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Respect the Doctor Who Universe!
Started by: trexalfa

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Acta est Fabula

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Respect the Doctor Who Universe!

Well, I have the decided to make a respect thread for Doctor Who, as I don't see the verse being used in versus around this forums. I apologize if this isn't the most appropiate place to post this, please if a mod finds this in the wrong place then move it.

Well, I'm gonna break it down by tiers, from strongest to weakest in the verse following my own criteria. Well, allons-y!:


The Glory is a device that constitutes the greatest power in all of the Doctor Who continuity. It has its origins and only appeareance in the DW Comic Strip The Glorious Dead.

The Glory is basically the center of the Omniverse, it's focal point and the thing that holds it together. The Glory has a mind inside of it that acts as its controller, and it has to select a successor from any reality in the Omniverse. If not, ALL REALITIES (i.e. the Omniverse) goes puff.

The Omniverse is the totallity of existence. It includes the Doctor Who Multiverse, Real Life and every single work of fiction you can think of. Just imagine how powerful it is when it can hold all of that together and can control any reality with impunity. The Glory is basically the master control for the Omniverse, and it would be capable of destroying anything bar a true Omnipotent (The One Above all, etc). The Glory has shown that it is the closest nigh-omnipotent to true omnipotence in fiction. It's not Omnipotent because of the fact that it has to select a controller, with the danger of breaking the All down if it doesn't.

Many people say "But has Doctor Who an Omniverse?". This people treat the term "Omniverse" with the meaning of "greater than a Megaverse". Nope. Omniverse means ALL OF FICTION AND REAL LIFE! If you don't understand this, then the true power of the Glory cannot be understood. And if you are gonna say "Prove it!", here I bring you scans from The Glorious Dead to back all of this!:

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Here I have some scans that show the Doctor drifting through the whole Omniverse, some realities pretty impossible:

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P.D: If the images are not showing up, please open the links in another window.

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The Grace is a species of pan-dimensional beings. They have made their only appereance in the audio The Judgement of Isskar. I haven't got the audio itself so I'll cite other sources.

The Key to Time, the most know artifact created by The Grace could, as the resume of The Judgement of Isskar in the Dr Who Guide says,

The woman explains that the Key to Time was also built by the Grace. It’s a perfect cube which maintains the equilibrium of time itself. When its six crystal segments are assembled, it can stop and start the Universe, re-write matter and change the states of quanta to restore balance.

In the same audio, the Grace have shown the ability to completely stop time. Even more importantly, the Guardians of Time are agents of the Grace, and the Key to Time has an equal power to the Guardians' combined form. Here is a quote from the Discontinuity Guide regarding the Grace, the Key to Time and the Guardians in The Judgement of Isskar:

The Key to Time was built by the Grace, powerful beings from outside Time, and beyond the Doctor knowledge; he speculates that they are 'big, peaceful and pan-dimensional' elemental beings. Under the power of the Grace are the opposing Guardians of Time, reinterpreted in this series as agents of chaos, self-will and freedom (Black) and order, control and 'bureaucracy' (White). In this model the question of good and evil isn't addressed so much as the absence or dominance of one half of the Guardian's shared influence - both are needed in balance, and yet both are locked in an 'eternal struggle' for dominance throughout eternity.

The Grace can momentarily stop time, an aspect of their own finite powers. Like the Guardians, their power weakens when the Key is corrupted or incomplete. As the Doctor's previous mission inadvertently destabilised the Key with a false segment (The Armageddon Factor) the Grace use their powers to create twin, balanced living Tracers (one for each Guardian) to collect and reunite the key's disparate segments. As new beings the Tracers are nameless and lack an established personality, accruing traits and values through exposure to those around them. In the Key2Time series much of the conflict arises not from the antagonism shared by the Guardians, but by the corruption of Zara (turning her into a selfish being) and Amy (less elfish, though no less of an individual, seeking her own independence.) Freed by the Doctor's intervention at the end of this series Amy and Zara escape the Grace and seek new lives while being pursued by their creators, as heard in the independent and otherwise unconnected Big Finish series Graceless.

The Key to Time could erase a memory from the minds of the entire universe. This is a quote that references it from the novel The Quantum Archangel, again showing that the Key to Time has as much power as the Guardians and that they use it as a tool from time to time:

It was agreed. The Millennium War against the Mad Mind
of Bophemeral would be forgotten. Totally, utterly. All that
would he permitted to remain was the knowledge that the
Great Attractor and the Midnight Cathedral represented the
ultimate in recklessness. The universe wasn’t there to be
But the survivors needed help to accomplish that. They
needed gods. True gods.
With the unanimous agreement of the war council, the
God of the People called out, demanding fulfilment of the
Ancient Covenants.
And the Six-Fold-God responded. The Council of
Guardians manifested in the Midnight Cathedral, filling the
Dusk Nave with representatives. A whisper rose from the
assembly – the stuff of their wisdom and glory. Structure,
Entropy, Justice, Equilibrium, Dreams and Life: white, black,
red, azure, crystal and gold.
Six voices spoke as one to every single life form that had
engaged in the Millennium War, a chorus of thought and song
that spanned the galaxies.
A single spinning cube of crystal formed in the centre of
the Nave, drawing a gasp from even the most restrained of the
myths and legends, there in front of them. Truly a magnificent
The Key to Time, the focused totality of the Guardians’
The Six-Fold-God gave its command to the cube: one
word, a word that entered the universal consciousness to be
remembered for ever.
And they did.

The Master tried to rend asunder a constellation using the Key to Time in his search for regeneration. As the novel Cold Fusion tell us:

The Master was one of the Time Lords greedy enough
to defy the inevitable, As his last body began to die, he had
made his plans. He needed a vast energy source to fuel a
new regenerative cycle. Across time and space he had tried
to harness such a force: he’d tried to capture the Eye of
Harmony on Gallifrey. When that failed, he’d attempted to
rend asunder the constellation of Mandusus using a
segment of the key to Time.

Here, another quote from The Quantum Archangel, which I suppose is refering to The Grace:

Six Guardians agreed as one. They span the Key to Time,
and with it they wove a prison. A trident, a crystal jail that
would last until the time was right. A jail to hold the mewling
hybrid until the time was right.
But even gods have gods.
You must name it. Even one such as this deserves a name.
Even the Council of Guardians deferred to their elders.
Great Old Ones had even Greater Old Ones, and their word
was law.

In resume, If your species are considered gods by omniversal beings, boss them around and can create an artifact equal to their combined power, you are freaking powerful. This makes The Grace the greatest power in the Doctor Who multiverse. Due to both the Guardians and the Key to Time being of omniversal power, this means the Grace is on that level as well.

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And next...:


White Guardian:

(please log in to view the image)

Black Guardian:

(please log in to view the image)

The Red Guardian.

The Crystal Guardian, alias The Celestial Toymaker:

(please log in to view the image)

The Azure Guardian.

And the Gold Guardian.

The Guardians of Time are the most powerful trascendental beings with the exception of the Grace. They have been refered as Great Old Ones, which were Time Lords from the previous Universe, which means that the Guardians are the most powerful of them. They represent primordial forces: the White Guardian is Light and Order, the Black Guardian is Darkness and Chaos, the Crystal Guardian/Celestial Toymaker is Dream and Fantasy, the Azure Guardian is Equilibrium and Balance, and the Gold Guardian is Life and Death. They were the Universe.
They live in and are the supreme rulers and most powerful beings of the Six Fold Realm, called Calabi Yau-Space by non-trascendental beings. This realm is composed of the 6th dimension to the 11th dimension.

