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Started by: ToMacco

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Mr. Orange

Registered: Sep 2001
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Star Wars Role Playing Games on the Playstation?

I don't really know how your Role Playing game works, so I don't know if I should be posting in this area or not.

But I love Role Playing games for Playstation: Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Legend of Dragoon. Does anyone know if they are going to make a Star Wars RPG for the Playstation?


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Registered: Sep 2000
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I do believe Galaxies, which I THINK is coming to the PS2 (I knpow it's on ONE console beofre the PC anyway) should pretty much satisfy your needs there. It's a massive multi-player RPG set during the OT where you take just about any role you like and play Star Wars in a big persistent universe.

On the PC, the forthcoming Knights of the Old Republic may well be even better, where you will get to fight out the Sith Wars thousands of years before TPM, being done by the people who did the stunning computer RPG's Baldur's Gate (both of them plus expansions), Neverwinter Nights, Planescape Tormet and Icewind Dale. And Fallout. No shortage of experience there!

Anyhpw, to anseet your question: I am afriad this isn't REALLY the place to talk about stuff like that, no. Star Wars computer stuff goes in the EU sectuion, which I will throw this to now (thouygh if it becomes more generally about computer RPGs it may end up in the GDF...)


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