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Respect Robbie Baldwin(Speedball/Penance)
Started by: Capt Spaulding

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Respect Robbie Baldwin(Speedball/Penance)

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Robbie Baldwin was an angst-ridden Connecticut high school student who was interning at Hammond Labs during an experiment that tapped an extra-dimensional energy source. He snuck in to watch the experiment, and was accidentally irradiated by it when the energy went out of control. The energy gave him superpowers: Whenever Robbie was hit with an impact above a certain strength, he'd become surrounded by a protective kinetic energy field that manifested in the form of a more muscular body, a spandex costume, and floating 'bubbles' in the air around him. When he's in 'Speedball mode,' any impact against him causes him to bounce instead of harming him. He can also harness this energy and direct it more forcefully, or alternately use it as a bubble / shield to protect others, catch others, and even stop moving objects, like bullets, in mid-air.

Speedball (Robbie Baldwin)After a brief career as a local hero against a series of ill-conceived villains, Speedball accidentally found himself at the site of the formation of a new young adult super team, the New Warriors, where he really started to come into his own. Night Thrasher had actually not intended for him to join the team, but his arrival and assistance in the battle against Terrax convinced Thrash to let him join. Over the years, Speedy would become close friends with all his teammates, although his best relationships were with Rage, "Bucket-Head" Nova, Darkhawk, and Timeslip, his (sort-of) girlfriend.

Speedball and his teammate Nova also helped Darkhawk and Spider-Man fight a group of teens who gained super powers when they picked up energy crystals which Darkhawk had been using to heal his body.

In "Civil War", the New Warriors attempt to apprehend a group of supervillains in Stamford, Connecticut for their television reality show. Nitro, one of the criminals, creates an explosive blast that kills about 600 civilians, including 60 children, as well as the New Warriors with the exception of Baldwin. This event triggers the push for superhero registration at the heart of Civil War. Baldwin is presumed dead after the incident, but he is found alive after the blast launches him over 500 miles. Baldwin's kinetic field keeps him alive, but it "burns out" as a result.

After awakening from a coma, Baldwin is arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. and placed in federal prison. After he discovers his powers are still functional, Baldwin is taken to the new penitentiary called Negative Zone Prison Alpha. Reed Richards, the facility's creator, offers Baldwin the chance to testify before the U.S. Congress. On the Capitol steps, Baldwin is shot by an assailant and taken away in an ambulance. Baldwin recovers from the wound, and Richards determines that Baldwin's powers are evolving. Baldwin thwarts an escape from the prison and says that he will comply with the Superhuman Registration Act. Baldwin orders a new suit of armor that features 612 internal spikes that cause him constant pain, symbolic of the 612 deaths he feels responsible for. He then joined the newest incarnation of the Thunderbolts.

Little Background on the Character Thanks of the Marvel Database.

Takes on Boomerang

Speedball Scans

Beating On Boomerang

combined attack on Blastaar

The Menacing Mutant Force

Takes on Blizzard

Couple of Goons

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Penance Scans

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Relunctantly Blasts Nova

very large blast

Credit goes to Cresh for getting me into this character, so everyone stand up and give him a round of applause, before I hunt you down like the dogs you are.

Also, Any help on this thread, would be appreciated!

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