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Freeing the Slaves
Started by: KJ

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Here we go:
Palpatine has the kind of fatherly relationship with Ani that Qui-Gon would have had(Ob1 is more like the big brother who gets all the glory). So Anakin consults with Palpatine when he's mad at Ob1 or the going gets rough, remember he says: "we'll watch your progress with great intrest." So after the Tatoine visit in which Schmi dies Anakin goes to consult with Palpy. Palpy fuels the boys confusion and anger. He points out that if Ob1 had been around at more crucial times Schmi might still be alive, thus pinning the blame on Ob1/

At another such meeting Palpatine listens to Anakins confused feelings about Amidala and again points out that Ob1 could be blamed for his and the queens deteriorating relationship. While Amidala and the older Ob1 are just good friends Ani's tricked into believing they sre having an affair, and thus his anger with Ob1 grows stronger. Untill eventually when Anakin seeks independance and goes on some dark errand for Palpy Ob1 confronts him. They fight, Anakin taps into the dark side and Ob1 is forced to distroy the boy.

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Xizor I like it how you go on with your freak rants and ideas to show your point!! smile Seriously I like it, and as for your idea, sounds great!


Old Post Aug 25th, 2000 06:40 AM
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I still wish we had seen the Huts who own the slaves in Ep1. It would explain who Anakin is going to free them from.


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