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Aftermath: Character Archive and Registration
Started by: The Big O

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The Big O
The Original O

Gender: Male
Location: In the midst of it all

Aftermath: Character Archive and Registration

Post only approved characters here.

Character approval works like this:

~PM me your character(s) before posting them here.

~A discussion will commence via the Private Messaging system about your character(s).

~Once approved via PM, you may post your character(s) here.

For all RPers from the previous Hero High RPs, you are allowed to make one new character in addition to the character(s) you already have if that is what you wish. This can and will change based on how often and how you use your character(s). This is so the RP doesn't become flooded with characters that eventually just disappear.

If you are new to the Hero High, you are allowed two characters max until you show that you can handle more. You are free to have just one if that is what you desire.

More rules/regulations may be added to this Thread at a later date.

The Character Skeleton (CS) is as follows:

* = see Notes

Code name (if applicable):
*Appearance (be as descriptive as possible/post a pic):
Personality (be descriptive and follow what you write here):
*Alignment (Crusaders/Heroes/Strike Force/Vigilante/former student/Government Official/villain/good/bad/neutral):
*Powers/Skills/Equipment (if applicable):


~Appearance can include; body type, weight, height, hair color and length, eye color, skin tone, nationality, species, physical scars or disfigurements and/or anything else you can thing of. If you have a pic that shows your character or is as close as can be, please state that.

~Your alignment is who you work with. This can be anything so long as explain why. You cannot be a member of the Heroes or Strike Force if you weren't before the start of this RP. And seeing as they are technically disbanded, you more than likely won't be. But things can change.

~List what your powers are and what you can do with them. I don't mean list attack names; just explain how your character utilizes their abilities.

Do they have any special skills (ie, lock picking, do they speak another language, have they been trained in any particular fighting styles? Things like that. DON'T OVER DO IT.)

Does your character have any equipment? Do they carry any kind of weapons? Technology? Things of this nature. (DO NOT OVER DO IT OR YOU WILL RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE)

~Your bio should be self explanatory. What were you doing before the start of this RP; what are you working towards; goals; aspirations; how you deal with your everyday life; past experiences. Things of that nature.

You don't have to use these suggestions but you do need to have a bio. A paragraph or two at the very least.

This new CS is for ALL characters. If you took part in the previous RPs, please edit your CS to this one. Even I will do it. Everyone should be using this new CS.

Now send me those characters.

Still looking for that sig....

In the mean time, I never DID see that anime where I unintentionally got my name from. Is it any good

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The Scenario
Greater Sci-Fi combatant

Gender: Unspecified

Name: Pryce Arkin

Age: 17

Appearance: Pryce is thin, with dark hair and eyes that heavily contrast his pale skin. His hair is medium length, often left loose and hanging in the wind. He very well could be mistaken for a ghost, if not for a solid bit of muscle.

Pryce favors darker clothing that's better at absorbing light and heat, or loeser clothing that exposes him to the sun.

(pic below)

Personality: Pryce is reserved and cautious, slow to jump into dangerous situations and hesitates to cause harm, favoring defense over offense. He is often quiet, but tends to ask questions.

Alignment: Former Student/Good

Powers: Energy Drain

*Pryce can absorb nearly any kind of energy, including heat, light, electricity, life energy and kinetic energy. Magic and psychic powers may be absorbed depending on the specific spell or power (a magical fireball or telekinetic push would be absorbed, for example, but a transformation or mental attack would not be.) Pryce can only drain things in a small radius around himself in his normal form.

*Since beginning his training, Pryce has more control over his curse. Instead of his former appearance a pitch black living shadow, Pryce appears much more human under normal circumstances. However, Pryce is still able to take his "Voidshadow" form, which is more potent than before. In this form, Pryce constantly draws energy from his surroundings, creating a cold, lifeless wasteland around himself. He considers this form a last resort, and hopes to never use it for fear of losing control.

Equipment: Power Transfer Ring- Receiver

*There are 2 Power Transfer Rings, the Giver and the Receiver. The wearer of the Giver type rings has some of their power transferred to the Receiver in a one-way process. Pryce holds the Receiver Ring, which allows him to feed on Bennu's power instead of the environment and anyone nearby. If the ring is removed, Pryce risks a Voidshadow transformation if Bennu is not close enough to stop him.

Blank Jewel: A mysterious necklace that seems to follow Pryce wherever he goes, despite his attempts to be rid of it. It is apparently indestructible, absorbing any attack made on it. The jewel is an anchor to reality for the ancient being Luminil, and makes his will known. It is the source of Pryce's curse.

Bio: Pryce's story begins several generations ago, with a curse. His great grandfather was a great theif, rumored able to steal anything under his moniker, "The Shadowman." He stole great works of art, jewels, even ancient artifacts weren't safe from his grasp. That is, until he stole the wrong one. With one theft, he managed to anger...something. Something dark and ancient and powerful, as well as vengeful. "The Shadowman" was cursed, reduced to actual shadow, forced to steal energy in some kind of ironic punishment, or else he would die by having his own energy drained. It was only later that it was discovered that the curse was inherited, passed to any child in the bloodline.
Generations passed, and eventually Pryce was born, and his family was prepared for him. Since his father shared the curse, Pryce was brought up utilizing and learning about his nature. It was then that it was learned that by the third generation, the curse was beginning to deteriorate. Rather than growing weaker, however, it was the seal that kept the curse from devouring Pryce that was lessening, becoming harder to control and needing more energy to keep in check. His parents didn't know what to do about the new development, and sought out help. By sheer chance they stumbled across Bennu, and she was able to help keep Pryce's curse under wraps. In addition, they were able to have the Power Transfer Rings made to suppress the curse even further.

During the school year, it was revealed that the source of Pryce's curse was an ancient godlike being by the name of Luminil, angered by the theft of an artifact known as the Blank Jewel that allowed him to anchor himself on the material plane. Pryce was made to be the new anchor and Luminil attempted to empower him further, which would allow Luminil a larger degree of influence over the world. Pryce refused, and Luminil eventually relented, but not before reminding Pryce that the curse was always getting stronger.

At graduation, Pryce and Bennu were caught near the explosions. However, Pryce was saved by his powers absorbing much of the blast, and a mysterious black shroud covering him immediately before the bombs went off. Pryce suspects Luminil was involved, but the being remained silent on the matter.

Name: Bennu

Age: 18 (1018)

Appearance: Bennu has long red/brown hair kept in a ponytail, with deep brown eyes and tanned skin. She's not as thin as Pryce, but has a runner's physique layered with muscle. She favors colorful, loose fitting clothes that allow her to stay cool.

(pic below)

Personality: Bennu is active and curious, almost to the point of recklessness. She never gives up hope and has a massive heroic streak, dragging Pryce along in her endeavors to help. In battle, she's a mix of offense and agility, favoring quick movements and attacks in an attempt to subdue.

Alignment: Former Student/Good

Powers: Light Energy Generation

*As a Pheonix, Bennu has light and heat based powers and an association with hope and rebirth. She can generate light, and focus it into a powerful laser-like attack or produce blinding flashes. When injured, Bennu's wounds burst into light and seem to catch fire, burning the ruined parts of her body to ash before returning good as new. Finally, Bennu has learned to focus her Empathic abilities is able to sense the general emotional states of those around her, but cannot actually read minds.

Equipment: Power Transfer Ring-Giver

*There are 2 Power Transfer Rings, the Giver and the Receiver. The wearer of the Giver type rings has some of their power transferred to the Receiver in a one-way process. Bennu holds the Giver Ring, meaning some of her power is given to feed Pryce and prevent Bennu from overloading herself with energy. If the ring is removed, Bennu must find another way to dump energy or risk burning those around her if Pryce is not there to drain the excess.

Bio: Born a Phoenix, Bennu is currenntly on her third cycle of ressurection and rebirth. She has one every 500 years, which is her natural life span down to the day. However, something went wrong this time. During her rebirth, she was interupted by a hapless human and accidently incinerated him along her former body. She has taken a more human form to atone for this, though she does not know it, as each resurrection causes her to lose her memory. Also due to the interuption and form change, her rebirth took longer than usual, exposing her to the flames of creation and the light of the sun longer than necessary, resulting in her gaining more power, but less control. As she grew up in this state, she was guided by her subconcious memories, and sought to bring hope to world. As she did this, she found Pryce and his family, and offered to help them. With Pryce's abilities, he could drain away Bennu's excess power, and she could provide him with as much energy as he needed to survive. Thus, the two helped stabilize each other, and became inseparable.

During the school year, Bennu got Pryce into trouble several times attempting vigilante heroism, and slowly began to regain her Phoenix powers, though she is still unaware of her true nature. The first power Bennu regained was Empathy, sensing the emotions of those around her after a particularly bad psychic shock. Later, her regeneration ability manifested when she broke a finger, and Luminil broke one of the seals on her memory as a gesture of goodwill, allowing her to heal herself.

At Graduation, Bennu and Pryce were caught near the explosions. Bennu managed to survive when her regeneration fully awakened, causing her burned body to catch fire again, turning large areas of her body to ash and then reforming.

Bennu & Pryce:

"Voidshadow" Pryce:

"Burning" Bennu:


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Steward of RP

Gender: Male
Location: Tending the throne.

Registration Files: The Soldier

Name: Eric Young

Code Name: The Soldier

Age: 14,345 (Appears 18)

Appearance: Eric is a tall, standing at six feet and two inches, athletic looking individual with a broad chest. He has straight black hair, cut short and combed back. With large, almost almond-shaped eyes, a tapered nose, and thin lips, his appearance is very exotic, though his pigmentation might lead one to believe him Middle Eastern. He wears a loose, short sleeved shirt of coarse material, the collar going down in a V-cut. Across his biceps where the shirt reveals his chest is a large diagonal scar that leads from his left and disappears up towards his right collar. Along his arms are more scars, some thin and clean, others thick and angry looking and varying from lines and circles to more elaborate designs. His legs are covered by pants that cut at his shins, also of the same coarse material, and hiking boots on his feet.

As a government official, Eric has access to some of the best equipment available, but he can always be found carrying his old equipment with him at all times, which include: a Khopesh that is strapped to his left hip, with a stiletto, a tri-edged trenching knife, resting in a vertical pocket. An engraved Colt .45 is holstered on his left side, while a sawed-off shotgun is clamped behind him at the small of his back and a crossbow is slung across his chest, resting on his back. He covers this miniature arsenal by wearing a long, dark green trenchcoat. He carries a haversack over his right shoulder, when not resting it against something or on the floor.

