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The KMC Battle Zone
Started by: darthgoober

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The KMC Battle Zone

Welcome to the KMC Inter-Team Battle Zone, where the best and brightest members of the various teams of the KMC Comic Book Forum come to prove their dominance over the opposition. The rules that govern the Battle Zone are fairly simple but any questions may be PM’d to me.

1. There are two types of matches, Official Matches and Unofficial Matches.

-Official Matches are matches between 2 KMC members between the characters each represents on their respective team. The results of Official matches(win OR loss) will added to each teams standings in the records that way we can keep track of how each team measures up to the others. Official Matches will be judged by three members of non associated teams, and the judges must be approved by both participants. Participants are limited to ONE official match a week to keep this thing manageable, so make sure you really WANT the match to count before you make it official.

-Unofficial Matches are whatever the participants want them to be. They don’t have anything to do with the official standings so there are no limits going to be placed on them. You can rep anyone that you want and set whatever conditions you feel like having.

Whether official or unofficial, matches also have one of two sub classifications, “standard” style or “tourney” style.

-“Standard” matches are basically a one on one debate resembling those typically found day to day on the Vs Forum, the only differences being the judges and the lack of outside contributions to the debate.

-”Tourney” style matches are matches where the participants actually specify the specific actions taken by the characters they control.

Please note that both match types are limited to a duration of 24 hours to keep from cluttering up the first page.

2. No stupid matches. I’m serious the first time I hear about someone trying to set up an official match between Spiderman and Superman or Batman and Thor, both participants will be penalized. There may be exceptions made to this rule under special circumstances, but those matches MUST be approved before hand. I know this provides a problem for some of you who rep uber characters like the Living Tribunal or Spectre, but those are the breaks. No one MADE you pick your character so if you can’t find anyone to have a match with due to your character being to powerful, you have only yourself to blame.

3. Oversee your own matches. The judges, location, conditions, and any stipulations are YOUR responsibility to iron out and no one else’s, so please don’t PM me or anyone else to set your match up for you. If you and your prospective opponent can’t work out the details between yourselves, move on and challenge someone else.

4. Don’t be a pest when issuing a challenge. This point can’t be stressed strongly enough, Bashing/Flaming/Harassing forum members when issuing a challenge will not be tolerated. That’s not to say that you can’t talk a little smack to draw out the opposition(what fun would all this be without that option), but if someone makes it clear that they’re not interested in a match then leave them alone and move on to someone else. People who refuse to follow this very simple rule will be barred from the Battle Zone

5. Police your team mates. Teams are expected to keep their members in line, it’s just that simple. If someone on your team is behaving inappropriately in regards to the rules and regulations of the Battle Zone, consider it your responsibility to reign them in. If you refuse to keep your team members under control, your entire team will eventually be penalized. Just think of it like this, if Thor or Green Lantern went ape shit and started destroying everything in sight and their teams just sat back and watched it all happen, the Avengers and JLA would be the ones who were held responsible by the politicians and general public. So I suggest that you choose your teammates with care because your all going to be in the same boat if things go bad.

6. You are only allowed to be on one team in an official capacity. Participants who are on more than one team MUST chose which team they’re officially a member of for the Battle Zone, and that choice will remain in effect until they quit the team, are kicked off the team, etc., so don’t think you’re just going to flip flop back and forth. The ONLY exception to this rule, is in the even that two teams are officially “allies”. In such a case both teams will share a joint win/loss record, and each member is still bound to one character for official Battle Zone use.

*Note on character usage*

Originally I had intended to limit people to a single character for official matches but I’ve since decided to allow a little leeway to help the week to week matches from stagnating. So now even though you’re still limited to using a single character, you ARE allowed to use different versions of that character rather than just the specific version you represent for your team. So someone who has Supes as their character could use standard Supes, Pre Crisis Supes, Kingdom Come Supes, etc. rather than being limited to one specific version. Please keep in mind however that you have to specify which version you’re using beforehand, you can’t just spring it on your opponent come match time.

Aside from these Battle Zone exclusive regulations, there are several Forum Rules and tourney rules that deserve special mention in regards to Battle Zone Matches.

1. DO NOT POST IN SOMEONE ELSES MATCH. Matches are between the people actually involved with the match in question, so don’t chime in with your opinion or random spam if you want to continue to participate in the Battle Zone yourself.

