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A Different Kind of Pureblood - Chapter One
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Bulimic Cat

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Hello out ther on planet D.G it is now the 23rd of March and there has still benn no contact. HELLO PLEZ POST!!!!

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d/hr shipper all the way

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yer plz post im going insane its like the 9th of april and still no post


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your story is really good. please post more!

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Bulimic Cat

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I am so sorry to announce that DG has given up!!!

Old Post Apr 14th, 2006 05:13 PM
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d/hr shipper all the way

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OOOOOOOOOOOOOO plz dont give up


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but the story was so good!

* check out my Harry/Hermione story: Being With You **

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Bulimic Cat

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I'm kidding I dunno I'm asuming that she has given up there hasn't been a post in two months!

Old Post Apr 16th, 2006 08:27 PM
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Namine Etoile
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Please post.... please? please.....

*Sad Violin Music*

Namine Anastasia and Natasha Marie
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~FaRrAh RoX yUr SoX~

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Pretty good big grin


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quote: (post)
Originally posted by Old Foe
I have a question, does this story has anything of the rowling plot in it or not? I mean is it gonna be a voldemrot-harry fight or not?

have to wait and see


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I'll post more when i can. ive been offline for ages


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ive been offline due to moving from sydney to somewhere else in aus. i had the internet disconnected for seven months or something due to $1000 dollar fone bill. but, im back and i'll post another chapter soon. i have to find my files again on my laptop.


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also ive been busy writing the sequel to DKP


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Thoroughly bandaged and drowned in Blood-Replenishing potions, a bedraggled Harry Potter got five full minutes of time to himself as he got dressed and brushed his (true to Draco’s insult) disgusting teeth. He was feeling quite wretched. Another night with very little sleep. He resolved to sleep all day, starting the instant Draco fell asleep. This was getting ridiculous. The vampire’s schedule clearly wasn’t only affecting him. Charlie went back to bed as soon as his bandaging duties were fulfilled. Hermione had clearly been nocturnal already, as she had shown no signs of exhaustion.

After flinging on his wrinkled new clothes, the raven-haired teen stumbled towards the door, intent on placing some food in his churning stomach. He wondered vaguely why he wasn’t mad at Draco. This was the second time the blond had mutilated him. Then he remembered with a feeling of growing stupidity that, in both cases, he had insisted that Draco bite him. He really did have a heroism complex…

The second he stepped out of the door to Room 4, it became apparent that Draco and Hermione were having yet another row in a nearby room downstairs. “If Ron being with me is bestiality, Harry being with you is necrophilia!” Hermione’s voice shrieked.

“I’m only stating the facts, you wretched hybrid!” Draco spat in response. Considering that Draco was a vampire and Hermione could be extremely dangerous when enraged, a fight between them would undoubtedly result in somebody being dead and somebody else in Azkaban. Harry rushed down the stairs, trying to get down there without breaking his neck. “How did we even get on this topic?! I was trying to tell you that I’m worried about Harry!” The bespectacled boy froze. Apparently, Hermione had as well, because a ringing silence was left in the air.

Draco took a deep breath, deep enough for Harry to hear it. Harry crept closer to the closed kitchen door, where Hermione and Draco had been bickering. He tired to be as quiet as possible, knowing that very little would slip past the pale vampire’s sensitive ears. “If this is about your bond,” Hermione said softly. “Than I already know.”

“It’s not just the bond,” Draco murmured. Harry heard Draco’s feet clicking on the floor as he paced. He was careful not to breathe too loudly. “True, without that bond, I wouldn’t even be having this conversation with you. If I hadn’t been able to see into his mind, I wouldn’t have noticed it… I doubt anybody else has noticed it, either.”

“What are you talking about?” Hermione demanded. “Is there something wrong with his mind?”

“Aside from the obvious bouts of insanity and the fact that he’s a Gryffindor through and through?” Draco sneered. Harry bit his lip, knowing that Draco was trying to lighten the mood with this half-hearted insult. “There are things in his mind that shouldn’t be there, and some things that are missing. There are a lot of things that he simply knows, but doesn’t recall how he came to know them- lots of empty spaces in his memory.”

“So he’s forgetful,” Hermione sighed. “Is that all?”

“Have you ever done research on Parsletongue?” Draco interrupted her. “Even those predisposed to speak it have to learn it first. Either they learn it by speaking to their families in that language, or by speaking to snakes. Harry apparently knew the language perfectly before his first encounter with a snake. He thought he was speaking English.”

Harry’s breath hitched.

“Do you know all the accidental magic he’s done before school? His mind has changed a bit, so he doesn’t remember any of those things properly, but he knew perfectly well what he was doing at the time- he knew how to Apparate when he was eight! He Disapparated away from his cousin when he was being chased. That’s a major one. He’s completely forgotten a few other instances, like the time he got mad at his teacher. He started muttering words he didn’t understand, and she started coughing up blood.”

Did that happen? Harry searched his memory and couldn’t recall anything like that ever happening. He’d jinxed a teacher? He’d made a teacher seriously ill? He did recall Mrs. Stevens, his old gym teacher, who quit halfway through the year and got replaced with Mr. Bode…

“What are you trying to say?”

“I don’t really know,” Draco groaned. “Just that… I think a lot of his talents and memories aren’t really his own.” Hermione said nothing. Harry head Draco’s feet click towards the door, and though he immediately turned to run, a pale hand grasped his wrist two seconds later. Draco was frowning down at him, looking genuinely concerned.

“Hello,” Harry said lightly, trying not to sound worried.

