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Harry Potter and the Horcruxes
Started by: Regulus A Black

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Regulus A Black
Elder Mormon

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Harry Potter and the Horcruxes

OK, before we start there is a few things that I would like to say.
First up I did not create Harry Potter or anything else related to it, J K Rowling did, I do not hold any rights to it either, only Rowling and other companies holds it again. I am highly scared of lawyers and am looking forward to NOT to be sued. This is not a real Harry Potter book nor is it a real story at all. This is just something I thought would be fun to do to put my thoughts in my own version of book 7.

I am currently writing this and I am writing the titles of the chapters before i writre the chapter itself so i have some idea of where im going.
Here is a list of chapters that i am currently writing or already written
Harry Potter and the Horcruxes
Chapter 1:Lesson Learned
Chapter 2:A Joyous End
Chapter 3:The Wedding
Chapter 4:Returning Home
Chapter 5:The new DADA Teacher
Chapter 6:The Hidden Horcrux

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Regulus A Black
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Chapter 1
Lesson Learned

It was getting late and young boy desperately tried to stay awake. He had done something wrong and was now afraid of what he knew was to come. As time slowly passed a boy with a pale face and white blonde hair slowly drifted off to sleep.

“Draco, come here,” came a high shrill of a voice, “You have not done as I have asked, I do NOT tolerate failure Draco. I am afraid I must punish you.”

“Master please show mercy give me another chance.”

“Now, now Draco don’t worry my dear boy, I am not going to kill you…YET. But if I let you go without punishment it will appear I have become more lenient, now see if people think I have become lenient, people may start to disobey me thinking they will be alright. Now I can’t let that happen now can I.”

“No Master” Draco muttered. A frightened look was on his face. He prepared for the worst.

“Crucio,” said the loud shrill voice. Draco fell to the ground writhing in pain. “Now Draco was that really that bad. I hope you know that when I tell somebody to do something they better do it. I let you know that the only reason you survive is even though you have not done as I ask it was accomplished thanks to you.”

“Draco wake up” came the call of Narcissa Malfoy, “breakfast is ready darling.”

Draco awoke startled. He sat up in his bed and gave a sigh of relief. It was just a dream he told himself. “Draco breakfast NOW,” called his mother. Draco quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to breakfast.

“What’s wrong Draco,” came a familiar voice. Draco looked around and his eyes fell upon a man with greasy black hair, a hooked nose and sallow skin. It was none other then Draco’s former head of house and professor Severus Snape.

“Why are you here?” Draco asked worriedly.

“That will be of no importance right now Draco. Now tell me what is bothering you.”

“A dream I had,” Replied Draco.

“A dream well tough up boy, a dream can’t hurt you now can it. But for curiosities sake tell me what happened.” Snape said almost demandingly.

“This was no ordinary dream it felt very real. The Dark Lord, had requested my presence. He told me I had failed him and that I must be punished, but he said he would not kill me because I still somehow helped accomplish my goal. He said that since I did not do it myself he would have to punish me.” Draco replied. Snape then got a worried look on his face.

“Go on Draco,” spat Snape “tell me more.”

“Next he gave me a new assignment and told me if I failed or allowed anyone else to do this,” Draco stopped, “I can’t do it Professor, he has asked way to much of me this time,” Draco Cried. “He told me one of his servants has betrayed him, he said that if I did not kill him, that he would not kill just me, but my mother and father first, and that I would have to watch as he tortured them slowly to death.”

“Draco remember it was just a dream,” Snape replied. He was extremely worried only Snape knew that this in fact had not been a dream but it was real. Snape had bewitched Draco to believe that it was only a dream. “Draco who did he say had betrayed him?”

“A man by the name of Regulus Black,” Draco answered, “He told me that Regulus has started to destroy his Horcruxes. What’s a Horcrux anyway.”

“Never you mind about that Draco remember those lessons I said I was going to give you? We must start sooner than I expected, I will go prepare I expect you at Spinners End in two hours.” There was a loud crack and Severus Snape was gone.

Start early Draco thought, why would he want to have me start early. Draco sat there wondering. He went ate breakfast, and then showered. He then gathered his school supplies: his wand, his textbooks, and his robes. “Goodbye, mum.” And with a loud crack Draco was gone.

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Regulus A Black
Elder Mormon

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Chapter 2
A Joyous End

It was a dark and cold night, a young boy with shaggy black hair and a lightning bolt scar waited for midnight. At midnight Harry Potter would turn seventeen, he would be of age in the wizarding world. He would finally be able to leave the Dursley’s he would be on his own. Yet, he would never really be on his own as long as he had his friends Ron, Ginny, and Hermione.

“Harry, are you ready?” Ron asked. “The wedding is in a few days and if we are not back mum will be really mad.”

“Wha…oh yea I’m ready, I just never realized how much I really do like this place.” Harry had through the years grown to like his place at Number 4 Privet Drive. Even though it was a horrible part of his life it was still a part of his life he expected every summer, the thought of not coming back was kind of weird for him.

“Harry, are you saying you actually want to stay with, with those muggles that hate you? Why would you want to do that?” asked Ron Inquiringly.

“NO,” Harry shouted, “I would never want to live with my Aunt and Uncle longer then I have to. I just really have grown to like this place. I’m ready to get away from my Aunt and Uncle.” Harry thought that maybe deep down he really did want to stay with the Dursley’s but he knew that would be a bad idea.

“Happy Birthday Harry,” Hermione and Ginny shouted. Harry had been so deep in thought and in conversation with Ron that he had almost forgotten they were there. He looked at the clock and sure enough it was 12:00 a.m. Harry was finally of age.

“Let’s get some sleep,” said Ginny, “Dad will be here to escort us back to the burrow at 8:00 so we need to sleep. We can finish packing in the morning.” Ginny said as she noticed Ron and Harry hurrying to gather all of Harry’s things.

When they awoke later that morning, they decided they would go down and get some breakfast. To everybody’s surprise when they reached the kitchen they were greeted by Aunt Petunia. She had cooked a nice big breakfast of bacon, pancakes, eggs, and sausage. “Well eat up kids you have a long journey ahead of you.”

