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Harry Potter: The Eighth Year
Started by: BADGALcharlie26

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Love Harry Potter: The Eighth Year

It was a few weeks after the events that happened at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry and Voldermort's demise, People were slowly getting back on with things stores in Diagon Alley were reopening and people were getting on with their lives.
The ministry of magic had decided that it was best now that things had settled that the school would reopen in September and to give students who wished to repeat the last year and for those that didn't get chance to go to Hogwarts they would be allowed to return to make up for the first time in Hogwarts history a eighth year so a letter had been sent out to the addresses of the students and they would be back at school in September at the start of year term.
It was morning at the Wesley house it had a different kind of atmosphere after under the circumstances of Fred dying in the battle however they too was trying to get on with their lives and Hermione along with harry had been stoping their for the holidays the sound of Mrs Weasley calling them down for breakfast could be heard Hermione was the first to come down already dressed "Morning Mrs Weasley " she said in a happy tone. Mrs Wesley smiled "am the boys still asleep because a letter has arrived concerning all of you" she said and showed Hermione the letter,Hermione took the letter from Mrs Weasley it explained that Hogwarts was being reopened and that Ron Harry and Hermione had been given places to return to Hogwarts for one more year.
Hermione looked up from the letter and stared at Mrs Weasley "Hogwarts is being reopened and they wish for us to return and I hadn't given much thought to how much we missed in the last year whilst we were busy doing other stuff" she coughed a bit as she didn't want to drag up any memories of the battle and voldermort.
Mrs weasley smiled once more "It's entirely up to you whether you return or not but I think it would be good for you and the boys despite everything " she stopped as she said this "well I better be getting on with things tell the boys to come down for breakfast it will be getting cold" she then made her way back to the kitchen and Hermione was left standing by the staircase holding the letter.

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Home » Misc » General Fiction Area » Harry Potter Fiction » Harry Potter: The Eighth Year

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