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Crisis scenario
Started by: beatboks

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ready for the loony bin

Gender: Male
Location: Australia

Crisis scenario

The back story

COIE Anti-monitor is seeking to destroy the positive universes again at the same time the beyonder has been enraged and seeks the destruction of all life in the universe

The challenge

Your challenge as a contestant is to build the team to fight and stave off the destruction of all reality surely this is simple or is it

The limitations

You'll be limited to team of 10 members. In this team you are allowed

1. one member who is above Herald level (Up to Skyfather) at normal stats and only one.
2. one team member who is Herald level at normal stats.
3. 3 high meta characters .
4. The rest of your team of 10 cannot be above low meta.
5. a group of 200 fodder. These can be a group of normal humans from fiction like agents of Shield or checkmate, a cult like that of brother blood or the reapers of souls.

This is NOT just a team building exercise. You must come up with a plausible scenario as to how this team you have built can accomplish the challenge. Other participants are free and invited to undermine this scenario by pointing out any flaws that are present.

You are permitted to amp characters provided you can prove it is possible.

You can trade your above herald level character for 3 herald level. You can trade your herald level character for three high metas. 1 high meta for 3 low.

You have one months prep on a merged DC/MU earth with any resources you can prove your team could reasonably acquire or create in that time.

You can also use the resource of back up characters of a title but only those who never feature as a protaganest themselves. For example superman could use the scientific help of scientists who have been supporting characters he could not however use Ravage a scientist who became a meta and crossed over into other titles as such.

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ready for the loony bin

Gender: Male
Location: Australia

No one???

I'll layout my example for a team, and how it would prep.

First I'll trade in the sky father level character for the 3 Herald level characters

for my now 4 Herald level characters I'm going to choose Daimon Hellstrom, Obsidian, Inza Nelson Dr Fate and Arion (personally I see him more high meta without external non standard gearbut I knoe otjers will disagree)

For my high metas I choose psycho pirate, blue devil and post-resurrection (post Mystery in space pre 52) captain comet.

For My low metas I choose Vril Dox II, Terry Sloan New 52, Question (vic sage), Devil Slayer, and Marvel new Universe Justice

My fodder will be the cult of the harvesters of eyes from MU.

Key Porposes of some characters.

1. Psycho pirate is there to use his power over emotion to blood enrage Hellstrom releasing his full darksoul and making him hell lord level (tsking him above herald level below skyfather)

2. Once he becomes hell lord the darkness of souls around with both Hellstrom and the cult will take both Obsidan and Blue Devil to underworld unleashed levels where obsidian could be everywhere at once, and BD could claw his way back to life from death in panels.

3. Blue devil uses his trident to slow time so that the month of prep for the genius' Dox, Sloane, and Capt Comet is MUCH MUCH longer. Time to built thousands of AI with force field (like Dox's Cilica), tachyon cage tech from Dox and sloane's devices that can move planets, plus the device that blew the hiles in earth 2etc. Sloane will also spend a week or so in the 9th dimension watcjing alternate futures to see what works and what. It will also allow Dox to amp himself to the level when he fought Lobo plus pulsar stargrave and enhance Comet to pre resurecrion physicals without loosing other changes. Dox will also reverse engeneer tje concoctiinnhe used to neuter Lobo and remove his ability to regenerate from every drop of blood. This concoction will be given to every member of tje team prior to battle starting so that when they slice and dice themselves b4 battle we have an army of each at theit new amped levels.

4. Arion is there so that Inza Nelson, the cult, Question, Devil Slayer can all be connected to the darkworld by the weaver.
He has summoned the weaver to reconnect him to magic on several occasions. This means Inxa is no longer limites to tje source of a single lord of chaos (tje reason her destructive powet was less and moves to trans like jet husband. Also as Vic has the knowledge of an Urban shaman with this link he becomes high meta(if not low herald). Devil slayer and justice the same. The cult also become high meta.

Results are i now have

3 above herald level characters in Hellstrom, Obsidian due to soulsef released and darkness and Inza Nelsonas she is no longercut off from power sources by Chaos

Six herald level characters in Arion, Dox, comet, Question, Devil Slayer and justice as all noe have the same connection to magic as Arion and a better than good working knowlesge of how to use it.

Everyone else will bow be at high meta level (at least). The cult all know magic having a connection to darkworld will allow them to become pretty powerful mages without having to learn it.

Once they slice and dice I have a few hundred of each. A larger and more powerful team than faced these threats before with a working knowledge of what is about to go down and exactly how.

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Senior Member

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Location: United States

At one point or another, pretty much all the main heroes/villains have created some PIS weapon. These weapons would probably defeat AM

For Example
Superman- Miracle Machine


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quote: (post)
Originally posted by beatboks
No one???

Yeah i love team builders, but this one's way too tier specific and wordy.
I'm responding though to compliment you, that was an interesting read.


If i wanted my own comeback, iíd wipe your momís chin!

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