Personality: Eric is a very cautious, introverted individual. He is not fast to make friends, and only accepts the perceptions of society to keep himself unnoticed. Even as he attempted to discover the the source of what he is, he would much rather have been left alone with his thoughts and studies. That is not to say, however, that he despises life. Quite the contrary, he has been, is, and will likely always be willing to throw himself in danger's path to protect others. Such desire to defend may leave others questioning his cold demeanor, but most attempts to understand the boy fail. He is a loner, in the purest sense in the word.

Eric suffered personal trauma while at the Academy, and after it was destroyed, he lost all hope of discovering his past. His mind is even more closed off than before, giving him an air of grim determination in his duties. He will still look to the safety and protection of others over orders, but there is little else left for him beyond that.

Alignment: Former Student/Government Official

Powers/Skills/Equipment: Immortality - Though Eric can suffer injury as most any other average individual can, many mortal wounds, even those that would guarantee death, will not affect him so. Though he cannot die, however, he suffers each and every injury he sustains, feeling the pain that many people forfeit in death. This ability is passive and always at work. If it is possible to turn it off, Mr. Young does not know how to do so.

Regeneration - Eric's natural healing is different than a normal person. It is faster, allowing him to recover from light wounds quickly, though grievous injuries will still take an extended period of time to mend. It is also precise. If a limb is broken, it will eventually heal back to its proper form, even if it heals unset, initially. He can also regrow severed body part, though the regeneration time is extreme, leaving him handicapped for months to years at a time, depending on the item lost. If he can claim the lost appendage within a certain amount of time he can reattach it, rather than be forced to grow an entire new one.

Beyond these extraordinary abilities, Eric is physically fit, kept in peak form through an extreme personal training regimen. He can run for long periods of time, though he is slower than an Olympian athlete, and he can strike hard, though he lacks the power of proffessional fighters. He is an expert marksman and melee combatant, proficient with many different weapons and fighting styles. He is incredibly versatile, which is a result of his most useful skill: experience. When the whole of eternity lies before you, there is little one cannot learn...

Bio: Eric doesn't have any memory of his life before he became aware of himself so many millenia ago. It quickly became clear, however, that he was not something ordinary. He watched as those around him aged and grew before his eyes, while he seemed to be stuck as he was. It left bitter thoughts in his mind as he watched those he got close and brought into his life turn to dust before his eyes. Eventually, he stopped looking for contact with others, no longer willing to bear the pain of their passing and the memories. Secluding himself, he watched the times change, the people grow, and he knew that for all his loss, he would be willing to see people continue on their path of enlightenment and evolution. He traveled the world, joining various defense forces where he could, defending nation after nation in skirmish after skirmish, war after war. He couldn't stop the bloodshed humanity brought upon itself, but with each conflict, he did what he could to prevent it.

Millennia passed, and weapons became more advanced. Humans no longer had to face each other at arms reach to kill, and it brought new and bloodier conflict into play. All the while, young Eric, hardly noticing his aging, did what he could, and defended himself and his allies. He had all but resigned himself to this existence when he heard of a school. A place where people with new, strange, and potent abilities could learn how to control themselves. It was a spring of hope he had never expected to see, and he leapt at the opportunity. He would attend this school, and with any luck, he would learn what he was...and why he was alive...

Then it all came crashing down. "Hero High" was destroyed, untold numbers slaughtered in the destruction, and Eric once again alive, witness to it all. It was too much for him, the last bitter straw that broke an old camel's back. He went into seclusion....for three months he simply vanished off the face of the planet, hidden in the old places of the world. Then he returned, and caught wind of the registration act. With no thoughts of himself left, Eric Young revealed himself to the Government, registered, and took his place in this new world as he'd always been. The Soldier, taking up a cause and defending in a way only he could. The enemy now: renegade supers. Every one...

-"My internet is currently so bad I'm time traveling. Don't worry about it."

-"You have the best problems, Scenario. You really do. haermm"

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Gender: Male
Location: Australia

Name: Andrew James Brok
Age: 23
*Appearance: Andrew is tall and muscular, standing at 6 ft. 2. His has spiky blue hair and electric blue eyes. Being a clone with multiple ‘fathers’, his features are uniquely exotic, but still betrays his Russian origins.
He wears a standard hero uniform, similar to those worn by Strikeforce, but with blue and black markings, and a black leather jacket over the top.
Personality: Andrew has a strong sense of justice, but also an aggressive streak, an Elemental racial trait, which he keeps well under control. As a teacher, he is mostly lenient, but in extreme cases can very strict. He has a knack for commanding respect, but he also sometimes acts quite childish, especially when it comes to something that he finds fascinating, or when he thinks of a new idea.
In the present, Andrew is wracked with grief over a great personal loss. He has no drive, and only responds when directly spoken to. Most of the time he sits alone, or otherwise he is off training far away, where no one can interrupt him.
*Alignment: Former Teacher, Hero
Andrew is a unique Elemental. All Elementals can only control and absorb one element.
But Andrew was genetically bred to be the most powerful of his race, and as such the rules don't apply to him.
-Like all Elementals, Andrew is far stronger and faster than any human, capable of lifting 15 metric tons and capable of flying at near the speed of sound.
-Normal Elementals have control of only one element. Andrew can absorb any element that’s thrown at him, and convert them to energy.
-However, Andrew can only output this energy as electricity. Because of his unique energy manipulation powers, this can have different effects depending on what colour his electricity is.
-blue lightning is Andrew basic form of attack. He can cause phenomenal amounts of damage in a very short time.
-black lightning is harder to control, but it allows Andrew to manipulate the energy of other beings. He can drain them of energy (and life, in rare cases), and even temporarily lock down someone else powers so they can't use them.
-Andrew is capable of detecting energy. He uses this often to locate fellow super. He can even sense someone’s mood and the general atmosphere of the location around an individual. The closer someone is it Andrew emotionally, the easier it is for him to sense their 'energy signature'.
-He can also fly, and teleport short distances (can teleport long distances as long he has focusing on someone's energy signature.)
-Like all Elementals, Andrew has a natural fighting instinct. He can study and master different fighting styles in a very short time. This is the defining quality that made him combat teacher at Hero High.
-Can heal quickly by absorbing energy from a nearby source.
-Can completely cover himself with blue/black lightning (a trait all Elementals share - their ability to 'armor' themselves with their specific element.)
-Can survive without necessities like food, water and sleep, as long as there is some kind of energy he can use as a substitute.
Andrew is well versed in multiple forms of melee combat. His natural fighting instinct makes it easier for him to master fighting techniques.
Andrew is also incredibly intelligent – A gifted scientist, specializing in molecular-biology. He has often worked with Blayze to pioneer several inventions, such as the water screen, symbiotic Nano machines and vehicles such as Strikeforce’s van and jet.
Although he was born in Russia, His English is perfect, with no trace of an accent.
Andrew was the result of a freak experiment by the Elemental Mafia to create the 'perfect' Elemental - one who could control all elements. Using the DNA of 5 different male Elementals on another Elemental fetus, Terry Broad - the kidnapped Scientist, believed that he was successful. However, Andrew's birth proved them all wrong. While it was immediately apparent from the moment of his explosive birth (an explosion which killed the mother and all six fathers), it proved that in later years, Andrew could only output his enormous power through electricity. However, given his advanced speed, strength and the ability to absorb any element made Andrew a partial success. He was still the most powerful of his race, even as a child, but he was not 'perfect'. Because of this, Andrew's only living relative, his uncle, Inferno, heir to the Mafia's throne, decided that Andrew must die.
Several attempts were made on Andrew's life during his childhood. None of which were successful. The closest the mafia got to actually killing Andrew was when he lived in Russia and was attending high school there. He had a girlfriend, Jane, an American exchange student who was also hiding a super power from the world. It was during this time of peace that the Mafia attacked again, reducing the Russian school to rubble. Andrew survived, but he believed Jane was dead, like everyone else there. The trauma would come to haunt him for years. Eventually, Terry, who had taken it upon himself to adopt Andrew as his own son, forced Andrew to attend Hero High in America - For his safety. This was the best thing that could have happened to Andrew. Only a few weeks after he enrolled, Jane, who had miraculously survived, due to her speed, had turned up at the school looking for him. At first their relationship was strained, but they quickly got back on track, and right before graduating from Hero High, Andrew proposed to her. Many tragedies struck the school in their years there, but none were as great as at the end of their final year. It was then that the nameless tragedy struck the world. The alien invasion begun and Hero High was called on to save the world. Hundreds died in the struggle, including Terry. It was after this horrible even that the world saw peace again. Andrew and Jane got married and applied for teaching posts at the new Hero High. Andrew still teaches there, despite the incident involving Isaac. Being the mastermind behind Strikeforce, Andrew has taken a personal interest in it, often coming up with ways to aid the group, which lead to the upgrading of the jet and the creation of the van for Strikeforce Division B.
After the New York incident and Leon’s awakening, Andrew showed his stricter side by stripping Leon’s leadership from him. It was necessary, as Leon needed to time to heal, and to train himself with his new weapon. Andrew closely watched Leon’s recovery, and after a while, determined that he was ready to lead once again. In this time, Jane finally returned, having taken a short leave of absence. The exultation Andrew felt being near his wife once again was short lived… The event happened, and Jane leaped into action, using her speed to evacuate more than 100 people before she succumbed to the final explosion. Unlike Russia, her death was an absolute certainty this time. The grief was far too much for Andrew, and he fled, knowing that if he lost control now, his power may accidentally kill those around him.
It took the best part of a month, but Andrew reappeared, using his powers of detection to find where the others had hidden, and taking refuge among them. His grief still greatly affects him, and he no longer has the motivation to act against the government. Given Andrew’s resilient nature, it will only be a matter of time before he decides to do something with his broken life, but how long will that take? As of now, no one is certain.


