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2,000,000,000 A.D. Babylon 5
Started by: Thorin

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Warning 2,000,000,000 A.D. Babylon 5

Earth, humans have now been around for over 2 billion years.
We are very advanced, with nowledge of cures for all diseases, never suffering through death, organic technology and no longer needing physical bodies, for now we are a race of light. But it was not alway's so, in the year 5,672 A.D., earth was thrust into a war with a race only known as Shadows. They were thought to have dissapeared beyond the rim of known space, along with all other First Ones in the year 2260. Little did any race know that the Shadows were come once again, to reak havok, and spread chaos throughout the galaxy. The consequences of the Earth-Shadow war would reverberate even until 2 billion A.D., for we would never again make the mistakes of the past.
[all thoughts or thinking will be put in bars]

Earth Year 5.671
Location-Outer Rim.
In the deep recess' of space, sat the lonley Earth vessel known as The Valhalla. The captain of the ship was in a very bad mood, for the Minbari were late for the meeting on how best to assign duties on patrolling the outer rim. Captain Janos was a hard man too please, and he didnt trust the Minbari, inparticular the warrior caste, whom he would be meeting with, [if they ever get here].
"Sir, were reading an energy signal coming from hyperspace." said Cmnd. Abrams.
"What sort of energy readings cmnd." asked Cpt. Janos."
" I think its a distress beacon, sir if its the Minbari they could be trying to get us to help them."
"Open hyperspace frequency and deliver this message, If you require assistance turn off energy signal in three standard minutes." Ordered Cpt. Janos.
"Sir, vessel is of Minbari origin, report they are under attack, I repeat they are under attack." exclaimed Cmnd. Abrams.
In an instant the Valhalla jumped into hyperspace to lend a hand, but befor they could act, A single ship came out of hyperspace, or more like shimmered. It was an ugly sight to behold, nearly twice as large as the Valhalla, and when it came near the ship, they crew thought they heard a piercing scream, it was only in there head.
" Sir orders." asked Cmnd Abrams.
"Shields up, all batteries run weapons on hot. Everybody, battle stations." barked Capt. Janos
Befor the Captains orders could be carried out, the Valhalla was attacked by the unknown vessel. The Valhalla erupted into a firey ball of flame, its crew of 3,000 whose screams were cut short by the destruction of the ship, were lost.

To be continued........ in Babylon 5 part two.


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The 20,000,001st century, they better have self-cooking food...
(Hope i calculated that right embarrasment)
Im not reading till i hear about self-cooking food...

Mal: "Well, if anyone gets nosey... You know... Shoot em' "

Zoe: "Shoot them sir?"

Mal: "...Politely"

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its actually 2 billion years in the future, but the story takes place in the year 5.672...the story is kinda like there looking back on the crisis that helped shape there future. and because your putting out good stories i like to read, i will put self cooking food. thumb up


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Would it not be the 199,999,999th century? stick out tongue

So the story takes place 3000 years in the future, give or take?

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Death only gives another set of choices.

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Location. Geneva, Switzerland-EarthDome

President Zita Davit' was a young President, at only 34 years of age, she has become the most powerful person on earth itself.
If there were one word to sum up the very beautiful president, it would be strength. President Davit' rifled through her morning paper, reading about how the citizens of her world were happy with or extremely upset with her over the decision to rejoin the Interstellar Alliance.
{If these people think they can do better, then they can do my job}.
KNOCK, KNOCK "Enter," came the voice of President Davit'.
"Apologies, madame President, but we have received word that our Warlock class Destroyer known as the Valhalla has been destroyed. All crew aboard were killed." informed General Brass.
"General, do we know who did this, and what of the Minbari ship they were to rendezvous with." asked President Davit'. The general didnt know how to say this to the brash young president, but he would just have to suck it up and say it. "Madame President, the Valhalla and the Minbari vessel known as Tri-kina, were both destroyed, and evidence from the black box from the Valhalla suggests that, a race known as the Shadows were responsible for the attack." "How can this be, the Shadows were driven out of this galaxy by John Sheridan over three thousand years ago." said the president. The General had to give it to the young woman, she knows her history as well as politics.
"Madame, we have been getting reports from deep patroll missions, and border disputes for over a month know. Intel believes whatever is stiring up other races against us is likely to be the Shadows themselves or their servents, who we did not wipe out when we had the chance." said Gen. Brass, he sounded a little bitter at the last statement, for he doesnt like too remind himself that some of the Drahk had gotten away in 2267 and in there war in 2845, both times earth had repelled there attack. But It was the 2267 attack that pissed him off most, for the Drahk had dropped a plauge on earth and within five years if the couldnt find a cure, they would all die, six billion humans would die.
Luckly for the crew of the ISA Excaliber, four and a half years into there journey for a cure, the First One known as Teelans, gave the Excaliber the cure. " Gen. Brass, stop daydreaming and tell me why I wasnt informed of the disputes." yell'd President Davit'.
"Sorry Madame President, I I didnt tell you because they were minor disputes, none of our ships were attacked until now." responded the General. " Shit, if i'm to run this world and all of it's territory's, I need to know what is going on, do I make myself clear General Brass." President Davit' exclaimed in a very icy tone.
" Yes sir Madame President sir." Befor he could say something else President Davit' waved him out of her living quarters. She was in no mood now for her nine o'clock meeting, but she must inform the senate if they didnt already know. Presdent Davit' undressed and put on her fine italian made suit, it fit her to her every curve, and she needed to persuide the senate if need be to take action against the Shadows.