“Aunt Petunia why are you being so nice to me and my friends?” Harry asked with amazement.

“Well I thought since this was the last time I will be seeing you for a while I wanted you to know that I have always loved you Harry, even though I treated you like dirt you were like my second son.”

“Thanks, I promise you I will write often to let you know how I’m doing.”
“Glad to hear it.”

The children ate their breakfast they went upstairs and finished packing. They then spent time talking about what they thought of the wedding that was to shortly come and how they were going to spend the last few months of summer. They were all to afraid to talk about what had happened only a few weeks earlier.

A ring at the door signaled the arrival of Arthur Weasley, the children then lugged Harry’s stuff downstairs. Harry said quick goodbyes to his family and then Arthur sent Harry’s stuff to the burrow and apparated out of sight.

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Regulus A Black
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Chapter 3
The Wedding

The Night was cold and dark. There was a nice refreshing mist surrounding the very last house on a street known as Spinner’s End. With a loud crack a boy with white blonde hair appeared at the end of the street. Draco slowly made his way down Spinner’s End. When he reached the last house he went to knock on the door, but when he did the door opened and there stood Snape.

“Come in Draco, you’re late,” spat Snape with frustration. “I told you, you needed to be here an hour ago, I have much to teach you and not much time. You must do whatever I say without hesitation my boy, yo…”

“Professor what exactly are we going to do?” Draco interrupted, “and why are we starting early, what’s happened to make you want to do this quickly?”

“Draco I will tell you all that eventually, you must promise me that you will do whatever I say when I say it. Do you promise, Draco?” Snape stated with anger in his voice. He knew that if he did not prevent Malfoy from doing this he would fail to protect him, and thus break the unbreakable vow that he made to his mother. Snape wanted to make sure that Malfoy would be ready to do anything to protect himself without becoming a murderer.

“Yes, Professor, I promise.” Draco stated starting to get worried as to why he must do this.

“Draco this has been a long day for the both of us, lets get some rest before we begin our lessons in the morning. Don’t worry Draco; there are enough protective spells and incantations on this house that even the Dark Lord would have trouble getting in it. Our lessons are going to very rigorous, I need you to be fully rested.” Snape said, “now off to bed.’

The next morning many miles away Harry Potter, Hermione, and the Weasley’s arrived at the burrow. It looked so brilliant in preparation for the wedding. They had decorated everything in the burrow in bright colors, Bill and Fleur’s favorites of course, the house looked so magnificent Harry could hardly believe his eyes. Harry even noticed when he saw a garden gnome that even it too was wearing a little purple hat in celebration. Harry wondered why it was decorated so early seeing as how the wedding wasn’t until this weekend.

Arthur Weasley leaned over to his son Ron and whispered something in his ear. Harry wondered what he could possibly have said for when he stood straight and started walking to the house Ron came over and started to talk to Harry, and then asked if he wanted to play some quidditch for a while. Harry of course agreed.

“Harry, Ron come in the house Dinner’s ready.” Mrs. Weasley yelled.
“Be right there mum,” Ron retorted, and with that he and Harry took the quidditch stuff and the brooms back to the shed and then headed into the house. As the slowly approached the house Harry began to wonder why Hermione and Ginny didn’t play quidditch with them.

“Ron why didn’t you invite your sister and Hermione to play with us? I mean seriously they do everything with us.” Harry asked. Deep down inside him he knew that there was something going on he just didn’t know what,

“They had to get ready for the uh, the wedding this weekend.” Ron lied, he wasn’t to sure whether Harry believed him either because Harry had already asked why the house was all decorated and Ron couldn’t come up with a very good answer for it.

When they got in the house they looked around and saw nobody and noticed that it was very quiet. “Ron? Where is everybody?” Harry wondered. He know knew something was wrong not knowing what to expect and fearing it might be death eaters he pulled out his wand.

Just as Harry raised his wand he heard a loud crack followed by a round of “Surprise, happy birthday Harry.’ He looked around and noticed that the Weasley’s, Hermione, and some of the order, Lupin, Tonks, and Kingsley Shacklebolt were just a few of them, had apparated right into the sitting room of the burrow. Ecstatic Harry said, “Thank you guys so much. You guys are such good friends this is going to be the best birthday I have ever had,” and with that they celebrated Harry’s birthday.

A few days later it was time for the wedding everybody had time to catch up and fun celebrating Harry’s birthday and preparing for the wedding. With a couple hours to go Harry and Ron sat in the living room and waited for Bill to come downstairs. Bill was going to inform Harry and Ron of what they were to be doing during the wedding. Ron was going to be in charge of getting everybody to their seats, and making sure nobody did anything wrong.

A few hours later the end of the wedding was signaled, by the twins letting some of their fireworks go. The fireworks zoomed all around the yard in many magnificent colors and shapes. Just then many round tables appeared around the yard, and Molly’s voice was heard to say, “The dinner is ready to begin everybody grab a seat and then the feast will begin. Harry, Ron, the twins, Hermione, and Ginny all grabbed seats at the same table. After everybody was seated, Mr. Weasley made a toast to his son and his new daughter. “To my son, and my beautiful new daughter, may you live a long life of happiness together that your children will one day want to be just like you.” With that the feast began.

Food appeared on every table, it reminded Harry of Hogwarts’ welcoming feast. Harry then realized how much he was going to miss Hogwarts and reconsidered not going even though Dumbledore would no longer be there.

Everybody headed off for bed after dinner to enjoy his or her last few days before summer was over. The four friends talked about what they were going to do when they got back to school and what was required for them this year. Harry told them he finally decided to go back to school but would have to tell Professor McGonagall that he would occasionally need to go do something that Dumbledore asked him to do.

Later that night back at Spinner’s End Draco was doing extremely well in the lessons that Snape was teaching him. “Why exactly are you teaching me this I don’t see how it will be helpful in accomplishing my task,” Draco stated. Snape had told him that it was not a dream and that these lessons were going to help him accomplish the task.