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Gender: Male
Location: Australia

Name: Liam
Age: 19-20
Appearance: Liam is a Monkey Feral, a half human half monkey. Standing only 5 ft 5, Liam is very short, but has a natural athletic physique. Most his body, save his face, is covered with grey/white fur. He is capable of walking upright, like a human, but also with the gait of a monkey, and can even move on all fours with perfect ease.
Liam now wears a fully function nanotech suit (created by Andrew and Blayze), which completely covers his body, from head to tail. The suit moves almost like liquid, giving him complete freedom of movement, and the helmet can ‘melt’ away to reveal his face.
Personality: Like a monkey, Liam is often cheeky and funny, but can also be quite aggressive when he wants to be. Although he is perfectly capable of working alongside others, or even leading others, he prefers the work alone. He has a strong sense of duty, and always repays his debts whenever and however he can.
Alignment: vigilante
Being a Feral, Liam’s physical attributes surpass that of normal humans. He has incredible agility and reflexes/reaction time, and has impeccable aim. His senses very animalistic and he can detect things that most people cannot with his sense of hearing and smell. His tail is a highly developed piece of muscle, stronger than his other four limbs combined.
Unlike most Ferals, his healing abilities are rather limited.
The Suit
Liam’s suit is a marvel of technology. Created by Andrew and Blayze, it was designed to replicate parts of their powers, but more importantly, it boosts Liam’s already superhuman physical attributes to even greater heights. The suit is highly resistant to fire and electricity and its symbiotic connection to Liam allows him to control its functions with a thought. The suit also has a radar that lets him pinpoint allies and enemies from a distance. The suit’s inbuilt computer is highly advanced, capable of hacking computers and ‘assimilating’ technology just through direct contact. The Nano machines are incredibly resourceful, capable to recreating themselves and creating equipment for Liam to use.
The Nano suit is capable to giving Liam weapons and tools to use. These can include
- A shield – If the suit detects danger, it will remove itself from Liam’s body completely and create a barrier around him for protection. This shield is very strong, able to protect both Liam and Leon from the satellite cannon attack, albeit almost being destroyed in the process.
- Guns – The suits will form pistols around Liam’s hands, which fire non-lethal bolts of energy.
- Tools – Anything from a wrench to a pick-lock, the suit can provide
Liam is an expert hand to hand fighter, and a crack shot with his pistols, or indeed, anything he can find and throw. His monkey traits make him an excellent climber and a fast mover over any terrain – ‘parkour’ is an absolute joke to someone of his talents.
Orphaned at the age of 4, Liam was raised in an orphanage on a private island until he was 13. During his time there he had been constantly abused and worked like a slave, due to his "freak" monkey-like traits. He escaped when a boat arrived on the island to deliver supplies from America. Liam stowed away on the boat and sought out a place in America where he could live in peace - finding hero high and staying there until the present day.
During the Isaac incident, Liam’s body was burnt almost beyond recognition. He was given a special suit by Andrew and Blayze which boosted his powers and hid his deformed appearance. Indebted to Leon for saving his life, the two formed a great friendship as Liam taught Leon martial arts. After graduating from Hero High, Liam registered with the government, and was assigned to New York days before the Hive appeared. During the Hive attack, Liam was infected, but his suit saved him, keeping the poison from killing him. It did not stop it from affecting his mind, however, and he went temporarily insane.
After a tousle with Leon, where he nearly killed him, Liam requested help from Janet, who placed a psychic barrier inside his mind to fend off the madness. With his mind whole again, he lead Strikeforce in Leon’s place to attack the Hive and rescue any living civilians. The battle would have been lost, had Leon not shown up at the last second and wiped out the Hive’s forces. Liam returned to base with the others, but upon recognizing the voice of the Hive’s leader, he set off again, with Leon, to the Hive’s hidden lair. On meeting the G.O who had been the hive the whole time, Liam’s suit went haywire, as the Hive used the surrounding computers to hack the suit and use to take control of the Deleo Unit, a satellite cannon salvaged from alien technology, and use it to try and destroy Hero High. Liam was however, able to fend off the madness a second time, and after reversing the hack, redirected the cannon’s fire to directly where they were, in NYC. Moment before the Deleo strike, Liam’s suit separated itself from Liam, and after removing the Hive corruption completely, created a shield that saved Liam and Leon both from being killed. The suit was all but destroyed, and Liam, like Leon had entered a coma.
During his rest, Liam’s suit began slowly repairing itself. Before long, it was also repairing the damage Liam had sustained his whole life. The scars and burns disappeared, and fur began growing again. After several months, Liam’s body was healed, and the suit was back to its full capacity. It was only then that he woke, and by then, everything had changed.
The explosions that wrecked the school did not extend as far as Liam’s hospital bed. When he finally woke up, there was nothing but destruction around him. He was alone; everyone had clearly believed him to be dead. Using his newly recreated suit, he tracked down the survivors, and now tries to motivate them into action. Often though, he will go out alone, trying to do hero work at night without being spotted by the wrong people, whoever they are.


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Gender: Male
Location: Australia

Leon's char sheet is going to take up two posts - Brace yourselves. stick out tongue

Name: Leon Astra
*Alignment: Crusaders (I'm putting this up here to emphasize the changes between this Leon and the old one.
Code name (if applicable): Ouroboros (newly given to him)
Age: 18
*Appearance: Leon is roughly 6 ft. tall, and has an athletic build. He has brown hair, which goes down to around his ears on all sides, green eyes, and a handsome face, half hidden behind the hair. He has no noticeable scars/deformities.
Where once he wore a Strikeforce uniform, Leon now wears a simple black getup, with the crusader logo (if there is such a thing) stitched to the upper left chest. He still wears his trademark trench coats and jacket, but they are now mixtures of white, black and grey, instead of pure white. The recently acquired nanotech serpent (see equipment) is physically attached to his upper right arm, near the shoulder. Leon allowed a hole to be stitched in all of his clothes to allow the snake comfort. It is wrapped tightly around his arm when not in use.
Personality: The events of the last few months have corrupted Leon's once noble convictions. He remains steadfast to justice, but now he no longer cares how he achieves this end, as long as he has the results he wants. He is more than willing to soak his hands in blood to fight evil.
*Powers/Skills/Equipment (if applicable): Leon's power is to create and manipulate shockwaves of incredible destructive power. When used normally, Leon concentrates energy to his hands or feet, and contains it within a thin membrane or various shapes and sizes. On impact, the membrane is destroyed, and the energy is released in one explosive force. The more energy Leon can gather over time, the greater the destructive force, as demonstrated when he destroyed the main Hive force after charging for a full five minutes. This does, however, have a limit. If Leon cannot contain the energy he has gathered, it will be released against his will, as shown when he was in a coma after the New York incident.
From the age of sixteen, Leon learned to apply this technique is various ways
- Creating 'boxing gloves' around his hands and feet, which increase the damage and knockback he can do with his hand2hand combat
- Super Jump - By applying the shockwaves to his feet, Leon is able to jump great distances. He creates smaller shockwaves on landing to avoiding hurting himself
- Thunderclap - When two or more shockwaves hit each other, the amount of force generated is greatly increased. This is Leon's primary defensive technique, as he is able to send multiple foes and projectiles flying away from him without affecting himself.
In more recent times Leon has learned a few new skills.
- Flight - With an effort of will, Leon can channel the energy from his hands and feet without using a membrane to contain it, allowing him to hover and fly. This technique, while faster than his jumping method, wastes a lot of energy. Sustained flight is impossible, unless he gathers energy for hours beforehand.
- Detonation - Leon can cause a shockwave in flight to explode before it impacts. This is useful for theatricality, distractions or the element of surprise.
Equipment - Ouroboros.
The nanotech serpent is a powerful tool and weapon with many uses. It has some intelligence and self-awareness, but it follows Leon's mental and sometime verbal commands without hesitation.
The snake was originally a part of Liam's suit, which absorbed the Hive poison from Liam's body moments before the satellite cannon strike. Sensing the poison, the suit separated itself, expelling the corrupted part completely. Needing a symbiotic partner to survive, the expelled piece attached itself to Leon, forming itself into a snake based off Leon's nightmares. It is a powerful but nonetheless risky piece of equipment. This particular serpent is venomous.
The Ouroboros has many different functions.
- The snake can act as a conduit for Leon's powers, allowing him to shape the membranes to sharp points, as opposed to bubbles, with little effort on Leon's part (such a thing Leon considered impossible before acquiring the snake). These types of shockwave have the power to slice through objects, rather than impact on them. Leon is also able to employ his thunderclap technique simply by cracking the snake like a whip on the ground (one shockwave is channeled through the snake, the second is created at the point where the snake strikes the ground) rather than a defensive bubble though, this version of the technique strikes in a cone in direction of the whip strike.
- Even without the shockwaves, the snake is incredibly dangerous. Inside the snake's mouth is a hidden blade, which can extend past the mouth to slice and stab foes. The jaws of the snake can also grip objects, turning it into a makeshift grapple hook.
The Ouroboros' most dangerous attribute is its poison. The snake is the only remaining survivor of the Hive, and as such, it has the power to inject the Hive's poison into other people. Leon possesses the only known cure, a carefully created shockwave that passes through the victim's body, destroying the poison without harming the victim. Leon has not yet even begun to master this trick, and so he never uses the snake's poison, no matter how much he might want to.
- A photo Samantha. Possibly more dangerous than the snake, as it is what gives Leon his drive to succeed. He keeps this well hidden, in case his Crusader team mates discover it.
- Leon is reasonably competent in hand to hand combat, since he was personally trained by Liam. He uses an amateur form of kickboxing, combined with karate, aikido and his shockwaves to handle himself in a fist fight.
- Leon is no stranger to leadership and strategy, being the former leader of Strikeforce. He does however have a knack for not trusting those under his command with important information, often leading to confused situations.
- Leon has also mastered meditation to a certain degree. It allows him to gather energy for his powers without accidentally destroying the area around him.
*Bio: Next post - See below.


