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The Demon Triology
Started by: VampirePrincess

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Moon Child

Gender: Female
Location: New Jersey

The Demon Triology

The breeze from the ocean can be felt for miles onto the lands. Families gathered to see the new arrivals on their ships. It was the first time in thousands of years that the island welcomes visitors. Everyone waited with open arms as the first men arrived on the land. They looked around at the strange and unique folk who seem to speak their language. They greeted everyone kindly and turned to notice a man. He was not like the others and one of the strangers took aim and fired their bows. Mass chaos arose as the strangers invaded the land screaming “demons” and “devils” as they attacked and killed every last one of them. But not all truly died. The tortured souls of a race that was not human arose again and screamed “Revenge!”

Standing on a rock were the island once was and is no more stood the Prince that once was handsome and beautiful who had a family and who stood pride know slumped over as his look dark cloak made his figure seem frail in the wind. He stood their bending back and forth as the waves crashed into the small rock that lifted 25 feet maybe more off the sea. Men screamed in a small boat to get down for the wind was picking up but the Prince stood there listening to the sea and remember the laughter of his people. It would only been a few more generations before man saw them as a fellow human. Only a few of the last traits of his people but no man was too ignorant to know anything of them. Know all of them are tortured souls. Souls force to walk the world forever. But the Prince did not give up as people guided him. Friends from other worlds protected him. So he stood forth waiting to gather his people back again. To leave a world still ignorant to things unknown but still innocent to the world that was once dark to them.

Here are the stories that will start a trilogy about a world misunderstood by mankind. A trilogy that shows more then horror but about the truth that we seem to lose when we stare at a face that is not right or human. Who are we to judge a race by its species?

This is the introduction to the Demon Trilogy... Based on a long line of other books and trilogies that connect together. The Demon Trilogy is the shortest of my three trilogy set that includes a science fiction/ fantasy adventure and independent short stories about the species of The Begining... The Demon Trilogy is the horrific veiws of a race of people shown to be evil but are truely not what we think. It shows how mankind created the evil and the good in us all. I will start off with one of the trilogy called Scars that introduces a character who is tormented by his past and his family who protects him... And how he learns to live with mankind and their exitence.

Enjoy the introduction for know... More to come soon.

Comments are welcome through out the story... Interuptions are fine I can work around them!


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Moon Child

Gender: Female
Location: New Jersey


Chapter 1

The sunset in Los Angelus as the freaks and punks wonder the street heading for local clubs part of the nightlife of LA. A man stood still on a corner his hair long on side and short on the other as if someone cut his hair in the dark. He wore a long coat on one side and the shorter version on the other as if trying to show some sort of fashion statement. His eyes grew yellow as the stared into the night. His lips smack together as he added some red lipstick on. He stared as he fixed his long skirt.

His name is Scars. Whether that is his real name or not anyone ever guessed or even wants to guess. Scars was mysterious dark hate full man who hated everything yet loved everything at once. He laughed a laugh that showed sinister evil to anyone who walked pass and his eyes glowed in the darkness like some sick monster. No one will ever stop his mass murders for no one even knows he ever murders.

Scars are a demon and a tortured soul. He is one of the survivors who rose from the graves. He and his brother Spider and his sister Die spent their lives changing who they were and spent years killing humans as they crossed their path. They had no enemies to fear they hand no one to stop them. And today in this world what was there to stop them. Humanity lost all interest in believing in demons and even if they did they would not no one if it bit them on the ass.

Scars headed for the nearest club and began to flirt with both guys and girls waiting for the perfect prey to bring back to his slaughter home. There his brother waits with his long brown hair and thin-rimed glasses wearing a black suit. He sat there with his book waiting for his sad brother to bring home another victim. Spider stopped even preventing his brother sinters crimes years ago. Know he just watches.

Scars easily stalked his prey and grabbed onto a young girl of 20 or so. She stood there and gazed at him. She giggled and allowed Scars to touch her. He was disgusted but he managed to do so. To please her know and get her to his home so he can kill her will be more pleasure then any sexual favors this female human can ever perform.

In the corner stared Die covered in a long dress and a veil to hide her face. She was not fully human like and she had no hair only a long flesh tail on her head. Her body was pure gray but yet she still had the gaze of beauty that was covered by her long black dress. Her eyes were blue and can be seen and Scars knew she was there crying for her brothers acts. Wanting him to stop but he never can stop. He most kills humans for their actions.

