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my version of harry potter 7
Started by: yoda545

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Harry Potter and the Prophecy Fulfilled

chapter 1


It was July 27th a few days before Harry’s birthday Hermione and Ron had kept in touch with Harry every three days just like they promised Harry also sent letters to the order keeping them updated on how he was being treated at the dursleys. But none of that seemed to matter any more because Dumbledore was gone. Harry would put up with the dursleys forever if he could just bring Dumbledore back. It had been a very long day he had not been able to go outside because of the rain. But that didn’t matter because he didn’t want to go outside to play read or anything. The only thing on his mind was the horcruxes, finding them destroying, fighting voldemort being with Ginny, “R.A.B”. Those three initials rung in his head like an alarm bell who was R.A.B and then almost as if he could sense someone Harry pulled out his wand as girl appeared next to Harry’s bed she had slightly bushy brown hair and rather pretty looking teeth.

‘Harry its me’’

It was Hermione but she looked shocked and different I mean she looked like Hermione, she even smelled like Hermione but something; something about how she was now felt different.

Harry’s thoughts centred on the events that led up to the end of term, snape’s betrayal and eventual escape. Not to mention his nemesis Draco Malfoy and the role he played in the downfall of professor Dumbledore. Harry’s mind stopped racing and was replaced with the image of Dumbledore’s lifeless, broken body lying spread eagle at the foot of the tower and as he saw him lying there he remembered the locket, the locket that Dumbledore had weakened himself to obtain. The locket that they had both been fooled into thinking was a horcrux.

‘R.A.B Harry said softly, he continued to repeat the initials from the small piece of paper that had been in the locket until he felt everything go silent the image of Dumbledore became a distant echo, the echo a blur and everything fell into darkness.

“Harry! Hermione shouted”
Harry opened his eyes at once and felt the room come back into focus.
“Are you all right? Said Hermione sounding worried and confused”

Yea I’m fine it’s just I’m sorry I just I, thought that it was someone else. Are you ok?

“Voldemort” she said without a moment’s hesitation.

“Yes but i don’t feel like talking about this right now besides I thought you were coming with your parents in there car.

“yea I know but since we passed our apparition tests I just thought I’d try it to see if I could get from my house to yours, speaking of which I’ve never seen your house before or your room

Hermione took a quick glance around the room and spotted dirty socks spell books, a large wooden trunk his broomstick and a picture of a man and woman dancing

“Harry said Hermione is that you’re…”

“My parents”

“Harry I know this must be hard for you right now I mean we all respected Dumbledore but going back to Godrics Hollow could be dangerous I mean what if he’s waiting for you.

“He won’t be, not before I find and destroy every last horcrux then I’ll be ready for him

‘What do you mean; she replied you’re not really serious about finding the horcruxes by yourself Harry you can’t you, you have to face the truth that you can’t do this alone.

Truth, let me tell you about the truth about my truth; the truth is I’m going to have to fight him because he can’t live while I’m alive it was all in the prophecy that Trelawney I have to do this if not for me then for them.
Harry pointed at the picture of his parents

This is just who I am said Harry, and when I’m ready to deal with this then I will but until then can we just leave it at that.

“Ok said Hermione but Trelawney! Harry you know you can’t believe everything that fraud says”

Harry could not believe what Hermione was saying he knew that Trelawney was not a true seer but he knew she had been the one who made the prediction about Harry and Voldermort how it started with them and how would apparently end with them.

Harry opened his mouth to speak and as he did the words echoed the lines of the prophecy he’d heard only a year ago.

‘The one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches…
born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the dark lord will mark him as an equal, but he will have power the dark lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord will be born as the seventh month dies…’

‘“Hermione I’ve never told anyone this but my mother and father defied him three times while they were in the service of the order of the phoenix; I was born as the seventh month died.”

‘Yea but it could still be someone replied Hermione, it could have been anyone born around that time’

‘No Hermione it is me you know how I it’s me?

