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The Bout Of The Icons
Started by: cannibal

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I Am YpUr WoRsT NiGhTmArE

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Location: In Your Worst Nightmares Uk,en

The Bout Of The Icons

Hi all

read this story and tell me what you think

its kinda long so its got a few chapters in everypost i make

Bout Of The Icons

Chapter one: Son Of A Doll

Chucky And Tiffany Was Lecturing Glen(Their Son) Because He Did Not Want To Follow In His Fathers Footsteps”You Little D**k You Must Want To Be A Murderer, Its In The Constitution .” Said Chucky.
”Just F**k Off Dad, I Can’t Be Assed With Knobheads Like You” Exclaimed Glen.
”I’ll Kill You!”Said Chucky. Chucky Pulled His Knife From His Pocket And Attempted To Stab Glen.
”Chucky Stop it ,its Your Son! Said Tiffany
”Whatever….Hey Where Is That Little Sh*t. asked Chucky
Glen Had Run Away From The Clapped Out Caravan Where He Lived And Into The Deep Dark Forest.

Chapter two: The four Serial Killers

After The Fight That Amazed Many, The Fight Of Freddy Krueger a Child Murderer Burned By A Gang Of Vigilante Parents, and Jason Voorhees a handicapped deformed boy drowned in camp cyrystal lake, Jason Decided to seek help from a serial killer known as Leather face . The Chainsaw Holding Maniac That Lived In Texas in a big country house.
Meanwhile Freddy was wondering when he would meet Jason again,so he decided that night,to go in jason’s dream and see what he was planning.
In Another part of the world the killer known as micheal myers had heard of the fight that included the two biggest murderers know worldwide.He decided he wanted to join in ……..

Chapter three: The Final Contenders

It was dark and children were sleeping silently but there was one thing that was corrupting the children’s sleep. The tooth fairy was back on the prowl in darkness falls after being defeated By A Light In a lighthouse. She was back and ready for revenge. She Was Ready To Pounce On A Bed when all of a sudden instead of a child a hooked handed man
named the candyman popped out, “sorry ***** I got to him first muahahahahahahah!”he laughed.
He shined a torch on the tooth fairy and she went flying out of the window screaming.
Meanwhile IT the killer clown was wandering through a field when he saw a scarecrow.
”Stupid Dickhead Scarecrows not even scary” IT said
Then the scarecrow came alive and knocked IT out of the way with his wings.
”Shit! Jeepers Creepers!”Said IT
The nine contenders of the bout of the icons had been decided.

Chapter four: The Message

Jason Was Walking Around Camp Crystal Lake and went into a cabin. He thought it looked pretty much like a boiler room then it clicked, he was in one of freddy’s nightmares. He Went For the door but it wasn’t there anymore.He turned back round and there he was, Freddy Krueger, the killer he fought before.
”Well hi Jason, lets see what in that thick head of yours”Said freddy half talking half laughing. Freddy threw Jason into a pipe with out touching him.All of a sudden the boiler sprung a leak in a pipe and water spilled all over Jason.
Jason could see himself approaching Leatherface as he did earlier on he could see him agreeing to helping him.
”So that’s what your up to, well well ill pursuade 7 other serial killers into a final battle I’ll send a message in their dreams .Then We’ll See whos the strongest serial killer. The message was sent to the other seven horror icons to Go To Elm Street the next Night.

Chapter five: The Battle Begins

Jason Was Standing With Leather Face In The middle of elm street impatiently.
A Message In an Evil Voice came Booming Out Of A Car Alarm.
”Jason and Gentlemen! Welcome to the fight of a life time here at Elm Street!” Freddy said ”Let Me Introduce to you the contenders of our match up!
Firstly We Have Jason Voorhees And Leather Face”
Jason and leather face thought this was ridiculous.After Each name that freddy said each horror icon appeared from a house on elm street.
”Next We Have Chucky The Killer Doll ,The Candy Man ,The Tooth Fairy ,IT the killer clown, Jeepers Creepers ,Micheal Myers and Your Very Own Freddy Krueger!”
Loud Dead-like Cheers came from Somewhere.
Then It All happened, chucky went for Jason but got thrown into a wall instantly and knocked out, Jason then went for Freddy,The Tooth fairy went screaming and flying towards candyman, IT bit one of creepers wings off and Leather face began trying to stick his chainsaw into Michael Myers.

Chapter 6: Dropping Like Flies

Jason And Freddy were in constant battle with each other not getting anywhere fast. ”Give Up you fool and I will kill you quickly” said Freddy,but Jason kept swinging his machete and missing Freddy. Creepers Hit IT with his remaining wing,cracked open a lamp post and stuck his head inside.This electrocuted IT, burnt and killed him.
The Tooth Fairy and candy man where fighting nearby another lamppost. Tooth Fairy flew towards the top of the lamp post (dodging the light) , ripped it off and threw it at candy man cany man dodged it picked it up and shined it at Tooth fairy.
”Walk To the light,muahahahahaha!” he said fiendishly.
Tooth fairy’s mask fell off which revealed her horribly burnt face,and she fell to the floor.Micheal And Leather Face were fighting away from the others, leather faces chainsaw missing micheal myers everytime ,Michael flung his kitchen knife at leather face and it hit him in his stomach, leather face ,really angry now, took the knife and threw it to the floor.Leather face ran towards Michael with his chainsaw in front of him Michael, unable to dodge the chainsaw got sliced up and blood went everywhere

Chapter seven: The End Of Horror

Creepers Flew To Candyman and pinned him down with his wing grabbed Michael myers knife off the floor and stabbed candyman right thorugh his head.
Then Leather Face Ran Up behind creepers and cut him up into pieces.
Then Leather Face Ran Up To Join Jason but Jason was pulling his machete out of the ground , pulled it to hard and stabbed leather face in his heart.Leather Face Dropped his chainsaw and fell to the ground. “Its me and you now Jason” Freddy Said.
Freddy jumped As high as he could landed on jasons shoulders and ripped his head apart. Jason swung his machete into the air which went through freddy and flung him to the floor. Freddy Was Dead.But Their was water and brains spilling out of jasons head,he fell to the floor and died.

Well I guess you all think that’s it,no one won ,everyones dead but read on.

Chucky Was Coming Round From The Blow That Jason Hit Him With and looked out to see the other 8 horror icons dead
”I’ve won…..There all dead”He said
”That’s what you think” Said Glen behind him
Glen Sliced Up Chucky With Leather Faces Chainsaw.

The End

Tell me what you think

im thinking of converting it into a script


Old Post Aug 11th, 2004 06:21 PM
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Do it. And send the script to Mr. Spielberg IMMEDIATELY.

[email protected]

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Old Post Aug 12th, 2004 04:39 AM
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I Am YpUr WoRsT NiGhTmArE

Gender: Male
Location: In Your Worst Nightmares Uk,en

did anyone like it?


Old Post Aug 12th, 2004 10:39 AM
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Bout of the Icons

Hi, I teach special education to very poor children. Today we went with what interests them: Horror movie characters and did a venn diagram of Chucky, jason,freddy and Candy man. I haven't seen the movies myself. I am looking them up and found your story. I am going to read it to them with the bad words taken out.

Very funny and interesting.
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Old Post Feb 9th, 2005 05:10 PM
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