“Hello,” Draco replied, letting go of Harry’s wrist, still looking alarmed. “How much of that did you hear?”

“Enough to scare me,” Harry murmured. “I don’t think I want to know anything else. I don’t want to know how deep my connection with Voldemort runs.” The blond nodded slowly, still watching Harry.

“You really ought to put your glasses back on,” Draco said lightly. “We can punch out the lenses. People will ask questions if you suddenly cease to look nerdy.” Harry smiled. Draco looked him over oddly for a second. “You look good without them,” he said quietly.

“I feel naked without my glasses,” Harry grumbled. Draco smirked.

“Well then, I must say, you look good when you’re naked.”

Harry grabbed a fork off the floor and threw it at Draco as the vampire ran away, laughing hysterically. “You set yourself up for that!” he called from the doorway of Room 4. Harry knew perfectly well that he had, and it didn’t help him stop thinking about Draco’s compliments. That pale creature was being as obvious as a brick to the forehead. Shaking his head, Harry moved down the hallway, into the lobby.

Charlie sat at the table, drowsily chewing some cereal. “No point in trying to go back to sleep now,” he mumbled. “It’s nearly six.” He shoved some cereal and milk in Harry’s direction, lazily conjuring up a spoon and bowl. Harry gratefully filled his bowl and dug in, not caring that the cereal was slightly stale. Charlie read the small book he had with him for a few minutes, silent until Harry finished his breakfast. “He’s bitten you before, hasn’t he?” Charlie asked softly. Harry nodded. “How many times?”

“Only once before,” Harry said softly. “He really needed it. He blew an awful lot of energy when he… er… rescued me from the Dursleys.” If Charlie had noticed Harry wasn’t meeting his eyes, he said nothing. “What are you reading?”

“This?” Charlie gasped, sliding the book out of view. “Oh, it’s nothing. Just a little something I-”

“Oooooh! I’ve read that before!” Hermione’s voice squealed from behind Harry. “Homosexuals: The Truth, by Big Rodman. It’s so fascinating!” Harry gulped as Hermione sat next to him, her brown hair bobbing. She didn’t know he’d eavesdropped… She was acting perfectly normal. As she swiped the book away from Charlie, Draco joined them at the table, taking a large handful of cereal and eating it dry.

“What’s the book?” Draco asked suspiciously.

“It’s a book on common misconceptions and lies about gays,” Hermione answered briskly. “Some of it was actually rather funny!” She opened the book, and Harry had the nasty feeling that whatever she was going to tell him would make him nauseous. “Here, it’s got some of them listed down! Commonly believed lies about gays… Number 1: All homosexuals are perverts.”

“That one’s true,” Harry said, giving Draco a pointed glare. The blond licked his lips at Harry and continued eating his dry cereal. Hermione giggled.

“Number 2: Homosexuals have the power to turn straight people gay.”

“Too right, they don’t,” Harry said, with a smirk at Draco. The blond gave a smirk in return, and leaned rather close to Harry’s ear.

“We’ll just see about that,” Draco whispered. Harry’s mind was instantly swamped with obscene images of him and Draco, causing the raven-haired Gryffindor to shiver. Hermione raised her eyebrows at them, but she hadn’t heard Draco, so she must have assumed something else. Harry was blushing. So many images… What alarmed him was that several had appealed to him more than they should have. What if… Great, now he’s making me question my sexuality.

“Bastard,“ Harry whispered. Draco only laughed.

“Continue, Granger,” he said politely, loudly enough for her to hear. The other lies and misconceptions weren’t as fun; they ranged from ‘Homosexuals are exceptionally susceptible to Pigorian Pox’ to ‘Homosexuals are obsessed with pink things.’ Harry nearly feel asleep listening to her jabber.

“And with the aid of certain potions or spells, gays can have kids… And it says that being gay is perfectly normal!” Hermione concluded.

“Congratulations, Harry,” Draco yawned, looking just as deep in the stupor of exhaustion as Harry. “For once in your life, you’re normal.”

“Why, thank you,” Harry grouched as he stood. “I’m going to sleep.”

“Me too,” Draco laughed, standing up and gently grasping Harry’s hand. He didn’t flinch or whip his hand away, but the gesture alarmed him. Draco held his hand all the way as they went up the stairs, but Harry had had enough when they got up to Room 4.


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“Stop it!” he hissed, wrenching his hang away from the vampire. “I thought we were only pretending!”

“We were,” Draco said slowly, as he opened the door. “And you still are, but I’m not.” Harry shook his head and walked into the room. Draco shut the door behind them, and turned to face Harry with a rather grim expression. “Since you just can’t seem to take a hint, I’m going to be as straight-forward as a brick to the forehead. Harry James Potter, I like you.”

“I’ve noticed,” Harry snarled in his defense.

“And?” Draco persisted, moving towards Harry, who backed away slightly.

“And I’m not interested in guys.” Harry had backed all the way to the edge of the bed.

“Would you at least consider me, if you were?” Draco was about two feet in front of him, and tall enough to make Harry feel miniscule and weak. Harry took a deep breath to help gather his wits.

“Probably. But, I’m not. So, drop it.” His ankle snagged on the bed frame, and he toppled onto the bed with a yelp. Draco offered him a hand up, but Harry scowled and wrapped himself in blankets. “Why don’t we finish this discussion when we’re awake?” Harry suggested, knowing full well that Draco wasn’t just going to drop it.

“Because I’m still awake, and so are you,” Draco reasoned. He knelt beside the bed, propping his head up as he stared deep into Harry’s green eyes. “Are you absolutely certain that you have no interest in men?”

