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Lets skip ahead to "The Final Battle"
Started by: lionlover2053

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Lets skip ahead to "The Final Battle"

Well I'm a new member and I just thought I'd throw in a little fan fiction to start out with. The following is really just about the final battle between Harry and Voldemort. I repeat, it has nothing to do with developing anything in the books...though I do tie a few loose ends and go with some of the themes. Also, other than the first few paragraphs I have not tried at all to copy JK's style.

I know I rushed through some of the early parts, but Feedback is welcome!

One more thing: I wrote this ending based up on the FULL cover of the U.S. version of the book. Thanks!...if it sucks, let me know...if it's great, let me know!

Hermione spoke no words, but her face said everything: she was terrified—and for good reason. The thing about clear nights such as this one was that they illuminated the often overlooked beauty (or perhaps, revealed the horrors that would otherwise lay hidden beneath the shadows) of the world in which they lived. A willow tree that once looked terrifying is now beautiful in the light of the full moon; or perhaps a spring that looked cozy before was revealed to be nothing but a vile swamp. Tonight at least one thing was certain: none of this could be seen without the generous light of the approaching full moon. She studied Lupin hard.
As if reading her mind he said, “I’m fine Hermione.” He returned her gaze and added, “For a bit longer, anyway.”
She did not remove her eyes from his until Ron placed his hand on her shoulder and whispered into her ear, “Let it be Hermione. It’s almost over.” With his free hand, he gently brought around her chin so that their eyes met…and then he kissed her.
Harry stepped forward suddenly and said, “Er—I don’t mean to be…er…”
Hagrid finally broke his silence with a large sigh. It sounded like a fire being smothered out by a large blanket in one stroke. “He’s right yeh know. Best the lot of yeh go on ahead an’ do what needs bein’ done. I’ll catch up t’ya.”
Knowing full well that Hagrid couldn’t Apparate, they all shared a final embrace with him and turned sadly back towards the hill. “Lets do this,” Ginny said.
“Come on and have done with it...I hope you’ve got a plan Harry,” Hermione urged, and not without a sly grin breaking out across her face.
“I’m with you, Harry.” said Neville.
“Me too,” said Lupin.
“Till the very end,” added Ron.
“Moonshine,” said Luna.
“I’ve got a plan alright,” said Harry at last. “For Dumbledore. On three.”
They all counted out loud and when they reached “three” Harry stepped forward, turned, and flung himself into that crowded vacuum feeling that he loathed.

Death, but not for you Gunslinger. Never for you.

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Harry was the first to arrive in the center of the stadium with that familiar “PLOP” sound, followed closely by Hermione, Lupin, Ginny, Neville, Luna, and finally Ron. His wand was out immediately, but not all of his friends were fast enough.

“Expelliarmus!” he heard from every direction. He reacted quickly and blocked the curse, but then he heard Neville cry out in shock as his wand went sailing into the curiously dark ring that surrounded them.
“Stupefy!” shouted Ron and Luna together, their wands aimed in opposite directions. From the abyss came two soft thumps as bodies hit the ground.
By now Harry finally had a grasp on their surroundings. They were in the center of a large ring of sculpted stone pillars. It reminded him of a bizarre cross between Stonehenge and the Parthenon. All around the outer rings stood Death Eaters cloaked in their usual black and looking in on he and his friends who stood in a small circle facing outward. There was no escape from this one, they were sitting ducks. Even as he was thinking this, he heard Luna shoot a jinx into the ranks of the Death Eaters and heard Ron scream from beside him.

“Ron!” Hermione shouted as Harry turned in horror. What he saw would have been funny, if not for the circumstances at hand. Ron was suspended upside down as though some invisible giant was holding his ankle.

As Harry started toward him, he heard, “Get down!” Lupin’s voice barely registered, but it didn’t matter because Harry reacted with great swiftness and vanished from thin air. He reappeared about ten feet from his friends in time to see a jet of green light sail past and slam into a pillar, carving a basketball –sized crater in the stone. Immediately after that he watched in utter horror as Hermione, Ginny, and Luna fell to the ground with a sickening thud.

