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Who remembers the CWMMP timeline?
Started by: Zenwolf

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Who remembers the CWMMP timeline?

So asked this over on CV, was curious to those not on there but on here, the thoughts.

So how many of you folk, actually remember the Clone Wars Timeline that was fully fleshed out BEFORE it was scrapped and TCW came?

The Clone Wars Multi-Media Project Included the CW Microseries, which I'm sure many if not the majority have seen. But it was far greater and included at least a dozen or so comics, novels and games surrounding it. Hence the name CWMMP.

So who remembers this timeline? What did you think of it? What were your favorite stories in it?

I think my fav story arc was from the Republic comic series, the Battle of Jabiim as it showed the true horrors of the Clone Wars and showed that everything wasn't as black and white.

Alto Stratus was a great character for the brief time he was in and showed that not all on the CIS were just complete villains, both sides had actual characters and what they were aiming for.

I feel like the CWMMP also did a much better job with Anakin as it showed him from Padawan to Jedi Knight, showing the various difficulties and being at odds with his Master until it all finally comes to a head in ROTS. His relationship also transition with Obi-Wan pretty well too, seeing it change was interesting, going from Padawan and Master to Equals.

The Vos/Tholme story arc I also remember enjoying too.

Republic Commando is still one of the best SW games and the Attack of the Clones VG with the Dark Reaper is also an underrated story and further shows Anakin and his struggle.

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Plenty remember the Clone Wars multimedia project. And it wasn’t rendered obsolete in the EU, just stupidly condensed into like half a year. Anyway, I thought the comics were fine but nothing special. The Battle of Jabiim was certainly the highlight there. The books were pretty good though. Shatterpoint was great, as was Yoda: Dark Rendezvous. The game was pretty bad. The only good parts of it were Ulic Qel-Droma’s hologram as well as the fact that it was sorta the main source for the defense against gigadrain argument (lol). And of course, the microseries was excellent.

I disagree with you on its portrayal of Anakin. While I do have my issues with The Clone Wars, I believe it did a far better job portraying Anakin than the comics, especially when it pertains to his relationship with Obi-Wan. They are supposed to be good friends. The comic made them far too adversarial and drew too much from AotC which was supposed to be a very dark chapter in Jedi Anakin's life. It wasn't supposed to be how he normally acts. He should act like how he did at the beginning of RotS which was the case in TCW (which is sorta unfair since most of the comics were written before RotS). TCW also seemed to do better with creating conflict between Anakin and the Jedi Order. I was also a big fan of them moving Anakin’s knighting back in the timeline. It never made sense for him to be knighted only a few months before RotS considering the whole “should he become a Jedi Master” arc in the film. Basically, I think the original Clone Wars did a pretty poor job handling Anakin outside of the microseries.

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I definitely miss the omega turbo autism of the pre-Disney canon. A lot of the concepts had to go like the dogshit vong and abeloth but the passion for it was so fun.


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