“I’m not- no, I can’t be. I’m absolutely sure that I’m not,” Harry sputtered. Draco smiled slightly and leaned towards Harry, running a cold hand along the pale cheek. “Stop that.”

“You know, I can see deeper into your mind than you yourself can,” the Slytherin whispered. “I can solve this issue once and for all…”

“Those bandages have completely hidden my neck, but it would start bleeding immediately if you removed them,“ Harry warned him. “It would be very rude of you to stain the bed.”

“You think I’m going to bite your neck again?” Draco laughed. “Necking is fun, yes, but there are so many other places, places that would be a lot more fun…” Harry gaped at the blond for a moment before defensively pulling the blankets tighter around him. “Like here.” A pale finger moved up slightly and brushed over Harry’s lips. Harry breathed a sigh of relief. Better his lips than something else… “Is that alright with you, Harry? I could just take a quick peek at your mind and get the truth out. Or, do you want to be insecure forever?”

Harry scowled at him. He knew he was just being pressured into it. I might as well go through with it, if it’ll get him off my back. “Go ahead,” Harry sighed. It can’t really hurt too much, if it’s just my lips. Then again, it hadn’t really hurt much before… “But don’t get your hopes up.”

“Too late,” Draco chuckled as he leaned into Harry’s face and captured his lips. Harry had expected the vampire to kiss him, but that didn’t change how comfortable he was with it: not very. Draco was admittedly a good kisser, but the fact that it was Draco sucked all fun out of it for Harry. Until Draco nipped his lower lip, barely breaking the skin.

It wasn’t enough to be painful, yet for a split second Harry felt a rush of the ecstasy he’d felt before. He gasped as it faded. Draco respectfully pulled away, rather than trying to slip Harry the tongue… which, for one alarming moment, Harry might have killed for. The small bout of insanity passed as quickly as the jolt of bliss. “Well?” Harry demanded, trying not to appear as shaken as he really was.

Draco was staring at him, blankly. “Harry,” he said slowly.


“You’re not just gay, Harry. You’re very gay. Shelly Winters is to cellulose as you are to gay.” A grin was slithering across Draco’s pale face like a mischievous snake.


“You’re gay like Martin Luther King Jr. was BLACK!” Draco’s voice had grown high-pitched. His eyes grew huge and sparkled wildly.

“Bullshit!” Harry spat.

“… Is a good fertilizer!” Draco laughed, absolutely ecstatic now.

“Let me sleep!” Harry pleaded, thoroughly annoyed. He was almost certain that Draco was lying.

“I’m shoving it in your face because I must,” Draco giggled in a rather drunk manner. “I absolutely must! Gods, Harry! I always knew you were a fairy, you’re so good at flying…” Harry felt his heart sinking slightly. This sounded more like an exaggeration than an outright lie. He, Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, the Chosen One- gay? Can’t be…

“Go to sleep,” Harry groaned, falling back onto the bed and burying himself in pillow. His precious barrier of fluff was torn brutally away from him by the blond, who scooped him up and planted an enthusiastic kiss on his lips. “Knock it off, DAMN YOU!” Harry yelled, shoving the Slytherin away.

“Still denying it? I saw it!” Draco squealed. “What do you think our bond is? I’ve found you, Harry, I’ve found my mate! You enjoyed those last bites way too much for you to be straight! And the kisses, too! Ye gods- If I had known the effect they had on you-” He leapt forward and attacked Harry’s lips again, mischievously exploiting his fangs before Harry could protest. Harry squeaked as the feelings of bliss swamped him, and Draco wrapped around him as tightly as the blanket. Harry couldn’t help it; he melted into Draco. In his hazy state of mind, dignity didn’t matter and he just wanted to feel Draco drawing him deeper into that silky abyss…

“Merlin,” Draco breathed as he stopped sucking at Harry’s swollen lips. Harry was slammed brutally back into reality, and he shuddered with revulsion. Draco grinned and ran his pale fingers through Harry’s coal-black hair. “So… Do you still think you’re straight?” he drawled.

Harry tore himself away and buried himself in his blankets, not saying anything. Draco whimpered and whined, poking and prodding at Harry’s cozy cocoon with nothing to show for it. “Fine. Good day,” he eventually sighed as he retreated to the top bunk. Harry knew he wouldn’t see the last of this behavior. Draco was a stubborn tick… But, Harry thought grimly, he isn’t as stubborn as me. I’ll take that answer with me to the grave.


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“Good evening! I hope you slept well?”

“I hope you burn in the darkest bowels of hell.”

“That wasn’t very nice,” Draco pouted as he handed a sleepy Harry his old pair of glasses, punching out the lenses as he passed them over. He seemed to be in high spirits- almost so high that Harry wondered if he’d cast a cheering charm on himself. The light from the dusty black window declared the time to be around ten o‘clock. “Actually, it was Granger that put the charm on me a couple hours back. How did you sleep, Harry?”

“Had a load of nightmares about you being naked,” Harry replied acidly. He sat up and brushed his midnight hair out of his eyes. By now, his only outfit was extremely wrinkled from being worn too many days in a row, and it had began to develop a very slight odor. “I have to get my stuff back tonight. This is just gross.” He gestured his clothes, and the blond nodded.

“I thought it was gross yesterday. You don’t have heightened senses.” With a yawn, Harry began to move off of the rickety lower bunk, but Draco caught him by the arm.

