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Home » Misc » Computer / Video Games Discussion » Buffy TVS: Chaos Bleeds - A Fans Review

Buffy TVS: Chaos Bleeds - A Fans Review
Started by: wicker_man

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Buffy TVS: Chaos Bleeds - A Fans Review

Software Title: Buffy The Vampire Slayer:Chaos Bleeds

Format Availabilty: Microsoft X-Box,Nintendo Gamecube & Sony Playstation 2

Synopsis: BtVS:CB's is a 'lost episode' from the show's season five. And begins when our shows heroine learns that an old nemsis by the name of Ethan Rayne (Buffy's Watcher Giles 'thorn in the side' from his teen years) is involved in a battle with 'The First' (Season 7's Big Bad),as usual its up to Buffy and her gang to avert yet another apocolaypse.

My Review: Ok hands up i admit it im a huge Buffy fan (and not just for her) and when i heard there was a game being released (refering to BtVS:CB predecessor simply entitled Buffy The Vampire Slayer) however due to the games high graphical input meant only X-Box owners would get a 'piece of Buffy' so naturally i brought an X-Box and when available brought a copy and was not dissapointed,then a year or two later rumours were circling that another Buffy game was in production only this time all next generation console owners would get the chance to slay demons. Despite having the choice of console availablity i decided to again side with Microsofts X-Box (the reson of which will be shown later) intial reactions ok one major advantage CB's has over its orginal is the multiplayer option,the orginal also had a sort of muliplayer option but it was tricky to operate to say the least and was only availbale as an unlockable extra,this time up to 6 players (perphrial devices permitting) can assume the role of one of up to 24 of the shows characters (both major and minor) and partake in a series of challenges,however even the most die hard Buffy fans will find some 'minor fluctuations' with the gameplay for a start the whole scenario suffers may incorrectness in particular the no shows of some of
the shows main characters (most notably Dawn and Tara) and the sudden reapperance of Faith and Sid the Dummy and most notably 'old school' Sunnydale High School - which fans will know that it was sort of 'blown up' (in the season 3 finale),also despite a 90% actor>character voice over three of the main stars (Sarah Michelle Gellar,Alyson Hannigan and Emma Caulifield) did not lend there vocies and often die hard fans will pick there substitutes out,the format crossover's meant the graphics have been slightly sacraficed,but other then that this is a solid TV>Game crossover that stands out in a poorly presented genre,that both fans and non fans alike will enjoy....a must.



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I am so excited about this, because I absolutely love Buffy more then anything, and I am going to buy the game within a couple of weeks and I am soooooo excited! eek!


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Home » Misc » Computer / Video Games Discussion » Buffy TVS: Chaos Bleeds - A Fans Review

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