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7th book, my way
Started by: Brit531

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danielle marie.
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Um... go to the Harry Potter forum for that. I really like this new one better Brit!!!


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yea, go to harry potter forum and thanks d-fly

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Next Part: Of New Story

“I’m serious you know!” Brittany said and everyone stopped laughing.

“Oh, umm… well… it is because we wanted to call this place the Burrow.” Mrs. Weasley said, “Are you hungry dear you look like you haven’t eaten in awhile. Do you want something.”

“No thanks, I’m not hungry.” Brittany said looking out the window.

“But your so thin. How can you not be hungry?” Mr. Weasley asked this time concerned for her well being.

“She doesn’t eat much. We have tried to get her to eat more, but she won’t. Also, when she is hungry which is around dinner time she will eat. ” Tonks said as Brittany was walking outside into the garden because she thought she saw her bird.

“Oh, is anyone else hungry?” Mrs. Wasley asked, but only Ron said he was. “Did you guys eat already?” And everyone but Ron nodded.

“Harry.. Umm.. Can I talk to you a moment?” Ginny asked indicating that they should talk outside so no one heard.

“Yea.. Sure.” Harry said wondering if they were going to talk about the letter he wrote.

“Oh, Harry and Ginny can you tell Brittany to go get them. If she ask who tell her ’S’ and ‘D’.” Lupin said not sure if they new about it. Just then Brittany barged into the door with a type of bird on her shoulder. As Harry looked at the bird he noticed it was a phoenix.

“Brit…. Brit.. are you going to get them?” Lupin asked.


“S and D.” Lupin said hoping the kids that were around him wouldn’t find out.

“Oh, yea I guess. I came in so quickly because of this.” She handed him the letter and it read

Dear Brittany,
If you join me I won’t have to kill anyone and your loved ones will be safe. Lets just put it this way I think his name is John. If you don’t want him hurt to badly meet me in ten minutes at Hethro Hellow I will kill him. Don’t tell anyone the name of the in which you only understand unless Potter is there to help.


“Brittany, what does that say? Brit you have to tell us or we can’t help.” Mr. Weasley said as everyone was looking at Brittany wondering what is going on. “Also, how did he intercept Fox. That is what I don’t understand.”

“I have to go alone.” Brittany said scared for her used to be brother. “I will get them while I’m getting John.” and she was off in a swarm of white and blue lights like she was an angel going to heaven.

When she got there she saw John literally in the air. Someone was holding him there by a spell she thought. So, she took hold of him with her own type of magic. She lifted up her hand and could feel the weight she was holding. The someone grabbed her from behind. She knew who it was and that he would pretend to try and capture her.

“Master, I have her.”

“Bring Brittany to me. I want to see if it is really her or some decoy.” Voldmort said. So, the guy trudged her over there. “This is not her. Find her. Now!” Now everyone was on the lookout. The they saw her. She had the prisoner and the guy that was holding him was in the ground.

“John stay here.” Brittany just said and he nodded. At that exact moment she had spells flying at her left and right. “You can’t catch me.”

“Get her before she gets us.”

“Oh, come on Tom. Why can’t you get me yourself if you are such a big shot.” Brittany said as she laughed. So he tried he missed every time. “You suck and I thought you were all powerful. Right now I bet all your death eaters were judging your power. Am I right?” She didn’t get anything. “Scared he might hurt you if you answer that.”

Just then someone came up behind her a grabbed her. “Scared now aren’t you?” A woman said. “By the way if you want to know my name it is Belatrix Lestrange, but I bet you already knew that.” She said with so much anger that it hurt Brittany.

“OOO, I’m so scared. Should I get down on my knees and beg that you don’t kill me.” Brittany said so sarcastically that Belatrix pused on the ground and said ‘Crucio’, but nothing happened. Everyone was shocked because instead of Brittany writhing on pain and crying on the floor she was. Brittany couldn’t stand it so she let Belatrix go from the agony she was in. “Well, I am leaving now unless you want to try another spell. How about you? Try to kill me with the killing curse.” So the guy she pointed at did and it once again it didn’t work, but this time no one died. When it bounced off of her she made it go towards the trees. “Well, I must be going. Don’t ever hurt anyone I care about again or when you trying to use that spell on me I will let it go right back to the sender.” and with that she grabbed John and left.
Meanwhile back at the Weasley house everyone was panicking and it took them a few minutes to get Harry to read what it said.

“Harry, what does this say?” Harry read the letter and had no clue what language it was until he read it out loud. “It is parsaltongue. It says Godrics Hollow. She is going to Godrics Hollow. She can speak parsaltongue?” Harry asked wondering how she can speak it.

