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The law of dimishing returns
Started by: cdtm

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The law of dimishing returns

Playing through VF4: Evo's quest mode, I'm naturally wanting to compare it to VF5.

VF Evo came out in 2003. VF5 came out nearly a decade later.

When Evo came out, it cost 20 bucks. It had an arcade mode, a "virtual arcade experience" quest mode, a training mode, a tutorial mode, about a dozen sub modes within quest mode (Sort of like Mortal Kombats extra modes where falls hurt you, or you leech life from an enemy..), a bunch of wallpapers, VF1 skins, VF1 levels, on top of a stacked roster with two extra characters on top of the original 8 (Or 10, whatever)..

With VF5, you get none of these things, less of a roster (With the option of dlc add ons) and... less.

And VF5 probably cost more money to make. A lot more.

VF4, objectively, looks about as nice as VF5.. The level design is full of detail, like helicopters and searchlights active, water effects, cloth blowing in the wind and such.. If it was "remastered" with better textures and resolution, it would look just fine by modern standards.

Gameplay wise, Evo stacks up to any fighter on the planet.

So yeah, imo fighting games as a genre have basically reached their maturation point a long time ago. Now you get better visuals, and less content, and more or less the same gameplay you always got. At BEST, a modern fighter is as good as the best fighters from over a decade ago. But not better. Never better..

So that's my take on fighters. Any other genres you think actually HAVE improved with time, in more ways then asthetics or shallow additions to the core experience? (Or if you'd rather, you can feel free to disagree with my points. Whatever suits you. smile )


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Home » Misc » Computer / Video Games Discussion » The law of dimishing returns

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