“What are you-” Harry began to ask, but Draco silenced him with a kiss. “Mmph- stop that!” The Gryffindor shoved Draco off and angrily attempted to flatten the wrinkles in his green shirt. The vampire didn’t seem too ruffled or put off; rather, he looked even perkier than before. “Freak,” Harry breathed, annoyance rising in him. “God- I want my clothes back! I want my wand back so I can hex you next time you kiss me! I want you to stop looking at me like that!” Draco laughed and hauled Harry into the tiny bathroom. The place smelled like the entire room had once been a urinal. Stains of every color blemished ever corner of every object.

“After you get out of the shower, you should grab yourself a meal. We’re going to get your stuff back.”

“You’re coming with me?” Harry gasped. How would the Dursleys react to Draco? Without the wealth and power of his family to back him, Draco was the very essence of all the Dursleys despised- magical, peculiar, and poor. “What about Charlie? Hermione and Ron?”

“I figured we should let them sleep,” Draco breathed. “We don’t need their help. Get ready. I’m going to help you get your stuff away from those wretched Muggles.” He walked halfway out the doorway, then turned to Harry with a sly smile. “Unless you’re afraid to be with me?”

“I am not afraid to be with you,” Harry bit out. Draco grinned broadly.

“Then I’ll see you downstairs… sweetie.”

He fled the room before Harry could figure out what he had just said and take it back.

“You know I despise you, right?” Harry demanded as they left the Leaky Cauldron, instantly engulfed in the exhausted lights of Muggle London. They were both devouring doughnuts; Harry tearing away at his violently, as if miming what he’d like to do to Draco. The aforementioned vampire was making a great show of licking the inner ring and making exaggerated moaning noises.

“Of course you despise me,” Draco replied. “I loathe you too, sweetie.”

“Don’t call me that!” Harry spat.

“Alright, honey.”


“How about ‘Princess?’”


“Oh! Please don’t behead me, Princess Draco!” Draco squealed, pretending to clutch his chest in terror.

“You could just call me Harry…” the Gryffindor hissed. He pulled his cloak around him tighter. It was a cold night. The sky was a mess of clouds, and it looked like rain was fast approaching. Harry’s breath steamed right along with the puddles on the littered sidewalk, but not a puff could be seen from Draco’s white lips.

“Alright then… Harry,” Draco cooed, saying his name like a prayer as he leaned slightly against Harry’s side. Harry scowled but made no effort to push him away. He got the feeling Draco enjoyed every bit of attention Harry paid him, even the annoyed shoves. “Are you ready to fly?”

Harry rounded on him. “Fly?” he repeated.

“Why, yes. You don’t expect us to walk all the way to Surrey and get back before your friends notice we’re gone?”

“But neither of us have broomsticks,” Harry began to say. Draco smirked and took off his shirt, despite Harry’s annoyed cluck. “And we’d been seen unless it started raining kidneys and livers. We’ve got no way to fly, unless you’ve grown wings since the last time I- Holy SHIT!” Leathery black wings ripped out of Draco’s back, in a shower of dark blood. Before Harry could stumble over backwards, Draco’s arm latched around Harry’s waist and the lithe Quidditch player was deprived of land. Harry clung to Draco for dear life as they shot upwards.

“Not surprised, are you?” Draco laughed over the wind.

“Oh, shut up,” Harry hissed, hanging tightly to the pale creature. “We didn’t exactly learn much about vampires in Defense Against the Dark Arts.” Draco fell silent. Wind howled around them like a pack of rabid hellhounds under a singing hex. They shot past buildings so fast, Harry was reminded of looking out a car window at the white stripes on the road.

After about ten minutes, it began to rain slightly. The cold became too much for Harry, so he informed Draco, and they descended to walk for a while. “God, you fly fast,” Harry informed him as he tried to pull his robe around him tighter. Draco gave him an odd look, and removed his robe, handing it to Harry. “Er… thanks,” Harry said uncertainly as he put it on. “Won’t you be-?”

“Cold?” Draco sneered. “You sad, stupid little creature. Vampires don’t get cold.” Yes, that made Harry feel stupid. He looked down at his feet in sullen silence. “… Sorry.”


“I should be nicer to you,” Draco said softly. “I’m not the same person you hated in school, Harry. I ought to start proving that.”

Harry froze dead in his tracks. “Did you just apologize?” Draco nodded. “The end is truly nigh,” Harry said in a daze. Draco laughed and wrapped an arm around Harry’s shaking shoulder, pulling him close. Sure, Draco might have changed, but Harry still didn’t want to kiss him, and that was surely on his mind. “What about that story?”

“The story?” Draco said slowly. “Oh, right. The story.” They began to walk again. Harry found this a little awkward, because he was tripping on Draco’s feet every couple seconds. “I left off when I bit you that first time. What a horrid place to have to start on again…

The scary thing was, the second I dropped you, I began to see your memories. I was sort of locked in place while watching you past. I saw too much to list, but your memories of the Dark Lord were right on the top of the pile, and that effectively scared the crap out of me. When I finally came back to the present, I saw that horrible look on your face. I knew I’d messed up and that you’d never forgive me, so I turned to run, but then you socked me in the back of the head too quickly for me to dodge.

“That was a nice punch, by the way,” Draco added with a smirk. “It takes a pretty hefty blow to knock out a vampire.” Harry replied with a smirk of his own, remembering when Hermione punched Draco in third year. His hair began to smooth and fall flat in his face, dripping rainwater. Draco looked around for a moment, between the roads. “We go this way,” he said lightly, turning so they veered off in that particular direction. It was a dirt road surrounded by pastures. “Continuing on…

When I woke up, you were passed out right next to me. I knew I couldn’t just leave you there, but I didn’t know what else I could do. I didn’t know where your relatives lived, and I had nowhere to take you. The only place I could think of was the Leaky Cauldron. That was pretty far away, you know. I was certain I’d get in trouble if I was seen carrying an unconscious Harry Potter.

