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ANIME Fighters VS AMERICAN Superheros
Started by: Ryobe Ronin

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Re: ANIME Fighters VS AMERICAN Superheros

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Originally posted by Ryobe Ronin
Who do you think would win in a fight between ANIME Fighters and AMERICAN Superheros?
Depends on which anime fighters and which american superheroes. Granted, there are some american anime fighters and japanese superheroes out there . . .

Going by the strongest incarnations of each character . . .

Goku VS Superman
The strongest incarnation of Superman can maybe give even Zeno-sama a good fight, so Superman without a doubt.

Vegeta VS Wolverine
Vegeta is too fast, too strong as has way too much destructive capacity. Even the adamantium bones gets reduced to ashes.

THE HULK VS Good Majin Buu
Buu turns Hulk into candy or even adsorbs him.

Piccolo VS Blade
Even Demon King Piccolo would stomp.

Naruto VS Robin
Even chapter 1 Naruto would stomp.

Van Helsing VS Spike
There are a lot of Van Hellsings out there. Going by the one with actual super natural abilities, he stomps.

Flash VS Rock Lee
Not remotely a good matchup. Rock Lee can't even break lightspeed (or even come close to it), much less keep up with the Flash.

Batman VS Inuyasha
Batman is smarter than Inuyasha and has tons of nasty gadgets that would screw up his heightened sense of smell enough to paralyze him (which we've seen happen in Inuyasha) and dispatch him afterwards.

Green Lantern VS Sasuke
The strongest version of Green Lantern could chuck Sasuke into a black hole before he even knew the fight started.

Wonder Woman VS Android 18
The strongest version of Wonder Woman has 18 beat at everything except energy projection.

Daredevil VS Krillin
How is this even a matchup? Krillin lolstomp.

Fantastic Four VS Team Yusuke
Planet busting Yusuke solos. Hypersonic Hiei solos. Hax plants Kurama solos. Dimension cutting Kuwabara solos. Together, this isn't even a match.

Cyclops VS Kakashi Sensai
Kakashi kamuis Scott's head into another dimension before Scott can even react.

Elektra VS Sakura
Superhuman strength Sakura punches Elektra's head clean off then kills herself upon realizing how sh-tty a character she is due to the lazy author that created her.

Spiderman VS Luffy (one piece, sorry if I spelled his name wrong) [/B]
Even if it's Cosmic Spidy, Island busting hypersonic Luffy murders the webhead before the webhead even knows this ridiculous matchup has even started.

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First a whole tone of people debunked the superman vs goku 1 and 2 from death battle plus combat speed travel speed are totally different things and superman would lose to ssj4 goku and Kaioken x10 ssb goku and
vegeta can just use a blast that burn wolverine body and cell cause wolverine can't fight at light speeds so he is out
krillion can beat daredevil cause krillion can fight at the speed of light and daredevil never reacted or dodged anything faster or at speed of light so krillion wins i think you the rest.

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