“NO!” he shouted. But even as he did so there was a voice in the back of his mind that told him to keep moving, and that there was something different about the way they had collapsed…something that wasn’t quite fatal. Considering that Lupin was unstable and Neville was relatively slow (both now disarmed anyway), and Ron was upside down, Harry realized how quickly things had gone awry.

This can’t be happening, he thought. Not now. It’s not supposed to happen this way. With all of his friends temporarily (or worse) unable to fight, he was cornered. He backed away to the center of the arena with his wand raised and ready to make his last stand.

“SECTUM SEMPRA!” he cried out as he made a slashing motion with his wand in the direction of sudden movement on his right peripheral. The movement to his right deflected the curse with ease and when Harry saw who was walking toward him his heart almost stopped. Temper hot, eyes blazing, he recovered quickly enough and screamed “Cruci—!”

“No Potter!” shouted the dark-haired man and parried the curse with a casual flick of his wrist. The man with a long nose and a permanent sneer on his face chuckled. “I see you haven’t learned much since last we met.”

“Coward. I have nothing to say to you...” Harry muttered, and then with incredible disgust, “Snape.”

“Good, because—as I’m sure you well know—I have no interest in hearing you speak.” He walked to within an arm’s length of Harry. “You’ll not be long for this world anyway, Potter. When the Dark Lo—”

Emitto Caecitas! Harry thought viciously, and this time the spell hit its mark.

“My eyes! I can’t s—see!” Snape wailed. He started to raise his wand again, but Harry was too fast.

“Expelliarmus!” Snape’s wand went flying from his hand and landed somewhere outside of the arena. He dropped to his knees enraged and frightened at the same time, and began crawling around blindly searching frantically for his wand.

Now he was at Harry’s mercy. All the Death Eaters in the world wouldn’t be fast enough to stop him if he wanted to do it. He glared at Snape with an expression that showed no pity. Here was the man he had loathed since they’d first met; the man who had been responsible for his parents’ death, and now the death of Dumbledore. Why then? Why did he now hesitate when he held this man’s life in his hands, when he could do with it whatever he willed?

No matter. He gathered up all of his strength and courage and aimed his wand at Snape who was dragging himself around in the dirt blindly—a true Slytherin to the last seconds of his life. Harry thought of his smiling mother and his caring but complex father. He remembered the love that he’d felt even at such a young age (the love he felt even it now, after all these years) when his father would lift him from the cradle and spin him around the room. He remembered the feeling of bliss as his mother would sing to him a lullaby; it had been complete and unconditional love.

Harry lowered his wand.

Death, but not for you Gunslinger. Never for you.

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And then came Dumbledore to his mind. He had a brief but clear flash of the memory in which he stood paralyzed by his headmaster’s spell and was forced to watch as Snape had stepped forward and…

Harry glanced down at Ginny, Hermione, and Luna who lay paralyzed in the center of the circle. And that vision flashed now as vividly as ever of Snape stepping forward, face full of hatred, wand pointed at Dumbledore’s heart and…and then a jet of green light had rocketed out of Snape’s wand and into Dumbledore’s defenseless body. Harry was enraged again. This man had done that! Eyes filled with fury, Harry turned toward Snape (who had almost escaped the ring of stone pillars) and—

“ENOUGH!” a female’s voice came from behind him, and perhaps that interruption was a very good thing. It was Bellatrix. “Stupefy!”
This time Harry wasn’t fast enough and he was thrown backward, landing hard on his back as his wand flew from his hand. “Accio wand!” he cried as his weapon sailed back into his right hand. And just when he was about to send a counter-jinx back her way, Hagrid came stumbling into the clearing swiping and swatting at every Death Eater in sight.

“Get him!” Belatrix screamed.

“Hagrid No!” but it was too late. Dozens of Death Eaters had descended upon him in the blink of an eye, showering him with hexes.

“Fer Dumbledore!” Hagrid bellowed as he sent three Death Eaters flying with swoop of his arm. Chaos erupted around them as everyone was scrambling everywhere, but mostly towards Hagrid.