I ended up freaking out because it was nearly dawn and I was still thinking. I knew there was only one person that might still accept me- I took you to my mistress and barely got there in time to dodge a nasty sunburn.

“You took me to your mistress?!” Harry sputtered.

“Yes, that’s what I just said,” Draco replied, looking away from Harry.

“Are you mad?” Harry couldn’t believe it- Draco had dragged him off to some vampire he barely knew! What a risk!

“At the time, I most certainly was,” Draco muttered, ending the conversation. “Anyway…

She just let me in without saying anything. She let me put you on the bed and I took the other side of it, to make sure she didn’t try anything on you. I felt really guilty and… well, doomed when I fell asleep.


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Location: Hiding From Snape, Where Else?

Of course, when I woke up around 3 in the afternoon, she pumped me for info. I told her nothing but the truth- that I had to get you somewhere where you could recover, fast. She’s put up with an awful lot of shit from me, so I still don’t get why she helped me. Basically, she gave me enough money for a room at the Leaky Cauldron, and a potion that would let me go in the sun for a day. She also showed me how to use my wings. It really didn’t take long, and there’s not much to say about it… Just that it hurt a lot the first time I used them.

She wouldn’t let me go without a plan, though. We put our brains together. My mistress is rather clever, you see. If she hadn’t been a Muggle before she got bitten, she would have put Granger to shame in every class. She’s the one who came up with the lie that the Dursleys had tried to kill you, and that I had saved you. I was the one that filled in the hole about why I was there in the first place.

“My lover,” Harry snorted. “I can’t believe people actually believed you.” Draco smirked and rolled his eyes.

“I was a bit surprised about that as well. However, it seems that Granger, like me, knew about your sexuality before you did.” Harry opened his mouth to argue, but Draco shushed him and continued.

Anyway, she told me that she would soon be moving and that she already had the place in mind. I asked where, but she said I’d be able to find her soon enough and sent me on my way.

The flight to London was truly boring. The most interesting thing that happened was me causing a car wreck by accidentally distracting the driver.

“Was everybody okay?” Harry asked sharply. Draco nodded. “Well… I think I’ve warmed up enough. Let’s fly.” The vampire smiled and hugged Harry from behind, causing the Gryffindor to flush.

“Hold tight,” Draco whispered. Harry twisted around slightly to grab his shoulders and wrap an arm around Draco’s pale neck. Harry closed his eyes as the ground lurched under them, blocking out the blast of cold night as they spiraled upwards. The pasture they had been passing was gone from sight in a second. “Can you still hear me?” Draco asked over the roaring wind. Harry called back an affirmative. “Alright…”

The fun began when I landed by the Leaky Cauldron. It was about sunset by then. Would you believe that the minister of Magic was there? He was trying to talk Tom into setting up missing posters with your name on them. People already knew you were gone. When he saw me, he just stared at me for a few seconds… then he screamed like a little girl with her leg being ripped off. He totally flew the coop. He started screaming about me being a monster and murderer and all that nonsense. I ended up setting you down and loudly singing the Sailor Moon theme song to shut him up. Sadly, it worked. Then I told him the story.

Everybody in the Leaky Cauldron heard it… My heroic tale of rescuing my lover from the terrible clutches of his Muggle family… They were quite impressed. The new Minister is a real sucker, apparently; he ordered some guy to get rid of all my wanted posters, and he informed me that only the Azkaban guards knew I was a vampire. Rita Skeeter looked like she was itching to get out her quill. She was all twitchy. She even asked me if I was really your lover, and when I said yes, she just sat down grinning and saying “delicious” over and over.

Now, they all wanted to cart you off to Mungo’s… But I knew I’d be in trouble if they did, because the Healers would recognize a vampire bite for a what it was, and you’d go blabby and tell everyone that I attacked you. I insisted that you just had a few bruises and needed some rest. I don’t think Skeeter bought it, but everybody else did. I got the room for free, and I thought that was that. You’d gotten me off the hook by existing.

Or that was what I thought… The Minister, naturally, called all your friends and told them the sob story. It wasn’t even a full hour before Charlie showed up with Granger and your pet Weasel. I had to recount the tale for them specifically. Charlie and Ron looked murderous and started plotting the mercilessly agonizing deaths of your Muggle relatives. Granger, on the other hand, took it upon herself to poke her wand at me and make me promise to take good care of you.

“And that’s what I’ve been trying to do, to make up for what I’ve put you through,” Draco concluded. “But you obviously don’t want me to.”

Harry said nothing. The rest of their flight went on in complete silence. Harry was shaking with cold by the time they landed in the same alley where he had found Draco. The vampire offered to warm Harry with his body; naturally, Harry refused. “Which way is it, then?”

“This way,” Harry chattered, beginning to walk. He heard the nasty ‘shlup’ noise of Draco’s wings folding into his skin, and the Slytherin put his shirt back on as they headed off. “Does it always rip like that when you pull the wings out? You smell like dead blood, even I can tell.”

“Yeah, well,” Draco shrugged. “It was a bit too far to walk, and I’ll need a shower now.”

“The Dursleys aren’t going to like you.”

“That’s half the idea,” Draco purred, forcing his milky gray eyes to glint red. “I’m sure they’ll let me take your stuff if I offer their safety in exchange.” Harry would have protested, but he had a sinking feeling the pit of his stomach. Draco’s idea was probably the best one. They passed the flickering lights of Magnolia Crescent, and as they turned on to Privet drive, Draco burst into peels of laughter for no apparent reason. “Sorry,” he chuckled. “It’s just that the hope of the Wizarding World lies in a boy that grew up in a cupboard.”

