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Video Game Versus Rules - PLEASE READ
Started by: Lana

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Video Game Versus Rules - PLEASE READ

Just a few simple rules to keep the forum running smoothly. Make sure to read them all though carefully!

Obviously, considering the size of this forum compared to the others, the rules don't need to be as strict, but there are a few nonetheless.

1. This forum is Video Game Versus. Therefore, all characters in the match must originate in a video game - simply appearing in one is not good enough! If you are unsure if a character originates in a game, do a little research first. Wikipedia and Google are your friends!

2. All matches should be fair -- do not start one where it is blatantly obvious that one side would stand no chance. An example of this would be a Chocobo vs. Master Chief. Also, spite threads just annoy people, so don't do it. However, chances are if one person claims "spite thread" we are not going to close it if we believe there is sufficient discussion going on. Prove it's a spite thread first.

3. Please, try and keep them to no more than 3 vs. 3. If they are in teams, each team can have up to 5. Otherwise it just gets too hard to discuss. Matches that are 1v1v1 etc are not allowed and will be closed. The one and single exception to this rule is if each side will be fighting as one army-like team; this must be specified in the first post, else I will assume that it's not the case and close the thread for being against the rules. Gauntlets will be the sole exception to this rule, but I still ask that it stays under 6 opponents.

Note: people have not been following this rule very well. We are going to be cracking down on it more and I am considering getting rid of the 'army' exception entirely because people do not seem to want to actually go about doing it properly.

4. Recently there have been questions about matches including KOTOR/KOTOR2 characters, as they originate in the games yet the games are based in the Star Wars universe. If it is a KOTOR character against another game character, then it should go in this forum. If it is two KOTOR characters against each other, then it should go in the Star Wars Vs. forum.

5. Please use the search function before creating a thread to be sure that it hasn't been done already.

Tips for the search funtion:

  • Use the search function at the bottom of the forum.
  • If you use the main KMC search, be sure to click on advanced options and select it to search this forum.
  • To better find results, be specific. Say you are looking for a match with Link and Cloud (to select two names at random). Instead of simply typing in Link and Cloud, try typing title:link cloud or title: (link cloud).
  • See this post for more search engine tips.

6. All KMC Forum Rules still apply here. This means that bashing and flaming is not allowed; nor is spamming or breaking the PG-13 rule. Do not do it.

7. Canon feats vs. non-canon feats - I leave this solely up to the decision of the thread-starter. I do expect people to adhere to the decision made for that particular thread. For the purposes of this forum, only feats seen in the actual video games are considered canon. Any other sources (movies, comics, novels, etc) are considered non-canon here.

8. Please give some info about the match in the first post. Post a link to information on the characters. Describe where the match takes place, and any limitations on anyone involved. Just posting "topic" or "discuss" leaves far too many variables open, slowing down the thread as people have to discuss that first.

9. Respect threads - not allowed. Sorry guys. They've got their own forum.

10. This is character vs., not actually "game vs. game" versus.

11. "Who can survive..." or "Who can defeat..." threads are not allowed. All participants in the battle must be clearly defined in the original post.

12. Certain characters are known to be omnipotent or invulnerable canonically. Examples of such are Pyron, whose actual limitations are not known, Pyramid Head, who is essentially an incorporeal manifestation of psychological issues, and Ganon, who cannot be defeated without the Master Sword and/or Light Arrows.

We will allow these characters only if the first post specifies that they have lost that unbeatable element, enough so that the opponent(s) have, at the very least, a chance of winning.

13. If a character is based on a historical or mythological figure, then whether or not it is allowed here will be judged on a case by case basis, depending on how much the video game character differs from its historical counterpart. Some examples: Alucard from Castlevania and Amaterasu from Okami are okay, as they differ quite a lot from their literary/mythological counterparts they are based on. The Greek gods from God of War, and many of the enemies from Assassin's Creed (such as Cesare Borgia) are not allowed, as they hardly differ from their mythological/historical counterparts at all. If you're unsure, ask one of us, and we'll make a ruling.

14. Don't make a spectacle of yourself; if you think a mod decision was unfair, contact us (or the mod involved) via PM and we will calmly discuss it with you that way. We're all mature people here. Mostly. Arguing or disobeying an order is not cool and is something that can get you banned, so keep that in mind. Civility is the name of the game.

15. All characters are, by default, presented in vs. threads as they are in their respective games. This includes physical feats of strength, speed, durability, etc. shown in the games, regardless of the universe. The sole caveat to this is if the original post outlines imposed limitations. I will make this very clear: If a character can do something in a game, they can do it in the vs. thread, unless the original post specifically says no. This does not extend to things that are clearly gameplay mechanics - stuff like QTEs, turn-based systems, health and magic point systems, etc. It does extend to abilities that are clearly seen to be used in the game, and that the character is clearly intended to be able to do - the developers would not give the characters abilities that can be used in gameplay if they didn't intend them to be able to use them.

Any threads we find breaking these rules will be closed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the Off-topic thread; any suggestions should go in this thread. If you find any one or any thing breaking these rules, please report the offending posts. Please do not PM us unless you have a question (that is important) that you need to have answered quickly.

Thank you very much and have fun stick out tongue

-- Lana and Josh (aka Peach and General Kaliero)

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Home » Misc » Computer / Video Games Discussion » Games 'Versus' Forum » Video Game Versus Rules - PLEASE READ

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