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Location: Australia

Leon - Part 2

Bio: Leon was thrown out of his home in his early teens by his ignorant and often drunk, violent parents when his powers were discovered. Knowing there were others like him in the city, he sought them out, and was taken to Hero high shortly afterward. Even though he was new, Leon was elevated a year ahead of others his age, his inexperience being overshadowed by the raw power he displayed. The jealous muttering of other students died down as Leon demonstrated himself as a model student, receiving good marks in his studies (though only average in science), and performing well in sports, excelling particularly in combat class, although he also displayed an interested in the newly created yet un-named ‘foc/cer’, occasionally playing a striker as part of his training. Although he got along well with student and staff alike, his only close friend was Lucian, who's rebellious and easygoing attitude evened out Leon's strict attention to rules.
Leon's true claim to fame arose during the Strikeforce tournament. He rose to the final round, and even though what transpired afterwards was a complete disaster, with one student being killed, and Lucian being kidnapped, the teacher's agreed that Leon deserved the title of tournament champion. Shortly afterward, Leon, and others who had proven themselves in the tournament formed the first Strikeforce team, and were sent to Russia, along with several teachers, to rescue Lucian. What they didn't know is that Isaac and the Elemental Mafia had been conspiring to turn people, even supers, into Elementals. Their only successful test subject was Lucian, who in addition to his regular power of teleportation, had become a water Elemental. When Strikeforce finally arrived at the Elemental base, there was a huge battle. While the teacher's fought Isaac, it was up to the new members of Strikeforce to take on Inferno and the Elementals. Inferno proved to be the group's match, and managed to give Liam, the monkey boy, severe burns, which would have killed him if Leon had not put out the fire with a shockwave. The battle turned from bad to worse when it seemed that Lucian had died in the struggle. Strikeforce had no choice but to retreat. Liam, who was grateful to Leon for saving his life, decided to teach Leon hand to hand combat before he graduated.
In the following year, Leon had been promoted to Strikeforce's leader, serving directly under the teachers. With their assistance, he picked a team made of the best, and began leading them on missions. Over time, the mission began to hint at a great evil plaguing New York City, which had been placed under complete lock down. Leon and the other members of Strikeforce went to investigate the growing Hive threat. They did not expect a ruined city, entire days of running, hiding, and eventually an all-out assault that nearly killed all the remaining civilians. Before the final battle with the Hive, Liam revealed himself, apparently driven insane by the carnage around him. He and Leon fought to a stalemate, with Leon only managing to recover just in time for the final battle. With a single blow, he ended the battle, taking out the Hive most of the city block in the process. Believing there was every chance that the Hive would regroup; Leon used an emergency radio broadcast to contact Ghost Squad, an elite group of supers working directly for the government. They responded promptly, and their presence helped to convince the variety of villains who had also been in New York to work with the heroes this one time. However, before anything else could happen, the leader of the Hive, A government official turned monster, broadcasted a message to the group, issuing his unconditional surrender. Everyone believes this to be a trap, but Liam recognizes the voice, and convinces Leon to come find the Hive's lair with him. Upon finding the Hive's leader, Leon instantly engages combat with him, while Liam struggled with the Hive's virus and his suit being hacked. When the satellite cannon's aim is redirected from the school to where they are, Leon blasts a hole in the ground to help protect them from the cannon.
That is all Leon can remember of that indecent. Lying in a hospital bed in Hero High, his body was randomly giving off shockwaves, forcing him to be confined, with no visitors. The next few weeks were a blur of nightmares, one after the other. Over time, he realized that these were lessons his subconscious was trying to teach him. Using the nightmares, Leon was able to better understand his powers, and when he finally awoke, he discovered that his new techniques, such as flying, were really possible. After coming to the aid of Strikeforce, Vincent Adal and Zero, Leon was shocked to find that his supposedly dead best friend, Lucian, had returned. In a rage no one thought possible of him, Leon attacked Lucian with great ferocity, using his new weapon, the snake attached to his arm, to try and kill his former best friend. Andrew was forced to step in and subdue Leon, stripping him of his position as Strikeforce's leader. This was a blow that took Leon months to recover from. After some time training to better understand his new weapon and powers, Leon was given another chance to lead Strikeforce on a single mission. The mission was partially successful, and the teachers determined that Leon was ready to resume his position fully.
Just when Leon was going to recover what he had lost, the event happened. In the blink of an eye, Leon had lost everything he had been working towards all over again. In his shame and fury, Leon disappeared, never to be heard from for several months. When he emerged, he was a completely different person - A solo enforcer for the Crusaders, who did whatever it took to achieve his goals. Leon still seeks answers for the atrocities that have been committed. He actively follows any leads on the feral kidnappings - something he had been working on in his days of Strikeforce. He also seeks to find the people responsible for the destruction of the one place that he could call home. Lastly, he tries his best to watch over his former team mates - especially Samantha - without them noticing him.


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Xan is the commander of this ship so I can better helm the reigns of the RP.

Consider me excruciatingly grateful, Xan. You're now in charge of this thread. Whatever you say, goes. I'll only use my powers should I need to. Characters will still be sent to me if it's the first time they are being added but if someone wants to update an existing character, they'll have to PM them to Xan for approval before posting them in this thread.

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Name: Benjamin Mason

Age: 24

Appearance: Exactly who is in the picture. Ben stands 5 feet and 9 inches tall and has no known scars or deformities. His hair jet black and extremely straight. He often keeps it cut low as it grows long quickly. If he does not get his hair cut, he will keep it in a ponytail. Ben also has African American (mother) and Native American (Apache, father) blood coursing through his veins.

Personality: Benjamin is a well mannered and serious young man as he has a lot of responsibilities. He is friendly to everyone yet very outspoken and blunt as he will often say the things that others won't. This can sometimes seem like Ben is being slightly mean. He is very protective of those he loves and can get surprisingly depressed if he feels like he has failed.

A quirky trait of Ben is the fact that he does not use contractions and is very proper when he speaks.

Alignment: Former Dean of the now destroyed Academy of Higher Learning; Former Hero; Link between the spirit and human worlds

Powers/Skills/Equipment: Because of his lineage from both parents - his mother was the descendant of powerful witches and his father was a shaman - Ben possesses vast magical strength that affords him many abilities and skills:

Abilities with an "*" next to them are powers achieved through the casting of a specific spell, incantation or ritual and are temporary as they can be cancelled.

Abilities with a "`" next to them are powers that are natural and are another aspect of his magick as a whole.

`Superhuman strength
`Absorbing life from others
`Enhanced durability
`Self healing/healing others
*Clairvoyance (even when person/object is theoretically protected/shielded)
`Force fields
`Prophetic dreams
*Portal creation
`Magick energy blasts
`Sees spirits and demons
`Magical energy bow and arrows that can disrupt various magicks
`Communicates with animals and nature itself to achieve various feats (flora manipulation, rain, wind, snow, earth manipulation, thermal manipulation, cloud manipulation, tide manipulation, electromagnetic manipulation)
`Has a natural empathetic connection with nature
*Causes vision quests
`Able to perform powerful spells, rituals, transmogrifications, scrying and potion making

Due to his status as the Link between the spirit and human worlds, Ben is more powerful than the average witch or shaman. Demons hesitate to engage him in battle and the gods/Great Spirits are able to visit him in all of their supernatural glory without Ben dying as would a regular person. However, Ben can still be injured just like anyone else if he is not defending himself. And there are other out there that can prove a challenge to him as he is not all powerful.

While exceedingly powerful, Ben can still become extremely exhausted and drained of energy from performing powerful spells and rituals. This will require him to either eat a great amount of food or sleep for an extended period of time to gather his strength back. He can also still be injured just like others by any means that can cause harm should he not protect or defend himself.

Skills- Ben is extremely adept in the use of a bow and arrow, rarely missing his mark. He was taught this since childhood by his father and constantly practices to this day.

He is also well aware of the magical properties of many flora, spices, and animals do to the need of ingredients for his potions and his teachings as a shaman.

Ben is well versed in the Latin tongue and can speak it fluently as a lot of magick is written in this "dead" language.

He also has an intimate knowledge of a host of magical volumes and has an almost edict memory of said volumes as he can often cast a spell without having to read from a book. This could be due to the fact that Ben may have cast a spell to help him remember what he has read.

Ben's fighting style is modeled after his Apache heritage; he employs evasion, stalking and aggression techniques taught to him by his father when he was younger when he fights.

It can be argued that this causes Ben to be a feared warrior as his opponents more than likely rarely see him coming. However, Ben relies heavily on his powers and rarely gets physical. Many a demon or opponent mistook this as Ben not being physically capable and have lost their life or were seriously injured in their underestimation of Ben. While he rarely fights, Ben does consistently train so his fighting prowess does not wane.

Equipment- Ben is in possession of a sack that houses a pocket dimension that is able to hold a rather large variety of things and this is where he keeps his magical items (ie, potions, ingredients, his grimoire, or, book of spells, an athame, or, a ceremonial double-edged dagger, etc...)

Bio: Benjamin Mason has been a lot of things: student, father, hero, teacher, Link between worlds. The one thing he's never been is powerless. And that is what he was the day the school was destroyed. Everything he'd been through- alien invasions, demon battles, supernatural walkabouts, insane students, multidimensional training- hadn't prepared him for the devastation that ensued when the school exploded.

For some reason, he could not anticipate that something terrible was going to happen and therefore, he couldn't prevent all of the destruction that ended so many lives. He felt as if something was blocking access to his powers for just a short while but that didn't matter and it didn't change anything. People were dead. His best friend, Simon Raynard, was dead. His adopted son, Andy Mason, was dead. He thanked the Great Spirits that his wife Katt and newborn daughter Alana were away with Katt's royal family when all of the chaos erupted.

He and the other Heroes were held responsible for the loss of life by the entire league of governments involved and he, along with the remainder of the Heroes and Strike Force were ordered to disband both teams or be branded vigilantes and taken out on sight. All of the Heroes and Strike Force did just that; they went their separate lives. He and Katt, with their new baby, settled into a small town not too far from where the original school was located. They kept in contact with their friends and got word that supers were being murdered.

A small group of them got together at a local diner to try to determine what happened and what was happening when an entire squad of police interrupted and arrested them. Ben was held and questioned the longest but was ultimately released as he was able to convince the police that they had done no wrong and were simply greeting and consoling each other. It was after this that the team decided to reform, with Strike Force now members of the Heroes, and go underground to figure things.

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Still looking for that sig....