Location-Sector 3459
The Centauri Republic Home World-Centauri Prime
The world burned, it would look beautiful if it werent for the fact that six billion people lived, or had lived there. To the Shadows it was a fine piece of work, but to the crew's of the three thousand Centauri space vessels that just jumped out of hyperspace, it was horror to their eye's. Their home, their world, their loved one's all gone. The Captain of the ship Mallari was a big and powerful person, but today with the horror of what has transpired, he looked little like the regal person he was.
He wondered if the Emperor had fled to safety in time, or was he dead to, but no matter, he needed to focus and re-group, for they would strike back at whom ever had done this, he would gather the full force of the Centauri Royal Navy and the combined strength of the outer colonies. Although Centauri Prime is or was the home world to the Centauri Republic, the centauri people were not gone, there were 4 billion more Centauri in other territories. They will live to fight another day.

To be continued in........ A.D. Babylon 5


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quote: (post)
Originally posted by Trickster
Would it not be the 199,999,999th century? stick out tongue

So the story takes place 3000 years in the future, give or take?
you got it. oh and please feel free to judge me on whatever you feel, let me know what i can do different, and when i need to use punctuation and other spelling mistakes. smile


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Location-Minbari Home World

Dukaht was a slight but very sturdy Minbari, from the Religous Caste. Despite the talk of the Shadows return
,he still thought that the Grey Council {Minbari ruleing government} was wrong to not go to the humans directly, and
begin talks on how best to slove this crisis. In point of fact, he should go directly to the Grey Council himself and demand it of them to
start negotiations with the humans, if they didnt, then they alone could not stand against the Shadows, Earth Alliance senate had opted not to
take action right away, despite protests from their president. "Dukaht, were are you going in such a hurry." the leader of the Anla' shok{The Ranger's in Human speech} asked him.
" Oh, Frimout, pardon I, I didnt see you there. I'm going to the Elders meeting and demand that they send me to the Grey Council. I need to
speak to them, if we do nothing of the shadows attack on us and the Humans, we are doomed." exclaimed Dukaht.

