without flinching and came to the conclusion that it was to show their seriousness.

“But you lot are shouting names of people who are not obvious leaders,” shouted George.

All of a sudden, Harry knew where they were leading and he put his head down.

“Why was Dumbledore your leader? Maybe you lot did not notice, but, it was because he was the only one Voldemort ever feared, and had not been afraid of Voldemort himself!”

“Now that he is gone, we need a leader that resembles Dumbledore!”

“Someone who does not fear Voldemort.”

“Someone like Harry Potter.”

“Why Harry, he is barely of age?” questioned the wizard Anderson.

“Why? Why? George you tell him. I cannot deal with these dull people,” said Fred in a weary voice.

“Harry Potter is ideal because of his track record. Harry has escaped Voldemort four times. Not to mention defeated a hundred dementors in his third year, and saved our little sister from a basilisk in his second year,” George said matter-of-factly.

“No,” said Harry.

“What? What are you talking about Harry? You did all of those things,” said Fred.

“No, I won’t be the leader. I have… other things to do,” Harry said with unjustified certainty.

“Why not? Look, show of hands, who wants Harry to be leader?”

Everyone in the room raised their hand except for Ron (who looked like he was being restrained from doing so by Hermione), Hermione, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Moody, McGonagall, and Lupin. It was still a significant amount of votes.

“I still can’t.”


“He said no Fred. We must respect his wishes as much as you respected ours,” Lupin said, cutting him off. “We will have to appoint a different leader.”

Fred and George looked crestfallen. Harry was glad that Lupin ended the conversation. He had not felt like explaining himself to the Order.

“I motion for Fred and George Weasley as co-heads. They were very convincing, and they do not seem to fear You-Know-Who. They were also very inspiring,” said a deep-voiced wizard known as Kingsley Shacklebolt. There was a general murmur of agreement.

“What? No, we were just trying-”

“Why not? You seem to be very gifted from what I have seen at your joke shop. You aren’t afraid of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named because you were just explaining fearlessness and used his name.”

“Well, I suppose-”

But Fred stopped to think about what they were saying. Harry noticed that Mrs. Weasley was on the verge of interrupting to say that her boys were much too young and that they would be declining, thank you very much. Mr. Weasley saw her too, and he held her hand and hugged her tight to restrain her.

“Well, how about it? This meeting needs to draw to a close…” Lupin said as though he expected their answer.

“Fine. We will accept, but we want everyone’s support and help,” said George after consulting briefly with Fred. Harry noticed that he did not say this in a weary or regretful tone, but rather he betrayed a small amount of excitement.

Mrs. Weasley was now wrestling with her husband to free herself and stop the proceedings.

“Okay, as far as I’m concerned this meeting is over. Fred and George please stay behind with me, Moody, and Professor McGonagall to inform you of your duties and actions that must be resumed from Dumbledore’s reign,” said Lupin. As the meeting ended and the members of the Order left the red and gold room, Harry wondered whether the twins would make good leaders.

'Well, I certainly hope so, for their sake,' thought Harry.

baseball - im better than you

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note on Dedalus diggle being calm and collected- a joke hahahahaha he was always dropping his hat in front of important people like Harry

what did you think of my first red herring?

baseball - im better than you

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I like your story, i love how you have jokes within it, that aren't completely obvious. its good. keep it upsmile

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thanks blonde

baseball - im better than you

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