“NO!” Harry screamed in horror, and just as Snape (who had evidently recovered his wand and his sight) sent a jet of green light at him, he Disapparated. Harry reappeared on the other side of the arena and found himself behind the circle of Death Eaters, who had closed in on Hagrid so suddenly.

Harry saw and heard many things at once. From somewhere on the other side of the circle he heard someone (who sounded remarkably similar to Draco Malfoy) scold Snape for losing his cool and firing a killing curse at Harry. He heard Ron “Accio” his wand and saw him release the others from their stiffened state. It was instant mayhem. Ginny was battling with a short and fat Death Eater whom Harry recognized as Amycus; Ron and Luna were battling with a tall and lanky Death Eater; Hermione was moving from Death Eater to Death Eater, taking each of them out of the fray from behind with a carefully aimed “Petrificus Totalis” curse; Lupin was not to be found; Hagrid had been dropped to his knees but was still tossing Death Eaters like broomsticks; and Neville was fighting…Neville was fighting with Bellatrix.

“I got sommat fer the lot of yeh!” he boomed in defiance. And Harry was heart-struck with admiration of this courageous friend of his who had, against all odds, been an extremely generous and good natured person even up to the end of his li—

Suddenly Harry was lifted ten feet off of the ground and hurled in the direction of one of the stone pillars. It was the price for being reckless (even for just a moment, as he had been), but if he was fast enough he might be able to recover. “Pulvinus!” he cried desperately. At the moment of impact the stone flexed inward like a sponge and softened the blow considerably. But as he collided with the pillar his wand fell from his grasp and his head whipped up against the firmer portion of the stone. There was a flash of white in his head, and suddenly the world began to fade slowly into black.
When he opened his eyes it took him a few moments to come to his senses. He was located in the center of the arena as all the Death Eaters looked in on him. As they became aware of his awakening, a murmur started to rise amongst them. He saw Ginny, Hermione, and Luna entrapped by what looked like an invisible cord wrapped around and tied against a stone pillar. It was likely an anti-Disapparating rope. He looked to the side and saw that Ron and Neville were in the same situation against a different pillar. He did not see Lupin or Hagrid.
His head was sore from his collision with the pillar. He rubbed it and when he brought his hand back around he saw that it was crusted with dried blood. And then again, his eye was caught by Snape. Snape was sneering in his typical fashion, that smug look on his face said everything. This was the end, one way or another.
Suddenly he heard all the commotion cease. There was a kind of blanket silence and an immediate feeling of emptiness began to set in on Harry. Harry climbed to his feet. For a brief moment he thought a Dementor was approaching as he saw a tall figure emerge from that surrounding dark abyss.
“Expecto Patronus!” he cried with his wand pointed at the figure.
Then suddenly his scar erupted in pain and he fell to one knee but managed to steady himself with his left hand and keep his wand in his right hand. The pain was so severe that it clouded his vision. But there was no mistaking the cackling that arose from beneath the hood of the tall figure cloaked in black. “You’ll forgive me for coming tonight without my manners. I believe I left them inside Dumbledore’s tomb.”
“EXPELLIARMUS!” Harry hollered with fury. But the jinx was parried easily by the figure, who was creeping closer to Harry as he knelt with increasing pain.
“Please.” Voldemort’s cold voice emanated from the hood, and as he drew ever the closer, Harry could see two red eyes blazing with hatred and full of amusement. “If you insult me like that again, Potter, I’ll destroy all of your friends while you watch helplessly.”
“Where are Hagrid and Lupin? What have you done with them?”