2. The participants must fight “in character”. That means that in a match between Surfer and Superman, Surfer’s not going to create a million K-nite tipped spears and impale Supes for an easy win because it’s not in character for him to do so. For the most part what constitutes “in character” will be determined by the judges, but as a good rule of thumb if they’ve never done it in combat then it’s probably not in character for them to do so.

3. The characters AVERAGE showing is what matters, no the high or low end. Both high and low end feats are likely to come up over the course of the debate, and it’s for the judges to decide which is the better depiction of the character.

4. The characters go into Battle Zone fights in the same manner that they normally begin fights in comics. They have standard equipment, no unusual power ups or empowerments, etc.. What’s more(and I’m sure many of you will throw a fit about this) any powers that are constantly used in combat are assumed to be in effect at the start of the match. That means that characters like Magneto or the Invisible Woman are assumed to have their force fields up at the start of the match, because they pretty much always use their force fields in combat. Characters like the Silver Surfer on the other hand, DON’T go into the match with force fields raised because even though he has the capacity to use force fields, he rarely ever does until it becomes absolutely necessary.

Setting up a match.

I figured I’d go ahead and spell this out to avoid a bunch of unnecessary PM’s asking how to do it, so pay attention because setting up a match is a fairly simple process….

Step 1. Poster A challenges Poster B to a match. This can be through direct challenge on Poster B’s team thread, PM, a post in the Battle Zone discussion thread, or even an open call on the Off Topic thread for all I care.

Step 2. If Poster B accepts, the two decide on the specific type of match they want(Official or Unofficial, standard or tourney style) and any match conditions they both feel are appropriate(I.E. the battle location, no speedblitze, prep time, no Godblast, etc.)

Step 3. After the conditions are decided, 3 judges(from uninvolved teams) for the match are agreed upon and asked to judge the match.

Step 4. Someone(be it one of the judges or one of the participants) post the opening for the match thread(listing any and all match conditions), at which point the match can begin.

Step 5. After 24 hours(which is the limit on match length) the judges vote on the match in question, deciding on a winner.

When the match is over(assuming that it’s an official match) the match results are to be sent to either me or pr1983 for record keeping, and make sure to include a valid link to the match thread. If things go the way I want the team standings will be updated about once a week so everyone will have a decent idea of how their team stacks up against everybody else’s.

And with all of that being said, I wish everyone good luck and I hope you all have a good time


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Ok, here's the standings so far...

1 - The Royal Family - P: 1, W: 1, L: 0
2 - Anti-Matter Corps - P: 0, W: 0, L: 0
2 - The Authority - P: 0, W: 0, L: 0
2 - Green Lantern Corps - P: 0, W: 0, L: 0
2 - Illuminati - P: 0, W: 0, L: 0
2 - Magiks - P: 0, W: 0, L: 0
2 - KMC Heralds - P: 0, W: 0, L: 0
2 - Elites - P: 0, W: 0, L: 0
9 - TEAM - P: 1, W: 0, L: 1

List alphabetically, with the winner in front


King Mungi vs. Trickster Priest


Batdude123 vs. Captain Spaulding
Darth Goober vs. Trickster Priest
Nvr vs Quanchi
Akuki vs. Phenomenol


Anti-Matter Corps:
Invisible Woman - Invisible Woman
Roldz - Silver Surfer

The Authority:

Green Lantern Corps:


Trick - Apoc
Rufus - Captain Atom
Avlon- Blue Superman(i think)
Nvr- Wonder Woman

Dreamcatcher - Thor
Grey Fox - Alucard

The Royal Family:
Blair Wind- Iron Man
Newjak - Juggernaught
King Mungi - Guardian
Creshosk - Jubilee
Laminator X - Hawkeye
batdude123- Magneto

KMC Heralds:
Darthgoober- Keeper
illadelph12- Tyrant
Ethereal- Stardust
King Kandy- Thor
jinzin- Sabretooth
UniOmni- Superman
Priest- The Fallen One
Battlehammer- Wolverine

Smurph - Black Bolt
llagrok - Thor
Akuki - Cable
pr1983 - Superman
Charlotte DeBel - Emma Frost
Evil Ass - High Evolutionary

many thanks to Smurph for the info


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Unpinning this until further notice...


"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured... the first thought forbidden... the first freedom denied – chains us all irrevocably."

Old Post Dec 3rd, 2007 07:08 PM
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Final Score: Green Lantern Corps win in a resounding stomp.

That is all.



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