“One day you will realize why this will help you with your task lets just say for now that it gives you some protection few wizards have. I am one of those few wizards the Dark Lord, and that foolish Dumbledore are a few others.’ Snape stated. “We shall continue tomorrow for now lets get some food.

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Regulus A Black
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Chapter 4
Returning Home

The summer air was becoming cool; the nice breeze of fall was beginning to come. Harry Potter looked out his window at the heavy rain that was occurring outside the burrow. He wished that he could go outside and play quidditch one more time before going back to school in two days. He knew he couldn’t play tomorrow because he had to go do something.

“Ron, are you ready for tomorrow,” asked Mrs. Weasley, who as always was worried about her son and Harry. Tomorrow Harry, Ron, and Hermione would go to Godric’s Hollow, to see if they could find any clues as to where to find the Horcruxes. “Yes mum,” Ron Replied, I have everything I need and we have been working on spells to help us with what we need.”

“Harry? Is something wrong with you?” Ron asked. Ron had noticed that Harry looked kind of depressed today.

“Oh well its nothing really. I just would really like to have played quidditch one more time before going back to school, I mean school is just going to be so different I’m not sure if they are going to have quidditch.” Harry replied disappointed.

Just then Ginny walked in and noticed Harry was depressed. Ginny who had been dating Harry during the previous school year decided to try and cheer him up. “What’s wrong Harry?” She asked.

“Oh nothing Ginny, its just I’m not sure whether I’m ready for tomorrow I don’t know if I will be able to take the being in the place where Voldemort killed my parents and tried to kill me.” Harry said. “I just don’t think I can do it, but I have to.”

“Well Harry I say you take your mind off it for now and worry about it tomorrow when we get there.”

“WE?” Harry said. “I’m not letting you go I don’t want to put you in danger, that’s why I broke up with you.” Harry still liked Ginny he just knew that if he was with her she would be in a lot of danger and that was something that Harry just couldn’t handle.

“I don’t care what you say Harry I’m going, mum already said I could.”

“Ginny I want you to be safe I care about you too much to put you in danger, I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you. I love you too much.” Harry said.

“Harry that’s just it that’s why I’m going, Dumbledore always said that love was the strongest magic. If we have our love Harry we will be protected.” Ginny said and then leaned over and gave Harry a kiss. Harry who still loved Ginny kissed her back.

They sat and talked for hours over what they thought would happen. Ginny was in Harry’s arms. They talked so long that by the time they realized they were back together just like they were at Hogwarts. It was already 1:00 am.

“Let’s get some sleep,” Harry said, “we have a long day ahead of us, I mean that is if you still are coming with us.”

“Of course I’m coming Harry.” Ginny said, and with that they were off to bed.

The next morning the sun was shining bright it was a nice warm day to end the summer. Harry was no longer scared of what he might find that day. After spending hours with Ginny and getting back together with her he could care less about what he found, he knew that whatever happened he would be ok as long as he and Ginny had their love.

“Ok, everybody are you ready?” Harry asked. “We are going to apparate close to Godric’s Hollow, Ginny will side apparate with me. I don’t know what to expect when we get there so be on your guard everybody. I’m glad you guys are coming with me and that we passed our apparation tests.” Then there was a loud crack and Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione were gone.

A few seconds later there is a loud crack, and they appear on the street that Harry used to live on. Many of the neighbor hood cats took off at the sound of the apparation. They headed down the street until they came to the house.

“This is it,” said Harry, “I don’t know how I know but this must be it.” It was a marvelous house. Two story Victorian house. “Let’s go in.” When they got inside they were surprised to see that on the inside it was nothing like it was on the outside, it was a wreck nobody had lived there since the Potter’s, and nobody had been there to repair it since that night when Voldemort attacked.

“What are we looking for Harry,” asked Hermione, who had started digging through piles of rubbish.

“I’m not quite sure but we will know when we find it.” Harry replied.

They searched for hours and hours and they found nothing they searched every room of the house and nothing turned up. “I know we are suppose to find something here I just don’t know what it is.

“Harry,” said Hermione, “what if there is a hidden room here? I’ve heard of wizards using spells to hide certain rooms in their house to protect it from muggle thieves, most witches and wizards hide anything magic in there.” Hermione who was a very intelligent witch for her age knew that something had to be missing or they would have found it by know.

“Well if that’s true Hermione, how would we get in ourselves if it is hidden.” Ginny asked. “Is there a spell to find it?”

“Yes of course there’s a spell but it will only work if you are related to the person who originally cast it. Harry you will have to do it. The spell is Apparingo.”

“APPARINGO” Harry shouted. The room started to shake violently, and stairs appeared in the ground leading to a basement. “It worked Hermione it worked. Let’s check it out.”

“You have to go by yourself Harry, again only relation can enter.” Hermione said, “We will wait for you back at the burrow. Goodbye Harry.”

“Goodbye.” Harry said.

Harry started his way down the stairs hoping that he could find what he needed. He looked around and saw old school books, some old brooms, various potion ingredients, and what looked to be a spell book. Harry went over to investigate it. He read the title of the book, “How to Survive Death.” Harry began reading; he read the index and skipped right to the chapter about Horcruxes. He found out that wizards who create horcruxes usually like to go back to places they know and use things they treasure for their horcruxes.

“Dumbledore told me that he thought how could I forget that.” Harry thought. He continued reading until he noticed writing in the margins; he recognized this writing it was none other then Dumbledore’s.

Voldemort's believed Horcruxes
1.A Diary
2.A ring from his grandfather
3.Hufflepuffs cup
4.Slytherins locket
5.Something that belonged to Ravenclaw or Gryffindor
6.Nagini (his snake)
James this is what I believe Voldemort has used as he horcruxes. Use the information, as you will. I believe it will be helpful. Your friend, Albus Dumbledore.

Harry again realized that he had been told this before. Harry then apparated back to the burrow.

The next day on the train to Hogwarts Harry decided to let them in on the information he found. He then said, “If it took Dumbledore and my father this long to track down the horcruxes how do they expect me to do it so quickly? I know we have destroyed two of them but come on how am I suppose to get four if this has taken Dumbledore seventeen years to find just two.”