As the firestorm of pain in Harry’s head became excruciating, Voldemort began to laugh. It was a terrifying and disgusting sound, one that Harry hoped he would never hear again (and that wish would be granted tonight one way or the other). “As it stands now, only you need to die…and possibly that filthy mudblood Grang—”
“You’ll not last to see the sunrise,” interrupted Harry as he climbed back to his feet.
“But wont I?” he replied with a sneer.
“This all ends tonight.”
“You speak the truth, Potter.” Voldemort’s face contorted and his evil and maniacal grin was frightening enough to drive a man insane—and to scare a boy to death. Of course, Harry was no longer a boy.
“We duel right here, right now.” He gathered himself for a moment before, “Just the two of us.”
“Harry no!” shouted Hermione to no avail. The Death Eaters began to laugh in unison. Some of them murmured jeers at Harry and his captured friends.
“Perhaps you should heed the counsel of your friends,” taunted Voldemort.
“Have done with it! It ends tonight Harry! I believe in you—we all believe in you!”
“Go ahead Harry,” encouraged Neville, “It’s you alone who can bring this to an end.”
“Yeah! I’m with you all the way mate—finish him!” said Ron, as only a best friend could.
“Deathly Hallows!” said Luna. And everyone who was present at the arena looked at her.
“Yes, perhaps I should heed their counsel. In fact, I will.”
“Excellent Potter! Dumbledore would be proud. You are even more foolish than your father, and I will reward your stupidity in the same fashion.”
“You still don’t get it do you?” Harry asked. Now it was his turn to laugh. “There is no fool greater than he who believes death is the worst thing that can happen to him. Dumbledore always told you that there are things far worse than death—especially for you, and he was right about something else: you are the biggest of fools, and you don’t stand a chance.”
So this is what it all comes down to, Harry thought. But his thoughts didn’t go on without allowing an air of confidence to creep over him—for he did have a plan.

More silence.

They both glared at each other: the two of them in the center of the circle of onlookers facing each other at a distance of about twenty feet, each waiting for the other to make his move. Their final battle.

“Stupefy!” yelled Harry.

Voldemort didn’t even flick his wrist to repel the spell. He grinned, “Come now, Potter. Surely Dumbledore has taught you better than that all of these years.” And with that he fired a spell non-verbally toward Harry in the form of a bluish stream of light.

Harry dove to his left as the stream of bluish light missed his torso by less than an inch. To his terror, he realized that there were already two more jets of light (and one of them was green) headed directly at his heart. He landed hard on his left side and dodged both curses by rolling to his right. Knowing he had no time to climb to his feet he shouted, “SECTUM SEMPRA!”
This time Voldemort vanished from thin air and if Harry hadn’t witnessed Dumbledore battling him two years ago, then it might have all ended right there. Instead he knew that Voldemort was going to Apparate directly behind him and he was ready…but so was Voldemort.
As Harry whirled around and fired another “Stupefy” into space. Voldemort Apparated, and with one twirl of his wand blocked Harry’s curse and sent a spiral of florescent orange light back in Harry’s direction.
“Protego!” Harry blocked the curse quickly as Voldemort sent a short burst of red light his way. “Consocio Arms!” he rifled back, but the two spells collided in mid air to create a magnificent fireworks effect.
“I’m through playing games with you Potter.”
“Really?” Harry questioned mockingly. “Is that s—”
“AVADA KEDAVRA!” An enormous blast of green light rocketed from the tip of Voldemort’s wand.

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Evidently, it had come down to a battle of wills instead of magical talent. They both fought back and forth over his wand. Just as Harry thought he had the advantage back, Voldemort raised his other hand and began simultaneously summoning his own wand while repelling Harry’s.

This was perhaps beyond Harry’s scope of abilities in terms of focusing. He tried for a second to do both, but he lost his mental grip and his own wand went sailing into Voldemort’s hand. The only thing he could think to do was to reach behind him…if he failed, he’d be dead in less than five seconds.

He didn’t fail.

Harry leaned as far left as he could with his left leg still stuck in the mound of earth and snatched Voldemort’s wand out of thin air. Voldemort’s wand felt long, cold, and very awkward in his grip. He could almost feel the poisonous hatred-filled essence of Voldemort just from touching it. He had not expected the wand to keep moving towards Voldemort, but it did…and it dragged him out of the mound that he was stuck in and set him straight at the Dark Lord. It was now or never. In a few moments he’d be in the physical grasp of Voldemort…unless he let go of the wand, and that just wasn’t going to happen because he needed Voldemort’s wand to succeed.