Walking back he saw many demons that stared at him some with sinister eyes and others of sad hopeless eyes. They entered his crib and she whisper to him “Hurt me… pleasure me… feel me.” Scars just looked and laughed at her. They headed to the bedroom that was dark and with one flick of his hands the room lit with candles and then as if going to touch her breast he gabbed his whole hand into her breast and took out her heart. She felt pain for merely seconds before her tattered body fell to the ground. Spider walked in picked up the girl and took her to the furnace to born her body. Scars ate the hurt in one pure gulp and smiled.

“Aren’t you ever going to learn that killing is just like being those nasty humans that killed are friends and family.” Said Spider.

“I will never learn. I will just kill for that is what they made me.” Stated Scars with a grin.

“Neratus!” Screamed Spider staring at Scars with eyes of darkness.

Die walked in and heard him speak Scars true name. For Spider to say anyone’s true name most mean that he himself is trying to get through to Scars, to Neratus. Die cried as a tear dropped to the floor. She wished that Neratus or her brother Spider will call her Lanith. She wished she can call Spider by his name Nectus. She wished she can escape and be like it was. What a curse that can never be broken unless every demon is willing to show some sympathy and some compassion once again so that life can return to them.

Scars stared in anger and frustration, “Never ever call me by that name for that is not who I am any more! That is never what I want to be again!”

Scars wondered away into the other room and laid on his bed and he fell asleep.

“I shell never be called Neratus again!” He declared as his eyes closed.


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Created by SlayerChick

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Moon Child

Gender: Female
Location: New Jersey

Don't worry I am a bitt busy. I will have it up tommorow.


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Moon Child

Gender: Female
Location: New Jersey

last part of chapter one!

A loud shot arose from outside and Scars woke up quickly and tried to find what was going on. He stared out his window, which was covered by massive amounts of red and black velvet curtains. He spread the whole wider and looked outside to see the Prince of the Demons and Spider fighting. He got up and placed on a pair of trousers he found lying on the floor. They were tight and irritated him a little but after awhile he adjusted and went flying downstairs.

Die stared at him and she giggled. She never had seen him half undressed before. Scars were always known for image even if it was a drag queen image. Scars smiled at Die giggling. He missed his sisters laughed but he rushed out the door and pushed the Prince to the ground.

“Never mess with my brother! Even if you our the Prince of the Demon world I can care less!” Screamed Scars staring down at the Prince who looked confused for a second.

The Prince rose up like he had not fallen. He brushed off his long trench coat full of the dirt of the LA streets. He grinned and said “Well Scars you made a name for yourself among demons and men a like. I grant you that much but your foolish actions will be the death of you my son.”
Scars laughed and shake his uneven hair out of his face and his showed torture and hatred unseen by the Princes eyes.

“Nephet please leave us. I understand everything that you want our people back together but like humanity we are all doomed by this hell of a world. Humanity is just the ones the caused it and we our the ones that fuel it. Please leave! Go back to a world that will love you with those who have hope. For we have no hope. Not any more!” Spider declared in a sadden statement that was both felt by Nephet the Prince of the Demons and Scars the boy who could bare no more.

Nephet left sadden by this and he grinned back saying “A human can never enter what we can enter. My advice, think again for you are the lucky race. A race who was tormented by human ignorance and who gets a chance to return home out of the ruins that mankind called home. You are not them or will you ever be!”

With that note he left with a heart braver then any Demon could ever seen. Nephet lost more then even Scars and Spider could ever understand. Die stood there her breast and body exposed to the open air. She wanted to run after Nephet and hold him like she was without the long black dress and the veil. She wanted to tell him that she will go but at the expense of her brothers she couldn’t.

Scars saw his sister half naked standing closer out and turned he notice two men staring at her and screamed because of her. The screamed and ran down the lane. Scars ran after them and slight their throats quicker then he had ever killed. He grabbed the bodies one on one arm and the other on the other arm and ran to the furnace were he burned their bodies.

“Brother you don’t have to stay. Take Die and yourself out of this hell of a world. Do it and leave me with my torment!” Said Scars staring at the bodies as they burned in the furnace.

“No I can’t leave you my beloved brother. I can’t leave the last of our family here unless we all go. And one day we will all go. I want you to go!”

“I can’t face the heavens and I can’t face the creator of our people like this. Like this tortured wreck that still wants revenge. Curse humanity in all its fairness! Curse them all!”

He stormed out of the room as Spider looked at the burning bodies and spit at their burning graves. He had no hate for humanity. They done nothing to them know but Spider just didn’t care any more. He was fed up with Demons fighting humans when humans had no belief or no eyes to see that Demons are here and Angels watch the Demons and pity the humans. He laughed at the thought of all those preys wasted by mankinds attempted to explain death and life.