"Dukaht, do not do this, I am already awaiting a shuttle to take me to the Grey Council's ship. You may join me of course, I am going to voice the
same opinion you have. The Council is wrong indeed to not act quikly, if we are to survive, we need the humans help."
said Frimout sternly. If there was any indication that Frimout was angry with Dukaht it didnt show, so Dukaht knew Frimout's tone was only to straighten him out.
"The shuttle is here." said Frimout. The Minbari were atleast 9,000 years beyond all the younger races, and when you see there ships, from transport to destroyer you will recognise why.
The transport was for 6 or more people, and the Minbari had discovered the technology for beaming one thing or person, from one destination to another destination, usually from ground to ship or ship to ship.
Frimout signaled the ship that 2 were to board and then in a flash of intense white light the 2 Minbari were aboard the shuttle.
Frimout was to travel on the Dra'la'fi 2, to the Bre'koza system, a Minbari held star system 12 lightyears from Minbar.
Aboard the Dra'la'fi 2, Frimout and Dukaht talked in there personal quarters to each other about what has transpired over the last month,
and why the Shadows would destroy the Centauri Home World.
"If I were to guess Frimout, I would say that they did it becuase they could." Dukaht answered Frimout.
"Yes, but why, why utterly destroy Centauri Prime, they have been at peace with everyone for nearly 1000 years.' Firmout said, with wonder.
"Do the Shadows really need a reason, to spread chaos and disorder across the galaxy." said Dukaht
"You come from a long line of Religous castewho have hated the Shadows, remember your teachings, those who hate, always end up being the hated." Frimout responded.
"A human expression, what is your facination with them, if I may ask." said Dukaht.
Frimout laughed heartly, amused by Dukaht so much he couldnt help but continue but laugh at his expression on his face.
"Aahh, Sorry, I have'nt had a good laugh in a long while." Well are you going to answer my question or would you rather laugh at me some more." asked Dukaht.
"I will answer your question, I was only gathering the facts in my head." answered Frimout.
"Do you remember the incident in the Sokat system." asked Frimout.
"Yes, I was a boy when it happend, what has it to do with my quest..." Dukaht silensed himself at the gesture of Frimout, who held up his hand for silence.
"I was there at the incident, I was as young as you are now. You see, we blamed the Humans for what transpired there, but it was not there fault. I was first Commander of the ship Senoma ketal
, and my captain was Krola of Singemka."
"Do you mean the Frimout of the Sokat incident was you, it's such a common name among our people, I had no idea." interupted Dukaht.
"Yes it was me, when we ventured out there to the Sokat system we went with a human expadition voyage.
When we finally arrived, we sent shuttles along with the humans to the 4th planet in the system. For 5 months we gathered data about the planet and it wild life, plants, and weather patterns.
After the 6 months were up we decided to colonize the planet in total union with the humans, but Krola had a different opinion on this matter." Frimout finished.
"So you were the one who killed him in the battle for Sokat." inquired Dukaht.
"I am he." answered Frimout.
"We will talk again on the way back Dukaht we are already here." said Frimout. But the conversation would not be picked up for a long time, for when the jumped out of hyperspace,
they discovered the ship carrieing the Grey Council was completly decimated, even the might of the powerful Minbari cruisers were no match one on one with a Shadow battle crab.

To be Continued in.......... A.D. Babylon 5


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Location-Sector 900
The Rim

The Rim is a desolate, vile and evil part of the galaxy, it's barren wasteland of planets mixed with ancient defense systems, The Rim
is the dessert of the galaxy, no hope of survival, and no chance of ever returning alive from it.
The 4th planet from it's vile purplish sun, sat the now extinct and blown apart rubble of the planet once called,
Za'ha'duhm. Za'ha;duhm once belonged to the race known as the Shadows, it was a barren wasteland,
filled with toxic fumes and unstable ground, but in the core of the giant planet was the city of the Shadows, known only as Duhm.
The Shadows adopted this planet from there teacher Lori-en, who taught the Shadows in there infancy.
The Shadows were once an insectiod race of spiders, now they are beings of energy in insect form.

In the cold recess' of space the monstrous forms of the Shadow battle crabs shimmered out of hyperspace,
numbering in the hundred thousands, along with their most heinous weapon the death cloud, a cloud that contains
millions of 30gigiton nuclear bombs, capable of burrowing straight to the core of any planet and detonating.
Causing a ripple effect throughout the entire planet, of never ending tsunami's, earth quakes, volcanic eruptions and hurricane force winds.

The Shadows have just come from the cliikk ssskkkkkeeeetttt cllliikkkkkk bbbuuuurrrrr{Toanis Galaxy}.
There they caused such havoc that there teacher and mentor Lori-en banished them from entering the Galaxy again,
It was not the Shadows fault that, what happened to the peasant races of the Toanis galaxy could not be undone.
In fact the blame belonged to the Vorlons,who had made first contact and began to genticaly reassemble them.
It was the Vorlons who started this and, it was the Vorlons who would not suffer the consequences.
But now the beloved races of the Vorlons would pay for there crime, betrayal was not something the Shadows stood for.
First the Humans, then the Minbari, but befor all that the rest of the galaxy will burn.

Location-Vree Space
Vree Outpost VII

Translated into english.
"Help, we are in need of help." said the voice of the small buggeyed creature known as the Vree.
Shadow battle crabs were swarming all over the vree outpost, attacking the massive space station with there
deadly slicer beams. One vree ship with the old and childrentried to escape via the nearest jumpgate, but only met a
cruel fate, as the ship attempted to enter the portal, the nearest battle crab sent a hyperspace portal disrupter.
The ship could not turn back the portals pull was already too great, and when the disrupter beam hit the energy of hyperspace portal,
the portal collapsed and the Vree ship exploded into many peices.