In the mean time, I never DID see that anime where I unintentionally got my name from. Is it any good

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(Ben's full bio - Part 1)

The only child of an African American mother and a Native American father, Benjamin Mason was fiercely protected by his parents and has inherited that trait to be fiercely protective of his family and close friends.
When Benjamin’s mother, Jordan Mason, was 4 years of age, both of her parents died, causing her and all of her brothers and sisters to have to stay with their mother's only sister, whom they didn't even know. It was there that her aunt physically abused her and she was constantly sexually abused by her eldest brother who had become insane with grief at the death of his parents. This caused her to grow up to be a very closed off young woman. She kept all people a stone's throw away and built a wall around her heart to keep more pain from coming in.
When she was 18 years old, Jordan had met the man of her dreams. He treated her with the utmost respect. He was financially stable, working at a car factory, he went to church every Sunday and he gave her anything she asked for. She fell in love with him instantly, but later found out that he had a wife and a 1-year-old daughter. This only made the barrier around her heart thicker. Jordan gave up on love.
Benjamin's father's, Morning Star, life wasn't any better. When he was 11 years old, he lost his mother in a war between his Apache tribe and a Blackfoot tribe that was trying to take over their land. Morning Star's father, who was the Chief and Shaman of the tribe, became depressed with grief causing the war to be lost for his people. With his tribe having to becoming nomads, he began to ignore Morning star and Grey wolf, Morning star’s older brother and shrug his duties as the Chief. He had begun to delve deeper in shamanism, trying to find a magical way to revive his slain wife. A ritual was soon discovered that would resurrect his wife, but it called for a human sacrifice.
Losing his grip on reality, Morning Star's father planned to sacrifice his oldest son, Gray wolf. He told the 15 year old boy that his destiny was to become the link between the human world and the Spirit world and that the ritual to do so had to be preformed with a willing soul. Keeping the truth from the boy, Morning Star's father began the ritual by putting Gray wolf in a trance like state and invoking the Great Spirits of Life and Death. He was stunned when they physically appeared. They stopped the ritual, stating that it was a disgrace and abomination to sacrifice a human life. As punishment, the Chief's own life was to be taken by the Spirits, only to be spared by Morning Star's plea for his father’s shaman powers to be taken away instead. The Great Spirits obliged and left his father powerless. As they were leaving, they told Morning Star and Gray wolf that they were to take their father's place as Shamans.
Because of their father's misdeeds, the tribe exiled the Chief and his sons because it went against everything they believed in to sacrifice a human life. This caused Morning Star to sever his ties with his father and shy away from his destiny as a Shaman. He vowed that he would live a normal life. Gray wolf, on the other hand, quickly took to Shamanism. He learned very quickly the basics and was well on his way to becoming a more adept Shaman than what his father used to be. Because of this, he and Morning Star's relationship became strained and eventually dissolved over time. Shortly after that, their father died. This cemented Gray wolf’s role as the current Shaman.
When Benjamin's parents met for the first time, it was love at first sight. Jordan described it as an overwhelming pull to Morning Star as he described it as finding his other half. They didn't know why they felt the way they did until the Great Spirit of Life reappeared to Morning Star. It told him that he and Jordan were to become the parents of a very powerful child. The child would be the link between the world of Spirits and the world of humans.
He told the spirit that he didn't want his child to have anything to do with magic and that he couldn't teach him anything because he never learned shamanism for himself. The spirit then informed Morning Star that just because he wasn't taught anything didn't mean that he lacked power. It also said that if he wanted to keep his future child safe he would have to learn and took Morning Star under his wing. He kept his training a secret from Jordan out of fear that she would leave him if she found out about it.
When he and Jordan married, they found out that Jordan couldn't have children due to the abuse she suffered as a child. The couple was devastated and that caused Morning Star to quit his training as a shaman. It took three years for Jordan to finally get pregnant and have a beautiful baby boy they named Benjamin. Having no intentions to teach magic to his son, Morning Star was shocked when Ben developed what appeared to be energy manipulation powers on his own.
Both of his parents frantically searched for answers as to what the source of his powers was but steadily came up short. A few years later, Jordan stumbled across her family history and found out that her ancestors were burned at the stake and hung for practicing witchcraft. When she told her husband, Morning Star guiltily revealed his heritage and that he had no intentions in letting his son learn magic. They both agreed that the best thing for Ben was to not tell him until they thought he could handle it. When Ben turned 7 years old, he started asking why he had powers and what he was. All his parents ever told him was that he was something special and that when the time came, they would explain it all to him.
As an adolescent, Benjamin became more familiar and adept with his abilities but felt completely alone. He had no idea that there were other people in the world with special powers, because his father had cast a spell on him that made him forget all things dealing with super humans and the supernatural a few moments after he saw them. An unknown and undetectable force mysteriously reversed the spell when he turned 14. Unwilling to lie to him anymore, his mother decided that he should go to a school named Hero High when he began to ask questions again. Still feeling that Benjamin wasn’t ready to know the truth yet, they kept the truth about his powers a secret.
While there, the teachers were surprised and amazed at the level of control he had over his abilities and often said that they had never met anyone so young who had that much control. Because of his personality, he quickly became well liked by many of his classmates including Simon Raynard, who quickly became his best friend. He got the position of Editor-in-Chief for the school newspaper when he was in the eleventh grade and always got to interview the resident heroes: Janet, Lance, Tech, Jordan, Tori and the rest.
In his senior year at Hero High, Benjamin was following the heroes, who were called to service because a band of mutated criminals, named the Wolf Pack, were rampaging in the downtown area. When he arrived at the scene, the area was a warzone. The police were evacuating civilians and had the area blocked off with tanks and SWAT trucks, who sat idle because there was nothing they could do. Benjamin bypassed the blockade easily, however, and made his way to ground zero.
He was taught by his father to always honor life but to protect the innocent and weaker at all times and by any means necessary. So when he saw an elderly woman being attacked by one of the Wolf Pack members, he killed him with what appeared to be a ring of light that disintegrated the man. Reigning in his feelings of guilt, disgust and general shock of ending someone’s life, he helped the woman get to safety only to see a little boy being chased by two Wolf Pack members. He killed them, saving the little boy but was ambushed by a group of the villains. He held his own but was fighting a losing battle until Janet came to his rescue. She read his mind to find out what he was doing there and told him to get the boy and himself to safety. Ben took the boy to an overturned car and told him to just stay quiet.
He took out several more members just before Tori let out an ear-splitting scream that abruptly ended the battle and allowed the leader, Dr. Wolfe, to be caught. Ben scooped up the little boy and went over to his schoolmates. He was then yelled at for his coming there and putting himself in danger but was also condoned for the action he took and was promoted to hero status.
The next few months were hectic for Benjamin. He became the guardian of the little boy, Andy, after finding out that his parents were killed by the Wolf Pack; he found out that Andy had extremely painful and incapacitating visions of the future; and he found out about his heritage and destiny from the uncle he never knew he had. Gray wolf told Benjamin everything; ranging from his and Morning Star's father, the Great Spirits, shamans, magic, how he knew where to find Ben and that he had to learn how to use his powers before he lost them forever. Ben, thinking the man was an enemy, attacked him only to be defeated. The man then disappeared and Benjamin didn't see him for a long time after that.
When he asked his parents if any of it was true, they validated Gray wolf’s story adding on the fact that he was the link to the world of Spirits and the world humans. When his father told him that he would need to be trained in the use of his powers, Ben said nothing and left. When he returned to the school and told the other heroes what he really was, Lance told Ben he would train him if he wanted it but Ben said that he didn't want any training.

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(Ben's full bio - Part 2)

A few weeks later, Andy had a vision that Earth was going to be attacked by aliens who wanted to purge the universe of all super humans. Simon, who had become the Guardian of another dimension called the Shadow lands, heard about the young seer's vision and took the majority of Hero High to his dimension, leaving the school vastly under populated and unprotected. When the aliens arrived, the school suffered a devastating attack and was completely obliterated having the remaining students, faculty and heroes relocated to a scaled down version of the first school.
When Hero High was finally rebuilt a few months later, Benjamin’s powers surprisingly and exponentially increased. He also gained new abilities that stemmed from both his mother’s heritage of witchcraft and his father’s heritage of shamanism. While learning to get them under control with the help of his father, his mother contracted an ancient virus that was long thought to be extinct, and died. Devastated, he left Hero High in search of answers. He returned almost a year later empty handed. He decided to continue his training in magicks to work through the grief of losing his mother. But because of his father's delayed training, he and Morning Star finished their training together.
While on a vision quest, Benjamin came in contact with the strange man he now knew to be his uncle. Gray wolf told Ben that he was keeping a close eye on him and knew that his training was done. He then said that he wanted to test Ben and kept attacking him until a mystical fight ensued. Every attack Ben tried was either reversed or canceled out by his uncle and he was badly beaten. Gray wolf left by saying that he would have to take more extreme measures to get Ben to reach his full potential. As he came out of the vision quest, his father was laying dead at his feet with a note that said,
"Maybe this will motivate you...."
A few days later, Andy came to Ben and told him that he had a vision where a man surrounded by a pack of gray wolves was standing over all of the people that Ben cared about with blood dripping off of his hands. That was when he realized what happened to his mother. Gray wolf cursed her with an illness in hopes that he would try to use magic to save her. He went to his teammate, and fellow magic-wielder, Lance to learn more about magic.
It was while under Lance’s tutelage that he realized just how powerful he was meant to be. Spirits bowed to him and demons feared him. He could wield near limitless amounts of magicks that allowed him to perform various feats. His first feat using this knowledge was summoning his parents’ spirits. They revealed to him his true purpose as the bridge between the Spirit world and the human world. It was because of this that he decided to leave the school.
While on a walkabout, he came across a demon, which possessed the body of a young girl in a small Native American town in Arizona. The people were being terrorized and devoured by the demon and no one was able to do anything about it. By what Benjamin assumed was a slim chance of fate, he and the creature crossed paths. The beast quickly recognized Benjamin as the Link between worlds and attacked him. That was the first of several battles Benjamin would be involved in as the Link. It was a close battle but he prevailed over the demon with the assistance of the possessed girl. She used her own life force to distract the demon long enough for Ben to deliver the final strike with a magic arrow, separating the demon from its host and sending it back to the Spirit world.
Upon his return to the school, he met the feral Katt. She was every bit as fierce, brave and fiery-tempered as she was seductive, protective and assertive. They fell for each other almost instantly. Even when it was revealed that she shared a past with the villain Herakal- whom later returned to seek vengeance upon her and Ben- their relationship flourished. They were soon married and adopted Andy, officially becoming a family.
Some time after that a team of students were being constructed to carry out various missions and gain experience at precisely the same time a hand full of students were being mysteriously murdered. No one knew anything and even the seers of the school, including Andy, were unable to have visions of the culprit. The school came under fire from the government and a lot of the students began to leave in fear of their lives. After a strange dream, Ben summoned a group of unknown creatures that told him the heroes were in for the fight of their lives and that each and every one of them needed to become much more powerful than they originally were. Unable to help non-magical beings, the creatures offered to train Lance, Harkin and Ben. Only Ben accepted and in turn vanished from the school for six months.
During Ben’s training, Isaac was revealed to be the cause of the murdered students. Formerly a student and hero before disappearing, he returned more powerful than the entire team. No one was able to fight against him and his newly acquired magicks. He kidnapped Lucian of Strike Force for his own nefarious plot and constantly attacked the school with clones of himself that were made out of the bodies of the deceased students. Strike Force and the heroes tracked Isaac and his team to Russia and made their way to him. When the two teams met face-to-face, Strike Force and the heroes were beaten badly. It was only by the intercession of a powered up Lance that everyone, including a rescued but altered Lucian, was able to leave Russia alive.
Back at the school, another clone attacked and devastated the remaining team. No one was able to defeat even the clones of Isaac. After the clone left, things became quiet for a while. A few months later, the government had decided to leave the school alone after some of the heroes helped them quail an attempted governmental coup. Shortly after that, another Isaac clone attacked. It summoned a large offensive, which the school was losing against. At that moment, Ben had returned more powerful than what he originally was and defeated the clone single-handedly with just one spell. They no longer heard from Isaac after that and the school year finished with only small and containable occurrences afterwards.
A few months after those events, the team suffered a major loss in the death of Janet and Lance’s son, Aaron. Both heroes were inconsolable for a while. Lance had begun to take comfort in the arms of new hero, Bonnie. Janet and Lance could not continue as a couple and Lance left. This occurred as the project to rebuild more schools were on the table. When the program was complete, Ben took Lance’s place as principle, now going by the title of Dean, at the new school.
Ben quickly settled into his role as the Dean at the newly minted Academy of Higher Learning even though things started out rocky. Students were going insane and kidnapping other students; powers were causing extensive chaos; GOs (government officials) were tormenting students; some of the kids were trying to do vigilante work; new faculty members were showing up; and his magical duties were demanding more attention than he was used to. However, Ben was able to adequately deal with this and was often the voice of reason when sheer hysteria erupted.
Ben was absent during the Hive incident due to him being on one of his magical quests. When he did return from his extended absence, he found that Strike Force's leader Leon and original Strike Force member Liam were both unconscious from a satellite attack. Another original member, Naomi, had also returned to the school after the Hive mission, as well as Rock, Lance and an apparently resurrected Lucian. He also found out that Katt was pregnant. While getting ready for the baby, he was informed by Julian that there may be a group that would cause issues for the school.