“I expect we will be at Hogwarts in a few minutes, you can ask Dumbledore then Harry,” said Ginny.

“Ginny have you forgotten Dumbledore is dead, I can’t ask him anything he is dead.” Harry replied. Just then he realized what she was talking about, “His portrait.” He exclaimed, “of course his portrait can talk and I’m sure it has his mind. Ginny you’re a genius.” He then gave Ginny a quick kiss as a thank you.

“Would you to cut that out she is my sister I don’t like seeing her snogging all over the place.”

When they arrived at Hogwarts and entered the great hall they noticed that there were three new teachers at the teachers table. Professor McGonagall they noticed was sitting in the center where Dumbledore usually sat. They looked at the teachers and then they realized something. “Harry isn’t that Tonks at the table?”


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plsssss continue

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Regulus A Black
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Chapter 5
The New DADA Teacher.

After the sorting ceremony was over, and before the feast began, Professor McGonagall got up to address the students. “Welcome back to another year at Hogwarts,” she began, “our numbers are few this year because some people didn’t feel it safe. Let me reassure you that we have taken every precaution we could to ensure your safety this year. I would like to take the time to introduce our three new teachers, Professor Slughorn and Professor Snape are both gone and with me being the new headmistress I had to replace my position. First our new Potions teacher is Professor Thomas Dippet, he is the grandson of a previous headmaster, next our new Transfiguration teacher will be Nymphadora Tonks, and lastly our new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is Professor Louise Hall, she has been an Auror for twenty years and was glad to take a break to teach students. Now let the feast begin.”

The feast began as food piled up on the tables, students all around dug in. Harry began with treacle tart, his favorite. He looked around while eating and noticed that not many people from Slytherin were here. “Hey Ron, where do you think all the Slytherin’s are?” Harry asked.

“Probably trying to figure out where their leader Malfoy is.” Ron joked. Everybody at the Gryffindor table burst into laughter at this comment. Ron felt really happy inside knowing he made a good joke. “So Harry have you figured out how you are going to talk to Dumbledore’s portrait yet?” Ron whispered.

“Yea I figure I can ask McGonagall if I can come to her office and then I’ll just start talking to him.” Harry said.

“That would probably make her made, and you won’t like her when she’s made as we’ve learned how many times now? Oh well to many to count.” Ron laughed at his on comment.

After the feast Harry waited around for Professor McGonagall while the others retired to the Gryffindor common room. When she finally came out of the Great Hall, she noticed Harry was waiting for her. “Can I help you Potter?” She asked.

“Professor I was just wondering if I could talk to you in your office for a second. I need to tell you something but I can’t have anybody around hearing it.” He lied.

“This way Potter lets hurry this though Dumbledore told me to hurry back.”

They made there way through the halls of Hogwarts to the stone gargoyle that marked the hidden entrance to the Headmasters chamber. “Tabby” said Professor McGonagall and the Gargoyle Sprung to life and they got on the moving stairs to her office.
“Ahh Professor McGonagall you are back, oh and I see you already brought Harry how did you know I was going to ask you to retrieve him.” Came a voice from Dumbledore’s portrait.

“Well actually Albus he asked to see me, but you said what you needed was urgent so I will let you talk to him first.” Professor McGonagall said, “Harry I will be in the Gryffindor common room when you are done. I haven’t selected a new teacher to be in charge of the house yet so I will remain in charge for a while.” With that she headed back out of her office and to the Gryffindor common room.

“Professor you wanted to see me? I wanted to see you too I had to lie to McGonagall because I didn’t think she would let me talk to you,” said Harry.

“Harry I wanted to ask you how you are doing on your quest, more specifically since I know you haven’t started looking for the horcruxes yet, what did you find back at Godric’s Hollow?” Dumbledore asked.

“Well Professor I found a book that you gave to my dad, it explains all about Horcruxes, and other ways to cheat death. It stated that these ways are usually only used when one fears death or when one knows they will be needed again. It only gave two ways that a good wizard would use, and that was becoming a ghost or having a portrait, but it said either way you are still dead but you can communicate with the living world.” Harry stated.

“Yes Harry that is true, but tell me what useful information you found in that book or were reminded of?” Dumbledore asked.

“When it spoke of horcruxes it said that most wizards revisit places they know, and used things of value to them, because they knew that they already had some of their spirit there, just not a part that could keep them alive. So I think that Voldemort might have hidden a horcrux right here inside the walls of Hogwarts.” Harry said.

“Good,” said Dumbledore, “I didn’t even have to give you any hints that I had that suspicion too. Now do you have any idea of where he might have hidden it?”

“Well it would be someplace he visited that he was sure people wouldn’t find or wouldn’t care so I was thinking either in the chamber of secrets or in the Slytherin common room. I didn’t see anything when I was in the chamber five years ago but I wasn’t looking then but I would still rather try the Slytherin common room, but then of course I was there five years ago as well.” Harry said.

“Yes Harry you are correct to think of those two places, but you leave one room out a room which you have been in many times, do you know what room I am talking about?” Dumbledore asked.

“The Room of Requirement of course. Thank you professor. Oh and Professor since I am going to be looking for horcruxes this year and I am sure all of them are not in the castle can you help me talk Professor McGonagall into allowing me Ron and Hermione off the grounds when we need to go somewhere?” He asked.

“Of course, but you better just let me talk to her, now go back to your common room and go to bed its late.”

Sure enough when Harry looked at the clock he realized it was 10:30 pm. Harry left the Headmistresses office and headed back to the Gryffindor common room. When he got back he told McGonagall that Dumbledore had answered his question and that Dumbledore wanted to talk to her. After McGonagall left Harry told Ron and Hermione what Dumbledore had said and what was going to happen with hunting the horcruxes. After that Hermione talked them into going to bed so they would be ready for their classes tomorrow. After all they had three new teachers, two they didn’t know and all three who they didn’t know how they taught.

When they woke up in the morning Ron and Harry went to breakfast in the Great Hall where they meet Hermione before heading off to their first Transfiguration class of the year.

“I hope Tonks is going to be a good teacher. Everybody always dislikes the teachers that we know before hand,” Hermione said. “I mean she is a really gifted witch.”

