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Star wars Cannon and EU
Started by: Salthasha

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Star wars Cannon and EU

How powerful is revan?

Some say Luke was the most powerful Force wielder of all time.
He brought Vader from the dark side to back to the light facilitating the prophecy of balance.
One argued on another forum that sidous was the greatest Sith and most powerful sith of all time.
If this is true wouldn't that make Mace Windu his superior especially in Light saber combat?
He overcame sidious and never fail to the dark side and in cannon he used a form of combat with light saber known as Juyo and vappad which draws upon aggressive tendencies yet he never crossed into hat range of aggression.
I am a fan of both he Cannon and Eu.
Revan was powerful but he was taken by the emperor who was hundreds of years old and capable of broad telepathic manipulation.
Luke was the son of Anakin the prophetic gifted child of the force born to bring balance to the force.
question then is how do we rate them?
Power in the force is just an aspect of the effectiveness of any one person.
Obi Wan was not strong in the force but in will, he was athletic and won over Qui Gonn Jinn in the saber trials yet, one could say he was singularly the most important Jedi Knight during the clone wars and leading up to the Jedi reestablishment.

I would like to see opinion on the premise I have proposed today.
for me I don't List them in power but by accomplishment.

Jedi Sith
1. Anakin Skywalker 1. Emperor Palpitine
2. Luke Skywalker 2. Darth Vader
3. Obi Wan Kenobi 3. Darth Bane
4. Yoda 4. Darth Revan
5. Satile Shan 5. Darth Rivan
6. Qui Gonn Jinn 6. Darth Krayt
7. Revan 7. Darth Malak
8. Mace Windu 8. Naga Sadow
9. Bastilla Shan 9. Ulric Qel Droma
10.Cade Skwywalker 10. Marko Ragnos

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Home » Movie Genres » Sci-Fi / Fantasy » Star wars Cannon and EU

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