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52 Spoilers for a new DCU
Started by: The Ion

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52 Spoilers for a new DCU

Info from Wizard Magazine.

The Main Players of 52

-Black Adam
-Booster Gold
-Renee Montoya
-Elongated Man
-Steel (John Henry Irons)
-The Question

1. With the JLA disbanded, the Lex Luthor forms his own Justice League of America comprised of entirely new characters plus a familiar face.

2. An entire country within the DCU will be destroyed by a known power player, killing every man, woman and child within.

3. The Batwoman takes to the streets of Gotham, but who's behind the mask? It's not who you think.

4. John Henry Irons steps back into the Steel armor and steps up his game to cover for the absence of several heroes following Infinite Crisis, ruffling some feathers with his philosophy that true heroes do their job without accolades.

5. A new cosmic villain will be introduced. This new tyrant will be giving Darkseid a run for his money.

6. Forget just the Big Three. This series will indeed star the entire DCU.

7. Keith Giffen returns to DC in a major way to co-plot and do layouts on 52.

8. A shadowy figure is abducting big brains like T.O. Morrow, Will Magnus and Dr. Sivana, with an eye toward altering the world of technology.

9. DC's Drunk Detective Renee Montoya Introduced in the 1990's "Batman: The Animated Series," Renee Montoya has sunk to her lowest point as an alcoholic dectective and must find her way back to respectability.

10. A new team of Freedom Fighters.

11. Joe Bennett is one of the main artists for 52.

12. Montoya will see her bed become a revolving door of lovers -- one of whom will make her mark on the DCU before all is said and done.

12. A DC hero known for getting the job done without superhuman powers will get their abilities augmented in a major way.

13. Batman and Robin are MIA. What's keeping them away?

15. A beloved DCU hero no longer of the living will have their grave defaced in a shocking act.

16. Geoff Johns looks to follow up his work on Infinite Crisis by telling an even bigger story.

17. Get ready for the Question to return to the DCU in a major way becoming Gotham's new protector.

18. Ralph Dibny tries to move on from the events of Identity Crisis in way that will shock you.

19. A well known and respected former member of the Justice League his bottom and contempletes suicide. Will this beleaguered Leaguer pull the trigger?

20. Like on TV's "24" this number-titled series unfoldes week by week at the pace of real life, putting fans right in the thick of things.

21.With the White House way behind him, Lex Luthor gets back to basics becoming more evil and ruthless than ever.

22. Chris Batista made his mark on JLA last year-- now he'll try to cement himself as one of the best artists around.

23. One of the DCU's most eligable bachelors finally meets the super-woman who can tame him enough to settle down.

24. Grant Morrison will be unleashed upon DCU once more, bringing with him the seemingly endless fountain of new concepts and characters he displayed in JLA and Seven Soldiers.

25. Some members of the team Donna Troy took into space during Infinite Crisis won't be back by the first issues of 52 and some won't be coming back at all.

26. A new Red Tornado unlike anything that's come before will ride the eye of the storm into 52 and possibly beyond.

27. Booster Gold was considered a joke as a member of the Justice League International, but 52 sees him as an A-list hero.

28. One character's long-fought quest for respect comes to an end when they become the leader of their own country.

29. Mr. Dibny finds himself getting busy with somebody other than his beloved Sue. Who's the lucky lady (or fella)?

30. With Hector Hall out of the picture for the time being, someone new will step up to the golden mantle of Dr. Fate and become the world's most powerful sorcerer.

31. Mark Waid will be writing a new DC Encyclopedia.

32. With Superman, Green Arrow and now Hal Jordan return from the dead, a former member of the Justice League attempts to resurrect an old friend.

33. Lex changes the face of humanity forever through a series of experiments on Monster Island.

34. A rift forms between Steel and his niece when she makes a decision affecting the entire DCU.

35. Black Adam has walked the line between hero and villain for the past 3,200 years. 52 will provide the most in-depth look yet at what motovates this character and his sense of honor.

36. Don Kramer will be another 52 artist.

37. Is Lobo going back to basics. We've heard whispers, but it's too soon to say.

38. Greg Rucka can write anything from superheroes to comedy to epionage drama, and he'll be tested in every area over the course of 52.

39. The Question will put Montoya's detective skills to the test with a mystery that ends up taking a year to solve.

40. Changing the Future: Booster Gold and sidekick Skeets will attempt to use their knowledge of the past from the future to prevent major disasters before they happen. Will they succeed, or destroy the timestream in the process?