“I’m sure she will be fine,” Harry said, “like you said she’s a gifted witch.”

When they arrived for Transfiguration that day they all took seats at the front and said, “Hi” to Tonks. They all wondered what they were going to be doing this year they were ready to try anything.

“Welcome class,” Tonks began, “Today instead of getting right down to business and having homework and all I thought we would have a little fun.” With that she changed her appearance. The class was in awe over it except for the three that already knew she could do it. “Okay now that I’ve had my fun, we are going to practice whatever you want. You guys tell me what you want to transfigure and we will do it.”

The class deliberated for a minute and then decided that they wanted to turn boxes into birdhouses, and water goblets into birds. “Ok class you may do it the incantation for turning boxes into birdhouses is as follows, it is very simple, Funiruto.”

“Funiruto,” the class repeated.

“Very good, now as you recall the incantation for turning birds into water goblets is Feraverto, the spell to do the reverse is really easy and very similar Teraverto.” Tonks said.
“Teraverto” the class repeated. That day they turned enough boxes into birdhouses for every bird they made to have three birdhouses.

Next the children had potions, they were interested to see how Professor Dippet would teach after all his grandfather used to be a Headmaster, so they figured he would be a great teacher. When they walked down the familiar corridor that led to potions they all finally realized that they were done with Professor Snape forever, they no longer had to deal with him, this put a new outlook on their school life.

When they arrived in Potions Professor Dippet had a familiar potion on his desk. “Polyjuice potion,” he said, a potion that allows you to temporarily take on the appearance of somebody else. It doesn’t look or taste very good but its effects are great for finding out some information. Today we will be starting the process of making the potion and then in a month we will have a little test.”

“A test,” the class said, “on what the potion does or on how it’s made.”

“Neither, I guess I should have mentioned the test will be related to your Defense Against the Dark Arts Class. You will be determining who is the really person by using spells you learn in Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

They got all the necessary ingredients to make the potion and started them in their cauldrons. They then we released from class and allowed to wonder freely until DADA started. When they arrived in DADA that day they were really hoping that they would have a lesson as easy as their other two. They didn’t know how wrong they were going to be.

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here is the rest of chapter 5 it was too long and i didn't even write everything that i wanted too but i figured it would be good for next chapter as well

“Harry Potter, come here,” said Professor Hall after they had arrived in class. “I want you to help me teach the class today. Don’t worry Potter we are just going to teach them some new spells and how to counter them. I want you to have a little duel with me Potter. Draw your wand. Wands at the ready, now bow.”

“Now Potter I want you to defend yourself in every way you know how. I want you to use anything you can to block these next few curses.” Said Professor Hall

“Rohashito” cried Professor Hall.

”Protego” Harry shouted and to his and the classes surprise it didn’t work. Harry began feeling very sick and started throwing up everywhere and his nose stated bleeding.

“This curse can only be blocked by one certain spell which I will teach you, when blocked the effect is sent back to the caster, the good thing about the spell to block rohashito, is it can be used on many other curses including crucio the unforgivable curse. By learning this you should fare really well against death eaters. Oh before I forget. I might want to use the countercurse on Harry to heal him. I will then need somebody to take him to the hospital wing. Twathi.” Harry immediately felt better and his nose stopped bleeding.

“Before you go the spell to block the curse is as follows. Now listen carefully. Hahistsna. Now somebody take Harry to the hospital wing.

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ok so chapter 6 was getting to long so i decided to change the title from what it oringally says in this post it is now called the stranger. Chapter 7 will be called the Hidden Horcrux


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Chapter 6
The Stranger

When Harry awoke the next morning, Madame Pomfrey said that he should be well enough to go on his way. He went to breakfast and ate quickly. Just as he was leaving Hedwig brought him two letters. He took them off of her leg and gave her some toast and then quickly opened the first one and read:

Harry meet me in my office at noon, and bring Ron and Hermione with you. We have some matters that we need to discuss, they a very urgent. See you there. Professor McGonagall.

Hmm I wonder what she wants thought Harry, I bet Dumbledore finally talked her into letting me leave when I need to. Well I guess I’ll get the others and head there before lunch. He then opened the next letter, it read:

I hear you are looking for Voldemort’s Horcruxes, if you are we have a similar mission, I would like you to meet me in the Gryffindor Common Room at Midnight tonight, I have some things I would like to discuss with you, and maybe we can exchange information on the Horcruxes. R.A.B.

R.A.B Harry thought this is great I can finally find out what happened to that locket. I can’t wait to meet with him. Harry quickly turned the piece of paper over and wrote I will meet you there at midnight. Harry who learned never to trust anyone was going to be ready for anything. He went back to the Gryffindor common room and found Ron and Hermione.

“Hey guys,” he started, “McGonagall wants to see the three of us in her office at noon today. She says it is urgent so it must be important, I think it is going to be permission for us to leave the grounds when we need too.”

“That’s great Harry do you have any idea of where a Horcrux might be?” Ron asked. “Did Dumbledore give you any clues when you talked to him yesterday.”

“Well yea but I don’t think we can go yet, we have to figure out just where it is, well I know where, but I don’t know where, do you know what I mean?” Harry asked.

“Sorry, you lost me. How can you know where it is, but not know where it is at the same time?" Hermione asked.

“Well it’s in the Room of Requirement, but we would have to figure out what Voldemort was thinking when he was let into the room. That way we can get into the exact same room as him.”

“Oh I see.” Both Ron and Hermione said.

“Oh yea, I want you guys to hide under my invisibility cloak tonight at midnight in the common room, I got a letter from R.A.B. this morning, but I’m not sure whether it is a trick or not. So I would like all the protection I can have incase it’s a death eater trying to get at me.” Harry said. “Oh and I would also like to start DA meetings again, tonight if possible, I figure we can use the Room of Requirement and see if we notice anything strange.”

“Harry you know we won’t be much help for you if it is a death eater, I mean if we are under a cloak how are we suppose to cast the spells?” Hermione asked.

“Well I just thought having you there would be good I figure for a while I can defend myself until you guys can come to help me, and if this thing is for real it saves me a monologue to you guys.” Harry said.

