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Started by: Ushgarak

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Epilogue- The Jedi Temple

It is a week later. Damagran is far behind you all now. Gundark and her team have been summoned to see the Council. Yerssot is a special case, his fate for now unknown. Xeth has been invited to report with the others, pending orders from his employers and the analysis of the situation. Verlaine thanked you all for your work on Damagran, and ivnites you to return sometime.

The Council listens to your story, especially Master Gundark's report. They nod and understand. Argentis's death troubles them all, but they agree that he was too far gone for reason. But at least he died trying to achieve something, and maybe your words to him prevented him falling to the Dark Side before he dies, and that is comfort, of a sort.

It is clear that, politically speaking, Damagran is a mess. But the seperatists have now been crushed in the war sine their reinforcements and leader are no more. Verlaine is in control and negotations are beginning for its return to the Republic.

The Council is pleased that you are all back alive. In the circumstances, that is all they could ask for. If Faylar or Argentis had been saved, that would have been desirable, but not evem the Jedi can work miracles. You tried your best and did not make things any worse, as you could so easily have done. The involvment of the Hutts with the droid trade is also noted, though it is unlikely anything can be done about it.

So Damagran is done with. But what of the larger problem? With their enemy dealt with, what of the Dark Siders?

Mace and Ki-Adi Mundi look at each other thoughtfully.

"It has been decided," says Mundi, "that with his power base destroyed, and the site at Avalar dealt with, there is little tangible threat still posed by Kuylen and his followers. They have scattered and disappeared and it would be a surprise to hear more from them."

"Already," says Windu, "this investigation has caused the death of two Jedi and the near-turning of another. Kuylen has become a poisoned chalice, something we become obsessed with at our peril for those who seek him become tainted, as is ever the way with the Dark Side. Misfortune follows them. There is nothing to be gained by searching him out any more."

You protest, of course.

"This is the will of the Council," says Windu. "This mission is over."

Only it isn't, and the next story will reveal why.


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Home » Role Playing » Star Wars: Role Playing » USH'S GAME EPISODE II- 'REVENGE'. Light Side Area

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