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Second Chances (Smallville/Romance/Drama) write reviews please!
Started by: SalemKent

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Second Chances (Smallville/Romance/Drama) write reviews please!

Summary: 6 months after her supposed death, Chloe returns to Smallville with a new identity.
Second Chances

CH 1 – Coming Home

Lex Luthor was sitting in The Awakening, the new coffee house in Smallville. He barely touched his drink, he was too depressed it's been six months since her death but he couldn't get passed it. He missed her so much. He blamed himself.

The bell on the door rang and a petite woman with golden brown hair that fell in waves just past her shoulders walked in. She was wearing form fitting jeans and a v-neck red shirt.

She was just looking around the coffee house, not paying attention until someone slammed into her shoulder.

"You should watch where your go..." she stopped mid sentence when she saw who bumped into her. Lex she screamed silently in her head, her breathing quickened at the sight of him.

"I'm sorry" he replied quickly, sighed and then started walking away.

He looked so sad "Wait sir" she called

He turned around his blue eyes moist

"Look I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going," she said

"That's ok, I wasn't looking either" Lex said looking into her brown eyes

"You obviously look like you've had a bad day, so I feel bad"

He nodded his head "it's ok"

"Amanda Rowan" she said as she held out her hand. The name rolled easily off her tongue she'd gotten used to it.

"Lex Luthor" he replied taking her hand

They could both feel the heat passing through them at the contact.

"You're not from around here?" he asked looking at her

"No" she said. Which wasn't entirely a lie, she wasn't from Smallville. "How did you know?"

"You don't look like a local" he replied

"Luthor, lets see I passed a Luthor-Corp on the drive here. I'm assuming you're that Luthor?" it felt so weird pretending she didn't know who he was.

"Yes, where did you say you were from again?" he asked

"I didn't" she replied smiling slightly at him. "California, LA"

"And what brings you to Smallville, surely it's not the coffee?"

She laughed "No, Starbucks all the way"

"So are you here for business or pleasure?" he asked

"Well why don't you buy me a Vanilla Latte and maybe I'll tell you," she replied.

"Ok" he said as he smiled at her Why am I so attracted to this women I just met her Lex thought as he made his way to the counter. Yes she's beautiful but it feels like I've known her before.

"Ah two Vanilla Latte's" he told the cashier

"That will be $7.08," said the cashier.

Lex pulled out his wallet and paid for the drinks, he grabbed both steaming cups and followed her over to a table in the back away from everyone else.

"So Amanda what does Smallville have to offer one such as your self?" he asked after they sipped their coffee's for a few minutes.

Hearing her new name coming out of his mouth felt so weird "Actually I'm just passing through" she hated lying to him, but she couldn't tell him who she was. He thinks I'm dead.
"On the way to where?" he asked passing through, I want her to stay. He couldn't take his eyes of her why do I feel like I know her?

"I'm kind of on a little road trip"

"By your self?" he asked looking at her strangely

"Yep, I'm soul searching" she replied trying not to smile at his reaction

"Sounds interesting, let me know how that works out for you?"


They talked for about two hours, about almost everything from political happenings to the world of big business.

Lex was intrigued he was enjoying her company. She was intelligent, witty and an excellent conversationalist. He could listen to her talk for hours.

But then she said she had to go somewhere and got off her seat and walked over to him and leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Until we meet again Mr. Luthor" she said and left, knowing that this was probably the last time she would ever see him.

Lex watched her leave and brought his hand to his face, feeling the desire in his body from that one chaste kiss.

He felt better then he had in months, she made him forget about his problems and for a few minutes about Chloe's death. But he couldn't let himself forget her not ever. Who was that woman?"


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the feeling is criminal

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I like it! *applaudes* Lol. Really, it was detailed nicely. Good job ^^ Will there be more?


made by lana

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CH 2 Memories

Chloe walked out of the coffee house her heart pounding against her chest. They told me to see him one last time and that's it, I don't know if I can, I need to see him again. She thought as she climbed into her blue Jeep Wrangler.

She was driving around town aimlessly, but then she noticed that she drove to the High School. I think I'll have a quick look around here too

She was walking through the halls until she came her to destination.

The window said Torch offices. There was a plaque on underneath.

In Memory of
Chloe Sullivan

She gently ran her fingers over the plaque and felt her eyes start to water. I guess they actually cared about all the hard work I put into this paper.

She must have been staring for a while because she heard a voice behind her.

"Can I help you?" he said

Chloe turned around. Clark!!

"No I'm just looking"

"Do you go here? I've never seen you before" he asked

"Do you know everyone that goes here?" she asked

"No" he said looking confused

"But your right I don't go here, I'm just visiting" Chloe said feeling a little bad, but also somewhat amused Clark was so easily confused by outward remarks.

"May I ask who?"


She looked through the window and saw her desk that now had the name Clark Kent Editor on it. Him!! They made him the editor, he barely even turned in the stories I gave him, and I ended up writing them most of them. She was getting a little angry. Ok calm down, that's not my life anymore; time to move on

She walked away letting him stare after her. She was to busy still thinking of Clark as Editor of the Torch, her paper. That she almost bumped into Lana.

I wonder why she came back from Paris? Lana looked right at her and walked away. No one recognizes me.