Later that day after their Charms class the three made their way to Professor McGonagall’s office. When they arrived at the stone Gargoyle, Neville who had been looking for Harry to see if they were going to have any DA meetings this year approached them. Harry quickly told him they were and that they were in a hurry and he would talk to him later. Neville took off looking sad, Harry immediately felt bad.

“Neville,” Harry called, “we have a meeting tonight from 9-11 if you can make it, and it is in the Room of Requirement like usual. Right now we have to go see Professor McGonagall, she asked to see us though.”

“Ok, see you then Harry.” Neville called back, and with that done he was much happier that he skipped off to the common room.

“Tabby,” Harry said. The stone Gargoyle jumped to life and the three friends entered into McGonagall’s office. This time Harry noticed that the office was quite different, instead of all of Dumbledore’s gadgets everywhere, there were spell books, flowers, and different kinds of things that Harry could obviously tell were used to practice Transfiguration when she had the time.

“Ahh Harry, welcome, yes very good Ron and Hermione are here to. Professor Hall could you excuse us for a moment? We have some personal business to attend to.” McGonagall said. After Professor Hall left McGonagall said, “Dumbledore has made an awfully strange request on behalf of the three of you he wouldn’t give me any details and told me that you wouldn’t tell me anything either. He asked that I let you guys leave the grounds when needed. I told him that if he thought it was important I would allow it, if and only if you three agreed to tell me where you were going, how long you are going to be gone, and that you keep up with all your school work. Dumbledore made me promise not to ask what you were going to be doing, but if you feel the need to tell me please do.”

“Thanks.” Harry said, “I really appreciate it, I promise that we will let you know when we are leaving, where we are going, and how long we plan on being gone.”


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here is the rest of chapter 6

“And I Promise we will keep up with our school work.” Hermione interjected.

“Very well, here are your passes to get out of class when you need to come see me, the teachers know not to ask questions if you show them this pass. I was just about to let Professor Hall know when you guys arrived. Please send her back in when you leave.”

They left the office and told Professor Hall to go back into the Headmistresses office. After telling her they proceeded to make their way to the Fat Lady. When arriving at the Fat Lady, they gave her the password, squantis, then crawled into the common room.

“Okay we need to plan the DA meeting, and how to clear the common room at midnight.” Harry said.

“Well I can take care of letting everybody know about the DA meeting, as long as they still have their coin. Just give me yours Harry and I’ll take care of it.” Hermione stated with pride.

“And I can get the twins to send us one of their stink bombs, and one of their stink bomb smell removers, they owe me for not telling mum what they did at the wedding. I was the only one to notice and promised I wouldn’t tell anybody, but I figure I can use it as blackmail.” Ron said.

“Ok then it’s settled, here is my coin Hermione, and Ron I’ll let you use Hedwig to deliver the letter, she will be faster then Pig.” Harry said.

With that they went on their separate ways. After dinner the three went early to the Room of Requirement to get set up for the DA meeting. At 9 o’clock everybody started showing up. Among the group was, Ginny, Neville, Dean, Seamus, Luna, the Creevy brothers, and many other younger students Harry didn’t know, he assumed that they were younger siblings of those in the DA that had left Hogwarts.

“Today, we are going to be working on the Defense spell that Professor Hall taught us, she said it can be used to block most spells and send them back at the caster.” Harry said. “I want everybody to pair up, and take turns casting a spell, and casting the block. Use any spell you want that won’t severely hurt anybody, remember you may be the one getting hit by the curse. Remember the incantation for the block is Hahistsna.

Harry walked around the room and watched as teams took turns casting curses. He was impressed to see that Neville was first, other then himself and Hermione, to master the block. He also noticed that Ginny was doing very well at blocking the curses that were sent her way. This went on for two hours. At the end of the two hours Harry got everybody to leave the room and asked them to return to their common rooms quickly, as it was getting close to being after hours.

When Harry got back to the common room, he was still worried about getting everyone out of the common room by midnight, and if it was going to be safe for him to be there.

“Ron, it’s 11:30 has the stink bomb arrived yet?” Harry asked.

“Not yet, but the twins know it has to be here by…” Ron started, he got up went to the window, and let the owl he was looking at in. It had a package tied to its leg for Ron. “I knew the twins would pull through,” he said as he untied the package.

“Ron run upstairs and get the invisibility cloak then you and Hermione get under it, at 11:55 if there are still others in the common room I want you to release the stink bomb. Then at midnight release the antidote for it.” Harry said.

At 11:55 a powerful odor spread through the Gryffindor common room, everybody, but Harry ran from the common room holding their breath. A few minutes later they released the anti-stink bomb, and the odor cleared. Just then a tall man with black curly hair appeared in the fireplace, he walked out, and then Harry realized. Sirius?


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plssss continue plssss continue plssss continue plssss continue plssss continue plssss continue plssss continue

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this is getting realy good♥

oh, and i have a questoin. Is there gonna be anything going on with ron and hemione...just thought i'd ask


So guys are the most confusing thing ever on earth


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if you have any questions or theories about what is going to happen in the story i would prefer it if you would PM me and i will answer you if i feel it won't ruin the story.


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Here are a few more chapter titles so you can know what to expect.
Chapter 7:The Hidden Horcrux
Chapter 8:A Halloween Surprise
Chapter 9:A Few Questions
Chapter 10big grinraco's Mistake
Chapter 11:The Return


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Remember Chapter Titles can be misleading


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Chapter 7
The Hidden Horcrux

“Sirius? Oh no, so you know my brother do you? How is he doing, I figure you stay in touch with him. After all I’ve been hiding for years, Voldemort knows what I’ve done. He believes I am dead by now, or at least I hope.” Said the stranger. “By the way my name is Regulus Albert Black. I was a death eater, but was shown the error of my ways by Dumbledore; he changed me so I told him about the Horcruxes, and what I thought they were. He told me he would let his best friend James in on it.”

“You were the reason Dumbledore knew? Did you happen to give him this book?” Harry asked with curiosity. Harry ran upstairs and grabbed the book from his trunk. He finally found it under all of his other books. He brought it done and showed it to Regulus. Harry hoped with all his might that Regulus would be able to help him as much as he could.