The six Guardians of Time were able to combine into a single form, called the Six Fold God. This being had omniversal power, and considered Eternals and Chronovores, trascendental beings created by themselves, to be less than insects, bacteria basically. Here a quote from The Quantum Archangel that cites some of their powers and what they are capable of:

They had found them. Even in the darker strata, they had
found them.
Elektra and Prometheus may have been gods, but there
were greater gods. Beings at the very pinnacle of existence, at
the summit of the cosmic hierarchy.
The Guardians.
Elektra had never seen anything like it in her long, so very
long, life. And she knew that few others in the universe had
The entire Council of Guardians, six burning figures of
wrath and vengeance, of power and unimaginable majesty. A
A Six-Fold-God for a Six-Fold Realm.
said, six voices as one. YOU HAVE BROKEN THE VERY LAWS OF
Elektra and Prometheus remained silent: there was nothing
to say, nothing to do. Together, the Guardians could bend
reality, fashion space and time to their whims. To them, a
Chronovore and an Eternal were insects – less than insects.
And then Elektra realised what they meant – what they
intended to do. She screamed her defiance, her cries tearing
through the vortex, powerful enough to shred matter down to
the quark level. But to the Council of Guardians it was nothing
more than a summer breeze.
They had decided. Now they would act. Without further
discussion they handed down their sentence.
Prometheus was the first to be punished for his sins.
Acting in metaconcert, the Council of Guardians was the most
powerful force in the universe. In many respects they were the
universe. Effortlessly, they took Prometheus’ timeline and
unravelled it, string by superstring, back and back. Elektra
could do nothing; even if she had dared to defy the council, its
massed energies were freezing her in stasis. She could only
observe as her lover, her partner, her mate, was unpicked from
the fabric of space-time.
She could feel Prometheus’ mind convulsing in agony,
reaching out for her in a single long moment of need, before
he ceased to exist. Before he ceased to ever have existed. The
time vortex turned inside out as it came to terms with its
fundamental nature being disturbed, before finally calming
down into the blackness of the darker strata.

Here a quote from the No Future novel which puts the Six Fold God at omniversal level:

‘There are some powers in the omniverse that can do anything. The
Guardians, for example. The only things that bind them are codes of conduct,
civil laws designed to give sentient races some means of maintaining a
stable existence. I sometimes wonder if that’s the reason the Time Lords are
so introverted. . . they’ve bargained with creatures who could pull the arms
off spiral galaxies.’

This codes of conduct were created by the Grace, supossedly. The Guardians can pull-off galaxies' arms (this should be a rather low end feat, but you'll see in the entries on Eternals and Chronovores).

Quote from the novelisation of the Old Who TV episode The Armageddon Factor, on the White and Black Guardians:

Some time ago, the White
Guardian, one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos
had set them a vital task—to find and reassemble the six
fragments of the Key to Time. Long ago the Key had been
divided, and the segments scattered to the far corners of
the cosmos.
Now the Key was needed again, to enable the White
Guardian to correct a state of temporal imbalance which
was threatening the universe, and frustrate the schemes of
the evil Black Guardian.

The Black Guardian can confuse a TARDIS (again, same episode):

Romana checked the navigational readings. ‘That’s
Atrios all right, but it’s millions of miles away. And
where’s the twin planet, Zeos? There’s no sign of it.’
‘You know what I think?’ asked the Doctor solemnly. ‘I
think something’s gone wrong. Only some very powerful
force could confuse the TARDIS’s navigational circuits
like that. It’s as if someone doesn’t want us to find Atrios.’
‘The Black Guardian?’

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Acta est Fabula

Gender: Male
Location: In the Throne of God

Quotes about the Shadow in the same episode, a servant summoned by the Black Guardian:

‘I am the Shadow, Doctor. Your adversary, shall we say?
It is not important. Listen carefully, Doctor. If you lie,
there will be more pain. You came in search of a Key, the
Key to Time, as it is called?’
‘You are already in possession of certain elements of this
Sparks crackled about the cage and the Doctor gave a
gasp of agony.
‘I warned, you,’ said the voice. ‘These elements—where
are they?’
‘Lost...’ muttered the Doctor. ‘They’re lost.’
‘Open your eyes, Doctor.’
The Doctor obeyed. The darkness receded from the far
corner of the room, to reveal the familiar square blue shape
of the TARDIS.
The hateful voice said, ‘Are they in there, Doctor?’
More light, more pain. ‘Yes!’
‘You will open it?’
‘Release him.’
The hooded figures unbarred the cage, and the Doctor
fell unconscious to the floor.
Romana and Merak stood outside the transmat cubicle,
watching as K9 played a finely concentrated laser-beam
around the area of the lock.
Romana said impatiently, ‘Please, hurry K9.’
‘The locking mechanism is complex, Mistress, and I do
not wish to damage the transmat. It will take time.’
‘Listen,’ said Merak suddenly. ‘The bombing seems to
have stopped. The Zeons must know we’re done for. I
wonder why they’re bothering to take prisoners. First
Astra, now the Doctor.’
‘Because that’s what this whole war has been leading up
to.’ Romana did her best to explain. ‘The Doctor and I are
looking for something called the Key to Time. Whoever
holds it controls the balance of forces throughout space
and time.’
Merak looked incredulously at her. ‘Why do you want
it? What will you do with it?’
‘I can’t tell you—but I assure you we don’t want it for
ourselves, and it will be used for good, not evil. The Key
has been split into six segments, and they’ve been
disguised and scattered throughout the Universe. So far
we’ve found five of them.’
‘What has all this got to do with Astra?’
‘She seems to be involved with the sixth piece in some
way. Either she’s carrying it, or she knows where it is.’
Romana produced the Tracer. ‘This is keyed to the
segments of the Key to Time, but it seems to respond to
Astra as well. So it can tell us the direction she’s gone—
and how close she is.’
Suddenly the door to the transmat slid open.
‘Ready, Mistress,’ said K9 proudly.
‘Well done, K9.’
Abruptly Merak snatched the Tracer from Romana’s
hand, gave her a shove and leaped through the transmat
door. ‘Sorry, Romana,’ he called—and the door slid closed.
The Doctor recovered consciousness for the second time to
find himself lying on the floor outside the TARDIS. He
got slowly to his feet, ignoring the Shadow and his blackrobed
servants and patted the TARDIS affectionately.
‘Well, well, what are you doing here?’ He looked at the
Shadow. ‘Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is Zeos, isn’t
‘Do not waste my time, Doctor. Open the TARDIS and
bring me the segments of the Key.’
The Doctor said amiably. ‘Interested in time pieces are
you? Chronostatics, horogenesis, that sort of thing?’
‘You are not dealing with a fool, Doctor.’
‘Oh, yes I am.’ The Doctor examined the area around
the TARDIS lock. ‘Sorry to disillusion you, old chap. But
you’ve obviously tried breaking and entering and failed.
The TARDIS is covered in ADMs—automatic defence
mechanisms. Very clever, really.’
At a gesture from the Shadow, his servants produced
blasters from beneath their robes. ‘Bring me the first five
segments of the Key to Time, Doctor, or I shall destroy
you, now!’
‘Do that and you’ll never get in,’ said the Doctor
cheerfully. ‘By the way, I take it you do know where the
sixth segment is?’
‘Destroy him,’ snarled the Shadow.
The hooded figures raised their blasters.
The Doctor stepped back, raising his hands placatingly.
‘There must be some civilised solution to all this.’
‘Give me the five segments to the Key to Time.’
‘I wish I could help you old chap. You see the segments
are in a limbo safe, and the only way to open it is with the
sixth piece. So if you’d like to let me have it, I’ll be happy
to go in and get them for you.’
The Shadow laughed. ‘And do you think I would trust
you, Doctor?’
‘Not really—and I certainly don’t trust you. Bit of an
impasse isn’t it?’
There was a long pause before the Shadow spoke again.
‘I have waited so long, Doctor, that even another thousand
years would be nothing to me. But... for you ...I have
watched you in your jackdaw meanderings. I know you,
and I know there is no patience in your nature.’
‘You may be right. Fools rush in, you know.’
‘Exactly.’ The Shadow waved his hand, and his servants
faded away into blackness. ‘I shall leave you, Doctor, leave
you to make your own mistakes. And when you do—I shall
be waiting!’
Suddenly the room-lights brightened. The Doctor
blinked and looked around him.
The Shadow and his servants had disappeared.