“I guess it is kind of funny,” Harry answered with a smile. “Here we are… Number 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.” There it was… the plain little house, the white picket fence, the garden. It looked like a photo taken straight from a house and garden magazine. The light was on in the living room, and judging by the way it flickered, the people inside were watching television. “Well… let’s get this over with.” Just as Harry began to step forward, Draco grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him into shadows behind a large bush. “What the-?!”

“Shh!” Draco hissed. Harry would have argued, but he heard the door swinging open. A long beam of rectangular light fell on the walkway that lead up to the house, broken by the shadow of a huge man.

“Are you certain that you heard something, Nilly?” Vernon Dursley’s voice grunted. His shadow was joined by another, far taller but clearly female.

“Absolutely. Why don’t you go catch the last of the show? Fill me in?” A sweet voice rang. Vernon muttered something and retired back into the house. The woman’s shadow grew shorter as she stepped into the lawn. Harry could see her through the leaves of the bush. She was ridiculously tall, about 6½ feet or so. She was also ridiculously pretty. Harry recognized her to be the young black woman Charlie had been flirting with in Diagon Alley, but now he got a good look and saw why. Very nice figure. Her long hair was apple green. Harry would have assumed it was bleached and dyed, but her eyes were the same color, and they glowed faintly in the night. She was dressed in plain Muggle clothes, jeans and a purple tank top, but she couldn’t possibly be a Muggle. Harry didn’t know if she was even human.

She took a look around slowly. “Hello, hello, hello?” she called softly. “Come out, pretty, pretty, pretty… Here, kitty, kitty, kitty…” Her green gaze fixed on the bush Harry and Draco were hidden behind, and the pair froze, Harry holding his breath. “Okay. Don’t come out. See if I care! I’m missing the show!” And with that, she stormed back into the house, slamming and locking the door behind her.

Silence reigned for the longest time. It was broken when Draco said, “You’re on your own.”


“I can’t go in there and terrorize them with her here,” the vampire moaned. He sat on the pavement, his expression dazed and alarmed. “I should have known. This is what she meant when she said I would be able to find her… Here, of all places… That filthy blood-sucking tramp…”

Realization hit Harry like the Whomping Willow on a bad day.

“Draco… Why is your mistress at my house?”

*I'll post three more chapters. to make up.*


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Gender: Female
Location: Hiding From Snape, Where Else?


“For the last time, Harry, I don’t know!” Draco snarled quietly, rubbing his temples. Harry leaned heavily against the wet bush the had hidden behind, not caring that the rain was coming down even harder and he was soaked to the bone. “I barely know the anorexic parasite!”

Defeated, Harry slumped down the side of the bush, not caring that it scratched his skin a little. “The Dursleys never let anyone stay overnight except Dudley’s gang,” Harry said slowly. “But she couldn’t possibly have gotten in their ranks over a few short days, even if she wanted to. She’s female. Dudley’s gang is sexist. They’d treat her like a sex-crazed ****, even if she brought them an inch from death and poked out their eyes.”

“That wouldn’t surprise me,” Draco muttered darkly. They stood in silence for another minute, both brooding with all their might. “Do you want to get your stuff, or not? Because, if it takes you all night to pluck up the courage and get your stuff, I’m not carrying you back to London.”

“I don’t want to walk to the leaky Cauldron!” Harry gasped, alarmed at the very notion that Draco could abandon him with the Dursleys. No. Just, no! Draco graced him with a dazzling smile (fangless) and chuckled slightly.

“I wouldn’t leave you here with them, and the pretty pretty pretty parasite,” Draco laughed, mocking his mistress’s voice. “But I would have to find someplace to stay during the day, and your honorable Gryffindor self couldn’t just abandon ME in favor of returning to London…” Harry frowned. Draco knew him too well, already. “So. Get your coat, dear, we’re leaving.” The vampire gave Harry a slight nudge in the direction of Number 4, Privet Drive. Harry wiped rainwater away from his jade eyes and nodded, happy that his glasses were still impervious to water.

“How am I going to do this?” he softly asked the cold and rainy night sky.

“Just walk in and demand your stuff,” Draco suggested, standing and brushing Harry’s black hair out of his face. He began to fix Harry’s collar as well, but Harry gently knocked his hand away.

“I don’t have to primp for the Dursleys.”

“You might want to primp for Niles…”


“My mistress. I think your uncle called her ‘Nilly’. It’s only reasonable that she would use different versions of her name.” Harry tried to answer, but the blond shoved him a bit less gently, forcing Harry to get on his way.

It wasn’t that Harry was scared. Far from it. He was just angry that he had to walk past this garden again, the garden he had slaved over in such extreme summer heat. He never wanted to cross that threshold again. Maybe, with luck, Vernon would just give him the stuff and he wouldn’t have to enter at all. Stepping up to the door took forever. Past the white picket fence. Past the clump pf blue flowers. Past the clump of white flowers. Past the clump of pink flowers. Up the first step. Second step. Third. Onto the welcome mat.

Harry rang the doorbell.

His hand had barely moved away from the button before the door flew open. Draco’s mistress towered over Harry, lit from behind in such a manner that she looked even more dark and tall than she truly was. “What?” she spat as a greeting.

“Hi, I’m Harry Potter and I live here,” Harry answered coolly. Niles, or ‘Nilly’ as Vernon had called her, took a shocked step backwards. Her green hair swayed behind her.

