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Sneddon is now asking for a Grand Jury and heres why! + Interview - DA EXPOSED!
Started by: o kiMMii o

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o kiMMii o
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Sneddon is now asking for a Grand Jury and heres why! + Interview - DA EXPOSED!

Sneddon is now asking for a Grand Jury!!! He is freaking scared now because Mikes Lawyers is now asking for the WHOLE ENTIRE case being investigated thats including what happened to MJ while being bailed. Because the child molestation stuff IS BS! and so he wants other people LOOKING AT IT, because the DA and the sheriff are obviously BIAS against Michael. Geragos didn't invite this investigation for no reason. The police already admitted to locking Mike in the bathroom, and his injuries didn't come from nowhere. You will see.

It means that Mark once an investigation held into how Tom Sneddon and his people ignored the investigation done by the child welfare etc services which found the allegations unfounded and the DA's office lack of credibility when they ignored the DCPC memo?? Thats why they changed the TIMELINE! Duh.....and called the DCPC a Interview , give me a break.

See he knows this will LEAD to the ENTIRE INVESTIGATION OF THE BEHAVIOR OF THE SANTA BARBARA SHERIFF'S OFFICE. You can't investigate PART and NOT ALL. How can you file charges against Michael when you haven't done a COMPLETE investigation of whether his rights were violated.

Sneddon and Anderson don't know the laws and they're law enforcement. Does these people know what the law is anyway?!. Sneddon doesnt know it and Anderson doesnt either. These people need investigated for stupidity.

He's trying to add more charges to MJ and he knows he can't. This just proves Geragos' theory that they are out to get MJ and they're overlooking laws and policy to do so. They're overlooking laws, He has convicted Michael over his first Amendment right to free speech. Disregarding the la dcfs agencies, disregarding the outright denials of Gavin and his family of any abuse in the beginning and just about everything else in order to get MJ. Why didn't the sherriff answer questions as to how Michael got those severe bruises on his arm? What about 70 - 80 in Mikes bedroom and cut up all MJ's bed and mattress and locked all Mikes employs out of his house! You cant do that. Took all MJ's stuff in his house without giving him a list what they took.

Yes the police slammed MJ against the wall and frisked him. Yes they did lock him up in a cell room but just told MJ it was a bathroom. Yes MJ complained while in the car the handcuffs are tight, but they didnt adjust crap and told him to lean forward.
This B.ITCH is trying to pull a 1993 on us again and MJ & Mark cant let this happen.
Mark Mullen from MSNBC just reported this.
The DA wants to go STRAIGHT to the grand jury instead of a preliminary hearing so that Mark WON'T have the opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses!! But it aint gona happen.
Tom Sneddon is looking for a way out, because there is no evidence.
He sets up a grand jury. Presents no real evidence aganist Michael Jackson. The grand jury votes not to indict. Remember, this is what happened in 1993.

Geragos said on larry king he would have to have a prem hearing. In 93 they were investigating the case. If he when to a grand jury this time all he would do is call a cop and the cop would said that Gavin told him michael abuse him. then the Da would ask the Grand Jury to indict and they would 99 percent of the time. This means once AGAIN he DOES NOT have any evidence so he is going to try and save face time so Mark won't embarrass him during a trial. Sneddon knows the Grand Jury will toss it out because there is NO EVIDENCE!!! MARK said this case is not hard to defend but he wants to talk to all the WITNESSES, PERIOD.
He is going to ask for a Grand Jury or Pre-lim immediatly. I am NOT shocked....that should tell you the only issue is what KIND of grand jury he wants...
If sneddon's case was the madd slam dunk he was saying it was at the beginning of this fiasco, why a grand jury? and interesting that he puts this out there after Geragos calls for an investigation into the ENTIRE CASE
Why would he even concider a grand jury after charging this man, UN****enbeileveble

So sneddon knows he can't win, but he just wants to make it take as long as possible?

Michael already been charged how can they call one after he been charged. It just show us his case sucks even worse then we believe. because all he doing is trying to hide from the press how awful his case is.

In 93 they were investigating this time it would be different. all he would have to do if bring on a cop and the cop said ***** told him that Michael abused him. and then the da would ask for a indictment and he would get it too. Its one sided nothing but what Snaddon want them to hear.
Sneddon is trying to cheat. He avoids the prelimary hearing so the defense team can't refute the charge and give their argument because he knows the judge will throw out the case. He presents the Grand Jury so the defense have no say about the case. Because he already charged Mike, he used psychological game to make juries believe there is enough evidence, with that the juries will favor the snake. To legitimize his role in the case by using Grand Jury decision because Mark threats to remove him.

If it goes to a grand jury, Sneddon will blame a weak case on them, "They didn't find it to be enough" there is nothing I can do. That's why he wants a grand jury. 100% of the time, grand juries are used BEFORE A PERSON IS CHARGED to determine if they will be charge or not. So going to a grand jury NOW, not only points to a WEAK case, but points to something that HAS NEVER or rarely been done before. Once again, laws are been BACKTRACKED for Michael. How could Sneddon even concider going backwards?

This is another UNHEARD of tactic the DA is trying. Grand juries are usually formed BEFORE the charges NOT AFTER!
This case is WEAK as hell..Plus, he won't take the blame if the jury finds evidence is not enough to proceed to a trial. The DA is scared...

Geraldo told that a couple week ago. And he was talking to someone at the heart of the defense. So they knew he was going to try and pull this crap.

Or Pre-lim"!! "Or Pre-lim" !!!!! The only importent word in this report is "Immediatly"! It may just be wishful thinking but this appears to be a desperate move on Sneddon's behalf He knows that his "case" would fall apart at the seams at a prelim, so he wants to skip that altogether. In the preliminary hearing, the prosecution will have to turn over their evidence that they have over to the defense. If the judge deems that there is sufficient evidence for a pre-liminary trial it will go forward where things can get tossed out before it is entered into trial. If not, he will toss it out.

For people who are interested....You can listen to this interview and it is very detailed and *Explosive*

Gary is an attorney in Santa Barbara County who has recently filed a $10 million lawsuit against Tom Sneddon and other Santa Barbara D.A. staff and officers. He was maliciously prosecuted this year by Sneddon and he now alleges 22 counts against the S.B.D.A.

Part 1: Dunlap discusses his lawsuit against Sneddon's office for a "sting operation" against him, including illegal phone call recordings, bugging, witness tampering, and several violations of his civil rights.

Part 2: Confidential settlements, stacking charges, vindictive prosecutions, and discusses the Michael Jackson case inc. that he once sued Michael Jackson on a wrongful termination case.
Link (2a):;pm=2&h=25
Link (2b-short):;pm=2&h=25

Part 3: Jackson case (cont.), S.B. County booking process, A.G. investigations, Grand Jury discussion re: Jackson case.
Link (3a):;pm=2&h=25
Link (3b):;pm=2&h=25

This is being sent to the California A.G. to assist them in their investigation. After you listen to what is on this, you will understand why.


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Home » Misc » Music Discussion » Sneddon is now asking for a Grand Jury and heres why! + Interview - DA EXPOSED!

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