The Doctor wasn’t particularly surprised. There was
something, odd, alien about the Shadow and his followers,
as though they didn’t really belong in this universe at all.
They were real and yet not-real at the same time. The
Doctor guessed that they came from some other, dark
dimension, creatures of evil summoned up by the Black
Guardian to aid him in his sinister schemes.

About the Black Guardian being equal to the White Guardian:

The Shadow’s voice echoed through the tunnels, as
though the asteroid itself was speaking. ‘I too serve a
Guardian, Doctor. A Guardian equal and opposite to your
own. The Black Guardian. He Who Walks in Darkness.’
There was a roar of mocking laughter. ‘And you Doctor,
are in the Valley of the Shadow!’

The Guardians can use any form they choose, such as when the Black Guardian impersonated the White Guardian in the same episode:

Suddenly the shutters of the TARDIS scanner screen
opened of their own accord. A white robed, white bearded
figure appeared on the screen. There was a benign smile on
the wise old face.
‘My congratulations, Doctor.’
Th Doctor bowed. ‘Thank you, sir.’
‘You have accomplished your task with admirable
despatch. The universe has much to thank you for.’
‘It was a pleasure, sir. Wasn’t it, Romana?’
Romana was looking at the face in puzzlement.
‘Doctor, that’s not the President?’
‘I can assume any shape or form I choose,’ said the
Guardian soothingly. ‘I appeared to you in the shape of
your President at the beginning of your quest, so as not to
alarm you.’
‘Remember who you’re talking to, Romana,’ said the
Doctor reprovingly. ‘I told you he wasn’t just the
‘Sorry, Doctor.’
There was a tinge of impatience in the Guardian’s voice.
‘Since you now have the Key to Time, Doctor—’
‘I have indeed,’ interrupted the Doctor. He pointed to
the great glowing crystal on its pedestal. ‘Do you like it,
The Guardian smiled. ‘Yes, Doctor, I think you could
say I liked it!’
‘We’re terribly proud of it, aren’t we Romana? What
happens now, sir? You said at our first meeting that if the
Key was assembled for a moment the Universe would stop,
and you could restore the natural balance of good and evil
throughout creation?’
The Guardian was definitely impatient now. ‘Yes,
Doctor, that is correct! Will you kindly release the Key
into my keeping so that I may do so?’
The Doctor turned towards the Key. ‘Key to Time, I
command you—May I ask a question, sir?’
‘Well, Doctor?’
‘The Key to Time is already assembled, isn’t it? Surely
you can redress the balance now anyway?’
‘Doctor I must have the Key—for safe keeping. It is
awesomely powerful.’
‘And mustn’t fall into the wrong hands?’ The Doctor
nodded. ‘Quite so! Key to Time—’ He interrupted himself
again. ‘And what about the sixth segment, sir? You know it
was an actual person the Princess Astra? If the Key is
maintained in its present shape she will be imprisoned
‘That is regrettable, of course, Doctor. But with the fate
of the universe at risk, individuals become unimportant.’
‘I suppose you’re right, sir. Key to Time, I command
you—to stay exactly where you are and obey only me!’ The
Doctor sprang to the TARDIS console, and flicked a whole
battery of switches.
‘Why have you activated the TARDIS defences?’
thundered the Guardian.
‘Can’t be too careful, sir, can we? It would be a terrible
tragedy for the Universe if. I turned out to be colour
blind—unable to tell the White Guardian from the Black!’
Romana clutched his arm. ‘What do you mean, Doctor?’
He pointed to the scanner. ‘Look at him!’
The face on the screen darkened, twisted, changed to a
leering scowling demon, gibbering with rage.
‘Don’t you see?’ said the Doctor. ‘The White Guardian
would never have such a callous disregard for human life.

The Guardians organise games for the Eternals to entertain themselves. They can grant Enlightenment, which gives someone the power to destroy a Universe. From the novelisation of the Old Who TV episode Enlightnement:

The Black Guardian laughed. ‘These creatures know
neither good nor evil,’ he said easily. ‘Enlightenment will
give them power. They will invade Time itself. Chaos will
come again. The Universe will dissolve.’

The individual Guardians grow stronger or weaker along with their spheres in the Universe, and can channel their power through individuals, also seen in Enlightnement.

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Acta est Fabula

Gender: Male
Location: In the Throne of God

The Crystal Guardian, mostly known as the Celestial Toymaker is the most well known Guardian apart from the White and Black Guardians. He could create dimensions that could contain a Universe (various galaxies at minimum), such as the Celestial Toyroom. This quotes are from the novelisation of the Old Who TV episode The Celestial Toymaker:

Inside his ornate study, the Celestial Toymaker, the being
who had captured the TARDIS and its inhabitants, was
surveying his extraordinary kingdom. The Toymaker’s
study appeared at first like a room. Then, as you became
accustomed to its dimensions, you realised that instead of a
roof there was a black immensity of outer space and the
twinkling stars of the galaxies. The walls stretched up
towards the blackness until they became indistinguishable
from space and merged with it.

Dodo obediently turned towards the Doctor. ‘Who is
the Celestial Toymaker?’ she queried.
‘A powerful evil.’ The Doctor’s face darkened, ‘He has
created a universe entirely in his own vision, where he
manipulates people and turns them into his playthings. He
gains control of your mind through these screens. Be
careful, it’s a trap.’

The Toymaker also showed reality warping, such as animating toys, making them of different sizes... He could warp reality to show past events in 3D.

‘He is trying to get us in his power and make us a
permanent fixture in his universe,’ said the Doctor. ‘That’s
the reason for those wall screens. He’s using your mind
and imagination against you. Those are memory devices
that project difficult and upsetting times in your previous
lives. You must fight it.’

He can use memories to permanently fix people to his universe. He is relatively omnipotent when within his universe, but his powers are limited by the rules of his games (which he can modify anyway).

‘My games, notorious!’ replied the Toymaker. ‘Really
Doctor, you are quite wrong.’ The Toymaker motioned to
his elaborate office: ‘This is my universe. All I expect
people to do is to play games to amuse themselves. It also
amuses me to see them play.

‘Your universe, Toymaker, has blinded you to reality.
Everything is not predetermined according to your desires.
Humans do have free will.’ The Doctor leant back, crossed
his arms and shook his head obstinately. ‘I refuse to play
your games,’ he said.
‘But you are here now, Doctor, and subject to my will,’
replied the Toymaker. ‘I have a doll’s house hanging over
there which should be just right for you. It’s full of
furniture that exactly matches the period of your clothes;
Victorian, I think.’

And that's it. All the feats of the Key to Time mentioned in The Grace post can also be applied to the Guardians, because they use the Key and their combined power is equal to that of the Key.

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Acta est Fabula

Gender: Male
Location: In the Throne of God

Now, for the next tier below the Guardians of Time:


The Carnival Queen is a being that incarnates the irrationality within the Time Lords, and seemed to be able control irrationality. She appears in the novel Christmas on a Rational Planet.

