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Silent Hill RP
Started by: Aj53

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Location: United States

Warning Silent Hill RP


Woot, 1st post. Anyways after looking around for a RP forum that

is active for half an hour I found this, lots of posts + stuff

so I figured this would be a great place to do some RPing. If

anyones up for it you can join in on my Silent Hill RP. If you

dont know alot about Silent Hill just look up Wikipedia Silent Hill and read the first resualt.
Doesnt matter that you dont know much, just think "Scary town,

Twisted Reality"
Rules: No super people (sephiroth type person, you know what I

You have to find ammo and guns, you cannot have unlimited amno.

You can find it occasionaly. You have to cover in your RP how

your character arrived, a brief description. Anyone can join in

at anytime. Plot development, relation development amongst the

characters will be good. There are no limits as to how old your

character can be, what his backround can be (within a realistic

EDIT: Cant post a map..theres one in the WikiPedia page I mentioned

arent on the map. We will create stuff as we go along. Now..on

to the RP big grin
Name: Aaron - Goes by Aj
Age: 15
Occupation: Student.
Interests: Gaming, Reading, Footballll.
(The info after this isnt nessecary but its nice to know what

your char is gonna look like)
Height: 5"10
Eye Color: Greyish Green color
Hair color: Dark red
Clothes: Black baggy pants with alot of pockets in it, T-shirt

the same color as his hair with blank cuffs.
Weapons: Doesnt start with any.

I'll start things off now and stop boring you guys XD

Aj stood on the side of the road, waving his thumb furiously at

passing drivers. "Damnit" he swore as the cars kept zooming by.
After a few more minutes a cargo truck pulling to the side and

the door opened revealing a very fat man. "Need a ride kid?"
(Forgot to mention, at this point Aj is running away from his

parents over a dispute, more development on this later on

"That would be great" Aj grinned and went around to the other

side and climbed into the passengers seat.

"Whereabouts do you wanna go kid?" Asked the man as he

continued driving. "Anywhere but here.." Said Aj as he looked

back down the rapidly fading road leading to his home. "The

names Bill, Whats yours?" Bill asked as he extended his hand.

"Aj,nice to meet you Bill" After that there was an ackward

silence for sometime. They started to go further and further

into uninhabited territory. To make matters even worse a thick

fog hit the truck. "Easy does it...Cant see a foot ahead of ye."

The cargo truck slowed down considerably. "Blasted fogs thicker

than pea soup" That was the last words Aj ever heard from bill

before the truck hit "something". Bill's head slammed forward,

hitting the dashboard and splitting open with a sickening


Aj yelled and jumped out of the car and slammed it behind

him. There was no time for him to catch his breath, a humanoid

shape loomed out of the darkness, moaning as it came into the

light emitting from the headlights. It was as if one of the

nightmares from one of Aj's games had stepped into the world. It

had no face, just a small opening for a mouth that was dripping

acidish slime, its skin was pale and slick, towering over Aj it

looked like it weighed 400 or more pounds and was over 7 feet

tall. Stepping back Aaron ran to the back of the truck and was

confronted on every side by more of these creatures. Panicking

Aj felt his hands around behind him for the latch for the back

of the truck. Finding the handle Aj pulled, glad that Bill had

forgotten to take the keys out of the lock. Slipping in he

slammed the slide door behind him and was engulfed in darkness.

He scarcely breathed, hearing his heart thumping loud enough to

wake the dead. He could hear THEM outside, trying to get it.

After 15 minutes or so thumping it stopped and the moanings


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Location: United States

sry I cant edit my post anymore but I forgot to mention the characters from Silent Hill ARE NOT in this RP, you cannot play them either. We're striving for originality here XD

Old Post May 17th, 2006 05:48 PM
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Make me want it.

Gender: Female
Location: Gainesville, FL

{ Hey, kewl RP, but keep this one on the DL untill u actually get permission }

Old Post May 17th, 2006 07:08 PM
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Location: Ohio

Aj hears a sound behind what seems to be a few crates and a moment later a bright light is shined in his face. The light is pointed at the person holding it to show he's not here to hurt Aj. It's a man about 6"2 and is a lil on the better side of an average build, with long hair pulled into a ponytail and a beard that looks like it hasnt been trimmed in a day or 2. Wearing dark jeans, worn combat boots, a black hoodie with a bandana around his neck. The man asks what Aj's doing here.

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