41. JLA=SEX: Two former Justice Leaguers you would NOT expect will bump uglies by year's end.

42. Each issue of 52 contains a two-page origin story on one of the DCU's heroes or villians.

43. A well-established character with a lot of history will make their first appearance in the DCU.

44. A new gay character make their first appearance in 52, before moving on to their own ongoing series.

45. The first weekly comic attempted in over 15 years-- since the demise of Action Comics Weekly in 1989--52.

46. Booster Gold becomes a corporate hero but when push comes to shove, who's pulling the strings?

47. A mysterious and powerful new character named Supernova will make his debut in Metropolis. But is this actually a famillar face with a new look?

48. J.G. Jones will provide the cover for every issue of 52.

49. One of DC's biggest icons spends the years as a civilian, unable to prevent what they once would have handed with ease.

50. One of the six leads of 52 listed above won't see the end of the year.

51. Dream Team: Morrison, Johns, Waid, Rucka, Giffen---all working on 52.

52. 52 will let readers know what happened during the missing one year between the February and March titles. By the time the first issue of 52 hits the stands in April, we'll already know where the DCU is headed but more than half the fun is trying to piece together how everything got there as the mysteries unravel.


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Infinite Crisis Extra

The 22 DC titles to keep your eye on.

Action Comics/Superman

Writers Feoff Johns (Infinite Crissi) and Kurt Busiek (Astro City) join artist Pete Woods (X-Men: Deadly Genesis) to take the Man of Steel on a eight-part odyseey, readjusting to a world he no longer feels he knows. "He's dealing with the ramifications of his past year," says Johns. "We're redifining him for the future."


The Series will not be cancelled as previously reported; instead, DC confirms Kurt Busiek and Butch Guice (Birds of Prey) as the new writer/artist team to steer the King of the Seven Seas in a new direction.

Batman/Dectective Comics

James Robinson (Starman) returns to comics after a three-year absense with artist Don Kramer (JSA) and Andy Clarke (Aquaman) and Leonard Krik (The Freshmen) at his side for a an eight-part adventure with Batman and Robin returning to Gotham after a year away to find corruption in City Hall and a new face behind the desk of the Police Commissioner. "This is James Robinson doing what he does best," says Editor Preter Tommasi, "peeling back the layers of character until you get right to their hearts."

Birds of Prey

One Bird is out of the picture and an unexpected replacement has come under writer Gail Simone's wing, "One of DCU's most dangerous villians joins the book, as an agent for Oracle," says Simone, who'll be joined by artist Carlos Sequira, "I think this is going to be our most exciting and unpredictable year yet"


She's pregnant! Writer Will Pfeifer won't reveal the daddy, but talker about how this will change Selina Kyle's life. "It's a wild little plot twist, but we'll use it to explorer some offbeat questions," says Pfeifer, whose artist on the book has not yet been anounced. "Has a lifetime of thievery prepared her for this? And while Selina is changing diapers, who's watching East End?"


The OMAC Project team of writer Greg Rucka and artist Jesus Saiz creat a new Checkmate with a mix of familar metahumans and "normals" runing the show. "Take a big chunk of The OMAC Project, take the concept of "Who Watches the Watchmen?" and throw in some James Bond and you've got Checkmate," says Rucka.

The Flash

DC holds to a firm "no comment" when it comes to the future of the Fastest Man Alive.

Green Arrow

There's a familiar face in the Star City mayor's office: Oliver Queen! What do writer Judd Winick and artist Scott McDaniel (Robin) have planned for hizzoner? "Ollie became mayor in order to save Star City," say Winick. "Ultimately, there's only so much you can do by puttin on tights and shooting arrows."

Green Lantern

Having gotten in some hot water on Earth, Hal Jordan takes to the stars for a dangerous rescue mission. "He needs to find the Lanterns he left for dead as Parallax," says writer Johns, joined by artist Carlos Pacheco. "The Guardians don't aprrove, so he needs a team of GLs willing to break the rules for backup."

Green Lantern Corps

Out of the events of the Recharge mini-series, the GLC goes monthly with comics legend Dave Gibbins pulling double duty as writer and artist for the first arc. "The Corps itself will be radically re-organized, more tightly disciplined and controlled," says Gibbins. "The Guardians will become ever more aloof and unfathomable, their Great Purpose ever more mysterious."


With Hawkman M.I.A., Kendra Saunders tries to fill the wings, but, as writer Walt Simonson notes, that's easier said than done. "She's trying to fill the void Carter has left, but she doesn't have his experience," explains Simonson, who is joined by artist Howard Chaykin. "Also, an ancient evil of S.t Roch is rishing up and causing violent, nasty stuff."


