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Started by: Snafu the Great

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Snafu the Great
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I enjoyed the games (and hated the movies, although I'll admit that both Kristianna Loken and Natassia Malthe are both hot. Damn Uwe Boll). So I'll be nice and give Rayne her respect thread.

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Rayne's Bio

Real Name: Unknown
Type: Dhampir
Nationality: American
Birthdate: circa 1915-1916
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Crimson Red
Eyes: Green
Family: mother deceased; Kagan, father (deceased), numerous vampire siblings, killed by Rayne over the course of 60 years
Occupation: Vampire Hunter for the Brimstone Society
Portrayed By: Kristianna Loken (first film); Natassia Malthe (second film)

Rayne is a bloodthirsty American Dhampir, born c.1915-1916. Her mother was raped by her vampire father, Kagan. Kagan later murdered her mother's entire family so that the only family member Rayne could turn to is him. This wasn't cruelty, but a policy for all of the Dhampir he "created", possibly so that humans wouldn't revolt and use the Vampire/Dhampir weakness of the sun, holy items and water against them.

Circa 1932, she spent her teenage years trying to hunt down and kill her father, to get revenge for her family. It was a search that led her to Europe, where she committed a series of murders of Vampires along the way before being apprehended. Claiming that her victims had been vampires, she was disbelieved by the authorities, but quickly managed to escape from them and continue her hunt.

She was recruited into the mysterious Brimstone Society via an invitation. The Brimstone Society sent her on missions to eliminate supernatural threats to the world. One of these missions required her to use her vampiric powers against the Nazis, who were on the verge of using magical artifacts to bring Hitler to power. Rayne also learned of a plan to use demonic parasites called Daemites against the enemies of the Nazis, after they had been tested on prisoners. The background to the story is influenced by the existence of various historically real Nazi occult groups such as the Thule society.

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Home » Misc » Computer / Video Games Discussion » Games 'Versus' Forum » Games 'Respect' Forum » Rayne

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