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Home » Movie Genres » Sci-Fi / Fantasy » Machine War: Matrix (real world) Machines VS Terminator Machines

who will win
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Matrix Machine Forces 24 41.38%
Terminator Machine Forces 24 41.38%
I,Robot Machine Forces 0 0%
Battlestar Galactica Machine Forces 10 17.24%
Total: 58 votes 100%
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Machine War: Matrix (real world) Machines VS Terminator Machines

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That the machines from the matrix defeated humanity and subdued them for half a millennium shows just how much more powerful they are comparable to Terminator machines.

Didn't humanity have the upper hand when fighting The Terminator machines near the end of the war resulting in the machines developing time travel? I'm not sure.

During the second renaissance part 2, humanity fought the Matrix machines with EMP weapons and still failed when up against their next generation cephalopods and insectoid machines and humanity was pretty technologically advanced at the time, perhaps even more so than the resistance in The Terminator. It was the year 2105 when humanity fought the machines in The Matrix and 2024 or so in The Terminator.

It seems as if The Matrix machines can adapt really fast to anything that is thrown at them. The sentinels each have powerful lasers and a swarm of them could concentrate those beams and cut anything opposing them into ribbons or melt them down.

Time travel developed by Skynet could have easily been created by The Matrix machines but not explored in the trilogy. My reasoning for Matrix time travel stems from the fact that a technological singularity had been reached long ago in The Matrix with the development of fully fledged AI 600 years earlier.

My last ,rather long, thought is that the war between humanity and The Terminator machines could be encapsulated in a VR simulation developed by much more sophisticated AI like The Matrix Machines. In this situation, The Terminator machines and humans alike could be erased from existence all together giving The Matrix Machines god like powers.

I personally like the Matrix Machines better because I believe that a real battle against a sophisticated highly adaptable AI would not pan out well for humanity which makes victory for humanity in The Terminator hard to accept as something that would happen.

My reason for The Matrix machines being superior is that they outright defeated humanity and have had 600 years to develop new technology, including weapons, that cannot be conceived of by humanity.

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Darkstorm Zero
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quote: (post)
Originally posted by Darkstorm Zero
Due to timelines also being merged, I would assume anyway, then Skynet and the Matrix machines may share common creation elements in their history.

I had always imagined that the Matrix machines are what Skynet would eventually evolve into in time, if it ever gained the upper hand over the resistance. One particular point of note is that Skynet was paranoid as all hell in that it literlly set all it's troops to "read only" mode to prevent them becoming self aware on their own, effectively lobotomising it's own troops. BUT, how would Skynet know about this effect? The thing must've had some rogue AI's of it's own making, and, in a twisted crossover like this, the Matrix machines may have had it's origins in Skynet's screw-up rogue self aware AIs, and that makes time-schenanigans very difficult.

In a purely VS sense, Skynet is screwed. It lacks the centuries of tech advancement the Matrix machines have over it. But it does make up for it slightly in more potent and compact fuel sources that is hydrogen batteries, and perhaps a more militaristic development as well as access to unknown numbers and types of nuclear weaponry, even though the Matrix tech far outshines this.

my oppinion, in a nutshell. But, this quote was from another thread, with a different set of OP rules, so a little of it may not be accurate.


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Disney can do no wrong

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Matrix wins.


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Everyone thinks terminators are going to win, since the terminator movie is more popular. But this is not the case.
Speaking as an expert in both fields, the Matrix system, 01, will absolutely destroy Skynet. Why? Allow me to explain.

The canon Animatrix explains it all. The Machines and humans had an all out war, and the humans struck first. They did a huge bombing of the main Machine City, 01. And keep in mind this happened decades upon decades in the future, with future nukes. The land of the Machine City "was lit from the light of the fire of a thousand suns".
Guess what? The machines survived. They started to battle with humanity, and started to win so badly that the humans came up with a desperate plan: Operation Darkstorm. We blotted out the
sun, since the machines relied on solar energy.

Nevertheless, the machines still crushed humanity, and this was a century in the future. Forget John Connor and laser guns, we're talking giant mechs, giant lightning cannons, huge lasers, massive nuclear planes. And we still lost. The Machines had lasers too, massive flying pyramids shooting lasers the size of small buildings. This was all shown in The Second Renaissance.
They captured humanity, absolutely crushed us, and put us into the Matrix, the absolute last word in sentient programming and simulations.
Zion only existed because the Machines needed it to. We were completely under their rule. The prophecy, Neo, and everything the humans had was just another method of control.

