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Harry Potter and the Golden Locket
Started by: Hermione121

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Smile Harry Potter and the Golden Locket

Hey, umm, im new here so i don't really know how this works! But i've started my own Harry Potter story, and here's the first chapter. Please tell me if you like it, and how i can improve it!

Thank you.

Harry Potter and the Golden Locket

--- chapter one ---

The town of Little Whinging was quite and peaceful without the Dursleys there to disrupt it. Each household was relaxing in the last of the evening sun, listening quietly to the news on T.V with the windows wide open in hope of catching some non-existent breeze, or perhaps sitting down and having an harmonious dinner with their families. Yes, without the Dursleys, life was peaceful in the town of Little Whinging.

Little did some of them know, though, that not all of the Dursleys went on that three day vacation to the sunny beaches of Hawaii, as Mrs Dursley had boasted about in the street to anybody who had, unluckily, been there to listen. No – one member had stayed behind.

It was Mr and Mrs Dursley's nephew, Dudley Dursley's cousin. Once again, poor scrawny little Harry had been left behind, excluded from all family activities, except one, since he had arrived there 14 years ago. Harry smiled as the events of that trip replayed once more in his mind.

A trip too London zoo for Dudley's birthday. Harry had, after much panicking from Dudley's parents, and many tantrums from Dudley, been invited, or rather forced, to come along. Of course, Harry had jumped at the chance of going on a trip – he so rarely left the house, even if he did have to endure a whole day listening to the Dursley's snide comments to him. It was on that trip that something very unusual, something that could not be explained at the time, happened. Harry had become exceedingly angry, because his Uncle and Dudley would not cease banging on a particular snake's enclosure, complaining it to be 'boring'. As if by magic, the glass suddenly disappeared, Dudley fell in, the snake escaped, then the glass resealed itself.

Harry was sitting out side in the Dursley's front garden, and he looked up at the now deep blue night sky. The last streaks of red faded away over the horizon, the curtains of night had, once again, fallen over the town of Little Whinging.

Something moved far off in the sky. Harry squinted in the coming dusky darkness, and, sure enough, 3 small dots appeared to be coming his way. Standing up, Harry stumbled backwards into the house, all the time keeping his eyes of the dark shadows that were moving ever closer.

He walked slowly up the stairs to his room, once Dudley's second bedroom, deep in thought. These 3 figures, undoubtedly humans, he added, looking out of the window at the on coming group, defiantly on broomsticks, could be one of two things. Either it was someone sent from Voldemort to attack him, or the Order come to save him.

Harry breathed out slowly. The chances didn't look good. He stood in front of the window, studying the three on brooms. They were wearing capes, but this was no help. I'll have to wait until I can see there faces, he decided. Not long now. He picked up his wand, and followed them with it as they approached the house. The three figures landed gracefully on the front lawn, and dismounted their brooms.

Throwing his wand onto the untidy bed, his heart beat fast and he took the stairs, two at a time. He heard the door unlock, and the intruders wander into the kitchen, knowing Harry would follow them. Opening the kitchen door after them, he gasped all the same.

“Why didn't you tell me you were coming?” He exclaimed excitedly, he looked around the room at there faces. It was too good to be true! They had come to take him to The Burrow, take him away from the Dursleys so that he could spend the rest of the holiday, like the last few years, with The Weasleys, more importantly, his two best friends, Ron, who was second youngest in the large family, and Hermione, who was sure to be there anyway, being a close friend of the family. “I haven't packed yet, but it will only take me a second!” He turned to bound back up the stairs, full of new life, but an invisible hand grabbed him from behind, lifting him of his feet and placing him back down on one of the chairs placed around the kitchen table, which pulled itself out.

“Slow down there, Harry!” Remus Lupin, Harry's former defence against the dark arts teacher and member of The Order of the Phoenix, replied. Lupin was trying to be serious, but he couldn't stop his face breaking into a smile a the sight of Harry, who looked just like his late father, James Potter, who had been one of Lupin's closest friends. Apart from his eye's, Harry had his late mother's, Lilly's, eyes. Tonks, who was standing next to him, dug her elbow deep into his ribs to remind him why they were here, and his smile faded as quickly as it had appeared, being replaced by a grim, half smile.

“Look Harry” Moody, another from the order, spoke “We haven't come to get you”. Moody spoke formally and got to the point, as he wasn't one for idol gossip. His revolving magical eye studied Harry's reaction to this. Harry was visibly disappointed, and his face dropped for a second. But he was gracious of them for coming, so he put on a brave face, which looked more like a grimace to The Order.

“Sorry Harry, you'll be out soon” Tonks tried gently, hoping to cheer Harry up, but it didn't seem to effect him. Tonks was also a member of The Order. Her real name was Nymphadora Tonks, but she was disgusted her mother had called her that, and very much preferred to be called by her second name. She was a Metamorphmagus, which meant she could change her appearance when and how she liked.

“We've come to tell you, that You-Know-Who has been sighted in Paris, and we believe he is looking for something.” Harry opened his mouth, but Moody carried on in his gruff voice, “We don't know what he is, but some of the ministry are following him, and making daily reports back to us.”

“ Why can't I go to The Burrow then?” This time Harry was to quick for him. He badly wanted to see his friends again, his heart had lifted just at the thought of seeing them, when he had spotted The Order flying in.

“Although he's out of the country, he has left behind many Death Eaters, and has Dementors patrolling the skies. He is still looking for you, and until you can return to Hogwarts, I'm afraid this is the safest place you can be.”

“We've had to come personally today to deliver this message, after we had discussed it at the last meeting, because it appears that the Dementors have been interfering with our mail. You're going to have to stop sending letters to Ron and Hermione, and anyone else for that matter, or Hedwig may get injured.” Lupin put in, he hated to see Harry hurt, but there was no other way.

“Look Harry, I know it's hard for you, but it's our job to protect you.” Tonks looked over at him.
Harry looked at her closely. She looked rather upset, surely she not this upset, just because I can't talk to my friends? Her short spiky hair, which was usually a bright eye-watering colour (her favourite was bubble-gum pink), was a normal, mousy brown colour. Something's going on. But what?

“It's not your job, you don't have to do it” Harry muttered, looking down. He hated it when people thought it was their duty to protect him, he was tired of being 'The Chosen One'. Also, being around The Order reminded him of Sirius Black, his godfather and his late fathers best friend, who had recently died, leaving Harry, or so he thought, alone once more. When he had finally found someone who he could share everything with, someone who looked out for him and who he looked up to, they had been tragically taken away, just like his parents. His throat tightened and his mouth turned dry. But Harry shook his head. How can I be so selfish? I have friends, they care about me, and Mrs Weasley's quite like a mother. I also have Dumbledore, don't I?

“Fine Harry. But we care about you, and we are not going to let anything happen to you” Lupin dismissed his comment sternly. “We'd better be going, Ron and Hermione are waiting to see if you're okay”

“Why? Didn't they get my last letter?” Once again, he looked up questioningly.

“No, they didn't. I hope Hedwig has returned well” Lupin added as an after thought.

“Well yes, she's fine” Harry suddenly had a strong urge to go and check on his owl.

“Good” Moody replied grumpily, his eye rotating around the room.

They made there way back out to their broomsticks, which they had left propped up by the door, and with a last wave from Tonks, they mounted then flew off into the deep blue night sky.
Harry stood a while by the door, wishing them to come back, say it was all a joke and take him to The Burrow, but they didn't. Defeated, he slowly made his way back up to his room. The night's event's had made him drowsy, and without a second thought he climbed warily into bed, and it wasn't long before he fell into a deep, thankfully dreamless, sleep.

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