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A Different Kind of Pureblood - Chapter One
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Bulimic Cat

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So is harry gay or is it just malfoy??

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just malfoy


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CHAPTER SIX: Tweaked Explanations

The story had temporarily been put on hold, since the sun was rising and Draco needed his rest. “After all, I did carry you all the way from Surrey to London,” he proclaimed. “I wasn’t lying about that part.” It made Harry wonder just how honest Draco was, but he was certain there hadn’t even been much exaggeration in Draco’s tale. Most of the things Draco said had fit Harry’s experience so well, they couldn’t have been made up. “I sleep like the dead,” Draco informed him, “so, as long as you don’t make enough noise to wake the dead, it won’t bother me. But do keep the curtains shut. I don’t want to wake up with my skin red and peeling off.” That was an odd request, but Harry didn’t open the curtain. Though he had been up half the night, Harry felt wide awake.

So, Harry got himself dressed. Since his things were still with the Dursleys- assuming they hadn’t burned Harry’s belongings by now- he made do with the folded clothes he found in the dresser, with ‘for Harry, from Hermione and Ron’ written on a card that lie on top. The price tags hadn’t been removed, and he smiled as he realized they were the cheapest things that could be found in Madam Malkin’s Robe Shop. They were actually a lot better than the huge hand-me-down things he’d been wearing when he found Draco: black slacks, a somewhat tight green shirt, and a black robe with green cuffs.

Harry soon went downstairs for breakfast. His legs were still rather wobbly, but he managed to stay upright. Of course, that was until Ron barreled up to him and gave him a hug nearly as bone-crushing as Hagrid’s most enthusiastic glomps. “Harry! You’re okay! Hermione wouldn’t let me come see you- you idiot, why didn’t you tell us you were in trouble- Harry, you lousy, useless IDIOT!” The relieved redhead proceeded to sob on Harry’s shoulder, oblivious to the raven-haired boy’s attempts to begin breathing again.

A few minutes (and some artificial respiration) later, Harry received another hug from Charlie, who was taking care of Ron after the murder of their parents. Charlie had changed a bit since Harry last saw him; he now rivaled Bill’s coolness, sporting Muggle attire that would have blended in a rave. He too had a fang earring and had grown his fiery red hair longer, but his hair was shorter than Bill’s, and his fang was larger. Harry assumed it came from one of the dragons Charlie worked with. He hoped it wasn’t poisonous.

“That outfit looks good on you, mate,” Ron said, after he’d stopped having seizures in his delight. “You look like a real wizard, instead of…” He trailed off, realizing Hermione and Charlie were giving him blatant warning glares.

“An elephant?” Harry submitted helpfully.

“Well, yeah! I guess having stuff in your own size helps out, doesn’t it?” Laughter came from all around the table as they ate the famously inferior Leaky Cauldron pancakes, with some of the other guests. They went on to chat idly, mentioning nothing important. This was mostly because the important things were matters of utmost secrecy, but partly because they were happy about being reunited.

“Is Draco ever going to come down?” Hermione eventually asked. Harry shrugged. “It’s a pity. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a shopping trip, after all he‘s been through.” She looked substantially disheartened. Harry figured that she must be extremely grateful to Draco for rescuing him. Of course, Draco was the one that attacked him, but Harry still couldn’t understand what happened. He didn’t know why Draco needed that cover story, but he assumed it was important. He had decided to play along with Draco’s story until he knew the truth.

“I don’t think he wants to walk any more,” Harry muttered. Hermione looked miffed, but Ron defended Harry’s stance immediately.

“He’s a lot better for wear than I’d be in his ratty old shoes! I’d sleep for a week, if I carried somebody all that way! Besides, I bet him and Harry got loads of exercise last night,” Ron said obliviously. Charlie snorted in amusement, almost choking on his bacon. Harry dropped his knife in a puddle of syrup, completely aghast.

“Hermione!” he squawked indignantly. She blushed and gave him a rather apologetic look. Harry sputtered helplessly for a minute before finally saying, “you’ve all got it wrong. We didn’t, we’ve never-”

“I know,” Hermione said pleasantly. “Neither of you can get hold of protection right now, and you’re both far too wise to go all the way without it. Right?” This last word as added in a rather dangerous tone. Harry gulped loudly, and nodded. “See, Ron? I told you they were having some private time, not doing anything obscene!” Ron flushed bight red, starting with his ears.

“Well, with all the noises getting through the walls, I just assumed things,” he sighed. It was Harry’s turn to blush, now feeling stupid for all the laughing and snarling he and Draco had done while talking. He really wished they’d change the subject. It was Charlie who came to his rescue.

“So, who wants the happy task of liberating Harry’s stuff from the Dursleys?” Charlie asked loudly, and a bit too brightly. Harry, Ron, and Hermione stared at him in surprise. A bit of egg fell out of Ron’s open mouth. “No, Harry, you’re staying away from those monsters. I’d like a little company when I pay them a visit,” Charlie said, over-enunciating every syllable. Hermione and Ron took the hint, and claimed they’d do anything to help Harry, but he could hear the clear resentment in their voices.

He was also filled with dread. If they went to the Dursleys, they’d probably find out that his relatives hadn’t made an attempt at Harry‘s life, and Draco’s cover story would be ruined. “Actually,” Harry cut in, “I want to go. You know, my stuff can wait a few days, and I want a break.” He hoped they bought it. “Besides, some of my stuff is hidden. There’s a small stash under some floorboards, and I still don’t know where Vernon hid my wand.” That certainly did the trick. They all nodded. “So, what’s on today’s schedule?”

“Well, first is the fattening up of Harry Potter,” Hermione said pointedly, raking her eyes over Harry’s rake-like figure. “Who is going to eat everything on his plate, and get seconds, before anybody says another word to him.” Harry tried to scowl, but he ended up smiling. Everybody was mothering him! Hermione made the others keep her promise, cutting them off whenever they tried to make auditory contact with Harry. He didn’t mind eating a lot, though.

When he finished his orange juice and loaded his plate with more pancakes, he asked for the schedule once more. It turned out that they were going to do their school shopping early, and after the ‘recent turn of events,’ Hermione and Ron planned on staying in London with Harry for the remainder of August, rather than going back into hiding. “Besides, we’ve got a Death Eater’s kid on our side!” Ron said brightly, earning himself a playful smack from Hermione. This was accompanied by a peck on the cheek. Harry grinned.

“He’d be too sleepy to be much help to us, if his dad decided to walk out of Azkaban and curse us to bits,” Harry assured them. It wasn’t a very funny joke, but they laughed anyway. “He sleeps like he’s dead.” They decided to return after shopping and check if Draco was awake enough to get sushi for lunch and ice-cream at the new sweet shop. This was Harry’s recommendation.

Soon enough, the famed Gryffindor Trio and Charlie were heading out the door. As they entered Diagon Alley, Hermione started up a conversation with Charlie about the different dragon breeds. The subject got rather dull for Harry, rather fast, so he fell back to blabber with Ron. As they entered Flourish and Blotts, Ron asked a fatal question. “So, err, Harry… how long have you been into blokes?” Harry only stared at him, having no answer at all.

A/R: as you can see malfoy is and has always been gay! he loves harry but during skool pretends to hate his gutz


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embarrasment no posts oh well ill still put the nxt chapter!

CHAPTER SEVEN: Pulling Their Legs

Harry slammed his books down on the bunk, a few inches from Draco’s head. “Wake up!” Harry yelled. The blond didn’t bat an eyelid. Harry hissed a few choice obscenities, giving the pale boy a few gentle slaps on the cheek, but he remained motionless. Harry had been trying for the last ten minutes to rouse his roommate, and with nothing to show for it. Draco hadn’t been lying when he claimed he slept like the dead. Voldemort’s full-body resurrection took much less time than this, and Harry would rather get his arm sliced open again than spend another ten minutes testing methods of bringing Draco back to the land of the living.
After another few minutes of irritation and abuse of Draco’s exposed body parts, Harry stomped to Charlie and Ron’s room, grabbed Charlie by the arm without a word, and dragged the confused man into room 4. Harry simply put Charlie’s wand in his hand and pointed at the sleeping blond.

“I think he needs to be Ennervated,” Harry stated.

“He’s just asleep,” Charlie said in confusion.

“He sleeps like he’s dead. Just do it.” Charlie cocked an eyebrow, and pointed his wand at the completely detached Draco.

“Ennervate!” Nothing happened. They both stared at Draco‘s sleeping form for a few seconds. “Well, I tried,” Charlie said apologetically. His shoulder-length red hair swayed as she shook his head, a small smile fixed in place. “Good luck with Sleeping Beauty. Have you tried kissing him yet?” Harry blushed as a laughing Charlie retreated from the room. But once the door shut, Harry was once again faced with this problem.