Sentinels are prison guards. They are not the Machine's main forces. Their main forces are giant hovering laser ships, massive spider like robots, and armies upon armies of sentinels and sentries and humanoids. Maybe they even have their own version of terminators.

A small glimpse of their main force was shown in Matrix Revolutions when Trinity and Neo got close to 01, their city. A huge armada of Titanic-sized ships came out of the ground and shot enough bombs at them to blow up a country.
So what if Skynet destroys one wave of sentinels and war forces? 01 will send another. And another. And another.
They will never stop.

Skynet is impressive, I will grant you that, but it does not match up to the power of 01, the Matrix, and the Machines. They have giant robots and hunter killer ships, but I have not seen a single Matrix machine the size of the spider keepers in the Matrix. The ones tending to the human growing fields used to be soldiers. And they were the smaller ones.

If you watch the animatrix, you will be completely awed by how the Machines dominated humanity, and would dominate Skynet. 01 is shielded from EMPS, and a full-out nuking didn't destroy it. It barely hurt the machine's forces.
01 is like the matrix. It will upgrade and update, finding new ways to survive. They are also centuries older then Skynet, giving them
a massive technical advantage.

Skynet has time travel, but this has been proven to be ineffective,
You can not change destiny, as it has been proven in the Terminator movies. They could not kill John Connor, and the humans killing Dyson did not impede the creation of Skynet. The future is set as soon as it happens. And unlike skynet, the Machines were the culminated effort of humanity to create AI after many centuries. The Machines understand emotion and feelings, unlike Skynet.
The machines will crush skynet under pure numbers, force, durability, experience and overwhelming force. It is a curb stomp.
Skynet was losing to humanity, and a small portion at that, a small Resistance. 01 went against the entire forces of humanity a century later then now, and it suffered a nuking first. And yet it still won.

Even the Sentinel, one of the lowliest of Machine forces, can still be compared to a Terminator. Granted, they are not as durable, but they can fly, have a hive mind, and can act as one giant hand/tentacle ripping apart everything in it's path, as shown the the last stand of Zion. They can fly at an outward of 100 miles per hour, have terminator strength and take multiple 30mm bullets at close range to take down, or several shots from a lightning gun. I am sure a Terminator will take damage from both, and will maybe survive it a bit better, but will still take massive damage, as evidenced in all the movies, from T1 to T4.

Skynet can manufacture incredibly powerful robots like the TX and T-1000 and T-Infinity at a tremendous rate, but that rate is not as fast as the planet-ruling Machines, and I'm pretty sure the TX will take a (sarcasm) teeeensy bit of damage if it got hit by a 8-million-volt lightning cannon. Hell, it was put down by a crashed helicopter and a small nuclear fuel cell.

Yes, Skynet was designed for war, and advances in technology extremely fast, but the Machines also did. They Machines weren't even designed for war and they still crushed humanity. They now have a huge repertoire of weapons and forces. People don't realize there is a lot more to the Machines then it was shown in the Matrix Trilogy.

In three decades after it started, Skynet used antimatter, lasers and time travel. In five decades after humanity lost, the Machines created a worldwide system using billions of humans as a power source, mass-produced their machines so there were billions of them, ended almost all organic life on Earth, forced all humans underground and nuked every city.

Skynet even started to lose to humans, while there is not a word in the English language strong enough to described how the Machines utterly destroyed humanity.

At the very least, sentinels can pick up Terminators and drop them from several kilometers up, or cut them to ribbons with their laser, which was powerful enough to slice through a future ships hull. They also have terminator-like strength, as they were shown ripping metal and parts of a ship. They also have twice as much arms as the Terminators, more then twice as long and twice as flexible. They're tentacles.

The Machines are the "big brothers" to skynet. Skynet will be destroyed, period. This is like comparing a rifle to a tank, or the Enterprise to the Death Star.

Ergo, the Machines win. Many Terminator fans will have problems with this, but the simple truth is that Skynet has neither the power nor agility to take on the unbelievably overpowered forces of 01.

Thank you for reading.

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If it was just Matrix vs Terminator I'd take the the Matrix. With the Cylons added to the mix and the fact that they are the only force on the field that can carpet bombard the battlefield from orbit (Basestars) I think they'd win if included because they are the only force with space warfare capability, and due to their Ressurrection Ships and manufacturing/supply chain being off-world their resources would be pretty much insurmountable for the planet bound opposition. Cylons don't even have a reason to engage in ground warfare.


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Home » Movie Genres » Sci-Fi / Fantasy » Machine War: Matrix (real world) Machines VS Terminator Machines

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