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In the mean time, I never DID see that anime where I unintentionally got my name from. Is it any good

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Gender: Male
Location: In the midst of it all

(Ben's full bio - Part 3)

Having investigated this lead, Ben and the rest of the Heroes could find nothing to validate Julian's claim. The entire Hero team and Strike Force decided to leave the situation alone while the school year was in session so as to avoid any trouble. This decision led to the "smooth sailing" of the rest of the school year. Katt gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom was named Alana Jordan in respect to Ben's mother. The pregnancy went by fast ( a record 5 months) on account of Katt's feline DNA and Ben's magical essence which was determined by Tech after careful examination of both parents and the baby before she was born.
Ben was as happy as he could be. He had the perfect family. Andy and Alana took to each other completely and utterly, with Andy saying that he always wanted a little sister. The school year was ending with many of the students graduating and well adapted in the use of their abilities. And no dangers had happened since the Hive incident.
On the day of graduation, Ben was more than a little lonely seeing as Katt and Alana had been summoned by Katt's royal parents a couple days beforehand. She would return a few days after graduation. Until then, it was just Ben and Andy and the rest of the school. Some students had already traveled back to their homes as they weren't graduating at the time. Also, some representitives from many of the governments had come to the school to witness the ceremony the day before.
Everyone was in their seats: the Heroes on stage and Strike Force in the audience, although some were sitting with the graduating class as some of them were graduating themselves. Ben wasn't one for ongoing ceremonies, so he kept his speech as the Dean short and sweet. A few others spoke; GOs and various leaders.
It was then time for the Certificates of Completion and Degrees to commence. The students were lining up and the first in line was called. As soon as Mia Abner was handed her certificate, and explosion rung out in the audience. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion after that. Ben saw the Heroes toss themselves into action as people began to run and scream. A returned Jane was the first to make her way off of the stage and then Simon, who shadow hopped to a group of people just as an explosion rang out in the midst of the group he was with. And then, an explosion erupted from under the stage. He was tossed into the fray while other explosions rang out all around the auditorium. Just as he was about to help a group of people, they were engulfed a great ball of fire that seemed to erupt from nowhere before being blasted to the ground and being knocked unconscious.

- 3 months later -

Benjamin Mason has been a lot of things: student, father, hero, teacher, Link between worlds. The one thing he's never been is powerless. And that is what he was the day the school was destroyed. Everything he'd been through- alien invasions, demon battles, supernatural walkabouts, insane students, multidimensional training- hadn't prepared him for the devastation that ensued when the school exploded.
For some reason, he could not anticipate that something terrible was going to happen and therefore, he couldn't prevent all of the destruction that ended so many lives. He felt as if something was blocking access to his powers for just a short while but that didn't matter and it didn't change anything. People were dead. His best friend, Simon Raynard, was dead. His adopted son, Andy Mason, was dead. He thanked the Great Spirits that his wife Katt and newborn daughter Alana were away with Katt's royal family when all of the chaos erupted.
He and the other Heroes were held responsible for the loss of life by the entire league of governments involved and he, along with the remainder of the Heroes and Strike Force were ordered to disband both teams or be branded vigilantes and taken out on sight. All of the Heroes and Strike Force did just that; they went their separate lives. He and Katt, with their new baby, settled into a small town not too far from where the original school was located. They kept in contact with their friends and got word that supers were being murdered.
A small group of them got together at a local diner to try to determine what happened and what was happening when an entire squad of police interrupted and arrested them. Ben was held and questioned the longest but was ultimately released as he was able to convince the police that they had done no wrong and were simply greeting and consoling each other. It was after this that the team decided to reform, with Strike Force now members of the Heroes, and go underground to figure things.

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In the mean time, I never DID see that anime where I unintentionally got my name from. Is it any good

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Gender: Male
Location: In the midst of it all

Name: Caleb MacCallister

Code name: Vanish

Age: 18

Appearance: Caleb stands at 5 feet and 11 inches tall. With clear, blue eyes; short, brown hair; strong facial features; and a lean, yet muscular build, Caleb is a very handsome young man. He is a Caucasian, human male. See pic below.

Personality: Caleb emulated a relatively cheerful disposition. He was kind, friendly and easily excited. He also has a vengeful, believing that what goes around comes around and sometimes karma needs a little help. This rather negative trait has been more prominent as of late, thanks in great part to the destruction of his school and the death of his girlfriend, Naomi Montgomery. He also isn’t afraid to voice his opinion.

Alignment: Former member of Strike Force; graduated student; new member of the supposedly disbanded Heroes

Powers/Skills/Equipment: Caleb has a unique form a Light manipulation. His abilities differ depending on the time of the day. During daylight hours, Caleb is able to generate intense heat and beams of lights from his hands which he can use in various way, (i.e., laser beams, blinding flashes of light, balls of lights, etc...) and create illusions that can be compared to mirages.

In the nighttime hours, Caleb is able to render himself and anyone in physical contact with him invisible. He is limited to only being able to make an additional 2 people invisible before he becomes strained and cannot maintain invisibility. He is also able to create instruments out of compacted light. These objects are invisible for unknown reasons and he can make any shape he can imagine.

It is unknown why Caleb's abilities differ between night and day. Some speculate that this is simply psychological and that Caleb is subconsciously separating his abilities to learn them better.

Skills- Caleb is an above average hand-to-hand combatant. Being trained in basic self-defense by Simon and in advance martial arts by Naomi, whose powers revolved around fighting, Caleb can hold his own in a fight. When combined with his stealth abilities, Caleb is a one dangerous opponent.

Caleb is also an adept user of many weapons that rely on strength and muscle power such as swords, axes, bo staffs, etc..., as these were the type of weapons Naomi was a master at.

Equipment- Due to his ability to create invisible objects, Caleb can have a rather impressive array of equipment. Melee weapons, shields, armor, platforms, domes, etc…

Bio: A student of the previous school, Caleb was an average student who visited his parents as often as he could. He joined the second incarnation of Strike Force after he was nominated by former member, Naomi, who much later became his girlfriend after returning to the school when it was vastly upgraded. It was because of his powers of invisibility and illusions that Caleb was always the one to go on missions that required stealth. Naomi also trained him in the use of various weapons, as he could make a large array of objects with his powers and he often employed this skill in battle.

His personal life was that of any teenager’s. He often would hang out with his friends, study, listen to music, skip class or do homework, try to get a car, talk to girls, goof off, and eat. This, of course, was when he wasn’t actively taking part in a mission. And missions were something that he took extremely serious.

While on the Hive mission, Caleb was strictly professional. This resulted in him being more efficient and effective in battle, such as when he was helping Naomi fight against a Hive-infected group of villains while protecting a group of civilians at the same time. He is was also capable of giving orders and taking charge but he more so prefers to follow orders as he feels that there is far too much responsibility in leading.

His personal life was the exact opposite of his superhero life. He experienced the same situations that any other average teenage boy did yet he handled them with a cheery and carefree outlook. He had girl problems, image problems, trying to find where he fit in and things along those lines. It helped that he had his best friend, Uriah Wilton, to talk to. The two were inseparable from the moment they met. Uriah’s reserved attitude balanced out Caleb’s carefree nature.

When he was in his second year at the second school, Caleb met Naomi Montgomery and the two became fast friends even though Naomi was a year and almost two years older than him. If he wasn’t hanging out with Uriah, he was with Naomi. They were becoming so close that Naomi began teaching Caleb how to fight. When she became a member of the first incarnation of Strike Force, she still managed to make time to hang with Caleb. After Naomi graduated, Caleb became a member of the second version of Strike Force, after being nominated by Naomi.

Caleb lost contact with Naomi not that long after she left the school but managed to reconnect with her when he and the rest of Strike Force went to New York to deal with the Hive. While on a scouting run for the team, Caleb came across Liam, (another past member of the original team), who lead him to Naomi as she was trying to protect a group of uninfected civilians. The two were virtually inseparable after that and they even managed to stave off a group of Hive-infected super villains while simultaneously protecting the civilians with the help of Liam.

After the Hive even was over, Naomi came back to the school with everyone and she and Caleb grew closer and eventually began dating. It was during this time that she began teaching Caleb how to effective use his weapons and how to become a more fierce fighter. Feeling out of touch with Uriah, (seeing as he had a girlfriend as well), Caleb suggested that they all start to hang out more often. They did and Uriah became good friends with Naomi as well, although they were nowhere near as close as Caleb and Naomi were before they began dating.