“Well I didn’t give it to him, but I told him about it. Anyway, that’s not important right now. I know where one of the Horcruxes is; I left it at my old house. I can’t get in. It looks like the Fidelius Charm has been placed on it. I was hoping you knew a way in. After all you do know my brother who is the owner of the house.” Regulus said with extreme hope.

“Sirius died a year and a half ago, I’m sorry you had to find out like this. He was killed by your cousin Bellatrix.” Harry said with despair. “I inherited the house though so I can get it. Where did you put it?” He asked hoping it was the locket he had found two years earlier.

“It was in the drawing room of my old house. I would suppose that our house elf has moved it though.” Regulus said with disappointment. “Oh well I must go, I cannot stay if somebody were to find me my cover could be blown and I would be number one on Voldemort’s hit list.” He climbed into the fireplace, grabbed some floo powder from a bag inside of his black coat yelled Diagon Alley, and he disappeared in a bright green flame.

“Ron, Hermione, did you guys here that, one of the Horcruxes is at number twelve Grimmauld Place. We saw it two years ago.” Harry said. Then he suddenly realized that they weren’t responding. “Accio Invisibility Cloak” Harry shouted. What he saw then was a major shock. “Ron, were you and Hermione snogging under the cloak that whole time? What if I had been attacked? Please tell me you heard some of what Regulus said.” Ron’s Face went bright Red. He was more embarrassed then he had ever been in his life.

“Sorry mate, it just kind of felt right. I mean we were close together and nobody could see us. We had already let each other know how we felt, I mean it was obvious but we thought we would let our feeling loose.” Ron said with pride. “Sorry but we didn’t hear any of it.”
“Well I’m not going to fill you in then. Let’s go see McGonagall.” Then they were off to the stone Gargoyle. They headed down the halls and ran into Peeves, who had made it his personal responsibility to make sure that everybody that walked down the Hallway got soaked. Peeves hit them with lots of water balloons until they decided to run away quickly.

When they finally arrived at the Stone Gargoyle, they shouted the password, and found out that it had been changed.

“Great, how are we suppose to see Professor McGonagall if we can’t even get into her office?” Ron asked. Frustrated Ron started swearing about everything always going wrong when he needed to do something. Harry was quick to respond and got him to calm down quickly.

“Potter, Weasley, Granger, what are you three doing here at this hour of the morning? I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you guy’s detention. You know better then to be out after hours.” Said Tonks, “It just isn’t safe to be out without a teacher.

“Tonks, we have to see Professor McGonagall, its an Emergency, we have to go do something for uh, uh for uh something.” Harry said.

“Nice try Harry but that’s not going to work, you three will serve detention with me this Saturday, I expect you in my office at 8pm. If you are late I will be forced to give you another detention.” Tonks said. She was getting angry with Harry for trying to get out of trouble that he had obviously gotten himself into.

“Professor,” Hermione said, “can you please tell us the password it really is urgent.” Then she remembered something that Harry had told her, she reached into the pockets of her robe and pulled out a card. The card that gave them permission to leave whenever they wanted as long as they let McGonagall know.

“So it has to do with your mission, does it, well I guess I can make an exception, but I still would like you to come to my office at 8pm on Saturday it gets lonely.” Tonks stated dispersedly. “Anyway the password is animagus.”

The stone gargoyle sprang to life and the trio got on the moving stairs and went up to see Professor McGonagall. When they got to the door, they heard voices coming from inside of the office.

“I know, I know.” Came a familiar voice.

“Then you know why I must do it then. You know why I must res…” McGonagall stated, but the voice of Mad Eye Moody interrupted her.

“Potter and his friends are here, he looks like he needs to talk to you.” Moody said. “Well I’ll just be on my way, I needed to go anyway. There is some order business that needs to be taken care of.” He stepped in the fireplace, grabbed a pinch of floo powder, shouted Grimmauld Place and disappeared in a flash of emerald green flames.


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here is some more of chapter 7

“Come in Potter,” McGonagall’s voice said. “What do you want this time? I was in an important discussion until you got here. This better be important.”

“Professor,” Harry said with anxiety. “We have to go to Grimmauld Place, our assignment leads us there.” He hoped that McGonagall wouldn’t be angry since it had to do with their mission. He looked up at her hopefully.

“Well how do you plan on getting there? I already said that if you tell me when, where, and how long you are going you can go.” She stated

“We were going to walk off the grounds and then apparate,” Hermione said. We shouldn’t be gone longer then a day, and we promise we won’t get in the way of the order.”

“Well ok, but if you would like, you may use my fireplace to travel by floo powder, it will be much safer and quicker at this hour of the morning.” McGonagall said. “I will expect to see you back before 8am tomorrow morning.”

“Agreed Professor,” the trio said. They then smiled at her got into the fireplace, one by one, grabbed floo powder, shouted Grimmauld Place and disappeared in a flash of emerald green flame.

“Draco, you are doing much better then I expected.” Came the voice of Severus Snape. “I believe that we are almost complete. We will soon start working on spells that can help you.”

“So Professor, how exactly is occlumency going to protect me?” Draco asked. He was back to his usually snobby self by this time, he knew as long as he was with Snape he was safe. This brought back his old proud self.

“Draco, wipe that smug expression off your face.” Snape spat, “This does not fully protect you from anything. It only protects you from lying, if you lie to the Dark Lord, he will not be able to read your mind and know that you are lying. You will be able to keep him out of real memories and show him fake ones. I have been doing this for years. I knew that one day I would fail him, and I would need the protection.”

“So you are saying the Dark Lord will not know that I have failed? Then that means I don’t have to kill Regulus Black?” Draco asked with hope. He knew that he could never kill anybody; he just didn’t feel he could do it.

“Well maybe, but he will have to die. The Dark Lord will know if he is alive or dead. So somebody must kill him, somebody with Occlumens, and you must be there with him.” Snape said. He was worried, he knew that it would have to be him that killed the former death eater Regulus Black.