He began to get a little worried. Nobody could sleep through all that, yet Draco remained as limp as a dead fish on the bed, completely stationary with the exception of breathing. His face was buried in a pillow. It hit Harry that Draco might only be pretending. “If you don’t open your eyes, I’ll practice using the Cruciatus on you,” he hissed in the pale young man’s ear. He wouldn’t really do it, but he hoped Draco didn’t know that. He got no reaction. “No? How about the Imperius? I bet, if you lie still long enough, I’ll figure out how it works. Then I’ll get to see you dance around in a ferret costume, singing ‘It’s Raining Men’.” Still no reaction. Harry was definitely mad now. “Do you prefer Avada Kedavra?”

Not a sign of life. Harry prodded the side of Draco’s head, thoroughly annoyed. He dumped a cup of ice water on Draco… nothing. Tickled him… nothing. Knocked loudly on his head… nothing. He didn’t feel like testing Charlie’s kiss idea. Feeling defeated, Harry retreated to the window, flinging open the curtains to welcome in the sun.

The curtains had been open only a split second before a bloodcurdling shriek rattled off the walls. For a moment, Harry thought it was a banshee’s wail, it was so horrible. Then he realized it came from behind him; from Draco, who had buried himself under the covers. “Shut the curtains! Shut the curtains!” Draco screamed. Harry immediately obliged, though he was still somewhat rattled by the noise. Room 4 was plunged into darkness. The blankets were trembling violently.

“Draco… what the hell?” Harry asked, finding no other way to get his point across. That was just too weird!
“I told you not to open the curtains,” Draco’s voice hissed. Though Harry could see the origin of the voice quite clearly, it sounded rather disembodied, like Riddle’s basilisk in second year. “Now do you see why?”

“Well, I get that the light upset you,” Harry said softly. “But I don’t see how, or why.” He knelt beside Draco’s quivering heap of blankets, feeling strangely obliged to do so, as an act of comfort.

“You’re so incredibly stupid,” Draco whispered. Harry barely heard him. “You wouldn’t know the truth if it danced in front of you naked.”

“I try not to be affiliated with those that dance naked in front of people,” Harry joked, pretending he hadn’t been insulted. “Since you’re awake now, would you care to get lunch and ice-cream with-”

“No. You can fatten yourself up without me.” Harry’s face fell. He had actually hoped Draco would be willing to spend a bit of time with him and his friends. After all, they were clearly on the same side, whatever side that was, and circumstance had jammed them together in a small magical alley. Perhaps a little reminder of Draco’s cover story would convince him?

“Now, Drake,” Harry cooed softly, near where he assumed Draco’s head was amongst the fluff. He tried to make his voice sound somewhat girly, and fill it with enough sarcasm for Draco to realize he was hinting at something. “What if I want to treat my sweet boyfriend to sushi for lunch? You‘re killing what little romance we had going! Hermione will get mad at you for avoiding me!”

“You may cheat on me with Weasley, darling,” Draco growled, in a voice that begged for solitude. “His lover of another species is welcome to join in and make it a threesome. Just don’t give me any of the details, and I promise our breakup won’t be too painful.” Harry scowled openly.

“You’re not doing a very good job acting your part,” he warned. “Ron and Hermione aren’t stupid. Well, maybe Ron can be a bit stupid at times, but not Hermione. If she catches one hint that we’re not a match from heaven, she’ll be onto you like a fly on shit, even if I still don’t get what’s going on.” Draco held still for a moment.

“I know. And that’s why you’re going to pretend I’m still asleep.”


“Harry, are you ready to go yet?” Hermione called from outside the door. Wondering how Draco knew she was out there, Harry sighed and headed out the door. Hermione was on the other side, “Is Draco ready?”

“I couldn’t wake him up,” Harry sighed. It wasn’t entirely a lie; the sun had woken him up, not Harry. “I think he should be left here to rest. We can save him some leftovers.” Hermione nodded. She was looking rather pretty today, wearing her new pink robe. Strangely, it looked good on her. Harry hadn’t been able to imagine anybody looking good in pink, after a year with Dolores Umbridge.

“Oy, all ready?” Ron asked, as he paraded his way into their midst.

“Almost. Isn’t Draco up yet?” Charlie demanded, hopping out of his room while still trying to force his foot into a dragon hide boot. Harry told him the same thing he told Hermione, and Charlie gave Harry another look of ultimate confusion. “That’s funny, I thought I heard his voice a minute ago…” The scream. D’oh! “You at least tried the kissing thing?”

“Draco doesn’t really like kisses much,” Harry sputtered, feeling his cheeks begin to burn again. Then, like in most people’s cases, inspiration struck him while he was in dire need. “I know something that would wake him up, but unless you’re willing to wait another hour for lunch…”

Ron blanched, then tried to hide his revulsion through humorously pretended to puke. Hermione had a look on her face that clearly stated she wanted to laugh, but had a moral issue with doing so. Charlie cracked up. “Just go smooch him already! I want to laugh at the corniness when he wakes up.”

“I think I’d like to laugh about that, too,” Hermione giggled. Harry felt rather trapped, not particularly enjoying the sudden pressure to kiss Draco. He wasn’t really afraid of kissing the Slytherin; rather, he was worried Draco would snap his neck for it. Assuming he didn’t hang himself before then. Until that point, Harry hadn’t bothered to consider the closeness that was to be expected from a couple as intimate as himself and Draco.

“Go on, Harry!” Charlie nudged him back into the room. Ron threw his arms in the air, said something that made no sense whatsoever, thought it was a good excuse, and excused himself from witnessing. Despite his nervousness, Harry managed to laugh at that. He was surprised Ron had taken his new ‘relationship’ so well. There were bound to be a few awkward areas for Ron, and one of them was apparently kissing.

Though Harry felt a strong sense of impending doom, he kept his walk cheerful as he went over to Draco. The blond had un-buried himself from the gray blankets, and for some reason, moved to the bottom bunk. That would make a corny kiss easier, but Harry wished he didn’t have to do it at all. For a minute, the small young man knelt beside the blond, hesitating. He couldn’t tell whether nor not Draco was still awake. He might have fallen back asleep, and Harry had no way to tell.

Harry took a deep breath, leaned forward, and gave Draco a quick peck on the lips. Done! Harry thought victoriously.

How far from the truth he was.

As Harry leaned back up, Draco’s left arm shot up behind him, promptly grabbing Harry’s hair and pulling him back down. Harry let out a small, shocked squeak as the blond below him leaned up and captured his lips in a rather hungry way. Harry was far too surprised to react. Thankfully, Draco released him after several seconds. Harry was paralyzed.

Charlie was laughing hysterically. “I think he’s the one that woke you up!” Hermione nodded, giggling out of control.

“That kiss was pathetic,” Draco whispered to Harry, his eyes glittering playfully. “You’re going to have to do better than that, oh love of my life.” Harry sputtered and said nothing. He didn’t know what to think. Not thinking was an appealing option.

“So, Draco, are you going to go out for sushi with us?” Charlie chuckled. Harry shook his head and sat on the floor, determined not to think, and failing a bit. Where had the Slytherin learned to kiss like that?!


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“I don’t think so,” Draco said lightly. “I’m not hungry at all. Just tired. You would be tired, too, if Harry put you through what he did to me…” Harry squawked and bit his tongue. Draco was really hamming up their fake relationship. As it was, Harry couldn’t imagine himself doing anything at all to his pale roommate- but he could certainly imagine Draco forcing actions out of him, like he’d just done. Hermione only giggled louder as Harry flushed crimson.

“We’ve been trying to get you up for the longest time!” Charlie protested. “All that work, gone to waste?”

“Sorry,” Draco yawned. He didn‘t sound sorry at all. “It might save you a bit of money if I don’t go, too. Confront me with sushi, and even if I’m full, I can’t stop eating until I’ve doubled in size.” Harry smirked, knowing that he would do the same. Charlie surrendered. He and Hermione left, leaving Harry alone with Draco for a minute. Harry felt rather uncomfortable about this. “What’s wrong, Harry?” The blond asked, after a moment. “Scared?”

“Of you? For once, yes! Seeing as you’ve taken control of my friends opinions of me, and all.” The blond rolled his eyes and yawned again. He appeared genuinely exhausted.

“I had to give them a reason,” Draco explained softly. “I had wanted posters up everywhere. Everybody thought I was a Death Eater. How would they react, if they saw me carrying an unconscious Harry Potter? I had to claim I rescued you from some ill fate. Your friends couldn’t think of any reason why I should do so, so I said the first thing I could think of- that I had to save my boyfriend…”

“So, it’s just an excuse?” Harry wrinkled his nose. “You needed an excuse to have saved me?”

