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Respect Walker (Marvel Death God)
Started by: Endless Mike

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Endless Mike
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Respect Walker (Marvel Death God)

Walker was a character who appeared as a villain in Genis-Vell's series for only 3 issues, yet he's one of my favorite villains and had a lot of potential.

Here are some scans illustrating his powers, abilities, and character.

Walker (His full name is "He-Who-Walks-Across-the-Worlds-of-Life-and-Death-Like-a-Colossus") was a god of death in his own galaxy, but unlike the death gods of earthly pantheons like Hela, Hades, and Anubis, he was worshipped by every being in the entire galaxy. He attempted to please Mistress Death by killing every living being in his entire galaxy and offering their souls to her:

Mistress Death rejected his gift, and in anger, he threatened to destroy her, forcing her to hide in the soul of a mortal woman:

Walker's cane is an extension of himself:

Takes on Thanos:

Here he is unharmed by a blast from Genis - Vell, and then threatens to level the earth "molecule by molecule":

Genis and Thanos fight together against Walker, but their attacks are useless:

Thor arrives, and they combine their powers to temporarily banish Walker:

After teleporting aboard Thanos' ship, Walker follows them in his own ship made of giant bones larger than Cleveland, that dwarfs Thanos' space ark:

Thor and Genis combine their powers to teleport Thanos' ark to the dimension of purgatory, but Walker follows them:

Walker takes combined blasts from Thanos, Thor, and Genis, and is unhurt:

Easily defeats Thanos and Thor:

Traps Thanos, Thor, and Genis in some kind of force blocks:

Genis - Vell attacks him, but he easily defeats him, switches him back to Rick Jones, freezes his arm, and breaks it:

Mistress Death summons many spirits in purgatory to attack him, but Walker defeats them:

He uses his power to start aging Rick Jones, but Mistress Death attacks him and separates all of the souls he has gathered from him, weakening him enough to be defeated:

We find out that when aging Rick Jones, Walker had actually manipulated time around him, such that Thanos couldn't restore him:

I know it's a short thread, but I think Walker was a really interesting villain. I hope they bring him back some day.


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King Kandy
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Actualy he only appeared in two issues.


Old Post Aug 9th, 2007 02:31 AM
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Home » Comic Book Forums » Comic Book 'Respect' Forum » Respect Walker (Marvel Death God)

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