“I don’t know I guess.” Just as Lupin said that again a swarm of blue and white lights fill the room. “Hey, Brittany are you ok?”

“Yea, didn’t I say I would?” Brittany said with a smile.

“No and where is John?” Tonks asked looking for him.

“Right here .” She said, very worried whether he is alright or not. “Hey, come with me I need to explain something to you.” Brittany said to John and walked out of the room. “Oh, and I have to go and get them then. They were there and they sort of told me they be here and I don’t have to go and get them.

The rest of the night was pretty quiet and Harry just remembered that Ginny wanted to talk to him about something so he went to find her. When he found her he was talking to the guy Brittany saved from death. I wonder what relationship Brittany has with him, Harry thought. Harry walked over to them. They were talking about Brittany.

“So, she really did all that to help you?

“Yea, she was a great big sister until my mom told us what happened when she was a baby and my biological sister died of a kidney problem. Which runs in the family.”

“Ohh, that really sounds bad. So you are not a wizard then?

“No, I’m not.” John said with a laugh and noticed someone listening on there conversation and told Ginny to look behind her. “So, your Harry. Well, nice to meet you and I should be going. My plane leaves in an hour or so and I have to pack. Bye and nice to meet you again.” John said giving Ginny a kiss on the cheek and left to the kitchen to find a meeting going on. “Brit can you get me to the hotel?”

“Yea, umm.. sure. Can someone go with us? I don‘t want to use magic again” Brittany said.

“I will!” Ginny said with a smile on her face.

“You can’t use magic out of school yet and I don’t think you can transport us to the hotel yet.”

“I will go with him.” Someone from the corner said that Harry couldn’t make out.

“Thanks Draco.” Brittany said. As they were walking out the door Ginny started to ask something.

“John, can we write to each other. I know it sounds silly, but I can really talk to you about stuff I can’t with other peopler
“Sure, I’ll write though I don‘t think you get mail how I usually do. Brit, can you get me an owl or something so I can write to her and you.” John asked and Brittany nodded, “Well, bye and nice to meet all of you.” and with that John, Malfoy, and Brittany were off.

Why was Draco here? Harry kept thinking and then he noticed that Snape was there to. What are they doing here. Harry just kept thinking until someone talked to him. He was also thinking what can Ginny talk to him about that she can’t talk to me.

“Earth to Harry.” Someone said and he noticed that it was Ron. Harry then noticed that it has been a couple hours since he saw Snape and Malfoy here. Then he saw them again. This time only Malfoy and he was talking to Brittany about something. It looked private and personal.

“What is Snape and Malfoy doing here?” Harry finally asked not realizing Snape was right behind him.

“Potter we are here because we our in the Order and do not call me Snape.” Snape said with a weird look on his face.

“You killed Dumbledore! How can anyone trust you?” Harry said getting really loud.

“There are some things you don’t understand about that night.” Snape said also getting louder and louder each time he talked. By this time both Draco and Brittany were looking at them.


“I KNOW I DID POTTER AND FOR A REASON THAT I DON’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN TO YOU.” Snape said as Brittany walked over then she saw that both Snape and Harry had there wands out and ready to hit each other with a spell. When they were about to hit each other she jumped on the middle and there spells backfired onto them.

“First of all if you want to duel each other DO NOT do it in front of me. Second of all Harry…… you are not the only one who cared about Albus Dumbledore. You are not the only one.” Brittany said beginning to cry. Now everyone was looking at her. No one, but the adults knew what Dumbledore meant to her.

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“Brittany, why do you care about him so much? If you did care about him then you wouldn’t have forgiven Snape of killing him.” Harry said with so much anger.

“You want to know…. Why I care…. About Dumbledore so much.” She was now really crying, “He was… my grand… father.” Brittany said. Draco went over to confort her and to his amaze she let him. She looked up for a moment and said, “I will never forgive him… for what he did.” And with that she went outside still crying.

“Why did you have to do that Harry? Why? We really want to know?” Ginny said mad at what Harry had done.

“What did I do? I didn’t know? Besides she needed a good cry about it.” Harry said before he could stop himself.

“That was low.” Ginny, Hermione, and Ron said walking outside to check on Brittany, but they noticed she was sort of alright and went back inside because Draco was stopping her from crying and leaving.

“Is she ok? Lupin and Tonks asked almost at the same time as everyone else.

“Yea, she will be fine. I think.” Ginny said, “I’m going to bed. Night.” and she went to bed followed by Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

Do you like it? Please answer Please.

Old Post Jul 30th, 2006 01:12 AM
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since you're starting over make a new thread. It'll be neater.


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i like it. its good.

i also think that u should make a new thread cause it will be much neater

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yea me to

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Closed on request.


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