“In case you haven’t noticed, everybody HATED me at the time,” the blond mumbled. Harry could tell he was falling asleep as he spoke. “They thought I was lying to cover my ass…”

“But you were lying to cover your ass,” Harry informed him. “Why did you attack me, anyway? And how?”

Draco didn’t answer. He had fallen asleep. Harry groaned, made sure his shoes were tied, and went out to lunch with his friends.


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im nt sure

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really gd story keep postin


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ok thx im posting tonight two chapters. chapters 8 and 9. to cover up from how long ive been ohh smile hope you enjoy


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CHAPTER EIGHT: Twisted Twinkies

After lunch and ice-cream, Harry had come back to room 4 in the Leaky Cauldron, only to find Draco still out for the count. Hermione and Ron had retired to their room, claiming they had some bickering to catch up on. Harry knew perfectly well that wasn’t what they were set out to do. Charlie was still at the ice-cream parlor, chatting it up with a young black woman that had violently green hair. Harry was alone. Bored, and alone. He stood in the middle of room 4 for a minute, looking around. Neither he, nor Draco, had anything at all that could be entertaining. With nothing else to do, Harry took the top bunk and a long a nap.

Harry’s dreams were strange. He was running on a long street, carrying a bag of groceries. It was so dark that the buildings around him couldn’t be seen. There was a dark shape following him, laughing like a maniac. It was gliding like a Dementor, or perhaps like a Lethifold. Despite how fast Harry was, the laughing shadow caught up to him. “What’s wrong, Harry? Scared?” the shadow laughed, kissing him. Harry stared as the shadow removed a hood, revealing itself to be Draco. Something was very wrong about him; his eyes were massive and red, and he had far too many teeth. “Shall I continue the story now?”

“Huh?” Harry asked, opening his eyes.

“Shall I continue the story now?” Draco asked politely, as he stopped shaking Harry’s shoulder. Harry took on his surroundings slowly. He was on the top bunk in room 4, the door was locked, and the curtain was open, revealing a cloudy night sky. He was sitting up on the top bunk, and Draco was knelt on top of him, having just been shaking him to wakefulness. His eyes were gray, and his teeth normal. It was just a dream.
Draco was wearing an outfit Harry had never seen before; a tight black muscle shirt with a white snake on the chest, tight black jeans, and a fancy black cloak with slits running in the shoulders to show his death-white skin as well as ripped-off sleeves instead of cuffs. He had earrings with skulls dangling off them- Harry never knew the Slytherin to have pierced ears- and silver snake bracelets with great huge rubies on them. For a fleeting moment, Harry thought he looked perfect for the role of “Satan’s Man-*****.”

“Where did you get that get-up?” Harry greeted him. “And since when were you nocturnal?”

“Since about three weeks ago,” Draco said grimly, dodging the first question. He frowned, looking over Harry. The raven-haired Gryffindor looked like a hobo compared to the creature above him; tousled black hair, glasses sideways since he forgot to remove them before sleeping, and his new clothes were wrinkled from being slept in. “Do you get it yet?”

“Get what?” Harry asked sleepily.

“Never mind…” Smiling, Draco pulled Harry into a sitting position, despite the squeak of protest. “If you want to know what happened, put your shoes on. We’re going out.”

Half an hour later, Harry and Draco were at a very quiet little bar. The place had a purple and green color scheme, organized so horribly that Harry felt dizzy and nauseous as he looked around the dark room. There were only about five other people here, and they all kept to themselves. The place was full of smoke, which almost masked the scent of alcohol. Harry found it very unpleasant, and he didn’t like the way the woman on the far end of the counter was looking at him. How Draco managed to convince the bartender that Harry was old enough to drink was beyond him; all Draco had done was look the man in the eyes, say “trust me,” and the man did so.


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They bought two of the cheapest beers available, and went to the table farthest from the other bar-goers. This tiny table in the corner was right below a massive stuffed moose head, which Draco eyed with distaste but did not mention. “Can you tell me more yet?” Harry demanded dully, as he yawned and took a small sip of his drink. Butterbeer put this swill to shame. Harry found the flavor absolutely disgusting.

“Fine, fine,” the pale blond nodded, setting his drink down without a taste of it. “Where did I leave off?”

“You’d been taken in by the Muggle graduate,” Harry recapped, “and you’d gotten a job as a waiter. How did you do that, anyway? Don‘t most businesses at least require an ID from people they hire?”

“The restaurant owner actually begged me to work for him,” Draco snickered. “His last waitress quit the moment I walked into the place, and I looked like a good waiter to poor Mr. Ichinomiya.” The blond slowly picked up where he left off..

I did rather well as a waiter, actually. Since my father had been training me for years how to become the perfect Death Eater, I knew how to kiss people’s asses without seeming undignified. I don’t think he figured I’d use that knowledge to be a waiter, but it worked well. A couple weeks passed without much of anything happening. I got a decent wad of money from that first two weeks of working, and I was getting familiar with a lot of Muggle things. I’d had to tell Becky- my housemate- that I had grown up with some backwoods brainwashing cult, so I didn’t know much about how the world really worked, and that got me out of a few messes where I slipped up about magic. That was also my explanation for running around homeless, in wizard clothing. I helped pay rent and I didn’t eat much, so things worked out rather well.


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I did miss mother, and I was sure father was mad at me for becoming a wanted wizard. Becky noticed me moping a bit, so she introduced me to this bar. After those two weeks, we had the fortune of having some leftover cash. She’d already taken me to this place a fair few times, so we needed a new way to celebrate. She took me to a nightclub.

“And that’s where you fell to darkness, and became a denizen of the night?” Harry laughed, hoping there was significant about this nightclub. Draco glared at him, eyes flashing malignantly.

“Yes, actually. Do you get it now?”

“Get what?”

“You IDIOT!” Draco snarled. He grabbed his beer, leaned over, and blatantly poured it over Harry’s head.

“Hey!” the Gryffindor protested loudly, knocking Draco away from him as he stood and glared at his dripping arms. The beer rendered his green shirt transparent. His sopping wet hair fell limp over his glasses, which, thankfully, still repelled liquids since Hermione’s Impervious spell some years earlier. “What the hell was that for?!”

“For being a ****ing moron,” Draco replied calmly, as he handed Harry a napkin holder. Harry growled lowly, as he began to dry himself off, trying to ignore the amused looks he received from the bartender. Draco went on with his tale.

In that club, I met a very pretty woman. Very, very pretty. She seemed interested in me, so I flirted with her, with no shame at all. It’s the dumbest thing I’d ever done.

“Aside from walking out of King’s Cross without directions?”

“Shut up!”

It turned out that she wasn’t a woman at all.

Harry burst out laughing, banging his dripping head repeatedly against the table. He ignored Draco’s acidic glare. “You were hitting on a…” Harry chortled. The ruffled Slytherin lost his composure for a moment. His pale fingers whipped forward, ensnaring Harry’s soggy mop of black hair and tugging him violently forward. Harry yelped in pain and shock, somewhat alarmed to find his face two inches away from Draco’s. His gray eyes seemed glazed over and covered with some glowing silver film. Harry had been dragged across the table by the enraged blond, who quickly glared at the other people in the bar, as if daring them to stop him, before turning back to Harry.

“It’s not what you think. While she was indeed female, she wasn’t human,” the pale blond hissed under his breath. “Does the word vampire ring a bell?”

Harry’s body froze as his mind tried to suck this in. Vampire, vampire, vampire- Draco hitting on a vampire. Draco sleeping all day, shrieking in pain from sunlight. Draco being pale with red eyes and ripped clothes. Draco attacking him in the alley after Harry offered to feed him. Draco hitting on a vampire? Draco being a vampire. Vampire, vampire, vampire. Dracula, Nosferatu, Kyuuketsuki. Dracula, Draco. Vampire.

“I thought it would,” Draco whispered, as he watched Harry’s eyes widen. “You must feel like a right fool, now. I’ve thrown so many hints at you. If your head were any thicker, one might mistake it for a wall.” The pale fingers untangled themselves from Harry’s hair, letting the small young man sink down into his chair, shocked beyond reason. Draco smirked at his paralysis. “Need any help with that beer, Harry?” Harry blinked a couple times, numbly reaching for his beer and taking a tentative sip. “There’s a good boy.” Draco took his seat again and waved at the bartender, who had been watching them with a troubled expression.

“Yes, I suppose you have thrown a lot of hints at me,” Harry mumbled. He began to feel a bit ashamed of his ignorance.

“Damn right, I have! Too many!”

“It’s just too hard to imagine you as anything but a… pureblood wizard,” Harry sighed apologetically. “But I suppose it doesn’t matter, really. I’ve had inhuman friends before. Werewolves, half-giants, centaurs… You may be an *******, but you’re not all that dangerous. You’ve always been out to suck the lifeblood from those below you. It’s just a little bit more literal now.” The blond smirked, not disagreeing with Harry.


