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ESB-1138: Rise of the Witch-King (RPG)
Started by: ESB -1138

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ESB -1138
Sonic Speed

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ESB-1138: Rise of the Witch-King (RPG)

After the death of the High King Eärendur of Arnor his three sons divided the kingdom to prevent civil war; Arthedain, Rhudaur and Cardolan. But a shadow grew in the northern lands. Rumors spread quickly among the three kingdoms and even the White Council themselves; Gandalf the Grey, Galadriel, and Elrond Half-Elven. Círdan the Shipwright (who had borne Narya, the ring of Fire before handing it on to Gandalf), and Radagast the Brown. And their leader was Saruman the White.

In the east Dol Guldur was claimed by the orcs. Gandalf feared that it was the dark Lord Sauron and asked to check it out but Saruman rejected saying: 'even if Sauron would return he cannot take physical form for the One Ring has been claimed by the ocean.'

Wildmen from the north have begun to raid Cardolan like wildfire. The army of Cardolan tries to push them back from the north but a terrible shadow seems to lurk over the battles that gives strength and courage to the wildmen and fear and despair to the Cardolan soldiers.

Before long orcs joined the wildmen in their raids attacking Cardolan and soon war is upon them for the north has gained much power and strength and so a new kingdom rose called Angmar. No king or ruler sits at the throne of Angmar but still the forces continue to attack.

Cardolan has asked for help from Rhudaur and Arthedain and even from the great kingdom of Gondor in the south. No response came from Gondor but still Cardolan moblizes for war.


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The Original Boiled Egg

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Mira moved slowly from the tree in which she'd been resting for most of the morning.
A small rustle gave away the intruder and within moments she was upon the scout with a blade at the man's throat and stomach, "State your purpose." Her voice curt and slightly menacing, the scouts body trembled as did his voice when speaking, "M-m-my've b-b-been sent f-f-for."
Cutting the scout off in mid sentence she demanded of him another question, "By whom?" "The ruling govenor...a new evil has resurfaced and is wreaking havok upon our neighbours the Cardolan people." He explained and Mira allowed him to continue, "All warriors no matter of creed have been called to service in a recruitment to aid our brothers and sisters that have been unknowingly attacked."

Withdrawing the swords she pushed him slightly forward, allowing him to turn to face her. The look in his eye was that of pure awe for no one had set eyes upon her in amost 7 months, her eyes raising to meet his. They were dark with both sorrow and anger but her voice flew straight and true, "I will answer the govenors call."


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oh.. It is a cool..

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