Some quotes about her creation:

– The greatest of all the Watchmakers, said the Carnival
Queen. The first King of the Majestic Clockwork. Watch.
So Chris watched. Watched as the man lifted an arm,
placed a hand against his chest. Watched as he sank his hand
deep into his own body, and pulled something out from his
torso. Chris thought it might be his heart, but then he saw the
thing, wriggling in the man’s hand; it was shadow-coloured,
slippery, its shape changing from second to second.
The other two men in the hall reached into themselves as
well, and pulled out similar objects. Chris took a step back.
Across the planet of the Watchmakers, grey people in grey
robes were reaching into their bodies and pulling out their...
... their what?
– Nobody is entirely rational, Christopher. Not even the
Watchmakers. They wanted a universe of Reason, but to get it,
they had to give something up. Those little irrational parts of
themselves. Those small corners of their souls that believed in
the superstitions, that wanted the world of wonders back. The
mutable parts. The changeable parts.
Across the Watchmaker world, the people were grasping
their irrational shadows and hurling them away. The shadows
shrieked into the sky, screaming, crying. Forsaken. They
congregated in the upper atmosphere, becoming one great
cloud of unreason.
‘Go,’ said the King.
And the cloud went. It shrieked across the skies, exiled
from its homeworld. It screamed through galaxies, unwanted
and alone, until the rational universe opened up and it
vanished into the darkness on the other side of existence.
‘There,’ said the Watchmaker King. ‘Now We Are Things
of Reason Absolute. Our... Demons... Are Safely Confined,
Beyond The Reach Of Man Or Machine. We Are Perfect. We
Are Whole.’
Chris let his attention wander across the galaxies, briefly
wondering how much of this was supposed to be real and how
much of it was just a fairy-tale. He found the point where the
great shadow had vanished. There. There, in a little corner of
creation cut off from the rest of the universe, in the dark places
on the other side of Reason. The shadow had been trapped
there, in the prison-realm of the Watchmaker King, for... for
how long, now? How long since the time of the Watchmakers?
– About three-and-a-half billion years, said the shadow.
Chris jumped. He tried to focus, tried to pin his attention
down, but all he could see was the Carnival Queen’s face.
‘It’s you,’ Chris said. ‘It’s you.’
– Who else? said the Carnival Queen.

The Carnival Queen was still imprisioned in the Time Vortex, but she could influence the world. Her children, the gynoids, affected reality by being present.

The Carnival Queen gestured at the desert around her.
From behind every dune, from within every fissure, the shapes
were emerging. Gynoids. Hundreds of them. Thousands.
– My children. I’ve been letting them out into the
clockwork universe, letting them get a taste for their new
home. Some of them have suffered, the poor things. Poisoned
by the noxious influence of Reason. The body you found...
please, Chris, try to relax. They don’t bite.

She is outside of Time, and her mere presence on Earth can extend to every planet in the universe in their rational stages, her mere presence can make the Universe into an irrational place again.

But the Carnival Queen had just shrugged. In technicolour.
– I’m not bound by your rules of linear time, Christopher. If
I make myself known on Earth during its Age of Reason, I
make myself known on every other planet during every other
Age of Reason. In different times, simultaneously. A universe
of unreason. Forever and ever. Isn’t that nice?

She is affirmed as an universal threat, and her arms were moving throught dimensions:

So now he watched her, up on the high peak, making
gestures with arms that moved through more dimensions than
the human eye could see. It looked like some kind of
summoning ritual, like she was beckoning to the shadows
around them. Chris sighed. Whatever she was doing, he had a
duty to try and stop her, that much was clear. She was
threatening the universe. Wasn’t she?

This is what happens only when her prison opens:

So her prison was opening up, forming crukking great
cracks throughout Earth history. Holes into the darkness. New
York in 1799, Canberra in 1926, Arizona in 2012 (which
explained what had happened to Roz, Chris had realized,
though he hadn’t yet worked up the courage to ask where she
was now).

By the action of escaping, she returned magic to the Universe. The mere possibility of her escaping was affecting the whole Universe, making it more irrational.

The power of the Carnival Queen is not clear, but she is indeed one of the most powerful in the verse due to the effects her mere probability of escape was causing.

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Next one!:


The Swimmers are trascendental beings living in the Void between Universes. They are incredibly powerful creatures that are covered overall in the novel The Taking of Planet 5. All the subsequent quotes will be coming from that novel.

The Swimmers can eat Universes:

‘The Swimmers come and go,’ he said. ‘The
Swimmers eat.’
The child’s eyes had been large with wonder, fear and darkness.
‘What do they eat, Master?’
The hermit shuddered. ‘Everythings,’ he whispered. ‘They eat Everythings.
I will show you universes in a bowl of gruel.’

Here, One, a Celestis (a trascendental being that will be covered soon) expresses his fear of the Swimmers with this amazing paragraph. See for yourselves:

Imagine creatures small enough to live on the surface of a human
egg. Imagine them travelling with that world down the Fallopian tube
to the womb, seeing in that journey only the slow majestic movement
of the spheres. Then let them see, dimly in a glass darkly, the tens of
thousands of things moving towards their world, aliens large as continents,
diving down on the creatures’ cities, penetrating the mantle
and the core, changing their world into something other. They might
know a thousandth of the fear he felt at the thought of the Swimmers.
Celestis do not react well to fear.

In this quote, One puts the Swimmers as vastly more dangerous than the Memeovore (a being I'm also gonna cover). They are bigger than Universes, and collapse then in Big Crunches by getting near them. Their parasites would be bigger than worlds, they would the macro-ecosystem of other creatures, their space-time. They think the Swimmers are natural evolution, beings who destroy Universes to clear their paths, to swim freely in the Void. The Memeovore would be a very small apperitive to it.