“Draco, tonight I want you to work on blocking your mind from everything. This will help with your lessons. I expect only one more week before you finally master it.” Snape said. “That is way better then Potter ever did.” Snape stated with malice.

“Potter? You tried to teach Potter occlumency? Why would you do that?” Draco asked inquisitively. He began to wonder which side Snape was really on. He knew that if Snape was really on the good side that Voldemort would find out, and kill him. Then he thought, what if he kills Snape then who would protect me. Draco’s smug expression was replaced by one of worry.

“That stupid fool Dumbledore told me I had to. He told me if I didn’t I would lose my job. I knew that if I was to stop spying on Dumbledore, then the Dark Lord would kill me.” Snape stated. “Anyway off to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long, long day.”

Back at Grimmauld Place, Lupin, the older Weasley’s, Mad Eye, and Kingsley Shacklebolt were having a meeting planning out when they were going to make their attack.

“We must strike soon, or we will face more casualties, we have already lost some of the Order, Dumbledore is dead, our greatest member. If we don’t act quickly we will surely lose.” Mad Eye said. He was angry; he had lost his good friend only a few months earlier and was worried about losing the rest.

“NO,” shouted Harry. “If you strike to soon we will lose, Voldemort will just come back again. He has ways of doing it. If you strike now we will lose to many people in the fight, and even if Voldemort does fall he will return. You will strike when I say you can strike.” Harry was furious he did not want to lose any more innocent lives in this battle until he was sure he could defeat Voldemort. After all it was he, Harry that must be the one to destroy Voldemort.


“Calm down Mad Eye.” Lupin said. “We must believe potter after all it was he that Dumbledore trusted with the mission. The mission he wouldn’t inform anybody of. He told us that something had to be done, but he wouldn’t tell us what.” Lupin knew about the mission, he was a skilled Legilmens just like Dumbledore, nobody knew. He had read Harry’s mind when Harry had given his little spiel on not attacking yet. “Harry, can I talk to you, Ron, and Hermione alone for a minute?” Lupin asked.


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here is the rest of chapter 7

“Yes but can it wait a minute? We are on very important business. The mission brought us here. We must complete the task as quickly as possible.” Harry stated, he was beginning to get impatient; he was worried that Mundungus had taken the locket and he just had to find it.

“It won’t take long Harry, and I find it important that I tell you this.” Lupin said.

“Fine, but make it quick.” Harry said

They left the kitchen, walked slowly up the stairs making sure to avoid the stairs that creaked. They did not want to wake up Sirius’ mother. They walked into the room that Harry had stayed in two years previous.

“Harry, I know about the horcruxes. I want to help you. You can say no if you want but I think I can help. I can help you travel if that is all I do.” Lupin said.

“What? How? Who told you about the horcruxes?”

“Well sorry Harry I didn’t mean to pry, but when you were talking to Moody, I used the Legilmens that I have mastered to see why you felt so strongly about it.” Lupin started, “you must have realized that I could read minds, after all it was not Sirius’s words that convinced me, it was his memories.”

“You know, well then help us look for the locket. We know it is somewhere in this house. We saw it two years ago when we were cleaning out the drawing room.”

They went into the drawing room, and searched for hours. They looked through everything on the shelf. They couldn’t find the locket. All they found were a few dark magic items. They found a few Dark detectors as well, such as a foe glass, three secrecy sensors, and about twenty broken sneakoscopes, with just one that worked.

“Why can’t we find it,” Harry asked. “I know it’s here unless.” Just then Harry realized how he could find out where it was. “Lupin can you pry into minds of magical creatures?”

“Well yes, if they are not above the intelligence of Human beings.” Lupin said. “I can read a house elves mind if that’s what you were wondering.” Lupin knew that’s what he was wondering. He just had to know why Harry would ask a question like that.

“Good. Kreacher come here.” Harry said. There was a loud crack, and a small brown figure appeared at Harry’s feet.

“What does the blood traitor want now?” Kreacher mumbled.

“What was that?” Harry demanded.

Kreacher could not refuse a direct command from his master. “Kreacher was just wondering what Master wanted now? Can I help you with something?”

“Yes I want you to tell me if you know anything about a locket that was in here two years ago? It has the mark of Slytherin on it.” Harry asked

“Yes I know of it, that thief stole it I watched him.” Kreacher said.

“Do you know where he took it?” Harry asked.

“No.” Kreacher said.

“Thank you, now return to the kitchens at Hogwarts.” Harry said. And with another loud crack Kreacher disappeared.

“He was lying.” Lupin said. “He took it himself, he hid it in that closet of his.”

“Great Job Lupin,” Harry said. “I appreciate it.”

They then went and searched in the closet. There they found more and more dark detectors. All of these ones worked, Kreacher was able to tell the working ones from the ones that didn’t. After about an hour of searching, they still hadn’t found it. Just then Ron got an idea.

“Accio Slytherin’s locket.” He said. The locket zoomed to him from a tiny hole in the wall that none of them had noticed. The question was how did they destroy it now that they had it.

“Does anybody know how we destroy this thing? I mean when I destroyed the diary I just stuck the basilisks fang in it.” Harry said, “but now we don’t have the fang and I don’t think it would pierce the locket either.”

“Well there is probably a spell we can use to destroy it.” Hermione suggested.

Harry thought for a minute and realized that it was Hermione and she was probably right. “Well? What is the spell?” He asked.

“I don’t know, but I may have a way we can find out.” Hermione said. “I would suggest looking in the book you found back at Godric’s Hollow.”

“Of course it must tell us a way to destroy them.” Ron said.

“Well thank you Lupin, we must go now,” Harry said. “When we need your help we will be sure to contact you.”

“Tell Tonks I say hi and that I miss her. Ask her to come visit sometime.” Lupin said.

They looked at their watches and were surprised by what time it was, it had taken them almost sixteen hours to find that stupid locket. They stepped into the fire, shouted Hogwarts, Headmistresses office, and disappeared. When they arrived back at Hogwarts, the sight that caught their eyes surprised them. There was somebody searching through McGonagall’s office, but it wasn’t McGonagall.


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plssssssss post more

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