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My Halo story
Started by: ZekeHumanslayer

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Death Bringer
silent_wolf u r the best

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My Halo story

hey every1 this is my halo story/book all i this is all i have right now if anyone wants to help me finissh plz do so

The Beginning

It was a cold, windy, snowy day in the town of Ballwin where Zeke McCoy lived he always loved to go outside and be active. He loved to have snow ball fights and he loved to paintball the most. Zeke got some of his friends to paintball with him and they went into the forest to paintball and Zeke loved to paintball because it made him feel like he was in the army and he would think he was a sniper when he got his friends and they couldn’t see him because he was wearing camouflage and was in a good sniping spot where nobody could see him. So one day while Zeke was paintballing this lady saw him and was impressed by how good he was at paintballing he had great aim and could spot anything that moved. Zeke was looking for his last friend to shoot so the game would be over and they could go home and two minutes later he saw something move and he shot at it and he hit his friend right on top of his head. So when Zeke and his friends were walking back to Zeke’s house all dirty and everything the lady stopped and asked Zeke how he had became so good at paintballing with his great vision and awareness and his perfect aim. Zeke replied “o um… well all I did was I practiced a lot I already had really good eyes and could see almost anything that moved the only thing I had to practice on was my aim. All I did was practice with my friends and I eventually got better and better and now I’m great and I’m planning on joining the army as a sniper once I turn eighteen because right now I am only six almost seven but that’s what I’m going to do once I’m eighteen is join the army as a sniper and help protect the our land. The lady had seemed interested and it actually caught her off guard “well that’s good to hear but yes I’m here to take you to a planet called reach where you can join our army because we’ve had our eyes on u for quite some time now. Once you join our army you will become a Spartan the best solider there is to be and I think we already have a rank for you as a sniper. “O I would like to do that. It sounds like fun so I’m pretty much joining a army.” Zeke said “yes pretty much you are but I will warn you it won’t be easy you will have to go through early mornings and long days and hard work and dedication you will be put to your max you will be tested and they will see how much pressure you can handle.” Said the lady “well hey I’m up to it so when do we leave.” Zeke replied and the lady said “I’m sorry but if you are truly ready you will have to come with use now and not be able to say any goodbyes you will most likely not see your family again your family will be your squad from now on.” “Ok then lets go I’m ready for what is to come”

The Training

Zeke had awoken and he was not home anymore he had awoken from cryo sleep. Zeke woke up and wondered where he was he noticed a lot of other kids were in cryo sleep some had awoke and were sitting in the middle of the room. Zeke walked over to the three kids and started to speak to them “hello my name is Zeke McCoy what’s your names.” One boy answered Zeke and said his name was Ronnell he was a medium sized boy that was black and looked to be fast and very smart and the other two people that were there one was a boy named Trace and he was a white kid that looked to be very fast and strong and the third kid was a girl named Nadja she looked very fast and very accurate she looked like Zeke a sniper and silent person. “well Ronnell what is your rank or what is it that you are good at and that goes the same for you other two why do you think they picked you to join this Spartan army. “Well I think the reason why they picked me was because of my intelligence and I think that’s about it.” Ronnell said and Nadja replied to Zeke “Well I think they chose me because I’m really fast and I’m very stealthy and accurate.” “wow… that’s the reason why they chose me because I was stealthy, fast and accurate well I’m also powerful and what about you Trace.” Zeke replied “well I don’t really know why they picked me I mean all I like to do is fight.” Trace said. “Well maybe they choose you for hand to hand combat and close range combat.” Zeke said. Trace replied “well maybe that’s true but what do you think they are going to have us do.” “Well I suppose they are going to train us and prepare us for what lies ahead.” Ronnell said “I think they are also going to train us and have use learn how to use our abilities to the best we can.” Nadja replied. Three men came in and they were the kids trainers and each of them had them go to bed and told them that they would be up bright and early in the morning and all the kids just moaned and went off to bed.


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Good so far. Try to space out your paragraphs and dialogue. You're supposed to start a new line after you put a line of dialogue. wink


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Home » Misc » General Fiction Area » My Halo story

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