“Who is it, Nilly?” Vernon grunted from the living room.

“Oh, Harry,” Nilly purred quietly, abruptly changing her tone. Her glowing green eyes softened. “You poor, soaked, DOOMED little thing. Come in, come in, sweetie, sweetie, sweetie. I haven’t seen you since you were passed out underneath Draco on my bed.” Harry blushed slightly. Does she have to put it that way?! But he did allow her to welcome him into his own home. “It’s your nephew,” she called loudly as she swaggered her way into the living room, leaving Harry dripping in the entry.

“It’s my WHAT?” Vernon roared. Harry wanted to hide, but he knew he had come in here with a purpose.

“Hello again, Uncle Vernon,” Harry called, having no desire whatsoever to walk into the living room and confront the massive Muggle. “I’ll just-”

“Why are you back?!” the man roared, charging out of the den and nearly crashing into Harry. Tall as Nilly was, Vernon was more than her match in size; his voluminous gray sweater showed every curve of his more-than-well-rounded body. His face had purple splotches of undisguised rage. Harry cringed at the sight of the man, but his will held firm. No fear.

“I came to get my stuff,” Harry said clearly. “I’ll never trouble you again, if you only give it to me without causing a scene.”

“Get it and be gone! It’s still in Nilly’s room!” Vernon growled.

“Sure,” Harry said gratefully, but he had only taken two steps before pausing. “Nilly’s room?” he asked slowly, turning to face his uncle, who grew more purple.

“You have the nerve to run away and still think you have a place here?” he bellowed, spit flying from his mouth. The great white whale took a gulp of air and lowered his voice, but his face remained tense and discolored, and his knuckles were whitening. “The lovely young lady stopped by three days ago and asked if we had a room to rent her. And we most certainly did have one for her!”

“You rented out my room?” Harry hissed, trying in vain to control his temper. Nilly poked her had back in.

“All your base are belong to us,” she informed Harry with a smile, immediately ducking out of sight again. Harry shook his head. Her moment of sadistic humor was enough to calm him.

“I’ll need my wand back, Uncle Vernon,” he said slowly. The man’s nostrils flared and his eyes narrowed at the mention of such a magical object.

“Got rid of the electric fireplace and burned it,” he grunted.

The words had hardly left his mouth before Harry launched himself into the living room, straight to the new fireplace, where he ran his fingers through the pale ashes, his mind a terrified haze. Merlin, no. Not my wand. He can’t have burned my wand… He gave a soft squeak of joy as his fingers wrapped around something twig-like, and he pulled it out of the fireplace tenderly. It was his wand, and despite the ash that covered it, it looked better than ever. Harry couldn’t keep the grin off his face as he cleaned his wand on his cloak, and turned to face his family.

“Never burn a wand,” he said conversationally. “It’s likely to explode. When wizards destroy a wand, they break it in pieces.” He twirled his treasure through his fingers, relishing in the swishy noise. “But I’m glad you attempted to burn it. My wand has a Phoenix core. I suppose it had enough Phoenix in it to be reborn from it’s own ashes.”

“What’s this gibberish?” Nilly asked lightly, giving him a wink as she playfully twiddled her fingers.

“OUT!” Bellowed Vernon. “Get your stuff! Get OUT! Never bother our guests with your madness again!”

“Gladly,” Harry laughed as he ran up the stairs, to his old bedroom. Nilly joined him a second later, swinging her long green hair behind her.

“Can’t have you touching any of my stuff,” she said with a grin.

“What stuff?” Harry asked incredulously, staring around his room. It seemed to be exactly as he left it. His trunk was in the corner. His bed still had wrinkled sheets. The small table by his bed still had the small, moving model of a Hungarian Horntail on it, which was currently asleep.

“I don’t have any,” Nilly giggled, as she shut the door behind her and locked it for good measure. “Unless, of course, you count the stuff in my pockets.” She reached an elegant black hand into her blue jeans pocket, and when she pulled it out, it clutched a teddy bear that was half her size. Harry grinned. “I may have been a Muggle before I was bitten, Harry, but vampires have their own brand of magic. There’s reasons wizards are scared of us.”

“I don’t really care,” Harry told her honestly, as he tried to pack up with the help of his wand. He wasn’t even as good at it as Tonks, so he shrugged and began to pack by hand. “I’ve had werewolves and giants as friends before. So far, I see no problem with having vampires as friends.”

“Excellent. Would you be okay with dating a vampire, though?” Harry dropped his Horntail model, who angrily spat a tiny flame at Harry’s fingers. “I’m just asking, Harry…”

“I think I’d be fine with it,” Harry said slowly. “If I ever found a vampire that didn’t want to keep me up all night.” Nilly laughed and began to help him, making Harry jealous of the unsurpassable speed with which her fingers moved.

“Now that you’ve got your wand, you can make Draco immune to sunlight,” Nilly informed him, her green eyes glinting in the dark and a wicked smirk on her face. “You’re of age now, aren’t you? The incantation is Praesidium Helios. You have to cast it twice daily, and it’s best to make sure it works before stepping right out in the sun.”

Harry was flabbergasted. “If that really works, how come Hermione hasn’t drilled it though my brain yet?”


“Hermione Granger.”


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Location: Hiding From Snape, Where Else?

“Ooooh,” Nilly said knowingly. “The Muggle-born genius that Draco hates with a passion.” Harry nodded as the trunk finally closed shut, full of Harry’s stuff, including his stash under the floorboards. Harry couldn’t help it but give his wand a kiss before stashing it in his pocket. “Do you have any idea how cute it is?” Nilly sudden gushed, giggling loudly.