Just as the Shadows finished there deconstruction of the Vree outpost, more Vree ships from a nearby system
jumped out of hyperspace, and unleashed a frightening volley of plasma weaponry and advanced graviton
slicer beams. It was as though the Vree were just tickling the Shadow vessels, for none went down, and
all opened fire and the 38 Vree ships that came to help were all destroyed.
But not befor the captain of the Vree vessel Tomak, sent a message via hyperspace link to all governments
within 18 lightyears.

"Madame President, we have just recieved a coded message via Silver channel 1, from the Vree ship Tomak."
said Presidential aid Haustier. " And What of the message Haustier.' answered President Davit' with as much enthusiasum as dry toast.
" It seems the Shadow conflict, has now erupted into full blown war. The Captain of the Tomak sent multiple messages, one message
was, The Vree colony Buratum VI is destroyed, the outpost colony of Koriana VIII is also destroyed.
And Lastly the Out post of Januk VII has also been destroyed." finished Haustier.
"Make Copies for the senate, and deliver them. Arrange a meeting with them and get a report of this on my desk by tommorrow morning
at 8 A.M. ." said President Davit'.
"Yes mam."
"What is it Gen. Brass, i'm quite busy at the moment." said President Davit'.
"We have gotin word that the ship were the Grey Council meet has been destroyed." said the general.
"Meet me in my office in half an hour, we need to discuss the saftey of our world." President Davit' said.

To be Continued in.............. A.D. Babylon 5


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"If we continue to do nothing until we are attacked." exclaimed President Davit." We wil suffer the same fate as The Vree, The Centauri, and the Minbari. You must not hold back our forces, just because you are affraid of the Shadows."
She let the last sentence seep into their minds, the senate might hold enough power to hold back the military, but she would rather be damned if she would let these idiotic, overly endulged cowards, let the Shadows destroy everything she and her predacessor's have worked for.
" Enough time has been allowed." said President Davit," what is your answer to my praposal of the Shadows."
"Ms. President, we have come to the conclusion that you are right, we cannot let the threat of the Shadows go unheard by our ears and unseen by our eyes any longer." said Chairman Davis.
"Good, then what are we waiting for, we should begin our campaign by contacting the Minbari, with there forces combined with ours, we should stand some hope of driving them off." President Davit said.
The Senater's were carefully picking there words, as to not anger the President, for they know full well that if they respond to her last statment with reckless abandon, She would most likely disband the senate and take full controll for the duration of what will be the greatest war mankind will ever face.
"President Davit', we feel that we need more time." said Chairman Ruckers carefully, "If we go into this full head of steam we might not survive an all out war with the Shadows.'
"And If we delay anylonger, we still wont survive a war with them." expressed Pres. Davit'.

With the meeting ajourned, and the senaters voting in favor of Pres. Davit's plan, the President had a long day ahead of her, so she would go and start her day by letting the self making food processers make her a very fine lunch, maybe some soupa bruschetta, and then some spagehtti carbanarra.

Location-Narn Home World
In the temple of G'kar, sat the entire ruling body known as the Karr'ri.
The Earth Alliance recently informed them of the situation, and hoped they would lend there might to the conflict. The Karr'ri said they would commit total support to the cause.
"So G'kail, what are we meeting here for." asked Q'roth.
G'kail was the ruling member of the Karr'ri he had the authority to demand and ask of whatever he wanted.
"Q'roth, i have summoned us here to inform you that we need to begin mobilization of our forces immedeatly." G'kail answered.
"Master what for, have someone attacked us, are we again taking up arms against the Centauri." asked G'kar
"No G'kar, we are not, it pains me to tell you that, the Shadows have returned, and have begun an all out assault upon the Minbari and the former leage of non-alligned worlds, and we beleive there next target will be the Earth." G'kail said to the entire Karr'ri.
"We who master" said Na'toth
"The Pesident of the Earth Alliance of course." G'kail said.
G'kail knew the Karr'ri werent ready for this but it must be done, to with hold information from them might have cost him his possition.
G'kail saw the flickers of fear in all there red eyes, and knew with needding to hear it, that they were behind him on this venture.

Location-Minbari home world

The massive fleet consisting of Minbari war cruisers and Minbari Stealth destroyers, Earth Alliance had the Advanced and regular Warlock class warships, Omega class destroyers, and X-Factor class dreadnaughts, the entire Centauri Royal Navy, Vree centurian and Killik class star destroyers, Brakirri contributed the fleet of Sonmoa class dreadnaughts, the Narn's fleet of G'quan heavy cruisers and G'kane star cruisers outfitted with mass drivers. And Lastly the Interstellar Alliances own Victory class destroyers and White Star class cruisers. In All they numbered 398,289 ships, and they all prayed that this risk they were going to take would pay off, because if it didnt they were all doomed to oblivion.