Chloe watched as Lana walked up to Clark. They both stared at the door for a while before going in.

Chloe sighed and walked out the doors and back to her Jeep.

Now she knew where she was driving. She stopped a few houses down from where her house once stood and got out. She walked up and saw a huge charred spot where house used to be. The grass was burnt all around it; the trees were badly burned as well. There were signs of upcoming construction; they were going to build a new house here. She walked around remembering everything about her life in Smallville.

Then she heard a car pull up. So she hid behind a tree that was still standing and peered over to see Lex walking up her drive.

He walked up the burnt path and up to the burnt ground of her house and tears were spilling down his face.

Chloe watched him, I wish I could tell him, but if I do they'll give me a new identity and I won't be able to see him again.

Looking at Lex reminded Chloe of the place she didn't think she could bring her self to visit. Her gravesite. Her dad was buried in LA under a different name, but least he had a grave here that showed who he was Chloe felt the tears run down her face. If I go to my grave then I'll know that Chloe Sullivan is really gone for good.


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Ch 3 Coffee House

Lex was sitting at the coffee house again; he didn’t even like the coffee here. But he had hoped to run into Amanda again. Why do want to see her so badly. I don’t even know how old she is? Thought Lex There something about her that I’m drawn too, I usually do go for brunettes but it’s not her hair color that I’m interested in. Lex was going crazy thinking about her. She reminds me of Chloe. But Chloe had this light that shone in her and made her sparkle with life. Amanda’s eyes sparkle only a little bit, something bad must have happened to her, to make her light burn out.

Chloe walked into the coffee house, not for coffee, but hoping to see Lex again before she had to leave. There he was sitting by himself with a thoughtful look on his face.

She walked over to him and stood there watching him. He looked up

“Amanda!!” he said loudly “sorry”

Chloe laughed he was happy to see her and that made her feel good. “It’s alright Mr. Luthor”

“Please call me Lex,” he said as motioned for her to sit down.


“Do you think I could ask you a weird question?”

“Sure why not”

“How old are you?”

She laughed again “18”

“Oh, are you still in High School?”

“No I graduated early, that’s why I’m doing the soul searching, trying to find myself before I start college” all these lies, I don’t know how much longer I could take this

“How’s that going for you?”

“It’s amazing”


“No, not really I think I’m just scared to take the next step”

“Most everyone is, but you’re an intelligent young woman I think you’ll enjoy college”

“Well thank you”

“Your welcome”

Somebody turned up the radio at the counter.

"In local news, billionaire businessman Lionel Luthor was released on bail this afternoon, being that his main witness died in an explosion six months ago. Although his son Lex Luthor did try to put the blame on him for the killing, they could not find significant proof that he was responsible. Now on to the weather."

Lex could feel his anger rising. He looked over at Amanda and looked into her eyes, For just a second her eyes looked so cold, but her mood changed quickly before he could register anything.

She turned to him with her eyebrow raised. But didn’t ask any question about what she just heard. Lex tried to help me, but he didn’t have enough proof, I’ll find all the proof I need to make sure Lionel can’t hurt anyone ever again thought Chloe her anger rising, but she couldn’t show it, she had gotten a little better at masking her emotions but they told her she still needed work. Lex didn’t seem to notice, so I guess I’m ok for now
The news about his father’s release upset him, he would find away to make his father pay for what he did. But now he wanted to enjoy his time with Amanda, he wanted to get to know her better. She’s still a little young, but she so much smarter then the average 18 year old

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” he blurted out before he could realize what he said.

Chloe was taken aback at the question. Lex Luthor wants to go on date with me. I wanted him to ask me that almost every time I went over to house, I figured he only liked me as friend

Lex was staring at her waiting for her reply hoping she wouldn’t turn him down.

Chloe stop thinking about it “Sure” she answered I shouldn’t go, I’ll probably get in trouble for this, but I don’t care. I’ve done everything they’ve said for months I should be allowed to have some fun thought Chloe this is wrong in other ways, but if I couldn’t go out with him as Chloe, then I’ll go out with him as Amanda
Lex sighed with relief, he thought maybe she wasn’t feeling the heat between them; he thought he was the only one.

“What kind of place did you have in mind?” Chloe asked

“Well not a restaurant around here, I was thinking of a restaurant in Metropolis. Do you like Japanese?” He said


“Ok, well where are you staying so I could pick you up?”

“The Farmer’s inn” she replied. After living in LA she had gotten used to living in a big city again and realized why she liked them better, they had more then one hotel for one thing.

“Ok how about I pick you up at say 7”

“That’s fine.” Hopefully I could lose them for tonight.

“It’s a long drive up there, so will just stay in my Penthouse and drive back tomorrow”

His penthouse, he’s bringing me there. Her heart was pounding again. He was making her feel llike a kid again.

“Ok sounds great”

She parked the jeep in the garage and was walking to the hotel, when a man bumped into her, he had given her a note. Reminding her of the real reason she was in Smallville. She waited until she was inside her room before she read it

On the bottom it said one word Phoenix.

That was the nickname they gave her, it was fitting. A Phoenix always rises from the ashes, stronger then ever.



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This isn't continuous...



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No, it's not. I'm moving it to the normal GenFic area.


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