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“I’m just lucky Granger hasn’t figured it out. She would kill me for it. Slowly… and creatively.” Harry slowly nodded. No matter how kind and forgiving Hermione was, she’d kill Draco is she found out he’d attacked Harry and been lying the whole time. “Shall I go on with the story?” The Gryffindor nodded.

To make a long story short, the vampire separated me from Becky and turned me vampiric in the alley behind the club. I don’t see why she did it. She just said I was cute, murdered me, gave me her business card, and walked off singing. It was pretty damn strange to watch my murderer walk away singing. I don’t think this is important in any way, but it was the Sailor Moon theme song she was singing…

Anyway, after being turned, I just kind of stayed there for the rest of the night. I looked pretty strange, since she ripped up all my clothes and got me rather bloodied up. I was scared of the way everything felt around me. I even screamed like a little girl when a cat walked into the alley, because I could her little heart beating, and it scared the crap out me. It ended up scaring the crap out of the hungry little kitty, but I bet she found a fish in some other dumpster.

“Is your memory a lot clearer for things that happened after being… turned?” Harry asked slowly, taking another sip of his disgusting beer. He now understood why Draco had bothered to get it for him. He needed something to calm him. The blond nodded. “That’s good, I guess… Depending on what you’ve got to remember.” Draco nodded again, a bit more grimly. “So, what did you do?”

I didn’t do anything until it was almost dawn. I figured that there’d be no point in sitting around sulking until the sun fried me. I knew I couldn’t go back to Becky, so I spent that first day hiding in a stranger’s basement. It reeked in there- something was water leaking all over their boxes of old clothes, so the mold really bothered my nose. Anyway, I hadn’t been able to sleep that day, so I waited until everyone left the house and washed my clothes. I was so grateful to Becky for teaching me how to use a washer and dryer.

I had that whole day to mull over my situation, which was worse than ever before. Yes, I did moan and groan about not being a pureblood wizard. I figured my father and mother would kill me when they heard about it. There were still wanted posters all over the place. I made up my mind to let somebody capture me, since I didn’t want to risk turning myself in at the ministry and getting hexed to pieces.

“You wanted to get caught?” Harry whispered. “Why?”

“I had nothing else to do,” Draco said softly. “I could have done the same thing my mistress- did… Go to a different night club every evening, find some poor victim to kill, and steal his house the next day before moving on. I didn’t want to go on like that, though. I knew that the magical world had programs to help those that are turned. I also knew for a fact that the vampiric community had recently told the Dark Lord where he could shove his peace offerings. I thought that, surely, they would have to remove their charges of me being a Death eater if I were brought in.”

“Oh… Go on,” Harry urged.

I stayed very close to the entrance to the Ministry, since that’s the most likely place for me to find a witch or wizard. It actually took several days until somebody recognized me. He called some Aurors on me. Though I just stood there and let them incapacitate me, they were very rude about it, and I got a few undeserved kicks and hexes. They’d decided I was too dangerous to leave conscious, so they knocked me out. Stupid pricks.

When I woke up, I was in Azkaban.

“What?” Harry asked sharply. “No trial or anything?”

“We’re at war, Mr. Harry Potter,” the blond laughed bitterly. “It’s like things were before that fateful Halloween, when your cute little baby self kicked the Dark Lord’s sorry ass. Fudge throws anybody he deems dangerous in Azkaban, and only the lucky ones get a trial. Since I was found to be a vampire, they assumed the vampire community was lying about their anti-Dark Lord position in the matter. Thanks to me, suspicion was laid on all the other vampires. I got a lot of hate mail in Azkaban, even from my mistress. She was quite ashamed to have turned me.”

The worst of it was, I was in the cell right next to my father. Fudge had gotten rid of the Dementors, but the place was miserable enough without them, and my father was raving mad. He tried to talk to me through the bars. He insisted that he was proud of me for joining the Dark Lord, until I said I was a vampire and I wouldn’t join Him if he paid me in beautiful women.

He flipped. He just screamed over and over that I wasn’t his prodigal son. I think he told me to get raped by a Bogart. I’m sure the guards put me next to him as a punishment. He just kept ranting for a few days. That made it rather hard to sleep. For the good of my own sanity, I convinced myself that he was absolutely insane and he wasn’t my father anymore. Not by ties of love, nor by blood. Just a raving lunatic that hated me for unjust reasons. My mistress was my new blood-relation, and she slowly came to forgive me through the owls we sent back and forth. She was probably the only one that believed I didn’t support the Dark Lord.

There was only one good thing about Azkaban; they kept me fed. There was one other area in which I got lucky. I would get a trial after being in there for a week. It was annoying, but I could stand a week in that hell hole. My mistress sent me a small pewter snake necklace, saying it was for good luck. She said, if I wasn’t granted freedom, she’d visit me in Azkaban every once in a while. My trial date was July 23rd. Right before I was escorted to the courtrooms, my father screamed out that, as soon as he got his hands on the necessary documents, he would disown me. I didn’t think he meant it, but I didn’t really care at the time. I was too busy keeping myself calm.

They kept me blinded while leading me away from Azkaban. I think the trip from Azkaban to the Ministry lasted a few hours. I was chained onto a broom they were guiding behind them. They kept spinning me in circles to make sure I was awake. It was really annoying. The air smelled like rotting grass. I haven’t got a clue what places we flew over.

They let me see again when we arrived at the courtroom. It was the big room with the chair- I think you know what I’m talking about. They locked me into it. I was feeling somewhat doomed, but I was calm, since I figured there was very little more they could do to make me suffer. I really was innocent.

Right before the court was called to session, I decided to hold the good luck necklace my mistress sent me. When I touched it, I felt that nasty tug at my stomach, and the world spun a few circles, and then I was in a small apartment.

“Huh?” Harry mumbled, confused. His eyelids had began to droop. Though he was completely engrossed by Draco’s tale, he was still exhausted from the previous couple days.

“A Portkey, Harry,” the blond sighed. “The necklace was really a Portkey. My mistress had no faith in me whatsoever, so she decided to ‘rescue’ me from the Ministry, by sending me an inactive Portkey that would take me to her current residence once I was in the courtroom.”

Harry took another sip of his beer, keeping his eyes trained on Draco. By this time, they were the only ones left in the bar, save the bartender, who had politely decided to listen to his CD player while cleaning mugs rather than eavesdrop.

The story is short and simple from there on. My mistress thought she had done me a great service, but as it turns out, it had only made the price on my head increase. I got very angry with her, and decided to walk away and leave her without figuring out the address she was staying at. I’d been on my own another day before figuring out that I needed help controlling the strange powers I’d been given. I was getting hungry and I didn’t want to hurt anybody. I would have gone back to my mistress, but I didn’t know where she was, and she never sent me any post. I was lost for a couple days.

As it turns out, I was in Surrey. When I discovered this, it brought you back into my mind. I knew you’d been friends with people of different species. The more I thought about it, the more appealing it was to find you. I figured that, if I could just talk to you and convince you that I was innocent, you might have been able to help me get cleared with the Ministry. I came to the conclusion that, if you couldn’t help me, nobody could. So I set out to find you, though I didn’t know where in Surrey you were.

I’d gotten very sick from starvation. I spent a few nights wandering Surrey, getting hungrier and hungrier. I still hadn’t found you, obviously. I found another wanted poster with my face on it. The price on my head had doubled, and my name was now listed as simply “Draco” instead of “Draco Malfoy”. I knew I’d been officially disowned. That was pretty damn depressing.

The night after, when I woke up in an alley where I’d been sleeping in a trash can, my whole body felt like it was burning- it was the hunger. I absolutely refused to hurt some random Muggle. Doesn’t that show how much I’d changed? If I were the same Draco I was when I left school, I would have stuffed my face on every Muggle I crossed paths with. But I know now that having a wand to wave in circles doesn’t make you any more important than anybody else. Anyway, I was so hungry that I wanted to kill myself. I’d woken up crying and shaking because of it. I had plenty of reasons to do commit suicide by then, and it was either me dying or the next person I laid eyes on.

I grabbed one of the chopsticks I found in the trash can, and I was going to stake myself, but then… who should show up but my favorite Gryffindor and a couple bags of groceries.


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"So, that’s how I saved your life? I interrupted your suicide attempt? One would think you’d be… mad at me, for a while at least.”

“Mad at you? You gave me a reason to go on existing, DUMBASS!” the blond laughed. “You were my last hope, and you offered to help me during my darkest hour. Did you even know who I was?” Harry shook his head, and Draco smirked. “I thought not. It’s probably a good thing. I don’t think you would have tried to help me without question, if you knew who it was. Shall I continue?” Harry nodded.