‘Oh, there are worse things than the Memeovore, and an old hermit
was kind enough to show them to me.’ One paused. Xenaria wondered
if he was gauging her gullibility or her intellect. She hoped he
wasn’t checking out her ’feet’.
‘Try this. Before our universe, there was another. It expanded almost
for ever, until its space-time was locally flat and devoid of matter
or gravity. Eventually, pure randomness within the deep-foam structure
of its underlying superstrings produced a number of acausal point
formations in which parity was invalidated and gross amounts of either
matter or antimatter could come into “real” existence. These
events, separated by billions of light years of black, flat, emptiness,
expanded out, forming bubbles of their own.’
‘New universes!’ Even under the circumstances Xenaria couldn’t
help but be impressed.
‘Yes. Now assume for a moment that our universe is one of these
second-generation events. Now maybe within the body of that dying
old universe, things that were terribly old had survived for perhaps a
googolplex of years after the death of all the cold iron stars. To them
the new universes were a threat. An eruption of chaotic, primeval
energies. Perhaps they sought to extinguish them. Perhaps they had
‘It’s the only work worth doing when there’s no data to build with. I
don’t know. It’s only a legend from the future. Here’s another. Perhaps
the new universes expand out of the dying universe into some metauniversal
structure, and perhaps Swimmers move in that structure like
living things.’
One’s eyes gleamed.
‘They exist. I’ve seen them. The hermit showed them to me, from
the edge of Mictlan itself. Imagine creatures the size of universes or
larger, swimming in an ocean of expanding spheres, moving effortlessly
between congeries of hyperglobes. Perhaps the globes can obstruct
them sometimes, interfere with their migrations, if their topologies
were open, for example. Imagine a family of living universes
caught between the expanding wave fronts of two hyperspheres.
Could you blame them if they defended themselves?’
‘You’re saying they deliberately obliterate whole universes.’
One shrugged, and an unreadable emotion flashed briefly across his
malleable features. ‘Maybe not deliberately, who knows? Is it better if
we are obliterated casually, without r-r-reason?’
Xenaria was startled to hear him stutter. Some processing problem?
Perhaps something she could use? Then she realised it was only fear.
The Demon was afraid.
‘It could just be evolution.’ One said, trying – Xenaria felt – to
claw back some semblance of composure. ‘Evolution on a scale larger
than our whole space-time. If some of the creatures could collapse
expanding universes, converting them from open to closed topological
structures, causing them to invert into big crunches? their kind
could clear their own paths, whereas any of the creatures without the
capacity would eventually find themselves crushed in the interacting
mesh of merging space-time domains.’
‘But it wouldn’t matter to us,’ Xenaria said, chilled. ‘Whatever their
motivation, we could have no possible weapon against them.’ Her
voice faltered. ‘Oh, Rassilon, no. Surely even you. . . ’
‘You can’t mean to turn the Fendahl Predator on the Swimmers.
If they exist they must be huge. Large enough to have their own
macro-ecosystems. They would have parasites bigger than worlds –
whole species that would consider them to be their “natural” spacetime.
Creatures with world views utterly unlike our own. It would be
genocide upon genocide.’ As a soldier, Xenaria was used to death –
but beyond her need to keep One talking, something hurt her at the
thought. It was the scope of it. She could tell herself that the war with
the Enemy was justified, that she was fighting for her own kind, for a
billion years of culture and kindly patronage, fighting to preserve. But
everything good that the Time Lords had ever done, everything she
felt justified the alien deaths in their defence, was a speck of sand in
an infinite beach compared to the numbers of peoples and worlds the
Celestis agent was prepared to casually obliterate.
‘If necessary, that would not deter me, but you overestimate the
power of the Predator. Against the Swimmers it would not be a
weapon. It would be an hors d’oeuvre.

That's it for the Swimmers. They sure are some of the most powerful.

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And as I covered the Swimmers, let's cover another thing from The Taking of Planet 5, that could very well be in this place in the tier:


The Memeovore is the most dangerous predator in the Universe and a threat to the Universe itself. It was artificially evolved by the Time Acceleration of Planet 5 by the CIA (Celestial Intervention Agency, the Time Lord secret service) to use as a predator to the Fendahl. The Memeovore is the Fendahl Predator, a devourer of concept.

‘Oh it could have had its uses. It is a Memeovore, devourer of meaning.
It does not harm stars or planets; it leaves infrastructures and
technologies intact for plundering. If it could have been deployed
strategically it would have been a marvellous limited weapon. They
never realised it would grow to be this powerful though – that’s partly
the fault of the war, of course.’
‘An interruption?’
‘Precisely, the time spiral continued beyond the cut-off date they
had envisaged for the forced-evolution experiment. The Fendahl
Predator outgrew its food supply. It had eaten the Fendahl, and the
Fendahl had earlier killed everything in its domain, ended every life,
absorbed every scrap of energy and matter right down to the deep
structure of virtual particle production. Its predator was none of those
things. You could think of it perhaps as an unusual form of space. A
hideously avaricious one.’
‘And you released it! You genocidal maniac! Do you imagine a
thing like that will limit its depredations to the enemy? You think
it’ll recognise the difference between us any more than those between
flutterwings and waspbeatles?’ Xenaria raised the parallel cannon. ‘I
should burn you to a crisp, here and now. Future war-crimes tribunals
will thank me for it.’
It was larger now, but even so it would be some time before its taste
buds became refined enough to enable it to developed an aesthetic by
which to select the meanings it fed upon. Maybe it would never care.
In 2012 in New York firemen laughed and chortled as they held their
hands up before the bright flowers of the fire, and called for marshmallows
as people died, unable to connect the spectacle with the suffering
at its heart.
On New Quintesson, a typical world of the seventh epoch, towards
the twilight of the Mid-Evening Cultures, in one of its towers of brass
and molecularly reinforced jet, two elderly poets – drinking companions
over a dozen years – felt their way towards a sudden feeling of
unimaginable loss.
‘I worked for hours on this poem, but I could not get it into the form
I sought to begin with. It is possible I worked too long on it, just got
rusty. I would welcome your thoughts. Does something seem wrong
to you, Eldor?’
Eldor considered. ‘You know, it does – and not just your poem. For
some time I’ve been struck by the sense of some void, some impossible
pit in my own writing, in the use of our speech itself. The words will
not flow how I desire, pomposity and circumlocution rise, something
missing wounds us.’
‘Yes, it’s like the impossibility of using some words, but I find it
is impossible to think of the words I do not use nor to think of the
common thing that links them.’
‘This reminds me of the puzzle: if everything we use to judge size
were shrinking, how would we know?’
‘Just so if our tongue were being whittled down, let us propose letter
by letter for this discourse. Could we tell?’
‘Of course we could. If we were losing the use of speech, letter by
letter, we could detect it in moments.’
‘Simply by reciting the letters in sequence.’
‘B, C, D, E, et cetera?’
‘Yes, you see how obvious the test would be.’
‘I suppose so, but would we notice if one were missing?’
‘Of course we would – C, D, E, F, G – we get it drummed into us
when we first study. The sequence is grounded in us – we could not
help perceive it if it differed.
‘F, G, H, I, J. Right, so I must honour your thoughts on this. I know
now I must just wind my thoughts too tight working long hours in
high rooms. Nothing is lost to us. Tomorrow this long foolish thought
will hit us with its folly.’
‘I trust so.’
But before tomorrow their tongues were dumb, for ever.
Worlds bound by ideologies or by ritual floundered as people forgot
what their iconographies meant, or why rules should be followed. On
the duty-bound worlds of the Nepotism of Vaal, in the fiftieth century,
family was all. There, preferment in a hundred ways was governed
by complex rules of kin and kith; the interplay administered by subdermal
computers that could judge the DNA-kinship bond between
strangers within one nanosecond of a single handshake.
One morning in Aaron’s Month, people rose from their beds to view
their closest and dearest loved ones with the wary distaste due to
impostors and interlopers. A thousand paranoid journals were begun
in a thousand rooms, each noting that somehow, the real people had
been removed in the night, replaced by slack-eyed zombies, or by
actors who, however harmless, were only the frontrunners of some
massive conspiracy.
Somehow the computer systems too had been subverted, for they
persistently gave valid kinship signals for the newcomers. By their
own lights, the people of the Vaal worlds were kindly, and they had
wired their laws firmly into their subdermal implants in case they
should ever be tempted not to be, but what possible moral obligations
could exist between even the most conscientious and creatures that
would come in the night to slaughter and replace the only people that
Within three hours of dawn, there had been a thousand murders,
ten thousand calls for help to authorities themselves bewildered and
shocked. The worst, though, was still to come.
Once it had tasted meaning it returned again and again, and fed
again, passing to and fro until first intelligence and then the basic
social constructs that allowed even the most meagre communication
were stripped away.
Finally, the local region of conceptual space shattered and drained,
the predator withdrew temporally bloated. In its wake, a billion souls
lay on ground whose textures they could no longer understand, unable
to think, unable to feel, unable to hear their own screaming madness
as anything more meaningful than white noise.

The Memeovore devours the meaning of textures, cultures, social customs, color... everything across the entire Universe. The Universe would be worse than destroyed, a wasteland devoid of meaning:

These were minor excisions, nibbles, almost love bites. It was not
yet established. Eventually it would eat all meaning, everywhere, and
then without destruction the universe would have become a wasteland,
populated by creatures rendered senseless and reasonless. A
sequence of unresolvable incomprehensible empty events being bled
of their energy for ever to feed a single creature. Unseen, unfelt, unthought
of, the worlds of the universe would pass away.

