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My Christmas Story: Caveman Christmas
Started by: Toku King

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Mr. Rhythmic
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My Christmas Story: Caveman Christmas

I made this for the holidays.

By Adam B.

In the land of the lost, thousands of years ago,
lived a clan of cavemen, in the valley down so low.
Nothing was difficult for these prehistoric men.
All it was was routine again and again.
Club up some food and set a new fire.
Also find new caves, each one higher and higher.
But one day while the cavemen were dancing,
Jumping around, grooving, and prancing.
A small single snowflake was floating in the air.
It was like it was dancing as well, you could swear.
Falling on the nose of little Ooga Bahl,
Who was the smallest and youngest caveman of all.
Oh, how the snowflake rested on his little red nose,
In excitement, from his seat he did then rose.
“What is this thing?!” Ooga Bahl said,
in native caveman language while shaking his head.
“What could this mean? What is the reason?
Does this mean a change in the season?”
But the snowflake melted seconds to moments after.
Thinking it was a joke, the other cavemen commenced the laughter.
“My boy”, said the tribal leader of the Neanderthals.
“You merely had a dream of this strange thing, that is all.”
“No!” the boy said with a puff in his chest,
only the proof of its existence would put him to rest.
“I swear, something just fell out of the sky!
Why don’t you believe me? Huh? Why oh why?”
But this didn’t keep Ooga from believing what he did,
he was the smartest of all, even though he was just a kid.
Bahl looked to the sky, “Why that’s how I’ll prove it!
I’ll go to the top of the tallest peak of Mt. Loovit!”
Mt. Loovit, a hill that was the highest of the high.
It was believed that it could even touch the sky.
If the weird object did come from above them all,
then from the sky above it had to had fall.
The cavemen bid farewell to their very small friend.
They would miss him a lot, not even they could pretend.
On his way up, that very brave kid,
he met the nasty sabertooth, down the rocks he skid.
“Why, where are you going?” it asked as his teeth gave a crunch,
“Won’t you stay awhile? It’s almost time for lunch.”
But the smart little caveman could pick up the clues.
The monster would eat him, but Ooga knew just what to do.
“Why, sure I will” little Ooga lied,
“Let me just rest here first” as he fell on his side.
The sabertooth saw this opportunity and took it so quick,
he opened his jaws, that could even break bricks.
Ooga jumped the side without a moment to waste.
The sabertooth fell off of Loovit without any trace.
From above there was a sound, Ooga could perfectly hear.
It sounded like a chuckle, or even a loud cheer.
Ooga knew it had to be connected
to mysterious snow flake that he had collected.
He saw a strange cave, he had never seen before.
It was the most incredible of all. It even had a door!
Inside the cave contained a very fat creature.
It seemed oh so jolly, and with such exquisite features.
He wore some large red thing on top of his head.
His stomach was large, so he must be well fed.
Ooga never saw something like this before, never until now.
This man is impossible to be made, but he was there, but how?
“Excuse me sir” said the small boy with a voice so soft,
“Am I really dreaming? Am I right to be scoffed?”
The large man turned around with a smile so big.
He was happy like a clown, and smelled like a fig.
“Why, who are you? What are you doing here?
Christmas isn’t to come for another thousand years!”
The boy was puzzled. What is this Christmas he said?
And why were his cheeks so round and blood red?
“My name is Ooga. You are very new to me.
These are weird things infront of me that I see.
I have traveled up here to know what hit my nose.
It was some sort of magic, now I purpose?”
“Why no, my boy!” the big man laughed.
“That was a snowflake, not some kind of witchcraft!
I here to prepare, and prepare that I must,
for soon Christmas will come, and my sleigh I must adjust.”
“What is Christmas?” Ooga asked in an instant,
“Did you make it up, like a dream or a figment?”
“Why no, young boy! It’s just not around right now!
But when it is, it will be big. Boy, and how!
But right now, young Ooga must be my friend.
Tell your friends of your journey, the nonbelieving must end!”
Ooga was puzzled, “Why not tell them yourself?
It would be much easier, and you wouldn’t need any help.”
“Ah, but my my boy, seeing is not believing.
If that was not true, then there would be no reason of being!
If they are your friends, they will listen to you.
Just tell them that, and they will be there for you.”
This big man was right! Friendship is from the heart.
Going up here was a mistake from the start!
“But do not worry about getting back down!
I will fly there all the way to the ground!
With my magic sleigh we will take flight.
I can save you from such terrible heights!”
Ooga thanked the sir and hopped on.
He was tired of his quest now, far and long.
Soon they reached the bottom of the mountain
Rocket away from the peak just like a cannon.
Ooga told the cavemen of his great travel
and the amazing story soon unwravelled.
“We are sorry to laugh at you” the cavemen all said,
“Now you may laugh at us instead!”
“I could not do that”, the wise young man said,
and he continued to descried the man with the cloth on his head.
From out in the sky came another small flake.
But millions now! Too many to even rake!
And from above the sky was that fat man in flight.
“Merry early Christmas to all!” he sang, “And to all a good night!”

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