Harry drew upon all of his skill, all of his courage, all of his teachings, all of his love, and roared an incantation in his mind that he’d never spoken before. It was a spell that he’d only heard of by rumor and that most believed didn’t exist, though Dumbledore had told him otherwise during his fifth year at Hogwarts. And most importantly, it was a spell that would never have worked against Voldemort until all of his Horcruxes had been destroyed.

EXSTINGUO MAGICUS! He thought powerfully, and he meant it more than any spell he’d ever used before. Bright white light exploded from the wand Harry held (which was Voldemort’s wand, as the Dark Lord held Harry’s wand in his own hand) and Voldemort was caught off guard by the power and timing of the non-verbal incantation.

Voldemort vanished and reappeared behind Harry, but the bright white light grew as a bubble and encased the two adversaries. Death Eaters went fleeing in fear, but many didn’t make it outside of the sphere of light. The light from the spell was blinding up close and appeared almost as a dome filled with lightning on the horizon; a sunrise in the dead of night. The bubble stopped several feet from the stone pillars of the arena, leaving the horrified group of Harry’s friends to watch helplessly.

Harry stood firm, unafraid of what surely would come next. He knew the consequences of the spell, and had made peace with his decision for awhile now. Finally the white light dissipated and the spell was gone. And now Harry was noticing Voldemort with Harry’s wand aimed at him with a helpless and furious look upon his face. Voldemort was flicking his wrist and shouting incantations but nothing worked.

“It’s no use Tom,” Harry said, “you’ll never do magic again. You know what that spell does to anyone who gets caught within the bubble…there’s no escaping it. There’s no escaping the truth. You’re a muggle now Tom…and so am I.”


“It doesn’t matter what you believe anymore,” said Harry serenely.

“AVADA KEDAVERA!” hollered Voldemort aiming Harry’s wand back at Harry. But of course, nothing happened. It never would again. “AAAAGGGGHHHHH….HARRY POTTER!!!!” Voldemort looked around and saw that many Death Eaters had met the same fate as he, and had fled into the night. And then his eyes rested on Bellatrix who had been lucky enough to escape Harry’s final spell. “Bellatrix! KILL POTTER! NOOOOWWWW!”

Obedient to her master until the very end, Bellatrix pointed her wand at Harry. “Avada Ked—!”

Suddenly she was blasted with a jet of red light and flung into a stone pillar before she fell to the ground unconscious. Harry looked up. The person who had likely just saved his life was none other than Wormtail. He ran over to the unconscious Bellatrix, grabbed her wand and then snapped it in half.

“Harry, lookout!” warned Ron’s voice from the edge of the ring. As Harry whirled around he found himself staring face-to-face with Severus Snape.

“Filthy muggle! Now you die Potter!” but just then Snape was hit by a ray of green light on his shoulder and fell to the ground lifeless.

It had been Wormtail again. “Harry Potter, I owe my life to you. Now we are even.” With that he morphed back into a rat and scurried away. It was the last time any of them would hear from him.

The End (of the battle)

Brief Explanation: the spell that Harry performed cannot be done unless it is one’s own wand that emits the spell against the owner of the wand. Consequently, anyone who uses another person’s wand against them in this matter will be vulnerable to the same spell. Everyone else was collateral damage.

After the battle (the final chapter):
*Voldemort throws himself off of a cliff because he realizes that being human is worse than death for him
*Bellatrix and most of the other Death Eaters are hunted down and put in Azkaban (whether they had been turned muggle or not)
*The fate of Lupin and Hagrid are up to the reader (in my story...I hope JK doesn't pull that crap tho lol).

Death, but not for you Gunslinger. Never for you.

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**Just so everyone knows, this is not the completed version of this battle!! I made a mistake in posting and left out a small chunk (that helps add continuity)...

So the complete part is in "Lets skip ahead to the "Final Battle" (the Complete Version). Thanks!!!

Death, but not for you Gunslinger. Never for you.

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