The shape of the Memeovore couldn't be understood by a Time Lord at mere glance:

Being visible it should have been comprehensible, but it wasn’t. Children
need to learn to see, to integrate colour and shapes into objects
and people. Some shapes – faces for humans to make them respond
to their parents, or sparrowhawks for sparrows to make them react to
predators – are encoded in by evolution because speed of recognition
is needed for survival, but most things are picked up gradually. Even
in adulthood a surprising or new image requires a little time to become
recognisable. The creature was unlike everything. It required
an effort of will to even look at it. It was a void, a chasm, an absence
made visible, it was everything made nothing. Faced with it, the brain
rushed to fill it with detail, any detail, a black world-devouring octopus,
a spider with eyes the size of Mars, a crooked cube unfolding,
a ruined city cluttered with insane memorabilia, a cartoon character
with eye sockets crammed with worms. Phantom images projected by
the tottering brain into the yawning absence of the creature.

The Memeovore has devoured Mictlan, a micro-universe made of pure concept and ideas:

Stretched out into impossible knives, scalpels large enough to dissect
stars, the TARDISes linked to the ship piloted by the Doctor, spun and
pivoted around the edge of Mictlan, around the mass of the devouring
entity that had engulfed it.

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Next one, and this one is insane....


The Quantum Archangel is the human Anjeliqua Whitefriar after becoming one with the Lux Aeterna, the substance that serves as the basic foundation for the Multiverse. This goddess is on par with the Menti Celesti, as said in the novel The Quantum Archangel (obviously), in which this being appears. It was also said that it was capable of commiting multiversal genocide on the Chronovores (The Master planned to fuse with the Lux Aeterna and become a Quantum Archangel himself):

The Master was glad the Doctor was there to witness his
apotheosis, but his spurious morality could become so very
wearing. ‘I have every idea what I’m doing, Doctor: I am
finally taking my rightful place amongst the pantheon of gods.
Time? Pain? Death? Eternity? They will be my brothers and
my sisters. The Guardians of Time? They will thank me for
ridding the multiverse of their bastard children, the
Chronovores. The Eternals? Perhaps I can take part in their
games, risk everything for a taste of Enlightenment?’

The Quantum Archangel could destroy the shields of a TARDIS, which tanks supernovae and black holes, in less than a second:

A rhythmic burbling suddenly filled the room. The Doctor
turned from the console. ‘There – I’ve activated the TARDIS
force field. It probably won’t last for a fraction of a second
against the Quantum Archangel’s powers, but it’s about all I
can do at the moment.’

Another thing refering to her:

Until the entire cosmos becomes her plaything.

She had been there for an eternity. Then again, what was
eternity to the Quantum Archangel?
Stars could burn and die, galaxies could collide, timelines
could converge and collapse... but the Archangel would wait,
wait out her long silent vigil in the depths of the darker strata.
She knew she would be undisturbed there.

About her transformation:

Strapped into the converter, Anjeliqua could only watch as
the Master brought the TITAN Array online. All her plans, her
revenge... a failure! And Anjeliqua was not used to failure.
But she knew there was no way out of this particular
situation. She was strapped into the assembly of titanium steel
and Whitefriar Lattice. Hah! Whitefriar Lattice! Poetic justice,
she supposed. Just her luck to be killed by the patent that had
made her millions.
As the thrum from the TITAN Array increased, Anjeliqua
had braced herself for the influx of energy: after all the work
she had done on both the converter and the Array, she was
well aware that the Lux Aeterna was power beyond imagining.
The regulators and transformers in the Array could have
dampened down a million nuclear reactors; but even with
those regulators and transformers in place, a human body
simply wasn’t designed to absorb the minutest fraction of that
power: the moment it flooded into the converter, she would be
like a moth to a flame, a sacrificial victim to the Master’s
arrogance. And to hers, she suddenly realised. What on Earth
had possessed her to behave that way?
And then the Lux Aeterna was upon her.
As the first arcs of searing energy burnt into Anjeliqua,
she screamed. But it wasn’t with pain – it was with revelation.
She knew why she had behaved that way!
Before she could even consider what she had learnt, the
energy altered subtly: now it seemed to have a purpose, a
direction. It was exploring her! She could feel it travelling
through her nervous system, examining her muscles and
organs. There wasn’t an intelligence, but an instinct. It was
curious! And then it found her brain, her mind, her soul...
It read her. All of her.
She felt the satisfaction that coloured the energy as it
finally understood her, understood what it could offer her and,
more importantly, what she could offer it.
In her mind she could sense it holding out a hand to her,
offering to save her, to remake her, to give her access to the
secrets of the universe and beyond...
It was an offer she simply couldn’t decline. And at the
moment she admitted that to herself, the full force of the Lux
Aeterna had surged through the TITAN Array, into the
converter... and into her.
It had existed since before the dawn of time, formless,
meaningless, inexhaustible, unlimited power without desire or
reason. But with Anjeliqua, it now had meaning, it had reason,
it had desire. She felt it enfold her, welcome her, become a
part of her... And she became a part of it.
And so the Quantum Archangel was born.

Her eyes sparkled with the wisdom of universes, her hair
was a wild fiery mane, tossed by the winds of time. As for her
face... it was still Anjeliqua’s face, but it shone with the
authority of ages.

She can see the flow of Time:

What had once been only marble and chrome became
something quite different. She could see the ebb and flow of
time through the TITAN Array. And what once been an
ancient monument was now full of thoughts and memories.

She could alter history on a whim, change her own doings and give Paul back his invention:

Some of the threads of reality were obvious, and she had
rewoven them easily. But the subtler ones had been beyond
her abilities, left as loose ends flailing about, spoiling the
perfection of the warp and weft.
She had the power, she had the intelligence... but
omnipotence eluded her. No, it wasn’t omnipotence, it was
omniscience. The sheer calculating power necessary to rewrite
creation and balance all the probabilities was beyond her
She needed an ally... something, someone, who could
provide the calculations. Who could provide –

The power of the Lux Aeterna, the power of the Quantum Archangel:

The Doctor elaborated. ‘The Lux Aeterna is the energy
lattice that underpins the entire multiverse: not just this
universe, but any and every other one that could ever possibly
exist. It is infinite power, but without form, without reason.
Somehow – thanks to the Master’s ham-handed attempt to
access it – it has bonded with Anjeliqua. Her sentience has
given form and reason to the Lux Aeterna.’ He flung his arms
out. ‘Somewhere – out there! – is a sentient being of
unimaginable power. She – it – can split a quasar in two with
the merest thought. Create entire new realities fashioned to its
whims. Destroy Gallifrey just because it suits it!’

During their battle and after absorbing the Lux Aeterna, The Doctor and the Archangel began throwing planets at each other:

He sent his mind outwards and saw the battle that was
progressing: the Doctor and the Quantum Archangel throwing
planets at one another. There was not much time: especially
since the Chronovores’ feast was continuing unabated.

The Quantum Archangel could create a Universe for each person in the Universe.

And that's it for the Archangel!

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As said before, they are equal to the Quantum Archangel, as said by the Master. They are conceptual beings named Time, Death, Pain and Eternity. They take the form of Eternals but in truth they are abstracts who embody their names.