Kyle Rayner is reunited with his creator, writer Ron Marz, but is it with or without the Green Lantern Corps? "Kyle's story is still going to be tied to the GL mythos-- that's a part of who he is," promised Marz of his upcoming run with artist Greg Tocchini (Thor: Son of Asgard). "But the role he takes on is beyond anything he's ever experienced."


Alongside incomparable artist Rags Morales (Identity Crisis), DC Publisher Paul Levitz returns to characters he last wrote 27 years ago. "I've always liked the Justice Society because you've got a mix of young old people," reflects Levitz. "I'm looking forward to writing nes characters like Stargirl and playing with old favorites like Flash and Wildcat."


Does something happen to Dick Grayson in Infinite Crisis? New writer Bruce Jones (Vigilantes) will be chronicling a new man behind the mask. So where is Dick Grayson? Jones (whose artist still has not been released)isn't saying. "readers will see a new Nightwing," says Jones. "Now established in New York City, he will deal with more formidable fores, new metahuman rivals and an unlikely new romance."


The 10th Age of Magic has dawned and with it writer/artist Bill Willingham returns to the team he made famous in Day of Vengeance, promising plenty of unfamilar threats for DC's mystical underdogs. "A lot of bad things that were put down in the 9th Age are waking up," says Willingham. "It's a great time to resurrect really bad and terrible stuff."

The Spectre: Dead Again

A new Spectre rises in this three-issue mini-series by Pfeifer and artist Al Barrionuevo (Gotham Knights), but he's not the most willing Spirt of Vengeance. "He barely believes in the afterlife and wants no part of the Spectre's concept of Divine Justice," says Pfeifer. "Too bad he has no choice in the matter."


Kara's got a new writer, Greg Rucka. joining artist Ian Churchill as well as a new foe famillar to readers of the Superman titles. "She's Supergirl. That should ge great, but it sucks," says Rucka. "We're going to show just how much it sucks and what she does to make it great."


New writer Mark Verhelden (Superman) and artist Ethan Van Sciver (Green Lantern) take the World's Finest out of this world. "A strange, evil influence begings inpacting our extraterrestrial heroes and villians," shares Verheiden. "Look for surprising guest stars and tons of big action, Van-Sciver-style."

Teen Titans

The Titans get new blood in new regular artist Tony Daniel (The Tenth) and two new members: the mysterious Kid Devil and the deadly Ravager! "The first arc will see the Titans team with a new Doom Patrol against a new Brotherhood of Evil," reveals writer Johns.

Wonder Woman

While hot-babe uber-artist Terry Dodson (Spider-Man/Black Cat) has been confirmed as being part of the amazing Amazon's post-Infinite Crisis plans, DC has yet to release and information on either the writer or direction of the book. But the publisher promises both announcements will make major waves, so stay turned.


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The new JLA beginning in June.

Confirmed roster

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern (Unknown which GL)


Green Arrow
Black Canary
Captain Atom
Donna Troy

No chance

Blue Beetle
General Glory
Adam Strange


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Ben Reilly

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2. An entire country within the DCU will be destroyed by a known power player, killing every man, woman and child within.

So Ultron Unlimited vol. 2?


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Veeery interesting...


[SPOILER - highlight to read]: Verily.
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quote: (post)
Originally posted by ScarletSpider
So Ultron Unlimited vol. 2?

I was reading my hardcover collection of Busiek and Perez's run today. =D BP's energy daggers FTW.


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F you DC......your going to make me broke sad


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all that sounds freakin awesome but im surprised at det. montoya tho, after suffering the devastating effects of No man's LAnd she pulled herself 2gther and perfromed quite honorably, and bravely and shook the whole thing off. its just unfortunate for DC to have her endure an experience like that so triumphantly only to turn her into an alcholic "down ass chick"...thats just wrong man big grin..well i hope the art work is reall sugestive like in the JSA comics where they often show the literal apple shape of black canary, and hawkgirl's ass.big grin

i like the idea of steel coming back too. i hope that dibny is gonna be a porn star....that would be great, he would be the most in demand its not even funny.....welll actually it kinda is. i hope shazzam gets ressurrected tho,even tho im sure he's probably powerful enuff to bring himslef back to life


*SECRET NO-NO PLACE* Licking FTW Baby!!!!!!rock rock

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hmmm, insightful.

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