“How cute what is?” Harry asked her blankly, as he began to lift his trunk onto it’s wheels.

“You and Draco!” the vampiress squealed. “Mates! It’s so cute! He was just starting to like you when he left my old flat. You‘ve obviously grown on him already.”

“What makes you say that?” Harry asked coldly, as he began to move towards the door.

“The bite marks on your lip and the bandage on your neck,” Nilly giggled. She handed Hedwig’s cage to a ruffled and embarrassed Harry Potter, who shook a little more water from his hair. “Now, Harry, listen to me. You on are the way to destruction.”

“And I have no chance to survive, and I must make my time,” Harry groaned. Nilly smiled for a moment, then shook her head. She caught his writs right before he opened the door.

“Don’t stay the Leaky Cauldron much longer. Something very… unfortunate… is going to happen there in three days, at eight o’clock at night.”

“What-?” Nilly opened the door and escorted him out, guiding him down the stairs and sending him out the front door without letting him say anything. “But how do you-”

“Shh,” Nilly said softly, stepping outside the house for a moment. “Here’s how I know.” She slowly hand out her long ebony arm, free of markings. “Just look, Harry.” She stared at her arm for a moment, Harry staring as well.

Black lines began to form slowly across her skin, hardly visible in the darkness. They weaved together and gradually began to form a shape. A shape that looked rather like a skull, with something coming out of it’s mouth…

Harry dropped his trunk and took a couple steps back, nearly falling down the stairs as he drew his wand. “No. You can’t be.”

“Shh,” Nilly cooed. “Glamour. The ‘me’ you see before you isn’t what I really look like. But I promise you, this pretty little mark is only skin deep…” Harry nodded his understanding. He had known of other unwilling Death eaters, like Karkaroff. “I gave you fair warning, Harry. Get away from the Leaky Cauldron.”

“And just where am I supposed to go?”

“Not here, certainly,” Nilly laughed. The lines on her arm vanished. “I wasn’t kidding when I said all your base are belong to us. That includes Number 12, Grimmauld Place.” With that, she whirled into Number 4, Privet Drive, and slammed the clean white door in Harry’s face.

Silence reigned for a minute, while Harry heard the soft clicks of Draco coming toward him in the rain. “What was that all about?” he demanded, peeling a clump of soaked hair off his cheek. Harry turned toward him with a very fake grin in place.

“So, did you know she was a Death Eater?” Draco’s face contorted with shocked disbelief. “I guess it’s my turn to tell you a story.”

(two more)


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Location: Hiding From Snape, Where Else?

CHAPTER FIFTEEN: No More Twisted Tales

Harry was never happier to be in the bathtub.

Though the tub had a black ring around the edge, the water was filled with cleansing spells that penetrated his skin and went strait to the soul. Like most things in the Wizarding World, bathing was much less labor-intensive than bathing the Muggle way, and Harry could have simply lain in the water and let it clean him. But he needed a distraction. He took another sip of the blood replenishing potion off the counter beside the tub, watching with interest as his own crimson liquids swam out of the exposed gash in his throat and became clean water because of the enchantments in the tub. His neck had still not stopped bleeding, and he figured it was stupid to leave the bandages on while bathing.

“You could have gotten Harry killed, you arrogant bastard!” Ron’s voice bellowed from downstairs. The Gryffindor sighed and lathered up his black hair with shampoo. Both Ron and Hermione had been yelling at Draco for nearly two hours now; he was more than happy to stay out of it, though he felt a bit guilty for letting Draco face them alone. There was no way Draco could have foreseen his mistress being at the Dursleys, and no way in hell he could have known she was a Death Eater.

Hermione’s voice drowned out Ron‘s obscenities. “And then you just come prancing back here, bright eyed and bushy tailed, not caring that she could have killed Harry, or WORSE! And now you have to run away again?! Be ashamed!”

Harry dunked his head under the water and blew a few bubbles, determined to ignore it. Yes sir, that was a good bath, and he didn’t intend to get out of it. This water would never get cold on him, and it would never make his skin wrinkle up and become prune-like. And the water smelled good, too, like some weak cologne applied days ago, somewhat musk-like. Almost like Draco… Huh? Harry shook that thought out of his head. What’s wrong with me?

He could hear doors slamming all over the place as the people in the neighboring rooms got themselves situated, overpowering the sound of Hermione’s yells. When the doors stopped being noisy, a ringing silence was left in the Leaky Cauldron, until…

“Love me, Harry! PLEEEEEASE LOOOOOOVE MEEEEEE!” Draco’s voice trilled from the bathroom door, and Harry didn’t even have enough time to look up before the blond pounced at him and tightly hugged his side, teetering over the tub’s rim.

“What the-?!” Harry squawked, trying to wriggle out of the vampire’s grasp. His heart was hammering from the sneak-attack.

“You’re my sushi and my cherry cake and I would die for you if I was still alive properly and I have no clue what I’m saying!” Draco squeaked, giving Harry a final squeeze and a light nip on the ear before hurling himself out the door, laughing like a lunatic. “I’m too sexy for my cloak!” Draco sang as he vanished down the hall. Harry remained locked in place, dripping in the tub, ready to die of confusion.

What the hell was that about?!

“Sorry about that,” Hermione’s voice called. He could hear her stepping closer to the open bathroom door. “He actually started crying, and people gave us funny looks, so I had to give him a cheering charm to shut him up. I think I might have made it a bit too strong. We'll discuss this a bit later.” Hermione stepped into sight with a hand covering her eyes, fumbling with the doorknob as she respectfully closed the door for Harry’s privacy.


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