Here some quotes about them from the novel Cat's Cradle 01-Time's Crucible, were they are shown to be the gods worshipped by the Time Lords:

He knew he was special - even appointed for some future he could not
yet see. He would not be next to nothing; not sink back into the faceless
chorus of the people. He railed at the injustice of the Gods, the
capricious and all-powerful Menti Celesti, who saw all things but did
nothing! Shaking, he reeled round and fell back in tenor at the
implacable figure that stood over him.

"In that empty ocean between times, where nothing exists outside
thought, the two ships rammed and slid together like passing ghosts.
They were shattered and lost, and the crew was pitched into the tumult.
"But the Gods, the Menti Celesti, who know all things, sheltered us from
the storm in their cupped hands and we awoke on a new land. There we
beheld many wonders and works of great mystery. All this world was a
great City where Time flowed strangely and was fed by many
tributaries. It is the terrible world of future legends where people meet
their memories, and the full of their lives is spread before them. In this
place, our thoughts were turned in on themselves and were no longer
shared. Each one's thoughts were his alone and we despaired."

There was a rough alcove set in one of the walls. It had been curtained
with ancient material and surrounded by woven twigs and brown
flowers, like an altar. On its ledge, the Phazels had placed offerings, old
food and gilded trinkets, votive gifts that pleaded for atonement and
release from their Gods. But the Menti Celesti were deaf to such pleas,
or busy with divine games elsewhere.

The Menti Celesti were pitiless in their decrees. There were no Gods of
Reason. Rassilon had been right. All Gallifreyan civilization was
founded on a sham. A dogma created and perpetuated by millennia of
priestesses, their arms steeped in Gallifreyan and alien blood. The Gods
had hollow hands.

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More next day, guys. This is far from over!

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Quick but important update on the Menti Celesti.

They are beings considered gods by even the Guardians of Time. They were the ones who they consulted in The Quantum Archangel about the fate of Kronos, not The Grace.

'The future. The future which now comes upon us. All of the
Transcendental Beings have foreseen the Breakdown, but their
arrogance in their own immortality robbed them of the sense to prepare,
except for Elektra and Prometheus. They listened to the prophecies and
learned of the war and of the champions required to fight in the
The meaning of Kronos' words dawned on Paul. 'So that's why
the Guardians took you, took us. To prepare for our championship!'
'No, the Guardians took us because we were an abomination in
their sight, and they allowed the Chronovores to cast us into a crystal
prison for millennia. The Guardians had nothing to do with our calling.'
'Then... who did?'
Kronos smiled. 'Even gods have gods.'
They remembered again...
At another time, in the Lux Aeterna, the six Guardians float in the
presence of something... higher. They speak in fear.

Note that the Guardians speak in fear in the presence of the Menti Celesti.

'For once, I'm not indulging in our love of the Grand Guignol,
my dear Doctor. All races have gods. Ours just happen to be more real
than most.'
The Doctor shook his head dismissively. 'The Time Lord gods?
What have they got to do with anything?'
'They have to do with everything! For the last half-century, I
have scoured the deepest, darkest corners of the Matrix, searching for
the truth...'
'You? The truth? Don't make me laugh.'
'Will you just shut up and listen for once?' snapped the
Valeyard. 'The gods are real. They sit at the very pinnacle of reality.'
'Must be a bit crowded up there by now. The Eternals, the
Chronovores, the Guardians... I'd hate to think what the price of real
estate is.'
The Valeyard narrowed his eyes. 'I am so very grateful that I
lack your propensity for irreverence. The gods are as far above the
Guardians as the Guardians are above the Time Lords. They are
fundamental to the structure of not just this reality, but all realities,
ever. They are gods!'
The Doctor started to count on his fingers. 'Time, Death, Pain,
Hope, Life and Fate. Our pantheon. And they're planning a war? This is
like some Victorian penny-dreadful! Stuff for time-tots!'

There we have the Menti Celesti listed, and some testament to their power. This, even when they are the abstracts of a multiverse, puts them at mid-high omniversal level.

The Menti Celesti can choose Champions, avatars who can wield their power:

'Yes, the champions: the gods' chosen avatars, one for each
within the Pantheon, six in all. All are selected to serve their cause and
all are endowed with the specific powers and insight required to calm
the Breakdown's effects on the lower realms of the multiverse. The
champions are the key to our survival.'

The Champions can prevent multiversal collapse.

But you. When Time chose you as her avatar, there was uproar.
The Doctor, an unpredictable, uncontrollable upstart with the powers of
Time herself? For the first time in eternity, the gods disagreed. It made
a wonderful change. But Time, like she always is, was adamant - you
would be her champion or no one else, but without the unanimous
consent, she could not act. Stalemate. Until I offered an answer.'

It is seen that, even when being so powerful, they are still bound, comparing their situation to those of the Guardians, bound by rules of conduct (then The Grace is possibly the author of this rules, this is only theory however as it would make this race borderline omnipotent).

Being the Champion of one of the Menti Celesti, and thus an avatar of them, grants you absolute power over the sphere of said entity, only overriden by the god itself. After becoming Time's Champion, the Doctor could change history by willing it, and Mel could spread Death everywhere after becoming her Champion:

'Oh, you naughty boy, try to use your powers as Time's
champion to change Mel's history? What is it they say about absolute
power corrupting absolutely? No. Your options are limited, and just to
be clear you have only three.
'I am Death, and what I take is mine. Period. If you exercise
claim to your new authority over time to steal from me then I will snuff
out your miserable friend's life, and just for added excitement, I will
kill you, too.
'Your second option is to do nothing and Mel remains my
champion. You go on together and you watch as she carries my gift
wherever you go and to whomever she meets, all the while knowing
you could have spared her that.

The Doctor pwned Death, and rewrote history with his Time's Champion powers:

'Very simple,' the Doctor said, leaning on the console, 'I'm rewriting
Mel's recent history, or overwriting you might say. In place of
what's happened today, Mel is receiving a new set of memories,
experiences, even a new time trace, and one where you have no hold
upon her whatsoever.
'Of course, this is an ongoing process so she can't be disturbed,
but since I am only now exploring my abilities as Time's champion, I'm
not entirely sure how her new reality is shaping up. I could take a look
for you, if you wish - my word, green skinned teenagers, sea beasts in
the Vortex, multiple Doctors? I thought one of me was bad enough but
when the imagination runs wild...'
Death rounded upon the Doctor and flew towards him like a
'Then you shall die, Doctor!'
Just before Death closed her hands around the Doctor's throat he
pulled a small black paper from his pocket and brandished it before her.
Death halted and stared at the paper. Her own symbol, a snake eating its
own tail, was etched on the parchment in blood red ink.
'And will you use this to commit the deed?' asked the Doctor. 'I
thought you might wish to see this so I borrowed it from the Valeyard.
It was quite the audacious plan you hatched with him - destroying
everything and your fellow gods. I wonder if they know about your
Death's eyes widened and she began to back away, but still she
'Well played, Doctor - I would have valued you as my
champion. But since you have defied my terms of service, your life is
forfeit. Nothing can change that.'
'Oh, yes,' the Doctor agreed, 'quite true. For the integrity of my
name and the life of my friend, I must die. But that doesn't mean I can't
The Doctor spun around in a blur of colour with a cry of joyous
rebellion; he threw his hands upon the TARDIS' telepathic circuits,
which throbbed at maximum capacity.
'I never choose the lesser of two evils! That is what you learn
when you play my game!'
Death howled in base rage and hatred, knowing defeat for the
first time. As the Doctor sailed smugly at the sound of her cries, he saw
her face - her true face - distorted in the central column before him, and
heard her voice in his mind.