As the school year was drawing to a close and he was preparing to graduate Caleb went on just a few missions with Strike Force as there wasn’t too much going on. He applied to a few colleges and got accepted into the University of California, Los Angeles among a few others. His relationship with Naomi was flourishing; friendships with Strike Force and especially Uriah were becoming more solid than they ever were. Graduation approached and Uriah felt like he accomplished something.

And then all hell broke loose.

The ceremony was interrupted by so many explosions. Going on auto-pilot, he jumped into action. He was helping a group of civilians make their way through some fallen debris when the floor collapsed beneath them and he fell through, knocked unconscious when he hit the bottom.

He awoke a few hours later in a vaguely familiar looking tent surrounded by a cacophony of people making painful noises. When someone whose legs were missing was brought in by two soldiers, Caleb recognized the tent as something similar to what the military had set up during the Hive mission. When he walked out of the tent, he was greeted by a surprisingly ordered image.

There were tents neatly arranged in several rows in a parking lot and a barricade set up that encased a rather large area where soldiers, doctors, and nurses were running around. People were lying dead or dying all over the place. The media was practically knocking down the barriers trying to get a scoop. Before Caleb could even find someone he knew, he was asked to help look for survivors in the remnants of what was once his school. It was after searching for about three and a half hours that Caleb found the body of Naomi. He was so grief stricken that he almost passed out.

About a week later, there was large remembrance for the many people whose lives were lost on the day the Heroes referred to as Graduation Day. Caleb was more or less just trying to survive his grief of the death of Naomi. He was growing distant form all of his friends and parents, he was becoming more cold and argumentative towards his teammates and he was often lost in thought.

The way he handled opponents also severely changed. After hearing about how the remainder of the Heroes and Strike Force were to disband, Caleb got word of a supers hate group that were planning to rally at a bar and he proceeded to take down this group by himself, sending almost all of them to the hospital. When Ben questioned him about this, Caleb simply said that if he didn’t do that to them, they were going to do that to some poor unsuspecting super. He showed absolutely no remorse about his actions and Ben took notice that Caleb’s personality was taking a more dark turn.

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In the mean time, I never DID see that anime where I unintentionally got my name from. Is it any good

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Gender: Male
Location: Australia

Name: Nathan Ryder
Code name (if applicable): Ghost
Age: 28
*Appearance: Ghost is a man appearing to be in his late twenties – A hardened soldier in top physical condition. Unfortunately, there only a handle of people in the entire world who know what he actually looks like. He wears a protective suit of armor called ‘Armortech’, which hides his entire body. (See pic.)
Personality: Ghost is cold, calculating and fearless - In short, a true badass. He often treats friend and foe alike with an indifferent attitude, and places trust only with his teammates.
*Alignment: Leader of Ghost Squad – Works for the government.
*Powers/Skills/Equipment (if applicable):
Ghost’s only real power is teleportation. He can teleport anywhere within his line of sight. However, he and his team have access to ArmorTech equipment – a mixture of human and stolen Sia’raithe technology. His power does have one weakness, which I don’t want to spoil just yet.
Suit – All of the Armortech suits are designed to withstand conventional firearms, as well as super powers, to a certain degree. Each suit can generate reality distortion field around themselves, making the wearers invisible to any and every form of detection, magical, technological or otherwise.
The suit is heavy, and slows Ghost down a little, but he more than makes up for this with his power of teleportation.
Laser sword – Ghost wields a laser sword, similar to a lightsaber from Star Wars, except that it has both a lethal and non-lethal setting switch.
Guns – Ghost has access to a number of collapsible firearms (IOW, pistols and even rifles that can fold up to fit on his belt.) These also come in lethal and non-lethal varieties.
Ghost is a solider. He is well versed in all forms of military combat, and is competent with most forms of weaponry. He is a master of stealth, even without his suit, and is trained to withstand torture of any kind. He has incredible survival instincts, which, when coupled with his teleportation, makes him a very dangerous fighter.
*Bio: Very little is known about Ghost, except that he is the leader of Ghost Squadron, an elite group of military trained supers that operates in absolute secrecy. Very few people in the world even know of his or his team’s existence. The Ghost Squadron has been successful in every mission they've undertaken, and they have not once been detected. Ghost’s relationship with the people of Hero High is strained, at best - Even more so now that the school has been destroyed.

(please log in to view the image)


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Gender: Female

Name: Samantha "Sam"

Code name:

Age: 17

Gender: female

Alignment: ex Strike Force/ Rogue super

Appearance:(please log in to view the image) when she uses a lot of her powers glowing lines appear though out her body

Personality: soft spoken and shy around boys but is not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in. She also has a little trouble in following orders and hates being told what to do but she's working on it. After the bombing Sam's personality changes, she is violent toward non supers and paranoid.

Power(s): control over light and darkness

Light-she is able to use for healing, shielding, and even damaging if the time calls for it. (this is blocked for the moment)

Darkness-this is her main weapon against her foes, she can form the darkness she creates into anything she wants such as ribbons, spikes, and even orbs,or just use it as a blast. Using Wraith's technique she is able to summon tendrils that bind her victim and suck life energy out of them and transfers it to herself or another.

teleportation- she can use her dark energy to teleport to shadows, she can only teleport to where shes been or seen.

elemental essence-Harkin has thaught her to draw energy from the elements themselves and use this energy to cast spells.

Bio: Sam was born on her mothers world where she lived for the better part of six years and grew faster then children on earth would. Paying for the sins of her people her world was destroyed but out of mercy or to torture Harkin she was speared and sent to earth where her powers were bound and fake memories were installed and she was placed into the care of two people to keep watch over her and to create the illusion of a family. However the bind faded as her mutant powers awaken and she accidently killed her fake parents.

After running away from several homes she was sent a letter from Hero High explaining a place where she could be herself and learn to control her gifts. Sam jumped at the opportunity and packed what little she had and headed to the school with new found hopes. At the school she learned about her power and how to control it and even made a few friends, however nothing could prepare her for the bomb shell that was dropped on her during her first year.

Sam had met by fate an interesting teacher/prisoner named Harkin that for some reason took interest in the young student. At first Harkin was trying to corrupt Sam and gain a follower but as time went on Harkin stopped trying to pull the girl to the dark side instead became motherly and eventually they find out that Sam was Harkin's lost daughter and James was her true father. After that everything had changed, with her parent's support she had grown stronger not only with her power but as a person, she was no longer an angry and scared little girl anymore.

In Sam's second year she was recruited into Strike Force after demonstrating her abilities when Isaac invaded the school. Being in SF was a great honor and she was able to meet new friends and develops some what of a crush on Leon the leader of SF. In Strike Force she was actually able to make a positive impact on the world using her powers but nothing could prepare her for her mission in New York. There was an infestation of Slime monster in New York and the team was sent to gather information but when they go there things were worse then anyone could have guessed. After rounding up as many allies they could, even some villains, they were able to put an end to the infestation but they nearly lost their leader. The rest of the year seemed uneventful compared to what happened in New York and she was able to finish her senior year in peace.

Peace however never lasts for heroes. On the day that was supposed to be filled with joy tragedy struck as bombs were set off all around the school and she watched in horror as her friends were killed by the explosions. Sam tried to save as many as she could but it all happened to fast. Three months had passed and no one has taken responsibly for the bombing and the government had the nerve to place blame on the heroes and even passed down a law prohibiting supers from using their powers in public. Since then Sam has stayed underground, she has become violent to any non super that crosses her path and she blames the government for the bombing and plans on making them all pay.


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Gender: Female

Name: Zero

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Alignment: ex student/Hero

Appearance: (please log in to view the image)

Personality: Strong and determined. she is no longer a selfish brat who only thinks of herself.

Power(s): feral/mutant

super human speed that has not been measured

super human reflex, durability and dexterity due to the feline DNA

feral regeneration

feral scent and hearing

Zero can also create an aura around herself to protect her and her clothes/swords from the affect of air friction.

Zero also has two swords that have been made just for her using science and magic, they also have the ability to absorb most energy and redirect it. They can absorb a large amount of energy but can be over loaded and the absorb function will shut down for a time.

Bio : Zero was an experiment of gene splicing that lift her part metahuman part animal, her makers ultimate goal was to make the perfect weapon against any opponent they may challenged them be it human or super human. Years later Zero was able to escape her creators killing anyone that got in her way. After joining hero high She didn't like anyone there at all but an annoying boy that grew on her. Hunter lost a bet and Zero made him her boyfriend/slave for a day. They had a lot of fun but it was cut short by a teacher named Katt that really pissed Zero off and after that she decided to leave Hero High and Hunter. Soon after an assassin was sent after her after dispatching him she tried to track down the people who had sent the boy assassin but had no luck. A few months later she finds herself in front of the rebuilt school deciding if it was a good idea to come back.

After Zero rejoins Hero High she is able to make new friends and begins to grow as a person and not allowing herself to be controlled by her past anymore. Zero is tired of waiting on the side lines and creates her own team that she named the B-listers, on their first mission they discover a ring of feral traffickers using team work they were able to catch the bad guys and free the ferals. As Zero looked through some of the files she comes across a document with the letters S.A.S, they were the organization what was responsible for creating her. When the group makes it back home they are caught by Andrew and forced to tell them everything that happened that night but Zero doesn't say anything about the document she found or anything about the organization. Once again Zero goes searching for the people that created her and falls into a trap and discovers that the man that created her was making clones. Zero fought through the clones that was sent to kill her but an explosion went off that made the building collapse and had to be saved by Strike Force.

The rest of the year was somewhat uneventful mostly because she was grounded to her room for disobeying Andrew yet again. On the day of the graduation Zero was force to attend and watch the senors walk across the stage to get a piece of paper but instead a bomb was set off instantly killing many on the students. Zero was caught in the explosion was almost killed but was saved by Simon before he died. Three months had passed and Zero is fully healed she is now working underground as a hero breaking the law to save anyone she can to make Simon's sacrifice mean something.


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Gender: Male
Location: In the midst of it all

Name: Uriah Wilton

Code name: Reject

Age: 18

Appearance: Uriah stands at an even 6 feet. He has black hair; brown skin and eyes; a round, child-like face; and a thick, yet muscular build. See pic below.

Personality: Uriah is extremely strong-willed and cheerful as he is able to achieve anything he sets his mind to regardless of the obstacles that stands in his way. However, Uriah is also known to be very cynical and neurotic in such a way that he always expects bad things to happen and is quick to be the first to point out the negative. After the school was destroyed, Uriah has not lost any of his cheer but he has loss some faith in his abilities. This has caused him to become more reluctant to take part in any action that may come his way for fear that he will not be able to help as he was almost powerless to prevent a group of people from being injured and killed in one of the explosions at the school.