Conclusion to 2 billion A.D. Babylon 5......tommorrow. stay tuned.


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The Rim
{Personel Logs of Presiden Zita Davit'}
In the blink of an eye, the war had started, casualties were great, but sustainable.
It would take many years of cunning, and daring men and women and aliens, but
the war with the Shadows would come to an end. But Inbetween the beginning of
the war, and the end, there would be some hard choices to make, as well as a
look at ourselves in the deepest sense. For the travesties that occured during the
war, would help shape all our future's.

Earth Year 5.672
It was the new year and it started off with several major alien governments,
including our own, declaring war on the Shadows. On January 1, 5.672, the
Alpha fleet struck at the Shadows first, with nearly 20 thousand ships, and
support crafts, with Gen. Brass at the lead command, the first in many attemps
at driving the shadows out, was a disaster. The Shadows were well aware of our
plans to take back the Centauri Home System, with the Centauri's own world used as
a base of opperation for the Shadows, we thought that with help from the Centauri
Grand Admiral Lucca Mallari, we could some how take back the planet and use the
might of the fleet to liberate the beseiged planet. How very wrong we were.

Location-Centauri Prime
Opperation Freedom Centauri.
" This is Fleet Command, we are due to arrive at Centauri prime." said Gen. Brass,
over gold link one secure channel to the rest of the fleet." In about 2 hours, we are
well inside the planets jamming signal, and if any of you feel you need to rethink
this course of action for yourself, than 5 hours ago was that time. Now on my
orders, we will jump from hyperspace to normal and immedeatly open fire an all
enemy vessels, now i know that the shadows have organic ships, and fire power
vastly superior to ours, but with our strength in numbers we hope to GOD, we can
pull through, now with that said, GOD bless, and be safe." ended the General speach.

The Shadow base known as Za' kuhm, was crawling with the insect race and that of their
servents, the Drahk. This base of opperation was strictly for the development of
the Shadows organic ships, and the weaponry equipped within them. In giant containers
filled with black sticky ooze, the Drahk commander known as Sheek'nawl, ordered
his subordnents to fill the giant mold of a mother shaped battle crab, usaully 3 times
as large as a regular battle crab, this behemouth of a vessel was damn near a perfect
weapon, it's only flaw is telepathic waves. For inside these monster ships is a living
entity, wether drahk, or any other race that is eqipped with the nessesary tools
to fly the ship." Over here you mangy maggott." came the deep gutteral voice
of Drahk overseer Bahk'teel. " You there, come and help this scum with the load
of bio-tech weapons, and if you drop them you will answer to the Shadows."
After the 2 cowardly Vree slaves complied with there Drahk lord, they were
killed for being too slow. For only a moment came the pleasure of the Vree
slaves deaths to Bahk'teel, he and all others in the metropalis sized work plant
were killed by a series of explosions, that originated from the 2 dead Vree.
When they were captured, the Drahk did not know they were going to sacrifice
there lives, befor the failed mission of the Vree to free there capital city of
Duuni, the Vree captain and his 1st commander were implanted with a theremal
nuclear device tied into there cental nervous system, if for any reason they died,
then a few moments later, they would detonate and level anything within a 40
mile radias.
The sensor alarms of the city near the plant, went off, and in a matter of seconds
small shadow fighter crafts, were up in the air and heading in the direction of
the plant. Within an hours time the fires were put out and damage calculated,
the whole of the weapons plant was destroyed, but no matter, the others
were still operational, and the Alliance will pay for there crime against there

All ships held there position in hyperspace, while the scout ships sent word back
to them with information on the quantity and, the amount of fire power
nessisary to take them out.
" This is blackbird 1 to fleet command, no hostiles anywere around the planet,
suggesting abort the mission, it doesnt seem right." came the voice of Ltn. Mitchell.
" I dont give a rats ass about your suggestion Ltn., get back A.S.A.P." replied
Gen. Brass. Ltn Mitchell did as Gen. Brass ordered, but he couldnt help but feel
there was something wrong with this situation. If the Shadows had taken
Centauri prime for there new home world, then why leave it ungaurded,
it made no sense to Mitchell at all, he fired up his jump engines and leapt
back into hyperspace, and aboard the Haties.

To be continued in Shadow War End Game......coming in 4 days.


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