‘’Hermione looked at Harry for a second a saw his hand move upwards towards his face but did not stop, it moved to his hair which he brushed aside to reveal the only physical evidence that proved that Harry was the one the prophecy was talking about.’
‘Harry opened his mouth slowly and said,

“And the dark lord will mark him as an equal”

‘Tears started to well up in Hermione’s eyes she was at a complete loss for words as it was now apparent that she had not been ready for this, And neither had Harry for without realising tears began to stream down his face. And in his heart he was reminded of the phoenix lament for Dumbledore.

‘Can’t you see said Harry; he’s taken away everybody who ever tried to protect me, my parents, Sirius, Dumbledore? I can’t let it happen again I don’t want you or Ron, or Ginny or the others to get hurt because of me.

“Harry said Hermione now gathering her self to speak; you know that wasn’t your fault bill knew the risks when he joined the order besides he’s still alive and he’s getting married to fleur remember! Please promise me you’ll stay for the wedding.

‘Ok said Harry, But I’m still not coming back to Hogwarts.

‘Are you sure your still going back to Godrics Hollow?’

‘This all started there and I don’t know I feel like there’s something there that might me help to find the remaining Horcruxes, there’s a lot that I’m not sure about anything anymore this is just something I have to do.

‘I understand I can see there’s no convincing you so I guess there’s nothing else to say. It’s time for us to go now I’ll pack your trunk while you say goodbye to your aunt and uncle.’

‘It’s all right I don’t need to…

“Harry” shouted Hermione; you may never see them again!
‘Good all the better for me’
‘You don’t really mean that Hermione said, go on I’ll meet you downstairs ’

Harry took to the stairs slowly and as he walked down he was reminded of the cupboard under the stairs that had once been his room, he had suffered at the Dursleys and would now leave there forever. My freedom he thought comes with a great price the enchantments and old spells protecting the house would not protect Harry he had no defence against the death eaters or lord voldermort he was completely and utterly alone. As he reached the last step a letter flew through the letter box and landed at his feet, he picked up the letter and began to open it. In his he hoped it would be from Dumbledore giving him the advice he so richly needed at a time like this or the ministry of magic maybe changing they thought he should be locked up in Azkaban but it wasn’t either of them. It was from someone else; he unfolded the letter which said,

Dear Mr H Potter,
If you are reading this then it means that you are about to come of age thereby rendering the protection placed over 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey inactive. As the keeper of Albus Dumbledore’s will I hereby give you the key to vault 686 and the contents thereof?

Yours sincerely,

Professor McGonagall- Headmistress Hogwarts

‘Harry thought to himself for a moment and then he remembered

“Vault 686 that’s right next to mi….’

“Harry” are you ready to leave

“What! Oh yea just give me a second.

Aunt petunia was the only one in the house Harry made his way into the living room she turned round to Harry as he entered the room and said “so its time for you to go”. Yes replied Harry you won’t see me again.

She stared at him for a moment almost bewildered and then she spoke again but this time in a soft voice Harry, I’m sorry for the way we’ve treated you these last 17 years. When I found out that lily died to protect you I felt cheated, you see me and my sister we... used to argue over things all the time but it didn’t mean that I loved her any less. We had a huge argument before she went to live with your father James.

Harry could not believe what he was hearing his aunt, the woman he had despised almost as much as professor snape was being kind to him and more than anything she had called his father by his proper name.

“I just wanted someone to blame I guess because when you’re dead you can’t argue back and that hurt me because she got the last say.

At that moment Harry did something he never thought he’d do he hugged his aunt. Everything was clear to him now he now knew the reason for why the Dursleys had made his life hell. It was because lily had died protecting Harry before they could patch things up.

“I’m so sorry Harry”
Out of the corner of his eye he could see Hermione’s thick bushy hair coming into view, “Harry its time” Harry signalled to Hermione that he understood and he turned his back and walked towards Hermione and heard his aunt call “Harry”… I won’t recognise or remember you once you leave neither will Vernon or Dudley.

Harry turned back round to face his aunt and before disappearing into nothing mimed the words “I forgive you”
And apparated……

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dude why do u keep posting in other peoples thread. Thats like, so not cool


So guys are the most confusing thing ever on earth


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you aren't supposed to do that without permission from yoda545. jlee is right...


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