So that's the update on the Menti Celesti, who have rose beyond the Guardians of Time with this! The Quantum Archangel isn't certainly equal to them, that had to be boasting by the Master. All this came from the novel Time's Champion. It is not officially published, but it's plot was outlined by The Quantum Archangel author Craig Hinton before dying, so it means that all this was intended during said novel. You can disregard it if you desire so, but the BBC has the policy of everything is canon. Only pages such as the wikia like to have a closed canon, but that is simply not true by BBC standards.

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Next in the scale:


The Lampreys, appearing in the novel Spiral Scratch, were transcendental multiversal beings that exist because the multiverse itself exists:

Of course, the theory of parallel universes, multiverses and
even an omniverse was nothing new. Theories had abounded
ever since work into the origins of the Lampreys had begun
thousands of years ago back home. Of course, it was a chickenand-
egg situation – did the Lampreys exist because of the
multiverses or did the multiverses come into existence because
the Time Lords accidentally created them whilst meddling with
the Lampreys’ unique existence within the spirals of the vortex.

Imagine, if you will, a vortex. A really powerful vortex that drags into itself
anything that comes into its trajectory. A vortex made up of an infinite
number of well, levels for want of a better description. And if they seem to
diminish as they get towards the bottom of the vortex, rest assured, it’s an
illusion. For this vortex has no bottom. It is, being constructed of chronon
energy, and thus temporal in nature, endless. Eternal. Bottomless, topless,
middleless. It is neither linear not multifaceted in existence. It is completely
unique and is, theoretically, situated at the centre of creation. Of course, in a
multiverse that expands exponentially and is unfixed and infinite in nature,
a ‘centre’ is a theoretical and practical impossibility For millennia, scholars
have tried to fathom the true nature of what they have come to refer to as
‘The Spiral’. They have failed because, of course, they cannot tell whether
each time they examine the Spiral they are seeing it exponentially or
It is theorised that creatures live within the confines of the Spiral,
creatures that have access to multiple dimensions and realities. Although
these theories cannot be disproved, nor can they be proven, as no acceptable
method of determination can be found. No one can ever be sure, if these
creatures do indeed exist, whether due to their crossing of the timelines they
are actually temporal duplicates of just one original creature or whether they
really are legion.
If, however, these creatures, which have reportedly been observed and
described as Lampreys due to their appearance, do exist, the theoretical
power they must possess is beyond measure as well. Some theories suggest
that these Lampreys can cross from one plane of existence, or reality even, at
will. If one accepts the existence of parallel realities, and there is sufficient
proof of this in a number of field researches found in the APC Network
records, then the fact that these creatures can cross in and out is both exciting
and worrying. For if breaches were to occur, if the Spiral were to become
damaged in some way and allow leakage between these realities, all of
creation could descend into chaos and ultimately only the Lampreys would
survive. If they feed, as hypothesised above, on temporal energy, then the
energy accessible to them within the myriad realities created every nanosecond
by chaos and chance would supply them with nourishment for, in theory,
Amongst the other, possibly apocryphal, myths evolving around these
Lampreys is that they have been spotted by time-sensitives existing an almost
corporeal existence on some planets, disguised as natives. Some tales say they
are there to wait for an opportunity to absorb the chronon energy of a planet
should it suffer a temporal mishap, other stories tell of Lampreys opting to
leave their nomadic existence in the Vortex behind and actually just live on
a chosen planet as one of the natives, but for eternity, seeking nothing but
peace and quiet.
None of these legends have been substantiated.
These creatures are therefore to be studied at every opportunity and, if
need be, a way found to harness or destroy them.
For the sake of creation.

The Lampreys live in the Time Vortex, they can shapeshift and devour the chronon (temporal) energy of entire planets.

Soviet persecution to Great Britain in the 1950s where he began teaching at
a London college. Whilst there, he discovered three new atomic elements that,
when combined, opened the causality loops, enabled unfettered access to the
space-time vortex and unleashed the Lampreys previously imprisoned in the
Spiral at the apex of the Vortex. As a result of his discoveries, the
Lampreys gained unlimited access to all of time and space across the
multiverses, reaching back to the creation, or forward to the destruction, of
each universe, plus every interstitial point in between, wherein they wreaked
havoc and unravelled reality whilst feeding on the chaos energies released as
each divergent universe self-destructed. As such, to the few trillion survivors
within the eighteen known surviving universes (out of the unrecordable
amount that existed previously), he is known as the Architect of Chaos.
Many attempts have been made by surviving time-sensitives to go back
through time and assassinate Tungard prior to his ascent to maturity but all
have failed, his timeline is fiercely guarded by the multitudinous Lampreys.

They can access every universe and devour them.

‘Well of course you couldn’t. Once you’d given the Lampreys
access to the linear universe, they’d just pop back to the
microsecond before you did something and stop you. Every
action you three have taken has not only been anticipated by the
Lampreys, but actually negated before you’ve done it.’

They can time travel and use it with great competence.

‘Professor Rummas,’ the Monica/Lamprey addressed the
elderly librarian. ‘No lives to offer up like this Doctor friend of
yours? You may have no future regenerations, but a few past
ones might make for a good appetiser.Yes?’
‘You are an abomination,’ he yelled. ‘The antithesis of
everything that’s good across the omniverse!’

A Lamprey is put on omniversal level threat in this quote.

The Doctor never took his eye off the creature in front of
them as it rocked from side to side, drinking in the air. A
Lamprey. Creatures that exist within the space-time vortex, able
to co-exist in multiple locations at once but feeding off chronon
energy.’ He hugged Kina tighter, addressing the Lamprey. ‘How
did you get onto a three-dimensional world?’
‘My secret. Our secret. But we’re here now, all across all time
and space.’
‘All of time and space,’ corrected Melanie, hoping humour
was a useful defence. ‘You aliens can never quite master syntax.’
The Doctor shook his head. ‘Sadly, it’s probably telling the
truth Melanie. All time and all space. All universes, parallel
realities, everything. Back home, my people spent millennia
studying these creatures, trying to find a way to keep them
locked away from pure existence.’
‘Why? What do they do?’
‘Devour time. There’s nothing they like more than to
completely extinguish an entire multiverse of realities just to

Lampreys can devour whole multiverses, making them Chronovores on steroids.

A Lamprey declares the Omniverse its restaurant:

Above them, still framed in the column of halogen light
beaming up from the centre of the Spiral, the Monica/Lamprey
‘I’ve beaten you. The omniverse is my restaurant. Time is my

And I think that's the best about the Lampreys!

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Quick Menti Celesti update (yes, another one...):

The author of the novel has said that they are not superior to the Guardians (that's something the Valeyard believed) of Time, they are an elite group of Eternals created by the Guardians to succeed them when the multiverse breaks down. So the Menti Celesti are not superior to them, but rather equal to them as they are meant as the next Guardians, or a bit weaker still.

That puts them on the level of the Guardians, and The Grace returns to be the most likely thing to have ordered the survival of Kronos. That puts the Grace in its place again, as the Guardians spoke in fear in their presence.

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There's nothing in Doctor Who worthy of respect.

Endless Mike:
"I live in my mom's basement and read comic books all day."
"VS debating is life"
"I jerk off to comic books"

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Thanks for sharing.

Wow! Now i understand,why The Doctor can fight against verses like Marvel and DC.

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We all face the reaper.

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May all your dreams come true - except for one.

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This thread basically got its official continuation on Spacebattles, by the way. It's already gotten to 30s of pages, and lots of people have collaborated. Go on there for more.

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We all face the reaper.

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quote: (post)
Originally posted by trexalfa
This thread basically got its official continuation on Spacebattles, by the way. It's already gotten to 30s of pages, and lots of people have collaborated. Go on there for more.

thumb up rock


May all your dreams come true - except for one.

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