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X-Men Roleplay
Started by: X-Menfan04

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Super Marie 64
Queen of Feuds

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Location: At home, wishing

"You speak as if you really think she has had a choice, girl. I did not have to peak into the mind of D'Ken to know that he had a filthy hand in her disappearance all along. Just get the Empress back and do it with haste or bad things will be happening to you. And at a time like this, I am intrigued to hear you are so willing to defend yourself Jean. One would think this was a time for more important matter" Emma frowned and looked around at the group where she stood.


Old Post Dec 19th, 2009 09:32 AM
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Wei Phoenix
One-Eyed Dragon Of Oshu

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Southern Cross

"Both of you be quiet. I don't have time to listen to your bickering. Right now I have a decision to make it. Emma, over the years you have been deceptive, manipulative and downright evil. You've hurt me and my family of X-Men in so many ways that I believe I know exactly what you're capable of. This right here is a lie that would be beneath you. It seems to easy to say she's on a planet that is about is too easy for someone like you. Its so unbelievable that I have no choice but to believe it. If I ever see you again then you're going to have a lot of explaining to do." Scott entered the coordinates and started travelling at light speed. Time was of the essence and they already wasted enough back with that Thanosi and his brother. It wasn't long until they landed on the soon to be desolate planet. There were Punishers and natives of this planet running about, making sure things go smoothly with the energy conversion. Some of the natives tried fighting them but ended up getting slaughtered. This bothered Scott deeply, he wanted to save these people but he didn't have the time nor power to prevent this. "Listen up, we have to get Lilandra and get out. Don't and I repeat DO NOT engage those robots nor the people that inhabit this land. We can't save them, and sadly enough they are doomed if they stay here. Rei, do not transform into anyone or anything I don't need you angering anyone. We are not going to fight anyone here. Do we all understand?"


You Wa Shock!

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Old Post Dec 20th, 2009 06:23 PM
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The Body Beautiful

Gender: Unspecified
Location: Any spotlight

Jean pressed her back agianst the back of her chair as they headed toward this doom planet.Her legs crossed as she sat deep in thought about this mission.After Cyclops orders had been given the thought of them getting attacked crossed her mind.Right now they'd just have to wing it if it was to happen.Then She'd do better to just play the good little x-men and keep her mouth shut.She stood ready to move out but her body was still recovering from her fight with Vulcan.

get yo life cause I'm sickning
ty Starlock

Old Post Dec 21st, 2009 10:16 PM
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