You seemed concerned about me, so I was honest with you. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was hungry. I would have told you the truth immediately, but my patience had grown too thin. I was too damn hungry. Even though I knew I needed you, I couldn’t stop myself. It was too easy to grab you and dig in. It really was. You’re supposed to kill the Dark Lord, but I could have killed you easily.

“How did my taste compare?” Harry wondered out loud. Draco closed his eyes and leaned back lazily in his chair, resting his head on his forearms. “Well?”

“There’s not much I can compare you to,” the vampire responded slowly. “I haven’t bitten anyone else. I think it was dog blood they were feeding me in Azkaban, always in a bowl. That was sort of stringy and bitter. Yours was somewhat sweet. Very salty. Not stringy at all.” His lips curved into a gentle smile, revealing the smallest bit of fang. “And it was very warm. The blood they gave me in Azkaban was cold. But the flavor is nothing, really. You were exceptionally satisfying because I could feel your heart beating…” He trailed off.

Harry couldn’t help it but notice that the exposed canines of his companion were slowly growing longer. “You can’t be hungry again so soon,” Harry said loudly. “You went a couple weeks without anything, as a new vampire.” Draco’s eyes snapped open, red but fading to gray.

“Sorry. You got me thinking about it. I’m not really hungry, you're just sort of tempting me. How would you like it if we started discussing the finer points of a chocolate cake, hmm? Let’s talk about the texture of the frosting and the flavor of the cake itself. Let’s not forget those cakes with a middle layer of fruit filling. The way those cherries feel when you pop them with your teeth, and the way that flavor just explodes on your tongue…” Harry gulped, realizing he was about to drool.

The blond stood and leaned forwards, bringing his face only a few inches from Harry’s face. His expression was purely wicked. Harry found himself shrinking into the back of the chair as Draco came closer still. “I’m not about to pin you to the chair and devour you, Harry…” His pale and cold lips brushed over Harry’s, so ever so lightly. “… Even though you’re a great deal tastier than cake.”

sorry its in lots of posts but its a very long chapter with draco's story


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CHAPTER NINE: Twisting Worlds

Holy crap. Draco just kissed me.

Harry was still frozen in his seat, though the blond had long since pulled away and began to stare boredly out the window. Sure, it wasn’t difficult to comprehend what just happened. But Harry couldn’t grasp why. Harry couldn’t imagine his lips being considered delicious by a vampire. The only conclusion he could come to was that Draco really did have a thing for him; which provided only more confusion for Harry. Many things had happened to the Slytherin since they last met, but nothing merited Draco suddenly liking him… that way. He may be grateful for the meal provided in a dark alley, but this? Harry’s mind mulled over this uselessly. It occurred to him that Draco might just be hungry again and desperate for his victim’s trust, but if that were the case, he surely would have been devoured by now. Draco couldn’t like him that way. They’d been enemies for years. And the Prophecy! How could anybody see past something like that?!

“Are you done stewing in your own miserable juices?” Draco cut in eventually, sounding rather annoyed as he surveyed the mortified wizard before him. Harry shook his head slowly. “If I’d known all it took to stun you was a kiss, I could have had you chained to the wall at Hogwarts years ago.” The blond playfully waved a pale hand in front of Harry’s face, laughing as Harry’s green eyes flashed and he swatted the hand away. “Ah, so you’ve decided to show signs of life!”

“Shut up,” Harry groaned. “I’m trying to think.”

“And failing, from the look of things,” the vampire chuckled darkly, gray eyes sparkling with wicked mirth. “You must not be good at holding your alcohol. You haven’t even had half of your beer.”

“I’m not drunk, and you know it!” Harry protested sharply. “I’m just tired and confused. This is the second night I’ve stayed up talking to you. That’s the second time you’ve locked lips with me, without warning. I just figured out you’re not even human anymore. You can’t expect me to be intelligent right now.”

“No? I take it that my kisses are mind-blowing,” Draco concluded arrogantly. Harry groaned louder and pressed his burning face into his palms. “Aren’t they? Yes or no, Harry, it doesn’t require too much thought…” He glared at him silently. Little did Draco know, it really did require too much thought. Not only about the answer, but about how the pale boy would react to it.

“Yes,” he answered hesitantly. “But that means nothing. I may not be revolted, but I’m not gay, so don’t expect anything from me.” The vampire smiled to himself, flashing the smallest bit of fang. It was one of those ‘I know something you don’t know’ expressions. “Get your mind off it. I am not gay,” Harry repeated firmly. Then he shuddered and looked away, trying to act as if Draco wasn’t undressing him with his glittery red eyes.

… Red eyes? Yes, they were completely red. Crap. “Do you think I care what you prefer?” that silky voice purred. Harry’s eyes widened.

Suddenly, cold hands clamped Harry’s mouth shut. Before Harry could move an inch, the pale creature was behind him, knelt over him so closely that Harry could feel his individual muscles through the holes in the back of the chair. Another hand snaked in front of the boy, trapping him down on the chair. Harry held absolutely still, suddenly terrified.

Draco leaned into Harry’s ear and breathed the very things that ran through Harry’s mind. “Do you know where you are, Harry? You’re sitting in a dark bar, wandless, at three in the morning, with a vampire. Nobody knows where you are. Your only help could come from that Muggle bartender. You could be in pieces in two minutes if I lost control.” That was true, and they both knew it.

The clammy hand released Harry’s mouth, but Harry didn’t say a word. Draco slowly moved off of him and sat back in his seat, looking somewhat upset about what he’d just said and done. It was obviously a stupid little outburst. “You do realize I don’t care, right?” Harry finally asked. “You already said you wouldn’t rape me, because I’m obviously not good enough for you.” Harry sneered. “And you simply can’t kill me.”

“I know.”

“Do you?” Harry sighed, leaning back and relaxing in the chair. “You can’t maim me much worse than you did a few days ago. Thanks to that damn prophecy, until I’ve murdered Voldemort or been killed by him, I can’t die.” The blond nodded. “It’s not your stupid vampire powers. It’s just me.”

“Yes, you are a fool like that. Thank you,” the blond whispered, sounding more sincere than ever before. Harry shrugged and closed his eyes. He was getting really exhausted from all the talking and thinking- and staying up all night- that he’d taken part in lately. He didn’t have a clue what time it was, but he knew Hermione and Ron would kill him if they knew he wasn’t asleep. Draco seemed to notice Harry’s drooping eyelids. “Time to go back?”

“Definitely,” Harry sighed, as he stood and stretched. His chest felt extremely cold, since it was still soggy with beer. A beer that went to good use, Harry thought to himself. I needed somebody to make it clear what an idiot I am. Draco stood and stretched as well, more out of habit than because he needed to. They exchanged no more words as they stepped out of the green and purple bar, Draco waving to the bartender as they reentered the cold streets of Muggle London.

Harry pulled his robe tighter around him, trying to ward off the chilly night air. Their footsteps echoed in the darkness. The moon was hidden too well behind the clouds to shed any light on their whereabouts; though Draco could see fine and knew the way, Harry would quickly get lost. A small breeze brought an empty crisp bag across their path, along with a couple half-rotted flowers that had fallen off some garden flower. The only light came from a nearby lamp, under which stood a group of seven Muggles.

Harry didn’t like them. Something about the way they were watching him and Draco didn’t bode well with him. “Draco…” The Gryffindor whispered slowly, realizing that the blond was leading him right towards the small group. “Let’s take another route.”

The vampire turned around slowly, letting his sultry robe swoosh impressively in the air. “Why?” he asked silkily, smiling, showing off his sparkly white teeth. Harry’s eyes widened, and he found himself taking a step back from his grinning companion.

“Draco… don’t,” Harry pleaded.

“Why?” Draco asked again, turning back to the group of Muggles. Several of them had taken a few steps towards the two, looking quite menacing. One of them pulled a thick metal bar from his jacket, grinning as if trying to compete with Draco’s smile. Draco calmly moved towards this man, completely undeterred by the smaller boy that grabbed his arm and tried to hold him back. He was only ten feet away now, and closing in, despite Harry’s attempts at dragging him away. Another man pulled out a metal rod, smirking.

Despite the obviously ill intentions of the Muggles, Harry knew perfectly well that they were the prey, and Draco was the aggressor. He didn’t want to step between a vampire and his dinner- but these were normal people. Armed and dangerous normal people. Merlin. This was going to be one hell of a fight, and Harry wanted to prevent it. “I thought you weren’t hungry!” Harry growled in Draco’s ear, as he tried to dig his heels into the road and stop the blonde’s progress.

“I lied.” Draco grinned, displaying his fangs for the Muggles as well as Harry. They were about half an inch long, and they were snakelike, which meant they were mostly flesh. His eyes had begun to faintly glow red, making his skin seem even paler in the night. “Them, or you? I can do a public service by murdering these blokes, or I can render you useless for another day.” Harry almost let go of Draco’s arm when he was threatened, but his will and grip held firm.