Alignment: Graduate of the now destroyed Academy of Higher Learning; Former member of the now disbanded Strike Force; New member of the supposedly disbanded Heroes

Powers/Skills/Equipment: Uriah is gifted with the power of Deflection. Gesturing with his hands held towards an on-coming object, Uriah’s hands can generate a silvery-blue aura that forcibly repels or deflects projectiles away from him (usually back in a straight line.) Able to repel only small objects and weak, projectile-based attacks, further training and experience from Strike Force missions has allowed Uriah the capability to repel both stronger and bigger projectiles. This was demonstrated when he repelled a blast shot from a rather large linear cannon.

It should be noted that if something has a greater amount of force behind it or if an attack it stronger than he can handle, Uriah will not be able to repel or deflect it.

Skills- Because of the nature and direct use of his powers, Uriah’s reflexes and hand/arm dexterity are developed to an almost superhuman level. He is able to raise his hands fast enough to deflect gun fire as well as manipulate his hands and arms in such a way that the force of whatever he repelled is safely dismissed without injury to himself.

Caleb is also a competent hand-to-hand, having been trained in self-defense along with the rest of Strike Force.

Bio: Uriah only came to Hero High (when that was still the school’s name) to have a place to fit in. He didn’t have much trouble with his power as it was a defensive and passive ability for the most part. His home life was as normal as anyone else’s life. So he never expected to be part of a super hero team and actually go on missions and save lives. That was comic book stuff, or so he thought.

He became a member of Strike Force and did some pretty noble things with them. He never thought that he’d save lives or fight bad guys. He never imagined that he’d travel the world or learn how to pilot a jet or fight things he never thought existed. He never thought that reflecting objects could be as powerful as it was as his abilities were often the life-saving factor on some of his team’s missions. He also didn’t expect to have other friends who had powers and were super heroes.

But above all of that, he never imagined living through something so devastating as watching people get incinerated right before his eyes and not being able to do anything about it.

After his school exploded and his team was forced to disband by the government, Uriah went back home to his parents and tried to resume a regular life, being fed up with all of the death, destruction and hate. He enrolled in the local college and even got a job at the recreational center on campus. His best friend, Caleb, had grown distant and he hadn’t heard anything from what was left of his former team so he had almost no ties to his former life. Eventually breaking up with his girlfriend Clara due to the distance between them geographically, he aimed to make a new life. It wasn’t long before he found out how difficult this would be.

It was while he was in his Current Events class that the class recognized him as a former member of Strike Force when they were watching a leaked video of the Hive attack brought in by a student and Strike Force fighting some Hive-infested civilians in New York. All of the questions and accusations were too much for him to deal with and he left the class. Word spread soon that a former super hero was attending the college and he had to ultimately leave the school because he could go nowhere without someone harassing him.

His home life was quickly become deteriorating as well when word got out that a former super hero was living in the neighborhood. His parents were getting harassed at their jobs by news media asking about their son and outside their home, all kinds of reporters and civilians were asking questions and snooping around.

Then, the strangest thing happened. He was contacted by a group who referred to themselves as The Crusaders. They asked him to join them to help change things for supers all over as they were being persecuted. Explaining that there was an underground that was set up for supers and their families, they told him that supers were being killed by unknown assailants and for unknown reasons and that his previous experience and skills could be of great help to their cause. Uriah, not being ready to get back into the line of action, told them that he wasn’t looking to join another team as that life was behind him but that he would have the situation looked into if that would help them.

He contacted Ben, whom he knew was still actively doing hero work despite the mandate against that for all of them, and informed him of what was going on. He later came to regret this decision when it made news that Ben and some of the other heroes were arrested. Things at home were getting worse as someone broke into his parent’s home and ransacked the place. Luckily, his parents weren’t there when it happened. But that was enough for Uriah to contact the Crusaders and ask if his parents could be put in the underground for their own safety and peace of mind.

Once they were safe, Uriah reluctantly joined back up with his old teammates and former teachers for a very unsure future.

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In the mean time, I never DID see that anime where I unintentionally got my name from. Is it any good

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Gender: Male
Location: In the midst of it all

Name: Gregory Jackman

Code name: Torrent

Age: 19

Appearance: Greg takes great pleasure in his appearance. With green, dreamer’s eyes; brown, short to mid-length hair; strong angular features; and a thin but well-toned body, this six foot, two inch tall Super makes many a ladies swoon. Greg often wields his good-looks as a weapon when it comes to dealing with women. He has no problem walking around without a shirt on to show off his well-toned chest and flat stomach and will wear as little clothes as possible when the weather permits- sometimes being completely nude in the right situation. When he needs to cover up, he wears clothes that accentuate his features and compliments his body. See pic below.

Personality: Greg is an extremely stoic young man. This is because of the sheer amount of power he wields and the fact that his powers are tied directly to his emotions. Because of this fact, Greg has to keep his emotions in explicit check for fear of his powers acting out violently should he display extreme feelings. However, he is not the least bit modest, taking great pride in whatever he accomplishes and often bragging about it. He is also a shameless flirt, willing to manipulate women for his own personal gain. He is so confident in his looks and comfortable with himself that he is extremely uninhibited- he is in no way embarrassed to be seen naked and is so confident in his own sexuality that he can carry on flirtatious banter with gay men without batting an eye. Another thing he uses as a weapon is his sexual prowess. Greg is rather…gifted in the sexual realm and has a lot of experience. It helps that he is an adventurous partner, willing to try anything as long as he gets some pleasure out of it as well as his partner.
Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Greg speaks in a thick Australian accent.

Alignment: Graduate of the now destroyed Academy of Higher Learning; Newly minted Government Official

Powers/Skills/Equipment: Greg has the extremely rare and powerful ability to control various forms of weather in his general area. This allows him the abilities to summon lightning and various forms of wind and rain with his thoughts. He has also demonstrated the ability to control the temperature in his immediate vicinity and manipulate the humidity as well. Greg can fly by riding wind currents, and is able to generate and direct bolts of lightning from his hands.

Greg can also view the Earth as weather patterns, and is able to precisely recognize his geographic position through interpretations of these patterns.

Greg also has an empathic connection to nature and his psionic powers over the weather are affected by his emotions. One consequence of this connection to nature is that he often suppresses extreme feelings to prevent his emotional state from resulting in violent weather.

His body compensates for rapid decreases or increases in atmospheric pressure as well as extreme temperatures.

Skills- While Greg is not in possession of any special skills, he is good at manipulating women. His confidence, looks, sexual prowess and the awareness of these things allow Greg to be very successful in getting women to do what he wants.

Bio: Just another student at the Academy of Higher Learning, Greg was set to graduate. Not far from the stage when the stage erupted in a fiery blast, Greg was blasted back and knocked unconscious. He wasn’t seen after that. He is now a newly minted Government Official, often seen arresting supers who have not yet registered themselves. He currently has no memory of his past at the school and is completely dedicated to the government’s cause, believing that the public needs to be informed of who every super is.

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In the mean time, I never DID see that anime where I unintentionally got my name from. Is it any good

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Hitosu Moriko
The Aura Manipulator

Gender: Male
Location: Everywhere yet Nowhere

Name: Hitosu Moriko

Age: 19

Sex: male

Alignment: Ex Strife Force/ Rogue Super

Weight: 185Lb

Height: 6,0

Martial Status: Single

Occupation: Martial artist

Orientation: Straight

Species: Human

Powers: His Aura

Aura Sense- Has a radar like secret ability to find people through there aura's

Aura Manipulation-his energy can be shaped into any form or weapon and can be shot in blast as well

Aura convert:can heal or parylize,poisoned,burn,freeze,or confuse he can now use this for unlocking his aura overdose

Aura Materia: Use one of his aura weapons to give him strength,speed or Balance

Aura Needles: Speedy needles that are kick throwing weapons also has a tendency to home onto the enemy when used in the form Aura Materia he gains great speed expressing the speed of his needles he still can't do this yet

Aura Hammer: A great hammer that can smash mostly anything in its path when used in Aura Materia it provides Hitosu with a lot of strength the hammer provides learned during Pintar's attack on the school

Aura Sword: A sword that provides perfect balance and mind of its wielder it gives them perfect concentration the ability to move around smoothly and to give them great balance when used in Aura Materia it provides a perfect balance to Hitosu which in best sense makes his aura attacks much more complex and versatile he still can't do this

Aura Overdose: This is the thing that killed Hitosu's parents when it was under developed the reason why Hitosu never overdid his power since it not under control but during the fight with Pintar he somehow managed to gain control this burst of aura gives him double of his original attack strength speed capacity and perfect concentration in Aura but can he safely use it again? There seems to be more mystery in this technique

Fighting styles: Judo,tae kwon do,kung fu,His fighting style drago yoko fu hon

Gadgets: Aura weapons formed from his aura


favorite:miso soup and vegatables

hobby: martial arts, training

race: Puerto Rican/Japanese


His parents were assassinated by him

Pintar- Half Brother

personality:never lies, honest short tempered,pure at heart

story:at the age of 9 his parents and siblings were killed and at age 11 learned how to manipulate energy and unleash his aura he then concentrated it by learning martial arts judo and tae kwon do at age 13 he met a thief who assisted Hitosu though she is a bit of a crop she mentioned the school to Hitosu though she never intended to go to Hero high now he's 16 and lives in tokyo contending with other competers looking for a calling he finally took the thief's advice and enrolled in Hero High, Hitosu has been a student of hero high for a few months now but has been improving fast with new powers though he found he was the killers of his parents now he is 19 training like crazy but haven't used aura overdose since

After a few months Hitosu continued to follow his missions as a strike force member during a day of relaxation with another student his enemy Pintar started trouble once again and attacked him and his fellow student he fought greatly and in the end he was victorious but found he was Pintar's half-brother

When The Graduation Incident occured Hitosu like many others of strike force attempted to help as many students as possible but to no avail when the government made there law about the super not using there powers Hitosu hid low for 3 months hoping to reunite with some of his friends and teachers

allies: Sam,Ben,Katt,Kaida,Bonnie,Rock,Avani

enemies: Pintar,

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The pain grows when you know you've done good for your whole life and to balance it and for the rest of your life you must live with being cursed and filled with darkness


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