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Love Comes Softly, AU!!!!!!
Started by: harrypotterluvr

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misses blaise zabini

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Love Love Comes Softly, AU!!!!!!

hey! new an COMPLETLEY in every sense of the word AU story, so here it is:

Love Comes Softly.

Summary: Follow a young woman on her journey to find love after losing love, a tale of defeating fears, sickness, and even your own pride. This is an AU story so naturally it’s full of OOC goodness!

Rating: T

Disclaimer: this is for the whole story, cause im to lazy to write one every chapter, I don’t own Harry potter JKR does and I also don’t own the love comes softly series Janette Oke does.

Default chapter/ a great loss.

“He said north west!” Was the cry from the little wagon, bumping across the beautiful hills.

“No Hermione he said north.” Was the calm reply

“Stop the wagon Harry Potter!” Said a voice loudly,

A small woman with shiny curly brown hair jumped down from the buckboard wagon and, began, walking North West with a look of strong determination on her face. Soon following her was her husband, a tall and strong looking man with unruly black hair hidden by his hat, jumped out of the buckboard and started after the woman, calling,

“Hermione, come back here, we would already be there if it weren’t for the 100 pounds of beans we had to drop off the wagon in place for the 100 pounds of books we got, those beans would sure taste better than the books right about now!”

But as he looked to the woman he found she wasn’t paying attention to him but looking adoringly down into the valley, she had found their new property, she was right, again, like always, but oh well, Harry loved his Hermione, he had learned to live with her always rightness along time ago. Now he just to get down to the valley

(One hour later)

Hermione was being swung around in circles kissing her husband, they did it, they braved the desert and crossed the Mississippi, and they were home now.

(The next morning)

“Damn it” those were the lovely words Hermione woke to that morning, she poked her head out of the back of the wagon flap to see what was the matter, she smiled as Harry turned to her, he had a look of distress in his face and he said to her,

“Mione, one of the horses broke loose and im going to have to go get it”

Hermione’s smile faded slightly, but resumed its place as she said,

“Wait I’ll come with you!”

Harry shook his head and said,

“I’ll be back soon, go ahead and cook some pancakes I’ll be mighty hungry when I get back.” He flashed a soft grin and got up on his saddled horse and took off.

(20 minutes later)

“Ha, gotcha” Harry whispered to himself as he spotted the loose horse.

He kicked his horse to send it into high speed, the other horse took off and rounded a corner, just as Harry rounded the corner his horse hit a soft spot and fell, Harry was thrown off the horse and his head hit a rock, when the world went black.

(An hour later)

Hermione had cooked pancakes, done the laundry, read books, and still Harry wasn’t back, just as she was about to go back to bed, the sound of hooves reached her ear, she looked up into the face of mister Weasley, he had a large form wrapped in a blanket tied to the front of his horse, and he wore a forlorn expression, Hermione uttered a soft


And fell to her knees and lifted the edge of the blanket to see the face of her dead husband.

A guttural cry tore from Hermione's throat as she ran to the wagon and climbed in, she heard Mister Weasley saying something about a funeral, but that was it. She spent the rest of the day crying, when she stopped crying, she noticed it was completely dark out side and she got scared and kept muttering to herself,

“Its okay, I’m okay, we are okay.”

i know this is short but tell me what you think, the neaxt chapter should be posted in a couple days, maybe later on today, if your lucky.

out of my mind........... back in 5 minutes!!!

Old Post Dec 11th, 2006 07:13 PM
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That i sad...... good job though

Old Post Dec 17th, 2006 12:08 AM
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Everybody's Changing <3

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Might have made more sense to me if i read 'love comes softly'......not bad though, not bad at all.


someday soon we will all know....

Old Post Dec 23rd, 2006 11:07 PM
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Home » Misc » General Fiction Area » Harry Potter Fiction » Love Comes Softly, AU!!!!!!

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