Even the Muggles had began to notice the signs. The nearest one halted in his tracks, glaring as he raised his bar slightly. “Got any money, kids?” he grunted.

“Yes, lots,” Draco laughed. His fangs managed to get larger as he threw his head back slightly. His voice was smoother than silk, the kind of voice a guy typically uses on a beautiful stranger, and Harry had trouble keeping his nerve. That was the tone Draco had used when he thanked Harry over and over before biting him. “Come here, I’ll give it to you. I’ll give it all to you…”

“No,” Harry hissed. “God, no. Don’t do this.” The Muggle with the bar seemed somewhat alarmed, and the men behind him shifted uncomfortably. They might not have gotten the whole vampire thing, but any idiot could have understood that there was something very wrong about Draco. The blond took two more steps forward, and it was too much for Harry. “Take me and leave them alone!” Harry squeaked, wincing as he realized what he just said. Crap.

That shocked Draco out of mobility. “Do you mean that?” he asked, watching Harry from the corner of his large red eyes.

“Yes,” Harry whispered, alarmed by that fact. How’s that for Gryffindor behavior? His voice had risen a couple octaves. “Just don’t cause trouble.” The blond stared at him for a minute, mulling things over in his hungry little brain. “Let’s go.”

He didn’t expect Draco’s reaction to be so immediate. In a movement too fast for Harry to see, he was knocked off his feet, but before he could hit the ground, he was being held by the vampire’s thin arms. Harry had shrieked in shocked alarm at that, but now his voice was caught in his throat and he held completely still. He tensed, knowing exactly what he had volunteered for. The Muggle with the bar took a step back, while several of the others gawked. “He’s a monster,” one of them said softly.


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“I suppose you could put it that way,” Draco answered him. “Good evening, gentlemen.” Then he burst into a full run, off in the direction of the Leaky Cauldron.

The sky above suddenly became a blur to Harry, who closed his eyes tightly and clung to Draco as he ran. He didn’t want to be dropped at this speed- that would be like falling out of a car! Luckily, Draco’s grip was firmer than that. The night air was frigid against his ankles, which were being whipped by the hems of his pants. Patches of red light whirled before his closed eyes, and he assumed those were street lamps. There was a moment where the world got extremely dark and Draco slowed down, making Harry cling to him frantically as he lurched forward- then the world was still. Harry opened his dazed and spinning eyes to see a distorted room 4 in the Leaky Cauldron.

“We’re here,” Draco announced needlessly, setting the dizzy Gryffindor on the bottom bunk. Harry was immensely relieved to be here, but there was also a nasty feeling of dread settling in his guts. He buried his face in the pillow, trying to shake off his dizzy spell and calm himself. He didn’t want to look at Draco, who was surely looking at him like a California roll. He held still again. No sudden movements in front of predators. He still didn’t move when he felt the mattress shift under him, the telltale bounce of somebody sitting at the foot of the bed. “You’re an idiot,” Draco informed him.

“I’ve noticed,” Harry groaned. “You must have sucked more than blood when you bit me that first time.” He groaned again as he realized how wrong that sentence was. Draco chuckled slightly. “Brains, I meant brains! You bloody zombie pervert!” Draco cracked up and fell into the bed. Harry could tell by the way it bounced under his legs that Draco had fallen hard and was still shaking with laughter.

“How do you know I didn’t suck other things?” Draco laughed, his tone playful. “You passed out right afterwards. For all you know-”

“Eww!” Harry cried out, wadding himself into a ball. No, that’s just… eww. “Do not give me those mental images!” The blond fell silent. Harry could feel his huge eyes boring holes into him. Silence reigned. Harry felt a trickle of dread for a moment- did he just offend Draco with this? All of a sudden, an image flashed in his mind, as clear as a photograph. Harry, unconscious on the ground in a dark alley, with Draco crouched over him, in a very wrong manner… “Gah!” Harry cried out, sitting bolt upright, flinging the pillow from his face. Draco was shaking with laughter again. “What did you do?!”

“I gave you those mental images,” Draco laughed. “It’s one of those perks that goes along with the torment of being undead.” Another image flashed in Harry’s mind, this one far more obscene then the first. Harry lying flat on that bottom bunk with Draco on top of him, bodies entangled-

“Ugh! Stop that!” Harry hissed, shuddering as he buried his burning face in his hands. Draco didn’t stop laughing, and neither did he stop putting images in Harry’s head. The charade went on for several minutes; Harry pleading with Draco to stop it, another image that was dirtier than the last, Harry getting even redder. Some of those things looked too damn fun, and it was irritating Harry to no end, because he didn’t like guys and he sure as hell didn’t like Draco. And he didn’t like Draco messing with his head.

“You enjoy it,” Draco informed him with wicked glee.

“Oh, BITE ME!”


“You sick, perverted bastard!”

“Does that mean you want me to bite you in some sick, perverse place?” Draco asked innocently. Harry banged his head against the nearest bedpost, completely disgusted. Draco certainly wasn’t making his intentions secret. Two kisses, and now this?! “Fine. I’ll stop torturing you.”

“Thank you.”

“So, where shall I bite you?” Harry buried his head in blankets. “In front of Granger and Weasley, or all alone in a cheap inn room?” Harry tensed up at this. “Hmm… Alone sounds good to me. Granger would kill me if I hurt you right before her eyes.”

“Ron would do the same.”

“After running away to vomit for a few minutes.” Harry secretly agreed, though he didn’t want to think of it. “So, if being all alone in this bed suits you just fine…” Draco was finally cutting to the chase. Harry glued his eyes shut, trying not to tense up as the mattress shifted under the moving weight of the blond vampire. Even ignoring the fact that Harry was about to be eaten alive, he would have felt nervous around Draco after those mental images. “You have to relax, Harry.”

Hands wrapped around his waist, and Harry bit back a squeak as he was lightly pulled into a sitting position, right up against Draco. Harry stubbornly kept his eyes shut, but it didn’t change any of his other senses. Draco smelled a lot like Ron; Harry assumed he’d been forced to use the redhead’s deodorant. His chest was as cold as ice; Harry could feel it through all three layers of clothing that separated them. Frigid hands pulled Harry flush against him, and chilly breath ghosted around his half-exposed throat, making the smaller young man tremble from cold and apprehension. Harry made no move to resist; after all, he had volunteered for this. “Relax,” Draco cooed softly, brushing his lips against Harry’s skin and causing goose bumps to cascade all over the Gryffindor.

“How the hell am I supposed to relax, when-” Harry began hotly, but Draco cut him off with a clammy hand pressed gently against his lips.

“Deep breaths,” the vampire laughed softly. Those lips were in motion. Harry tensed when he felt them part- then gasped as a tongue slowly caressed the same spot he’d bitten before, right over his jugular. Harry remained tense for a few seconds, but it soon became clear that Draco wasn’t going to stop. Harry took a deep breath, relaxing slightly as he tried not to feel tickled. Perhaps tickled wasn’t quite the word; that was erotic and Draco knew it. Harry ended up slowly letting go, relaxing over the next few minutes and letting his face burn. That damned tongue! It was cold, but it felt nice, and Harry didn’t like the fact that it did.

For a split second, that tongue darted back into it’s mouth, and before Harry could tense up, twin fangs stabbed deep into him. Harry cried out as pain ripped through him for a moment, which then evaporated as that familiar bliss swamped his dazed mind. He became as limp as a boneless fish in Draco’s arms, but he didn’t really care any more; this felt good. His head fell back to rest on Draco’s shoulder. Harry couldn’t help it but open his eyes slightly; the mattress under the top bunk swam above him, and the dark of the night was creeping around the corners of his vision. For several minutes, the only sound he could hear was this melodic drumming that he knew to be his heart. A small amount of panic rose in him as he heard it begin to slow, but he was certain Draco needed him too much to kill him. Surely he can’t kill me after all this… The prophecy won’t let me die…

The door burst open with a huge crunching noise, and Harry whimpered as he was torn from Draco’s grip, his fangs having ripped large gashes in Harry’s neck from the rough removal. Draco cried out as well. Through the whirling haze of Harry’s sight, he witnessed Draco hissing in pain and raising a hand to his bloodstained jaw.

Harry was still limp, but now he was in somebody else’s arms. Hermione.

“You swore you wouldn’t hurt him,” the witch gasped, her voice broken by rage and sorrow. Her wand was aimed at the pale creature on the bed, who’s lamp-like red eyes were fixed on her in alarm. “I should have known better than to trust a vampire Malfoy.”

Harry passed out.

A/R: Thats It! Chapters 8 and 9!! Hope Y'all Enojy!


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i be away 2 days and look what happens! LoL

CHAPTER TEN: Untwisting Visions


Where am I?


What’s that noise?


Oh, Merlin, I know that smell. Somebody’s bleeding.