“You poor humans who separate the existence of one god over the other. You assume you are born in sin and which you our by your own account. Poor humans I pity you.” He walked away and ran back upstairs and sat reading the rest of his book. “What creators can create a giant whale and yet never see the truth of that whale.”


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Moon Child

Gender: Female
Location: New Jersey

Chapter 2

Scars headed again after a week in his room. He felt ill and Die comfort him the whole way to health. She fed him blood from rabbits and pigs and whatever she can find in the house. Spider did all the shopping and went to local slaughter- houses for the blood. Ever since the day they awoke from the dead they had the need for blood. It was just a mental thing though Spider many of times. Spider was always known to be a little scientific in his reasoning for things.

Scars awoken better then he was a week ago. “Time for me to go out and hunt again. Maybe this time my goal is not to kill humans but to make them out food. I read were demons known as vampires killed humans for food and so shell we. Its better then pigs blood and rabbit blood.”

Die just stared at him. He arisen from the best naked and freezing so he grabbed his blouse and placed it on and a long skirt. He grabbed other odds and ends and headed for the bathroom to get changed and ready for the long night ahead. Die was scared. She heard of vampires before or that term anyway. She knew they were her own species. She kind of smiled thinking maybe it is better then killing randomly. At least there is a purpose to the murders.

Die ran downstairs into the library and sat on the floor near Spider. She only wore a long white skirt and her gray upper body and breast exposed. She sat by the fireplace and her long tail on her head moved a little at the warmth. Underneath the thick part of the tale was the skull. It indented inward to reveal a rib like pattern. Spider put down his book and stared at her. She was beautiful to him and he always told her that.

“You know sister if you were not blood I would marry you in a second.” He always told her that knows to make her spirits lifted. She was ugly to the world of men. But men never seen her in her glory so what did they know.

She always smiled and said “It’s a good thing you’re my brother or else you would be in trouble.”

The both laughed and he bent down and kissed her far head. They would sit and talk for hours at times and Scars was always known to stand outside the door to the library and listen. He wished he could be more happy like they are but hatred beamed in his heart.

Scars went out without stopping that night. He slipped out and headed for a Catholic church. He hated Catholics and he hated Christians. They were the worst to him regardless of their purpose in life. He saw them as enemies to all of his species and to all humanity as well. Even if they believed in some God or some angels he can careless. He figured a nice priest would be good for his test. They were supposed to be pure. He was happy to read in the papers about the rapes of young boys and girls in the church. He grinned that and thought that was the cruel knows. Many demons could careless about Christians or anyone for that matter. Humans were humans and they were all the same. But to Scars there was a sinister difference. Their beliefs were the cause of the destructions of his people.

Scars entered the church and entered the confession stands. He bowed to his knees and said “Father for I am going to commit an ultimate sin. Oh don’t speak my dear father for that sin is to kill you.”

He broke the window leading to the other side and strangled the priest and cut his throat. He let the father fall to the ground and got out went to the other side. The priest was a live and trying to scream help in the empty church. Scars picked him up and bit into his neck like a vampire. He let the corpse of the priest drop and he kicked it. He turned towards the cross of Jesus and smiled.

Two seconds latter he saw a light appearing before him. He laughed and knew it was Gabriel. The foolish angel coming to tell him of his crime and Scars laughed. Gabriel stared at him and grinned and stared at the corpse.

“Well know you down it this time. We can’t stop you from killing humans. We have no reason too. It’s the destiny of your race to kill until you feel the need not to.” Gabriel stood there and transformed into a more human form. His hair flowed for each end and his red eyes stared at Scars. Angels always had red eyes when they appeared human. I guess it was a flaw in the system or something of that nature.

“How does it feel to be called upon by Christians every were to aid them as guardians?” Scars declared in a laugh and then he bowed as if he stood in front of a king.

“Oh I don’t know. It is better to be heard about as something then rather something evil. Not that I care. I never visit them anyway. I have important things to do.”

“Like what? Chase the nearest nymph on your way back to Heaven.”

Scars laughed and Gabriel looked annoyed. He knew it was true. Angels were not all holy beings as they were written by. They had their times of lust and sexual desire. It was something they asked for and gotten. What more does an angel want then to be able to create more angels. But it came with a price. At least they didn’t consider it a sin.

Gabriel vanished with a smirk on his face and took the priest body away from the church. It was the best Gabriel can do for Scars. He couldn’t stop him from committing these actions. It was up to him all the Angels could do he talk to them like friends. At least to make them see what they are missing on the other worlds beyond earth.


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