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Clan Wars ((RP Thread))
Started by: Darth Piggott

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Darth Piggott
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Clan Wars ((RP Thread))

Makoto climbed out from the depths of Son Doong. The massive cave had been his home for his entire life. As he began to reach the top of the cave, the sunlight began to peer over the ledge. Makoto tried to climb the wall, while holding a hand over his eyes, to block out the sun. The blinding light was something he just wasn’t used to. He thought that the flame produced by other students was bright, but this sunlight was excruciating. As he reached the top, his pale skin began to feel the warmth of the sun. Makoto’s skin was so pale; he could see the veins in his forearms. He placed his black bandana over his face to help his eyes adjust to the sunlight. The light burned his eyes constantly. Makoto rolled his jacket sleeves down to protect his arms from the sunlight. He had to focus his other senses on the world around him, while his bandana covered his eyes.

Since Makoto had spent his entire life in a cave, his senses were superb, while his eyesight was nothing to be proud of. The fact that generations of his family had lived in the cave, didn’t help much either. Makoto’s senses rushed over him, as he took in new sounds and smells. He could hear birds chirping, and he could smell the pollen flowing around in the air. He began to call out in short bursts, so that he could get a sense of where he was. He stumbled over a stick, and decided to use it to assist him. He began pounding the ground, and swinging the stick back and forth, to get a better sense of where he was. The new sounds and smells overwhelmed him, and it made it hard for him to focus. The stick would help him find his way through the forest.

Master Jin had given him unclear orders, and he was only told to unite the planet from the threat beyond. Makoto had no idea where he would begin. How are you supposed to unite nations, and have no strategy on how you would complete it? Makoto decided that he would keep walking, and trying to hone his skills. As he hiked through the forest, the sun began to get hotter and hotter. This was totally different from the cold cave, and this made walking even more difficult for Makoto. He decided to stop and sat on a fallen log. He pulled out his sword, and rubbed the edge of the blade. He missed being a child, and just practicing to save the world, but he didn’t really want to get involved. He didn’t want to be the one to fail, and lose everything. There were too many lives at stake. It didn’t help that h couldn’t even handle the planet’s atmosphere. The planet he wanted to save and he couldn’t even walk a mile without taking a break.

Makoto put his blade back in his hoister, and continued walking nowhere. He was one of the first ones to emerge from the cave, and had absolutely no plan. He wanted to get out before everyone else, so he could get some sort of head start. They were probably back in the cave coming up with a decent plan, before they emerged. Suddenly Makoto heard the pulling of string. He quickly used his hearing to tune out everything else but that string. He smelled something familiar but couldn’t put a figure on it. Then he realized it was the stench of Yami No Taki. How could he have not recognized it sooner, he hated that stench. His hearing, and smell, pinpointed the archer 40 yards to his east.

Makoto jumped into the air and pulled out his sword as the archer released the string and the arrow flew towards him. Makoto converted his sword to the desert eagle configuration and shot the archer in his left kidney. The archer sprawled out over the ground, and lay there motionless. Makoto ran towards him, and aimed his weapon at the archers face. Makoto didn’t know where he wanted to go, but he did know that he wanted to exterminate all Yami No Taki. Makoto screamed in the archers face, “Where are all of your brothers”. The archer laughed in his face and replied, “We’re taking over North Korea, bit by bit.” Makoto had learned about North Korea and figured that it would be a country Yami No Taki would try and invade. The archer then told him how he had decided to sit by the Son Doong mouth, so that he could kill as many Zai Zi You as possible. Makoto asked the archer how many more were around the cave, but before he could finish the archer fired a lightning bolt at him, and he flew 20 yards into a patch of bamboo. The lightning frying his circuit, the archer attempted to crawl towards safety. Makoto pulled himself from the bamboo and realized that he dropped his sword. He concentrated on the lightning bolt hitting him, and the sound the sword made when it hit the ground. He quickly realized that it was only a couple feet beside him. He crawled towards the sword, and when he reached it, he used the sword to pick himself up. He stopped to listen for the archer, and to catch his breath. He heard the archer crawling around 50 yards to the east of him. Makoto pulled his sword up, and leaned against a tree. He changed the sword into the M16 A-4 configuration, and honed in on the archers crawling. He began to fire on the archer, and hit the archer about ten times.

Satisfied with his performance, Makoto began to drag his feet towards the body. When he finally reached the body, he kicked the archer in the wounded kidney to confirm his death. After Makoto kicked him, he could hear no breathing or heartbeat, so he knew he could confirm the archer as dead. One Yami No Taki down he thought to himself. Luckily the archer wasn’t well trained in his lightning arts, because that bolt could have done some serious damage. He placed his weapon back in his hoister again, glad that the battle was simple. Makoto used his sense of the Earth’s magnetic poles to begin his journey to North Korea. He could smell other Yami No Taki in the area, but he didn’t want to waste time tracking them down. The most important thing was to not allow the Yami No Taki to gain any followers. The other Zai Zi You that emerged from the cave could handle themselves. Makoto hoped his brother would be in North Korea so that he could destroy him once and for all, but he knew that it probably wouldn’t be that easy…………


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The Scenario
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Wallace burst from the cave, grinning fiercely. He'd heard the gunshots, and came to investigate before all the action was over. He leaped up, drawing his pistol. The moment Wallace' boots hit the ground, it began to freeze, a thick layer of ice covering the earth. A moment later, Wallace sprung the blades of his boots and dashed across the ice, skating across it effortlessly. As he did, a wave of daekness swirled behind him, shattering the ice on the ground. Wallace kept moving, jumping into the air to get a better look at the Yami No Taki hiding in the trees.
"Missed me!" Wallace called, leveling his revolver at the man before landing with a slide. His grin faded. "One chance, limited time offer: Leave this place and I don't hurt you."
"Fool," the man muttered, raising a hand. Another shadow began to swirl in it. "With all of you dead, we are free to control this world."
Wallace blinked at him. "Wow," he said, "That's hardcore." He sighed. "But, you just lost your chance."
At that moment, the man launched his attack. At the same time, Wallace moved, firing his revolver. The man jerked to the side, falling, and the wave of darkness dissipated. Wallace approached cautiously, keeping his gun trained on the man. He could see blood; it looked like a hit in the chest. The man seemed to be struggling to breathe, holding a hand over his chest. Keeping the gun on him, Wallace tried to shrug.
"Said I'd hurt ya, not kill ya. Ready to leave yet?"
The man growled in response, watching Wallace' gun hand.
"Tell you what: I'm gonna see if I can't get you some medical attention back in the cave. I'm sure nobody'll kill ya, we've got the same goal, right?"
The man's eyes widened at that, and he tried to growl some more, but fell again, gasping. Wallace shrugged and turned around, heading back the cave. He ducked just as yet another blast of dark power brushed over him; it was colder than any ice Wallace had ever felt, yet burned like fire. Wallace dropped flat onto the surface of the ice, lashing out with his bladed skate. He saw a spurt of blood followed by a severed hand, and winced. Instantly, Wallace was back on his feet, and grabbed the man. On contact, ice crept over the man's skin, a thinner layer than on the ground, and he began to scream. Wallace stopped, letting go.
"Get out of here," Wallace snarled, raising the gun again, "the ice will keep your hand fresh for reattachment, now just go."
Once the man was gone, Wallace slumped down to his knees. He spun his revolver once before holstering it, then sighed.
"Better get started on the diplomacy thing," he mumbled to himself.


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