“Yes, you are.” Harry opened his eyes and found that they didn’t want to be opened just yet. He was as exhausted as that one time in fifth year when he stayed away for nearly a week, after… Not going to think of it. He was in the bathroom at the Leaky Cauldron, and upon further inspection, he found himself in the bathtub, wearing nothing but his boxers. There was about an inch of cold water in the bottom of the tub. The dripping noises continued right next to his listening ears.

“Draco?” Harry murmured. He didn’t dare move his head, remembering how his body felt after his last vampire bite. A pale arm moved into the tub. Harry flinched; but Draco had only moved down to stroke Harry’s forehead. A moment later, the blond knelt over the tub so Harry could see him. His eyes were gray again, and though his skin had a healthier glow to it, there were tremendous bags under his eyes, and his muscles were all drawn in a stressful manner. “What happened when Hermione-”

“Hush,” the Slytherin sighed. “Don’t talk. Don’t move. You’re not fixed up yet.” Harry blinked tiredly and confusedly up at the vampire, who was wearing one of Ron’s old hand-me-down bathrobes. “When Granger so rudely yanked you away from me, a few horrible things happened.” Harry’s confused look became a questioning one. Horrible things? The blond looked very upset for a moment, but he continued to absently stroke Harry‘s forehead. “My fangs broke off and got stuck inside you.”


“Shh!” Draco hissed, pressing Harry’s mouth shut. “Don’t worry, we eventually got them out… with luck and a pair of tweezers…” Harry grimaced at the thought of his friends digging at his throat with tweezers. “And my abnormal healing abilities allowed me to grow a new set for myself. However, there are a few things you ought to know about vampire fangs…” Draco definitely looked queasy by this time. Harry’s breath caught in his throat, with concern. The vampire looked over his shoulder, blond hair swaying slightly. “Granger? Please, back me up.”

“Well, for one thing, they secrete an anticoagulant, and that’s why you’re still bleeding,” Hermione’s voice echoed through the bathroom. Harry could tell she was annoyed. Draco smirked and leaned towards Harry, to whisper.

“Beware the hybrid’s temper, Harry… She got worse than beer dumped on her head for her idiocy,” the pale young man whispered. His gray eyes glinted in a mischievous sort of way.

“What did you do?” Harry asked slowly, his eyes widening slightly. He had obviously forgotten to whisper, because Hermione heard and answered.

“He decided I needed to become better acquainted with the inside of a toilet,” Hermione sniffed, walking closer. Harry saw that her bushy brown hair was wet, and she reeked of human waste. “I think I’ve paid for my mistake. Anyway, we gave you a blood replenishing potion and we’re still trying to stop your neck from bleeding. If it doesn’t stop soon, we might have to take you to St. Mungo’s.”

Harry sighed. It could have been worse. He felt some grim satisfaction, knowing Draco had wreaked heavy vengeance upon her for the painful intrusion. The continued bleeding explained why he was in the bathtub. But it didn’t quite explain why Draco and Hermione looked ready to fall over and die of exhaustion.

“We had a bit of a row,” Draco explained softly. “Granger was livid. She didn’t seem to appreciate the fact that almost everything I’ve ever said to her was a lie.” Hermione snorted. “Don’t worry, she’s not going to turn me in- after all, there’s no case against me now, and you volunteered for that bite! I told her a bit about my summer and how I was turned…” The blond leaned forward, about an inch from Harry’s face. “And I told her just how much I love you for everything you’ve done. It’s so surprising, how fast affections can grow. Just one week… and BAM. If I hadn’t found you, I don’t know where I’d be.”

Harry stared at him with mixed feelings of alarm and flattery. Despite every slimy act and lie he’d seen from the Slytherin, Harry didn’t think he was lying.

“I hate to break you out of your romantic reverie,” Hermione growled, giving Draco an acidic glare as she lightly pushed the lanky boy aside, “but Harry has to drink this now.” She handed Harry a cup full of red liquid, encouraging him to drink it. Harry assumed it would taste horrible, like most medicines and potions, so he grimaced and took a great gulp. Draco watched him with a very serious expression as Harry started and took another tentative sip; it actually tasted rather nice. “Do you have any idea what that is?”


“That’s my blood, Harry.” Harry gulped. “We’ll explain a bit later.” Harry, knowing how stubborn the blond could be, surrendered and swallowed another mouthful. It really didn’t taste much like blood. It was far too sweet.

“Explain now,” the Gryffindor coughed. Draco and Hermione exchanged looks of exasperated nervousness. “Hello? Answer me! Why, exactly, have I just drank vampire blood?”

“It’s not going to turn you, Harry,” Hermione said quickly. “It’s just that it might help stop the bleeding…”

“Wouldn’t it be more effective to just dump it on the cuts?” Harry groaned. Experimental healing didn’t appeal to him, especially when he was the patient. Hermione slapped herself on the forehead, and Draco promptly whisked the cup away, dipping the end of a washcloth in it before holding it against a sore spot on Harry’s neck. “Merlin… You’re both mothering me.” It was Draco’s turn to snort, and everybody knew Malfoys didn’t snort. “You gave that blood willingly, right?”

“No,” Draco drawled sarcastically. “It was taken by force for the resurrection of our new Dark Lord, Harry Potter…”

“That’s not funny,” Hermione hissed, walking up and giving Draco a bonk over the head with her knuckle. The blond only laughed, despite the twin glares he received from Hermione and Harry.

“Sure it is,” the Slytherin chuckled. The bloody washcloth was dunked in the cup again and brought back to Harry’s neck, which felt warm and somewhat tingly. “He hears voices, he speaks in tongues! He has nightmarish visions, in which he takes the role of being the Dark Lord! And that incident in fifth year… With the snake…” The vampire smirked. Harry felt a sense of impending doom. “Did he ever tell you that he saw things from the snake’s point of view, and right afterwards, he almost attacked Dumbledore with his little imaginary snake fangs? Make a good vampire or Dark Lord, this one will…”

Hermione was staring emptily at Harry, so completely lost in thought that she seemed frozen. Draco continued. “Let’s see… He’s beginning to hate Muggles as well as the Ministry of Magic. He’s had a bad past, our Harry! He’s always been experimenting with magic far above his level, and he seems to master it all immediately! He learned a handy little curse from the Dark Lord in second year, through the diary. I don’t even know what that spell was, but it was sure useful in fighting off the spiders in the forest, wasn’t it? And from what I heard, he didn’t do such a bad job when he used the Cruciatus Curse on Bellatrix Lestrange… It made her stop treating him like a baby…”

“Stop!” Harry hissed, remembering with a pang of guilt that he’d never told Hermione and Ron about using the Cruciatus on Bellatrix, nor about being the snake in his visions. These were some of the things he hoped his friends would never hear about. Hermione was giving him that look, the same look she’d given Harry after finding out that he as a Parsletongue and hearing voices. That frightened, suspicious look that almost asked, ‘who are you and what have you done with Harry?’.

Draco smiled. “So, have you noticed that I’m a naturally skilled at Legilimency yet?”

“Yes,” Harry groaned. “And you’re obvious better at it then Voldemort. He hasn’t managed to pick through my memories like that, without me knowing.” Hermione was now looking back and forth between the two, as if they’d gone mad. “At least… I don’t think he has…” He shook that grim thought out of his head.

“It happens when I bite you,” Draco said lightly. “Your life flashes before my eyes. Did you know, I can only force images into your head? I tried it on Granger a minute ago, but apparently I’ve become… bonded to you through your snack offerings.” The door suddenly slammed shut outside of Harry‘s vision, and he shifted slightly, despite the painful twinge in his neck. “She’s gone, Harry. She probably went to snog a book on vampires and see just how special I am.” Harry lay back down, trying not to smirk. Snogging a book… How delicately Draco puts it.

“My neck isn’t getting any better, is it?” Harry sighed. The vampire shook his head and doused the victimized flesh of Harry’s throat in more of his own blood. Harry knew he should have felt sickened by this, but he wasn’t. Maybe Draco wasn’t kidding when he said Harry would make a good vampire or Dark Wizard… He could never be a Dark Lord, but Dark Wizard…? The Gryffindor, sickened by his own thoughts, placed a clammy and weak hand on his face- and noticed something. “Is there anything else I should know about your fangs?” he asked slowly, now glaring at Draco.

“Not that I know of,” the blond answered, looking nervous. “Why?”

“You’ve got a hair on your cheek.”

“So what?” the Slytherin scowled, pulling that one pale, nearly invisible hair off of his face.

“I could see it.”


“I don’t have my glasses on.”

A/R: Hope Y'all Enjoy. Hope The Few Chapters, 8,9 and 10 explain a bit!



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I like it a lot!! Keep writing no matter what ppl tell you. thumb up yes

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thx katie! Me and my sister, Laurie lyk feedback even though im really the only one who posts it.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Around the Twist!

Draco was staring at Harry as if he’d grown another head. All of a sudden, that wouldn’t have been surprising to Harry.

“Your eyes have been fixed,” Draco stated bluntly, as if trying to understand what this meant. Harry nodded slowly, wincing as his still-bleeding neck panged unpleasantly. The blond slowly stood, not bothering to tie shut the maroon bath-robe he had borrowed from Ron, knowing perfectly well that Harry was acquainted with his silver boxers. Harry had more important things to worry about. Draco ran a pale, long-fingered hand through his smooth blond hair, pacing a wee bit, not looking at Harry. “I doubt it’s because of my fangs…” he muttered aloud. Draco turned slowly back to Harry. “It’s either my blood, or our awkward little bond.”

“Or the combination,” Harry submitted. Silence reigned supreme all of a sudden, and Draco’s empty gray eyes fixated themselves onto Harry’s. The Gryffindor shrank, figuring that he’d said something stupid. “Sorry. I don’t know much about vampires.” Those eyes flickered away.

“Nor do I. I’m sure Granger will fix that soon, though.” The blond slowly smirked. “She seems to enjoy making you and Weasley listen to every fascinating fact she gets her grubby little mitts on.” Harry almost smiled, but he was too confused and worried. Draco frowned, leaning back over the tub. He just watched Harry for a silent minute, before reaching his hand down, onto the Gryffindor’s throat. Not where he’d been bitten, of course, on the front, right below his Adam’s Apple. The hand remained locked in place for a moment, then pale fingers played absently with the curves of Harry’s throat. Harry was too busy thinking to be bothered. “Has anybody ever told you that you’re more delicious than any kind of tempura or nagiri-zushi?”

“Nobody’s ever called me delicious before,” Harry mumbled, trying not to feel flattered. “Nor compared me to sushi.” He wished Draco would stop tickling his throat. It made thinking rather difficult. “S-stop that!” Harry hissed after a moment. Draco pulled his hand back, glaring at him.

“Seventy three trillion points from Gryffindor!”

“For what?!” Harry squawked.

“For being miserable, and almost passing your misery on to me!” The vampire laughed. “Smile, Harry, smile! Look at me! If I can smile, so can you!” He grinned broadly, pointing out to Harry that his fangs had become invisible. Harry almost did so; the Slytherin was acting extremely childish all of a sudden. “Smiiiiiiiiiiile!” Draco whined, grabbing the corners of Harry’s lips and tugging them upwards in a smile.

Then he gasped and pulled his hands quickly away from Harry’s face.

“Please don’t tell me I have fangs,” Harry groaned.

“Your teeth are hideous!” Draco spat. “I’m going to get you a toothbrush!” That really did get Harry to laugh, and the blond gave him an appeased smile as he retreated from the room.

Left alone, Harry could do nothing. He couldn’t move, he had nobody to talk to, the noise of his blood dripping into the tub was very annoying, and his neck felt very strange (a mixture of muscles aching and the feeling of some numbing substance on top). Now that his senses were returning, he felt somewhat stupid. The whole room stank of blood, and unless Draco’s blood absolutely couldn’t clot, there was going to be a nasty mess of gore caked onto his throat. He found himself thinking rather depressed thoughts. The meal Harry had provided Draco with wouldn’t last very long, considering his emergency donation for Harry’s healing. That was so… useless.

Draco came back in after a minute, this time accompanied by Charlie and a lovely toothbrush that glistened in the sun like… okay, so it wasn’t a toothbrush sent from heaven. Harry was still happy to see it. The aftertaste of vampire blood was kind of gross. Charlie looked exhausted and somewhat ridiculous, with his red hair strewn about chaotically and his pajamas so wrinkled. “What’s so important?” Charlie asked dully. Then his eyes popped wide open, and he rushed to Harry’s side faster than a Firebolt. “Harry! Who did this?!”

“Don’t go suspicious and Moody-like on us. I’m the guilty person,” Draco said swiftly. Charlie stared at Draco dumbly. The blond moved a little closer, rubbing his temples lightly and refusing to look at either Gryffindor. “Harry was being stupid, so I mutilated him and now he’s too dumb to heal.”

“Hey!” Harry spat.

“That is the truth, in a nutshell!” Draco huffed.

“What happened?” Charlie asked slowly, completely confounded.

Draco pointed at himself. “Vampire.” He pointed at Harry. “Willing sacrifice.” He stalked forward and poked Harry’s damaged neck. “Molested patch of flesh.” He pointed into the bathtub, to the red water that surrounded Harry. “The bloody results. Granger got my fangs lodged in him, and we’ve removed them, but now Harry won’t stop bleeding.”

Cool as he was, Charlie was a sleepy Weasley, so the information didn’t absorb instantly. He stared emptily at Draco for a few seconds, before bellowing, “Merlin! Draco! You’re-”

“-A vampire.”

Charlie looked at Harry with alarm. “And you’re-”

“- A bleeding victim,” Harry mumbled.

“And you expect me to-”

“-Help him, rather than allowing the Boy-Who-Went-Balls-to-the-Walls to kick the bucket in a bathtub.” Draco hesitated for a moment. “Well, that was a fun sentence,” he said cheerfully. “The Chosen One didn’t have a good enough ring to it.” Charlie was staring at Draco as if he’d sprouted daisies in one ear and began leaking marmalade from the nostrils. The sadistically amused vampire quickly put on a serious face. “We can’t get the bleeding to stop. I’ll explain everything later, but he needs some help now.”

“I can speak for myself, Draco,” Harry informed him irritably.

“Hush, victim. I’ve decided to represent you.”

“Oh, Lord help me…”

“Help the poor man, Charlie Weasley!” The redhead slowly changed his expression from confusion to resolve.

“Dad got bitten by that great ruddy snake two years back,” Charlie said slowly. “That wouldn’t stop bleeding, either… How did they get it to stop, again? I don‘t know… They made an antidote…” Draco made an impatient noise in the back of his throat, bordering between a growl and hiss. “There wouldn’t happen to be an antidote for vampires, would there?”

“An antidote for vampires?” Draco choked incredulously. “Certainly, there is! Shall I buy us an antidote for wardrobes while I’m at it?” His voice was dripping more sarcasm than Harry’s throat was dripping fluids.

“Oh, Merlin, I’m turning into a vampire wardrobe… The horror,” Harry groaned with equal sarcasm, so completely annoyed by the debate being held a foot above him that he wanted to blow some heads off. Half the reason he didn’t was his lack of a wand; the other half was his lightheadedness. If he was lucky, he might manage a little ‘accidental’ magic, like the time he blew up Aunt Marge. “I feel fine, you morons. You could just bandage me up and get me some more of those Blood Replenishing Potions. That would be great,” Harry hinted. Draco rolled his eyes. Charlie nodded briskly and left the bathroom to gather the necessaries.

Not a second after the door clicked shut, Draco was knelt over Harry again, smirking and bluntly undressing Harry with his eyes. “Could you stop staring at me like that?” Harry groaned.

“Alright. Will this do?” Draco batted his eyelashes and gave him a most sickeningly sweet look of reverence. He could do it even better than Dobby. Harry felt his stomach clench. “No? What about this?” He scowled at Harry with the combined benevolence of Voldemort and Snape. Harry scowled back. “You’re so picky, Harry.”

“Stop making faces at me.”

“Okay.” Draco smiled and turned away without a complaint. Harry said nothing. He’d began to pick up signs that something was amiss about the blond. “Instead of staring, shall I talk?”

“What is there to talk about?” Harry mumbled. The blond whipped his head to look back at him.

“Surely you don’t think the story is OVER!” Harry said nothing. The blond looked mildly smug. “No, I should have expected idiocy from you. All you know is how I came to find you in that alley. You don’t know what happened on the way back to London. You don’t know why I’m no longer a wanted a vampire- and you don’t know why nobody seems to know I’m a vampire, either!”

“I take it we had an eventful trip back to London?”

“Oh, yes indeed!” Draco chuckled. “A very eventful trip. After I attacked you, I was-”

“Not now,” Harry interrupted. “It can wait until I’ve gotten out of this tub and eaten something.” The words had hardly left his mouth before Charlie was back with bandages. Harry could tell Draco was just itching to continue the tale, but the defeated vampire only murmured, “after breakfast,” and left.

A/R: Thats Chapter 11! And We Might Post Sooner Than You Think with 12 and 13 on the same day!

Laurie and Jordan (Angel & Demon)


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I have a question, does this story has anything of the rowling plot in it or not? I mean is it gonna be a voldemrot-harry fight or not?

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where is 12 and 13 you promised!!

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Dieing now you last poster Feb 7 its March 8!!! I need more!!! aaaaaahhhhh -pulling hair out in shreds and going berserk-

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